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What Can You Make In An Air Fryer

15 Things You Didn’t Know the Air Fryer Could Make What to Make in Your Air Fryer

The better question might be: What can’t you make in an air fryer? These are just 15 of the most surprising air fryer recipes we found. So if you’ve been waffling over whether you should get yet another kitchen gadget, these easy recipes might be just the thing that finally pushes you over the edge.

The Best Things To Cook In Air Fryer

Choosing things to cook in air fryer will be easier and quicker with this article. With our guide, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. You will have a seamless shopping experience!

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Air Fryers Can Take Gnocchi From Gummy To Golden

Dang told Insider that she thinks using an air fryer is one of the best ways to prepare premade, frozen gnocchi.

“The first time I tried frozen cauliflower gnocchi, I didn’t get the appeal I just wound up with a gummy mess,” she said. “But when I tried them again in the air fryer, they came out golden and crispy.”

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What Is An Air Fryer

An air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance that can air fry, roast, bake, broil, crisp, dehydrate and reheat foods. An air fryer has a heating element that radiates heat and a fan that circulates hot air around the food in the air fryer basket. The hot air circulation allows you to use less oil and still get deliciously crispy foods. To help you get started with air fryer cooking, Ive written a beginners guide about How to Use an Air Fryer.

What Size Do You Need

9 Benefits of Cooking With An Air Fryer

Heres the rub: Y ou cannot fit a lot of food in basket-type air fryers. You and your air fryer will have a much better relationship if you accept this.

An air fryer with a 1.75- to 3-quart capacity is best suited for preparing meals for one or two people. Dont expect leftovers, either.

Even a large air fryer often needs to run food in batches. If a recipe serves more than two people, youll likely need to cook it in more than one batch.

Consumer Reports found that the actual capacity of some air fryers was a tad smaller than what manufacturers claimed. This can seem like a drag, but remember, air fryers cook food fast.

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I’m Contemplating Buying A Things To Cook In Air Fryer What Do I Need To Consider

I’m buying a things to cook in air fryer for the first time. What are the best brands and what should I consider? Thanks for providing me with the value of a first things to cook in air fryer, too!

Considerations should be made before purchasing a things to cook in air fryer. It’s a good idea to do some research online before choosing things to cook in air fryers, even though you’re asking here. You can find reasonably detailed information about your request here.

Cheese Can Create A Huge Mess In An Air Fryer

You also want to avoid putting cheese in an air fryer, according to Polak.

“An air fryer is not actually a fryer, so there isn’t the instant outer crust you would get from actually deep-frying cheese for, say, something like a mozzarella stick,” Polak told Insider. “Instead you’ll get a cheesy mess in your fryer.”

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Air Fryer Roasted Green Beans

While your main dish is baking in the oven, you can create an excellent side dish for your steak or chicken in your Ninja Foodi air fryer.

With this recipe, its the garlic for us. To send this dish to a whole different level, you can also use some crumbled bacon as a tasty garnish.

These divine green beans are delightfully crispy and still as flavorful as garden-fresh green beans.

To get the crispy exterior, you need to coat the green beans in a thin layer of olive oil.

Air Fryer Fried Chicken

6 Surprising Things You Can Make in an Air Fryer

Making fried chicken in an air fryer is a revelation. You can achieve a crispy crust and juicy interior without all the steps of deep-frying. A soak in seasoned buttermilk adds extra flavoras little as 1 hour will make a difference, but overnight is even better. Because of the capacity of a standard air fryer, we cook the chicken in batches. You can rewarm the first batch in a 250-degree oven for 10 minutes if you’d like to serve it all hot at once.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Fried Chicken

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The Deal With Air Fryers

First off, a disappointment: Air fryers are not deep fryers.

Air fryers are full of hot air, and thats what is great about them. They are basically small, powerful ovens, and ovens use air as a vehicle for heat, whereas deep frying uses fat as the vehicle for heat.

Because air fryers are ovens and not fryers, foods that come out of your air fryer will not be 100% identical to the onion rings at Cone-n-Shake or the calamari rings at your favorite bar and grill.

The upshot is that air fryers are much less messy and oil-intensive than deep-frying. Even better, these lil ovens can do much more than crank out faux fried food. Air fryers bring beautifully browned vegetables, crackly-skinned chicken wings, and even light and airy cakes, all within your reach.

