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Find Out How Aldi Air Fryer Compares To Other Air Fryers

Dual Basket Air Fryer| Special Buys| ALDI Australia

Know better, choose better.

Worst air fryer. I got a refund as it burnt all my meals I tried to make. I should have read reviews beforehand. Do not purchase! I was so excited about this purchase too as I love Aldi but I have also heard other airfryers sold there weren’t great.


Absolute rubbish! Lined up for 45 minutes before opening to get this overpriced garbage that never worked. Will return it tomorrow morning. Looking at the reviews after buying this trash it makes me wish I read them before buying. This would’ve been my first experience using an air fryer but now has completely put me off. Looking at Google search, the only difference with air fryers and oven is the pre-heat time. Aldi air fryer has made my decision that I’m better off without one


Day Seven: Frozen Chips Air Fryer Vs Oven

When singing the praises of air fryers, everyone mentioned to me how good they are at cooking frozen chips. Was my scepticism going to be challenged again?

It turns out the air fryer fans were right: chips cooked in the air fryer were a revelation. It was simple, quick and the chips in the air fryer were done only a few minutes after my oven had reached cooking temperature, meaning they were ready to eat nearly 20 minutes before the batch cooked in the oven were done.

Verdict: It’s the air fryer again and it’s not even close.

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Rush Expected On Digital Air Fryers Selling For Under $40

By Jo Abi| 5 months ago

Air fryer sales have exploded over the past two years with approximately 40 percent of households now featuring one of these cooking devices.

As fast as they are selling, so too is the advancement of the technology that’s going into them, meaning many Australian families may be in the market for an upgrade.

This week at Aldi Australia customers can purchase a 3L Digital Air Fryer for just $39.99, a fraction of the usual cost of air fryer with digital features.

It’s pretty fancy, as air fryers go, featuring an LED touch panel, temperature control and non-slip feet.

Non-slip feet are important when it comes to air fryers, especially when you shake foods mid-cook to ensure an even result.

In fact the 3L Digital Air Fryer is just the beginning of the kitchen bargains being sold at Aldi this week.

Also on sale, pasty makers for $14.99, capsule coffee machines for $89.99 and electric food spiralisers for $29.99.

In fact the range of foods that can be cooked in air fryers seems to constantly be expanding beyond chicken wings and fish fingers.

There are recipes for everything from sausage rolls to marinaded chicken breast to fried rice to desserts like biscuits and cakes.

Woolies is also selling air fryers this week however it is more expensive than Aldi’s offering.

Woolworths is selling the Kitchen Couture 3.5 Litre Digital air fryer for $69.95.

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Find Out How Aldi Ambiano 25l Digital Air Fryer Compares To Other Air Fryers

Know better, choose better.

I’m not sure if I am reviewing the right air fryer but I bought an Ambiano XL Air Fryer from ALDI on 1/27/21. I am new to air frying so have no experience with other fryers. This one is nice. I like the way it cooks the food. My issue is that the display panel gives me such grief! I don’t know how to get it to come on. I touch it all over, wipe my hands and try touching it again. I’ve used a cloth, a paper towel, it just doesn’t want to come on! It’s maddening. The pic below was while it was cooking.


Was hesitated to buy at first, very happy I did. I can cook fast small meal for my kids . I cooked fish, chips, chicken nuggets and schnitzel all turned beautiful, crispy in few minutes.

Purchasedin at ALDI Newcastle for $39.

Best Air Fryers For 2022 Including Ninja Salter And Tefal

Fights break out at Aldi over Special Buys $149 air fryer

On Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one shopper boasted her impressive find when she managed to score the nifty cooking tool for just £14.99.

Online the air fryer is still £30 to buy, but they had managed to snap it up at a special price by shopping in-store.

The air fryer had been bought at one of the Aldi’s newest branches in Truro – which opened just five days ago.

Aldi can discount a number of its Specialbuy products on opening day and in the days following the launch of a new site, to help entice new customers in.

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Aldi Australia Announces Release Of 25 Digital Air Fryer

Its the most in-demand ALDI buy of 2020, with thousands of shoppers queuing up to get their hands on their 8-litre air fryer recently.

But while many were disappointed to miss out on the coveted gadget after it sold out nationwide in minutes, there is good news for air fryer fans.

ALDI has announced the release of another air fryer, which will be available in their Special Buys for Saturday, May 23.

For more ALDI related news and videos check out ALDI> >

The bargain supermarket chain is selling a 2.5-litre digital variety for just $39.99.

The 1000W gadget comes with an LED touch panel, adjustable timer and temperature and non-stick pot.

And while its smaller than the sold out 8-litre variety, air fryer fans insist its still a great buy.

Its a great price for a 2.5L air fryer, so good, said one.

