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Ninja Air Fryer | The Good, The Bad | Model AF101, AF100 | Ceramic Air Fryer | 4 Quart Review

Pros: sturdy build quality, dehydrating functionCons: cooking does not pause automatically when checking basket, recipe booklet cooking times can be too long

Star rating: 4/5

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With four functions air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate, this versatile air fryer is a useful tool for family kitchens and doesnt take up as much space as some of the other models we looked at.

The solid pull-out basket has a metal crisper insert that raises food from the main pan and allows air to circulate around for more efficient cooking. We found this easy to keep clean, with no awkward nooks and crannies to degrease it fits in the dishwasher, too, along with the main removable pan.

We liked the two-tone dark grey and black casing of this model and the large, silver pull handle felt sturdy to use when transferring hot food from the main unit housing to serve up. You do not want to feel any give when a heavy load of chicken is in there, as we did with some less- sturdy pans.

After the recommended pre-heat time of three minutes, we used this air fryer for the regulation homemade chips and sweet potato fries with top-notch feedback from testers.

The dehydrate function is a useful thing to have if you grow windowsill herbs or chilis, for example. Its also great for strawberries and seasonal crops you may want to store for later we tried out some chopped cherries that we then kept on the shelf for morning porridge.

Ninja air fryer specifications:

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The Best Air Fryer Deals To Shop This Cyber Week

Air fryers have swarmed into Americas homes over the past few years as a handy way to get that delicious fried crunch you want from fries and wings without all the fat. They use just one teaspoon of oil and supercharge its powers by circulating air around your food like a convection oven. So, you get restaurant-tasting food without all the calories and fat.

These days, air fryers come with more tricks than ever: Not only are they available in a range of sizes and capacities, but they often have handy tech tricks built in and other purposes too think air fryers that are also Instant Pot-style appliances, for example.

Weve rounded up some of the best air fryer deals for 2021 as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday shop them below to try em out for yourself.

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Is The Ninja 4

Air fryers have a little bit of a learning curve, but its still straightforward to use, IMHO. Though Ninja AF101 has different buttons for air frying, roasting, dehydrating, and reheating good, you still have to manually set the time and temperature.

At first, it doesnt make sense at all. Why would you put the buttons in there if you still have to adjust the time and temperature?

Well, I guess it works like a standard convection oven. The time and temperature will depend on the quantity of food and the recipe youre making.

To make things a little easier, Ninja provided a cheat sheet for all possible recipes you could make with the Ninja Foodi AF101. At least, you dont have to guess the ideal setting each time youre crisping something up.

Pro Tip: When turning ingredients, youll have to pause the timer. Otherwise, you wont achieve the desired doneness of your recipe. If you want a crispier result, you just need to add more time.

Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 4

This oversized air fryer is easy on the eyes. The Dash Deluxe has the largest cooking capacity of any of the ovens we tested with a 6-quart cooking basket. It also has some undeniable retro appeal and is available in a few fun colors. The appliance we tested was aqua, though it also comes in red, black and white. This model also has all manual controls with no presets and was exceedingly simple to operate.

Aesthetics aside, the Dash fried up batches of wings, Brussels sprouts, tater tots and French fries that were all cooked evenly and well. In our first round of testing, we found it easy to overshoot when air frying a mozzarella stick if youre not careful. For us, thats a good thing and only means the air fryer has considerable power that you simply need to learn to manage.

I rarely rely solely on food manufacturer recommendations or oven presets but rather use them as a loose guide and do lots of peeking and checking along the way. The Dash has exactly zero presets and no cooking modes such as roast or dehydrate but still got the most important jobs done.

The Dash is also solidly built, although not quite as sound as the Ninja. Its also on the heavy side, so this is one you might need to find a permanent home for. If you like this model but prefer a smaller size, the 3-quart version can be had for just $70.