Air Fryer Gnocchi And Squash With Brown Butter And Sage

Gnocchi in an air fryer? This recipe will make you a believer! After testing several methods, we found that cooking the gnocchi first resulted in the soft pillowy centers we expect from gnocchi, while still giving the exterior a nice golden crunch. Paired with roasted squash, toasted walnuts, brown butter and sage, this dish is cold weather comfort at its best.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Gnocchi and Squash with Brown Butter and Sage

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More Easy Air Fryer Recipes

While these recipes dont fit in any of the categories above, that doesnt mean they are any less delicious!

Air Fryer Bacon is extra crispy, with perfect wavy edges. Its so easy to make, with no flipping required!

Air Fryer Grilled Cheese coming soon!

Which of these recipes are you most excited to try first? Let me know in the comments!

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Entire Roasts Or Whole Chickens

8 Surprising Things You Can Make in an Air Fryer...and 6 ...

If you’re wondering if air fryers are just a gimmick, rest assured, this kitchen tool cooks much more than french fries and finger foods. Its abilities are limited, however, when it comes to full roasts and entire chickens. The basket or cooking racks, depending on the model, are smaller in their capacity than an oven so a roast might not fit. Stephanie Pixley, deputy food editor of America’s Test Kitchen, explains the side of the roast closest to the heat source will dry out or burn well before the other side cooks thoroughly. Chicken will end up dried out with a rock-solid exterior in an air fryer.

The issue is you’re likely overcrowding the air fryer basket if you add an entire chicken or roast. Hot air needs to circulate in order for an air fryer to work. To correctly cook chicken in an air fryer, you’ll need to cook a few pieces at a time instead of placing the entire bird inside at once. You’ll want to keep the breasts facing down, then end with the skin facing up since air fryers heat from above. This trick will help make sure your skin is crisp and the meat stays juicy. You can also poke holes in the thighs and drumsticks to help the fat to render.

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Should You Get A Digital Air Fryer Over Analog Meh Not Really

This depends on your personal preference but the controls don’t have much to do with the performance or end result. Digital air fryers have presets for things like chicken wings, french fries, fish and such, but I find that even if the presets exist, it takes me just a few runs to learn how long things need and the correct temperatures, and I end up bypassing them anyways. Digital air fryers tend to cost a bit more and you run the risk of the panel shorting out, but having a digital readout of the temp and cook time can be nice.

Air Fryer Fried Oreos

This carnival treat is easy to replicate at home with your air fryer. We doctored up pancake mix to create a sweet batter that gets light, golden and crisp. The key to a perfect coating is to get the batter’s consistency rightso adjust as needed with extra mix.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Fried Oreos

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What All Can You Cook In An Air Fryer


  • 1.4 Conclusion:
  • The air fryer is the latest appliance to hit the market, promising healthier cooking with less oil. So, what all can you cook in an air fryer? Anything that you would be able to grill or bake! This includes bread, pizzas, vegetables, and meat. Air frying also helps create crispier textures than baking without any added fat perfect for your favorite fried foods like onion rings or french fries. So with this handy kitchen tool available on Amazon for under $150 , what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

    An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by using hot air, such as Emeril Air Fryer. It is different from a deep fryer because it does not use oil for cooking the food but instead uses convection currents of heated air. As a result, air frying results in less oil being absorbed into the food and also produces healthier foods with lower calories. In this blog post, we will be going over all the types of things you can cook in an air fryer, as well as some tips for cooking with one!

    Doesnt Work So Well: Feeding A Crowd

    Air Fryer Recipes: Top 3 Easiest Things to Cook in Your Air Fryer

    While air fryers come in a range of sizes, even the largest model can only fit food for a handful of people. If you have a large family or you plan on using your air fryer for a bigger gathering, youll have to make your food in batches. Youll probably be better off using these dinner recipes guaranteed to feed a crowd.

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    The Worst Things To Put In An Air Fryer

    SteakWhat makes a steak truly special is the char and maillard reaction you get when searing your favorite cut. Its impossible to replicate that same flavor in an air fryerthe meat gets dried out and doesnt cook as evenly. If youre going to eat steak, you might as well do it right and pull out your cast iron pan.

    Pasta Pasta chips have gone viral on TikTok and those are certainly great for the air fryer. Reheating pasta leftovers, however, is a no-go. The sauce is messy and loses its silkiness, the actual pasta gets dried out, and everything becomes sad and clumpy. When it comes to pasta, stick with the microwave.

    Any sort of glazed wingFried chicken actually fares pretty well in the air fryer, but once you involve sticky glazes and buttery Buffalo sauce, the whole thing becomes an easily burnt disaster. Its hard to recover any sort of crunch with leftover glazed wings to begin withthis goes for cauliflower and boneless wings, toothat adding them to the air fryer just dehydrates the wings and turns the sauce goopy. If anyone knows of a good way to heat up saucy wings, Id love to hear it.

