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Harder To Clean Than Most Air Fryers


One major setback of this model for me is how difficult the air frying rack was to clean. When I finished cooking the chicken thighs with dredged flour and egg coating, the fine mesh wire rack was inundated with gunk. While trying to flip them midway through cooking, much of the coating and skin also stuck to the rack.

The wire air frying rack was no fun to clean.

Most air fryer baskets have a nonstick coating and take seconds to clean after use. For the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid, I had to give it a good 10-minute soak to get it clean, but it did all eventually come off with a scrubber, soap and elbow grease. I found it much more difficult to clean than the original Duo Crisp’s nonstick basket and rack, which is completely flat with larger holes that don’t trap as much food.

Other foods including sweet potatoes and frozen snacks didn’t stick to the wire rack. If you’re planning on cooking mostly those foods versus battered foods, you may not have the same issues I did.

The original Duo Crisp requires a separate basket insert for air frying which diminishes the overall capacity. On the upside, it was far easier to clean.

Instant Pot Accessories That Are Worth It

Price: From $63. Buy at:, Best Buy, and Target.The air-fryer lid combines two of the most popular countertop appliancesmulti-cookers and air fryersinto a cooker that can do it all. The lid fits on top of the Instant Pot, turning it into a mini convection oven that adds roasting, baking, broiling, reheating, and dehydrating functions to the multi-cookers already long list of programs. But while it saves you from buying yet another space-hogging appliance, its not exactly compact: Its 11 inches wide and 7 inches tall. And its not compatible with all Instant Pot models, so be sure to check here before you buy.

The lid comes with an air-fryer basket that you slip into the Instant Pots stainless steel inner pot. The downside is that the 3.5-quart basket is quite small. It may not make sense for large families, but its just right for couples or people cooking for one, or if youre willing to do multiple batches.

Though you need the basket to crisp up fries, you can use the air-fryer lid with just the Instant Pots stainless steel pot to brown and bake. I pressure-cooked a whole chicken in the stainless steel pot and swapped out the lid for the air-fryer lid to crisp up the skin. The result was a tender, juicy chicken with golden-brown skin.

What About Pressure Cooker Warranties

Many pressure cooker brands include a limited warranty with their machines. Some, like the Power Quick Pot, are just 60 days, while others are typically for 1 year. These warranties may have restrictions on what accessories can be used with their pressure cookers.

These guidelines are often overly cautious. For example, the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker discourages users from any non-Pampered Chef products in the pressure cookereven pressure cooking standbys like 7×3 cake pans or silicone trayssimply because only Pampered Chef products have been tested with the machines. Many other popular brands, like Instant Pot, are the same.

If you want to be extremely cautious, however, the Mealthy Pressure Cooker has been approved for use with the Mealthy CrispLid.

In my experience testing this product, I loved it! I would definitely recommend the CrispLid to anyone who already has a 6-quart or 8-quart pressure cooker that has a stainless steel pot. It allows you use your pressure cooker as an air fryer, for less money than purchasing a separate air fryer. Plus its much easier to find space to store the CrispLid than a whole other appliance.

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How To Use An Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

The initial step will be to read all the safety and maintenance guidelines from the Instant Pot air fryer lid. It goes without a mention that the manufacturers safeguards arm you with troubleshooting tips, techniques, and cooking times for different foods, among other dos and donts.

Plus, your air fryer lid must be compatible with the Instant Pot base. Instant Pot air fryer lid suits 6-quart pots.

The lids compatibility includes the dimensions, capacity, and model. Some brands do not match this make, so it is paramount to check when buying. It will save you a hell of a time trying to return your lid for exchange.

Some outlets use your Instant Pot air fryer lid. If you find yourself at crossroads, read out detailed guides on the Best Air Fryer Lid For Instant Pot 6/8 QT.

Here are the steps that will guide you when using an Instant Pot air fryer lid

  • Unplug your Instant Pot from the power outlet.
  • Stack your food neatly in your Instant Pot base or on an air fryer basket if you have one. Air fryer lids are not used on ceramic coated inner pots, so use a stainless-steel inner pot.
  • Unplug the pressure cooker. Position the air fryer lid on your Instant Pots base and connect to the power source.
  • Select the appropriate innovative program, including Reheat, Dehydrate, Bake, Broil, or Air Fry.
  • Use the Time + / buttons to adjust your cooking time and temperature.
  • Pressing Start to see the display as the Air Fryer Lid preheats.
  • Is There A Method To Make Picking Up Best Air Fryer Attachment For Instant Pot Easier

    The 10 Best Air Fryer Instant Pot Attachment

    Usually, inexperienced shoppers will waste time researching information from unreliable sources. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but the product accuracy is not high. Best Air Fryer Attachment For Instant Pot, the most searched product category today, is no exception. To get the perfect purchase for your product, we made this article to give you the helpful suggestions below.