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Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

Cuisinart was one of the first brands to introduce a toaster oven air fryer that allows you to toast, bake, convection bake, and air fry. We tested the pictured digital version, which not only made the most evenly-colored toast, but also the crispiest air fried food in the shortest amount of time. The rectangular 15.5 by 16-inch air fry rack offers a large cooking surface and sits atop a drip/crumb tray for easy cleanup. Since introducing the toaster oven air fryers, Cuisinart also introduced a smaller version with the same features and quality performance.

Best Air Fryer Oven

Power XL Air Fryer Pro

  • Produced the most evenly golden chicken wings from rack to rack in our tests
  • Offers many functions, including rotisserie and dehydrate
  • Food doesnt come out as crispy as you would expect in included rotating basket use racks instead

Best-Selling Air Fryer on Amazon

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An Overview On Air Fryers

Fried foods are a distinctly American obsession. From chicken nuggets in our school lunches to funnel cakes at the county fair, digging into a fried meal is a tasty endeavor. However, its no secret that fried foods arent doing any favors for your health. Indulging in fried food once or more every week puts you at a higher risk for some health issues.

You dont have to kiss fried foods goodbye entirely if youre watching your waistline, though. Over the last few years, air fryers have boomed in popularity for lightening up deep-fried goodness for a more heart-friendly meal at home.

Air fryers are an entirely different beast than the countertop oil fryers you may have bought in the past. Instead of immersing baskets of your food in hot oil , air fryers use a very small amount of oil to crisp your food. A light spritzing from an oil spray bottle should be all you need. Just choose whatever food youd like to fry, preheat the unit for a few minutes, and place it in the removable basket. Then set the timer and temperature, pop the basket inside the contained countertop unit and get ready to chow down.

The meals you make may not taste exactly like the fast-food French fries or deep-fried chicken wings you might be craving, but theyre a worthy, tasty substitute for anyone who doesnt want to completely give up the fried lifestyle. Your heart and taste buds will thank you!

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What Can You Cook With The Ninja Air Fryer Af101

Apart from the obvious, the Ninja Air Fryer AF101 can do so much more. With a four-quart capacity, you can feed the whole family with a bountiful meal.

Heres what its capable of:

Air FryReheatDehydrate

Before you can do any of those functions, you need to preheat the Ninja 4-qt air fryer for three minutes, except for the dehydrate mode.

Ninja Air Fryer Xl 55

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

Walmart gifted us with some early Black Friday deals, and this Ninja air fryer is one discount thats been catching our eye. It gets top ratings for being able to cook up to three pounds of french fries, and it has four programs including reheat, roast, air fry and dehydrate so it can knock off all sorts of kitchen to-dos.

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Ninja Air Fryer Oven And So Much More

Everyone knows that Instant Pots are awesome. And everyone also knows that theyre often on sale at Amazon with great discounts. As we mentioned earlier, the Instant Pot Duo Plus has a small discount, and the fancy $150 Instant Pot Max is also discounted today. As great as those deals are, however, you may first want to consider another pair of sales on products from Instant Brands top rival.

The insanely popular Ninja Foodi OS302 was a fan-favorite model with so many 5-star ratings on Amazon. It has a 6.5-quart capacity plus nine different cooking modes, But the big news is that it has something youll never find on those Instant Pot models we mentioned earlier. On top of all the standard cooking modes youd expect like pressure cooking, slow cooking, and steaming, Ninjas Foodi OS302 has a built-in air fryer!

Ninjas excellent Foodi OP301 multi-cooker isnt really around anymore. But the good news is that it has been replaced by a supersized model with a bunch of additional features! The Ninja Foodi Deluxe FD401 is a fantastic $250 multi-cooker with a built-in air fryer. It has much more capacity and so many more features than the older OS302. And if you hurry, you can snag this amazing 9-in-1 Ninja air fryer oven and multi-cooker for just $179.99 instead of $250!

You really cant go wrong with this Ninja deal. Actually, thats not true you can go wrong by taking too long and missing out.

Ninja Air Fryer Af101 Walmart

A: AnswerI bought the AF100 version at walmart for the identical fee as AF101 questioning it turned into the same but the AF101 comes with a greater rack blanketed.