Theyre going to sell out so fast because its so cheap, added another.

More on

Shopper’s Rude Discovery In Pack Of Potato Bites

We forecast the stock levels of all Special Buys products based on several factors including the sales of previous, similar products, the spokesperson said.

The forecasting and ordering of the air fry oven occurred well before the impacts of COVD-19 and it is obvious that demand for home cooking appliances has never been stronger.

As a retailer, we are as disappointed as our customers when we do not match demand.

Our buying team is already placing orders to put this product back on sale in the coming months.

Watch below: ALDI shopper reveals giant carrot

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Is It A Good Deal

Aldi Finds are generally decent deals but they are not always the best deal out there. This is one of those deals. This air fryer is a decent price if it is what you are looking for but it is not a crazy deal. Looking at Amazon I can find similar air fryers in the same price range so this is a fair price but not an amazing deal.

There are a bunch of brands selling very similar airfryers in that price range. You can get this ULTREAN Air Fryer which is slightly bigger for $54 right now. With the Ultrean it looks like you will lose out on the dual chamber fryer.

If you want to go with a name brand you can get a larger Instant Vortex air fryer for $110 right now. This gives you a little more versatility with different cooking modes including a dehydrate option. It also has a window so you can see your food as it cooks.

Did You Know We Have A Podcast

Aldi Best Buys For The Air Fryer

We created an awesome podcast episode about the best things to buy at Aldi for the air fryer. You can listen to it below and you can find out more about our podcast here.

You can use the player above to listen to this episode of Magic With Gadgets. Alternatively search for Magic With Gadgets on your favourite podcast platform or click the links below:

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Can A Week With The Aldi Air Fryer Turn A Sceptic Into A Fan

Standing by your assertion that an air fryer is a waste of money is difficult when it really is the appliance of the moment. When air fryer fans tell you how convenient it is, how it’s changed their life and how much value they get from their new benchtop appliance it can certainly shake your conviction.

So when I had the chance to try an Aldi air fryer for a week I thought I should at least give it a go. With an open mind and a list of recipes to try, I installed the air fryer in a corner on the kitchen bench and put it through its paces.

Rather than simply cooking things in it, I decided to pit it against the more conventional kitchen cooking methods for a variety of sweet and savoury dishes to find out whether it really was deserving of all the hype.

First air fryer fail a standard boiled egg.

Ambiano Compact Air Fryer: 2999 Aldicouk

If youre a renter and limited to cooking in a small kitchen, this space-saving appliance is ideal. It takes up little room and promises to reduce the fat in your meal by as much as 80 per cent.

Boasting an LED display, non-slip feet, seven cooking presets, a 30-minute timer and an adjustable cooking temperature of up to 200 degrees, its a more than handy kitchen gadget.

Best of all, its parts are safe for the dishwasher, so when youre finished using it, keeping it clean will be a breeze. Theres the choice of a black or white colourway, with both making for a sleek addition to your kitchen top.

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Differences From A Deep Fryer

The components.

Now, if youre familiar with a traditional deep fryer, one of the first things youll notice about an air fryer is that the space is configured differently. Where a deep fryer is mostly the basin, heated by an element, an air fryer uses a heating plate and a fan, and the fan in particular takes up a lot of space. The downside is that, for all the space an air fryer takes on a counter, it translates to a smaller fry basket than youd get from a regular deep fryer of similar size. Its not too small, though based on my testing, the basket ends up being a little bigger than it looks, and it should be enough for most families to make decent quantities of food.

Another difference: cook time. Most prepackaged products that can be deep fried do come with deep fryer instructions, but few come with air fryer instructions. The manual offers a number of suggested cooking times, temperatures, and tips for various foods and there are a wealth of resources out there to help people make the conversion but for prepackaged foods there is necessarily going to be a bit of guesswork. One important point is that air fryers are closer to ovens in terms of temperature, since they both use air , although an air fryer will often be faster and may use a slightly lower temperature than an oven.

Aldis 9l Twin Air Fryer Is Hitting Shelves This Weekend

Ambiano Air Fryer

Posted by Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito03/05/2022

Bargain hunters will be seeing double at ALDI this weekend, with the discount supermarket slinging a 9L Ambiano Professional Dual Basket Air Fryer for $129 in Special Buys this Saturday . It will be available for a limited time only, until stocks last.

Similar to the 9L Twin Air Fryer Kmart launched for the same price earlier this year, ALDIs air fryer contains two 4.5L drawers, each capable of cooking foods simultaneously at different temperatures between 30°C-200°C. Other features include a 60-minute timer, overheat protection, and an LED display with touch buttons.