    To start, we’ll look at some of the questions that customers often ask about products. From there, readers will have a more comprehensive view of the product:

    Where should I consult this product?What factors are essential to consider for this product?What is the price of the product?Is the actual effect of this product worth the money?Which product model is the hottest right now?

    After a brief understanding of the above questions, it is time for you to be provided with purchasing instructions for this Best Air Fryer Attachment For Instant Pot. The guide will focus on the salient aspects of your product that you need to keep an eye on:

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    Should I Buy The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Or The Duo Crisp

    If you already have an Instant Pot that you love, or dont want to upgrade to the 8-quart, you can also purchase a separate air fryer lid to pair with it! The air fryer lid comes with its own controls and functions, and is able to air fry, broil, and dehydrate. The Instant Pot air fryer lid works just as well as the one that comes with the Duo Crisp , but the big drawback is that by using it with a 6-quart pot youll have even less space in your air fryer.

    If you mainly want the lid so that you can brown food and make smaller batch sides like fries or crispy brussels sprouts, the lid is a great option! But, if youre looking to air fry entire meals like chicken wings, wed recommend upgrading to the 8-quart, or just know that youll need to work in multiple batches!

    Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer: Price

    In terms of price, Instant Pots tend to cost from $80 up to $200 depending on the size and features. Air fryers on the other hand start from as little as $30 and can range up to $300. The price is much more diverse for air fryers as there are such a huge range of brands in this market. Even Instant offers its own air fryer design, called the Instant Vortex .

    Generally speaking, air fryers are a little cheaper vs Instant Pots, but this largely depends on the model and brand you choose.

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    Which Instant Pot Accessories Are Worth It

    We tried 10 of them to see which ones are game changersand which are a waste of space

    One of the selling points of an Instant Pot multi-cooker is that it saves space by replacing a number of other countertop appliancesslow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker.

    What no one tells you is that in order to make the most of your Instant Pot, youll need a bunch of accessories that will clutter your cabinets.

    But which ones are actually worth the money and storage space? We bought 10 of these accessories so that I could test them at home to see which ones boost my Instant Pot gamewhich Ive been honing for eight years nowand which ones languish alongside my other kitchen outcasts.

    Below are the details on the accessories that would make a great gift for yourself and your loved ones, plus two that you should skip.

    Instant Pot Accessories That Are Not Worth It

    Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Attachment NEW 2020

    Mesh BasketsPrice: $30. Buy at:.All the Instant Pot models in our ratings do relatively poorly in our lab tests for steaming vegetables. Do fine-mesh wire baskets help at all? They do not. Still, if you use your Instant Pot to steam veggies regularly, this basket allows you to make large batches without having to transfer the pieces one by one out of the pot when theyre done. The smaller basket also nests inside the larger basket, so you can steam two vegetables while keeping them separated.

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    The Versatile Countertop Oven Does It All Including Baking Air Frying And Broiling

    Instant Vortex Pro is an all-in-one countertop stove that allows you to create delicious meals, snacks and side dishes with less oil and no mess. Combine the best features of your oven with a one-step air fryer, all-in-one bakery and hands-free broiler, and youll enjoy the perfect golden finish time and time again.

    Quick And Tasty Crispy And Delicious

    The Instant Vortex Plus has a sleek look with a stainless steel finish and large easy-to-read buttons. It has six cooking settings including air fry, broil, grill, bake, reheat and dehydrate with different programmable temperature and time settings. The air fryer basket is large and square, creating more cooking space than its round competitors, making it a smart investment for the home. Its removable tray has a thin hinged handle so its easy to pull out, but can also be laid flat to retain the entire cooking area.

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    The Sous Vide Function

    The sous vide function has been another big win for me! Ive wanted a sous vide for a long time, but wasnt sure Id use it enough to justify the cost. Essentially, a sous vide allows you to cook a protein to a precise temperature throughout. You know how the end of a large steak is always more done than the center? The sous vide takes care of that problem.

    You simply vacuum seal your food , place it in the pot, and let it cook for a few hours. The result? Perfectly-cooked protein that is tender, and the same temperature throughout. You can then give your protein a quick sear to give it a crispy, caramelized crust. I love that searing only takes a minute or two because it prevents me from smoking up my apartment.

    A few versions of the Instant Pot have the sous vide function, but instead of circulating water like a traditional sous vide, the Instant Pot simply keeps the water bath at a constant temperature no circulation involved. Id read negative reviews on the function because of this, so I wasnt sure how well it would work. Im happy to say Ive been pleasantly surprised! The sous vide function has absolutely changed my steak and pork cooking game, and Im excited to give it a try with delicate proteins like fish as well.