    Items with a wet dredgeIve seen some people on TikTok successfully fry Oreos in their air fryer in pancake batter and Im trying to figure out what kind of alchemy made that successful. Every time Ive tried to air fry something with a wet batterpickle chips, fried chicken, onion rings, to name a fewit’s been edible, yes, but burnt in some areas and raw in others.

    This Appliance Can Help You Make Crunchy Homemade Chicken Nuggets

    Skip the store-bought chicken nuggets and whip up your own batch at home with an air fryer.

    “The air fryer is terrific for keeping crunchy, coated chicken juicy and tender,” said Polak. “Just make sure to moisten your chicken with a swipe of olive oil or mustard to keep the breading adhered.”

    It’s also important not to go overboard with breading adding too much can lead to the coating being blown off by the airflow of the air fryer.

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    Ninja Foodi Apple Chips

    Looking for a simple and healthy snack? Then its time to try out these sweet apple chips.

    Im pretty sure that the ingredients for this dish couldnt get any easier. Just find some apples and a touch of cinnamon.

    I love this recipe because its completely kid-friendly since it tastes like an absolute treat.

    I recommend dipping these apple cinnamon chips into some vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

    Its time to throw away the processed chips filled with preservatives and introduce these decadent potato chips.

    With only three ingredients, this recipe is sure to become your newest obsession.

    Simply slice up the potato in super thin slices and salt those bad boys up.

    Grab your favorite high heat cooking spray and youre good to go!

    This Cheat Sheet Tells You How To Cook Anything In Your Air Fryer

    8 Of The Best Things You Can Cook In Your Air Fryer in ...
    • 19 Aug 2020

    Cooking has never been easier since air fryers came on the market. With so many households snatching up this multifunctional appliance, it’s clear that we are living in the age of the air fryer.

    There are Facebook groups dedicated to air fryers, viral trends of people cooking all kinds of food in them, and even brands releasing their own version. One enthusiast has made it her mission to scour through the numerous recipes and cooking charts to compile an easy guide to cooking with air fryers. And we are so so thankful.

    She took to Facebook to share her very handy spreadsheet.

    I needed something with Aussie weights and measurements on it so I have converted a couple of Cooking Charts from the internet with some recipes from the group’s Facebook page. Please feel free to use it is it helps you, she writes.

    The chart covers all things including meat, frozen foods, and baking. It also lists the temperature and time you should cook them at depending on weight.

    Over 500 people have since commented on the popular post. One Facebook user wrote, “I didn’t know I could cook so much in it!”

    Another added, “As a newbie to air fryers this is brilliant, thank you!”

    Before you go off and make everything on this list, it’s worth noting that the conversions were made to the nearest whole number. So the measurements should be used as a guide only, and you should keep an eye on anything youre cooking.

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    Leftover Pizza Has Never Tasted So Good

    Air fryers have overtaken Instant Pots and Nutribullets as the must-have kitchen appliance to grace countertops everywhere. Whether its reviving stale fries, reheating fried chicken, or baking cookie dough, this multi-trick pony has won the hearts of home chefs everywhere.

    But as convenient and simple as the air fryer is, not everything can successfully be prepared in one. After multiple tests and careful consideration, here are the bestand worstthings to cook up in your air fryer.

    Air Fryer Potato Chips

    These crunchy air-fryer potato chips are a salty, satisfying snack thats a cinch to cook up. A mandoline makes fast work of slicing the potatoes paper thin. Rinsing the sliced potatoes before cooking will remove most of the natural starch and prevent the chips from sticking togetherdon’t skip this step.

    Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Potato Chips

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    Healthy Air Fryer Parmesan Chicken With Broccoli

    This chicken gets incredibly crunchy, thanks to a light coating of panko and Parmesan and a quick cook in the air fryer! Serve it with charred broccoli and a tangy yogurt sauce for a healthy and complete meal you can throw together any day of the week.

    Get the Recipe: Healthy Air Fryer Parmesan Chicken with Broccoli

    Air Fryer Chicken Breasts


    I have four words for you. Brined. Rubbed. Fried. Perfection.

    Okay, maybe that was a little confusing. Heres the deal: this recipe for air fryer chicken is super special, because of the 20-minute salt brine that we do to prep the chicken breast! It makes each piece juicy and full of flavor. From there, a flavorful spice rub seasons the chicken to perfection, and the air fryer does the rest! This may just be the perfect easy chicken recipe.

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