Although ALDI shoppers can expect fewer automatic programs than Kmarts model. The Ambiano air fryer features just four pre-set recipes, plus keep-warm, preheat and reheat functions. It also contains two baskets with non-stick coating, removable frying bases, an adjustable timer, a reminder button to signal its time to flip food over, non-slip feet, and an auto-ready bell.

ALDIs weekend Special Buys will additionally dish up a mix of heaters and heated blankets ahead of winter, including:

  • DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Heater: $129
  • Flame Effect Heater With Remote Control: $129
  • Viomi Smart Heater Pro 2: $129
  • Heated Throw Blanket: $34.99
  • 12V Heated Travel Blanket: $29.99

If youre worried about any of these Special Buys being in stock at your local store, you can check out ALDIs website to see which items will be available .

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Best Things To Buy At Aldi For The Air Fryer

This Post Contains Affiliate Links..

I went shopping at Aldi and picked out the Aldi foods you must cook at home with your air fryer. The air fryer and Aldi are the perfect double act and I struggled to limit it to 21 Aldi foods.

If you are looking for the best things to buy at Aldi and have an air fryer, then this is perfect for YOU.

Delays Plague Special Buys

Special Buys delays are still in place for many Aldi items, with the Aldi website warning that the new air fryer may also be affected.

A message reads: “This product is experiencing shipping delays, which means it will not be available in some stores for the advertised date.” To find out which stores are affected, visit the Aldi website.

Aldis website also states that store staff will be doing their best to ensure customers do not miss out, while customers are warned to get in quick.

“In the event of unexpected high demand, Aldi Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities, reads another message on the website.

Please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand.”

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Aldi Launches Special Buy Air Fryer That’s 170 Cheaper Than The Ninja One

Everyone can can now join the air fryer craze with Aldi’s £29.99 special buy

Aldi has launched a cheap air fryer that’s £170 cheaper than a popular Ninja one. The supermarket has joined the air fryer craze with their Ambiano Compact Airy Fryer that’s available for just £29.99.

The bargain is considerably cheaper than the Ninja one which retails at £199.99. The Ninja product may have more features but Ambiano promises to do a similar job with their version that’s available to buy from Aldi.

Air fryers promise healthier alternatives to our favourite meals, and Britons everywhere can’t get enough on them, especially when it gives guilt-free fried food. But with big brands such as Ninja selling their products for upward of £99.99, not everyone can justify splurging on the latest kitchen trend, until now.

Aldi is selling the Ambiano Compact Air Fryer in their special buy section, and it’s available in two colours, black and white. The 2.5L compact air fryer is easily storable and armed with a three year guarantee, according to Aldi’s website, so those who bag one of these won’t have to worry about their air fryer packing in for years to come. Ambiano also says that their gadget boasts seven automatic cooking programmes, which are intended to make using the air fryer for lots of different delicious recipes super easy from the get go.

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My Favorite Air Fryer

Air Fryer Oven | Special Buys | ALDI Australia

Finally if you want my recommendation on an air fryer I would go with the Cuisinart Air fryer Toaster oven combo that sells for about $230. If gives you the versatility of a toaster oven, convection oven, and air fryer all in one appliance that looks decent sitting on the counter. I have one and use it almost every day for toast, air frying, or reheating leftovers. I like that I can just leave it on my countertop and it is ready to go when I need it.

My only issue is the dials have given me some issues in the past and I had to get a replacement. If you want to avoid that you could get the newer digital version for around $300. There are also other brands that offer similar styles that you could consider but I dont have experience with them. I would recommend looking at a style like this that can take the place of a few of your appliances and let you skip preheating your oven for small items.

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Aldis $149 Air Fryer Special Buys Sale Sparks Shopping Frenzy

Shoppers found out the hard way there were stock issues on a Special Buys item, resulting in empty trolleys despite snaking queues.

Aussies ruthlessly mock US over hilarious ad

Even if youre not an Aldi customer, you would need to have been sleeping under a rock to miss the fact people go wild for the stores weekly deals.

But theres one item that will really draw in the crowds at the German supermarket a budget air fryer.

While some brands can cost as much as $450, such as the Phillips Premium XXL model, Aldi regularly has the kitchen appliance on sale for less than $150.

Todays Special Buys features a 16-litre multifunction air fryer for $149 and shoppers have been lining up outside stores in a bid to snag one of the limited gadgets.

A video shared in the Facebook group Aldi Mums shows one store with a huge queue snaking around the entire car park.

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One woman said there was bloodshed at her store, with over 100 people lined up to get their hands on the popular appliance.

I was first in line, with people pushing in, not following the line markers the staff put out, she wrote.

Some lady brought her kids and they all ran up the aisle grabbing everything first. Was a bit chaotic.

Another said she witnessed absolutely disgusting behaviour from a shopper desperate to get his hands on an air fryer, claiming he rammed the lady next to me with her trolley because she was holding him up.

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