    What Is An Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

    You Can Turn Your Instant Pot into an Air Fryer  LifeSavvy

    As the name says, this is a lid, produced by Instant Pot, that turns any compatible 6 quart pressure cooker into an air fryer. And, its important to highlight the word compatible here, because not all 6 quart Instant Pot pressure cookers are a good fit. The lid only works with multicookers that come with a stainless steel inner pot, so the ones that have a ceramic inner pot are not a good match.

    The stainless steel inner pot is the only one that can withstand the high temperatures generated by the heating element of the lid.

    Now, if youve already read my Mealthy CrispLid review, you may think the Air Fryer lid is quite similar in features. And you wouldnt be wrong it is, after all, a product that works as a lid with a built-in heating element. But there are some differences as well, especially when it comes to the functionalities of the Air Fryer lid.

    First, the Instant Pot product is designed with EvenCrisp technology that guarantees perfect results every single time. Also, the lid has a series of pre-set functions such as Air Fry, Broil, Bake, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate .

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    What You Should Be Aware Of Before Buying

    You can only use the CrispLid with a 6-quart or 8-quart electric pressure cookers. In addition, it can only be used with a stainless steel pot. It does not fit other sizes and could damage ceramic, aluminum, or nonstick coatings.

    The air fryer basket is small and doesnt hold as much as I had hoped. You will need to rotate your food or do a few smaller batches to crisp food throughout.

    The power cord on the Crisp Lid is really short. This is intentional to prevent tripping hazards. The User Guide directs you not to use extension cords with your Crisp Lid.

    A safety feature built into the crisp lid is that it will only cook at or above 450F for 20 minutes. After that, you will have to wait at least 10 minutes before you can use it above 450F again.

    If you want to flip your food or rotate the food, raise the handle to pause the cooking process. However, if youre not extremely quick at shifting the food, the cook time will restart when you lock the handle back in place. So youll want to keep an eye on the time before you adjust it.

    Is The Duo Crisp Air Fryer Lid Worth It

    Yes! I love using my Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer lid because it lets me cook a lot of recipes in one pot. You can pressure cook then air fry at the end for incredibly crispy results.

    You can also choose to just use the air fryer function on the air fryer lid to make foods like fried pickles so theyre healthier than the normal fried versions.

    The air fryer attachment also helps save space so you dont need space for a whole huge air fryer in your kitchen.

    Here are 20 Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Recipes to get you through the day and test out your amazing air fryer lid!

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    Why Do We Need It

    I mostly use it to fry things. Besides fries, I also like to cook chicken , vegetables, and even baked potatoes.

    If you want to check out yourself, I have a full list of Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid recipes.

    Basically, you can use the functions of the pressure cooker to bring a chicken or vegetables to tender goodness and finish everything off with a bit of air frying. And you can do everything in one pot, only by switching lids!

    So, if you like convenient appliances and enjoy the idea of a ready-to-use air fryer that can be easily stashed away, you need it.

    Of course, there is also the alternative of the Instant Pot DUO Crisp, but if you already own a 6 quart Instant Pot, the Air Fryer lid makes a lot more sense.

    Ceramic Nonstick Inner Pot

    Is the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Worth It? Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid 101

    Price: From $20. Buy at: , Target, and Walmart.The Instant Pot comes with a stainless steel inner pot thats durable and works great for most meals but can be a pain to clean if you make sticky or starchy foods. This ceramic pot was a breeze to clean after cooking rice and cheesy pasta, so it could be worth it if these types of dishes are on regular rotation in your household. The pot is oven-safe up to 680° F, so you can pop your mac and cheese under the broiler to get a crispy topping.

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    Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Pros & Cons


    • You can use it on several 6 quart Instant Pot
    • It has 6 different pre-set programs
    • It is easy to use and clean
    • You can store it away when not in use
    • Its very popular, so you gonna find a wide range of recipes.


    • It is a bit on the heavy side
    • That beeping sound can be annoying
    • You must handle it with extra care because of the extreme heat
    • Does not fit 8-quart pressure cookers
    • Does not fit 4-quart or pressure cookers

    What The Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid Does

    Unlike any Instant Pot before it, the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid has air fryer functionality built into the main lid. Because of this convection cooking element, you can air fry, broil, bake and roast — all cooking methods that most Instant Pots don’t offer. It also has most of the functionality of your basic Instant Pot multicooker including pressure cook, slow cook, steam and sauté.

    While you won’t have to screw on a bulky conical air fryer lid attachment as you do for the original Duo Crisp, you will have to slide in the pressure cooker lid when you want to pressure or slow cook. However, that lid is very light and thin measuring no more than 2 inches high it shouldn’t be hard to find space for one.

    I found the dials and controls simple to use, but I’m not used to air fryers that require preheat time.

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