Shop the fine Black Friday air fryer deals in 2021. Here’s what to understand to attain at this 12 months’s income for Instant Pot, Ninja, NuWave,

Products 1 9 of nine.

Shop for ninja air fryer at Bed Bath & Beyond. Buy top promoting merchandise like Ninja® Foodi® 8qt. 6-in-1, 2-Basket Air Fryer with DualZone.

The quality air fryer we examined is the Philips Premium Airfryer XXL. We also reviewed countertop home equipment from Cuisinart, Cosori, Ninja, Dash, Breville,

For even better quick and easy meals, make sure youre cooking with the best air fryer!Continue reading:

Did you know you can make a cornish hen in the air fryer even if you have a basket air fryer? My Cosori even fits 2!Recipe –>

Our Winner of the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro Grill & Griddle Is…Watch Now:

Ninja® Foodi® four-in-1 eight-qt. 2-Basket Air.

Walmart USA. $139.00.

And financial savings on air fryers like the Ninja AF101, which turned into 23% off ultimate 12 months. Here at Good Housekeeping, well be searching for deals from pinnacle brands to make certain you have the brand new data on.

6 days ago.

Ready to dive into the extraordinary international of air frying? The Ninja AF101 air fryercooks with up.

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Best Ninja Air Fryer Reviews Product Roundups

Youve seen them on television. Youve seen them in department stores and at specialty retailers. Perhaps your kitchen is already populated by a range of quality Ninja products. Now, you want a Ninja air fryer. One question remains: which Ninja air fryer is right for you? Check out our top picks.

This model is Ninjas standard family-sized air fryer.


This Ninja air fryer offers a simple set of push-button controls. Up and down arrow keys allow you to set the time and temperature. Other buttons power on the unit, start and pause the cooking cycle, and allow you to switch between air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate features.

This air fryer has a wide temperature range, from 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit , facilitating the dehydration of even tender items like herbs. The multi-layer rack expands dehydrating capacity. The basket has a ceramic non-stick coating and can handle up to 2 pounds of French fries. The basket, crisper plate, and rack are dishwasher safe.

Size and Appearance

This Ninja air fryer has a black exterior and metallic handle. The small digital display and push-button controls are located on the front of the appliance. The air fryer has dimensions of 13.6 by 11 by 13.3 inches and weighs 13.4 pounds.

The pressure cooker meets the air fryer in this compact model.


The pressure fryer has two lids one used for air frying and the other to facilitate pressure cooking. The ceramic-coated non-stick pot and crisper basket are dishwasher safe.

Tips & Tricks For Choosing The Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Quart / RentProductsOnline

Every day, people are trying to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Whether they’re looking for new shoes or a new car, it can be hard to know the ninja air fryer. Luckily, this blog post provides some great tips & tricks on choosing the ninja air fryer in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, so you don’t have to worry about making a wrong decision!

What’s your budget? Do you want eco-friendly materials? How much time do you have? These are just three of many questions that will help narrow down your search when choosing the perfect ninja air fryer!

1. Have your target audiences best interest

There are many great ninja air fryer out there for you to choose from. It can be not easy to find the ninja air fryer with the most benefits that work well with your needs.

It is hard to know what’s right for you and your lifestyle with all of these choices. What do you need? What kind of things appeal to you?

Are there any special considerations or concerns that might not be obvious at first glance? These are just some questions I have when trying to select new ninja air fryer.

Give your audience a chance to enjoy the benefits of working out with these motivational promotional ninja air fryer. Are you looking for some great investments your target audience will love?

Get creative and show what sets you apart from other gyms that dont cater to their targeted demographics take time to recognize that there is bound to be someone who wants what you have!

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Faq About Ninja Air Fryer Af100 Vs Af101

Q: Does it have plastic on the inner part?

No, the interior part of the fryer comes with a non-stick material surface. The inner housing inside the machine is hard-molded black plastic.

Q: Does the basket needs seasoning before the first usage?

The cooking basket doesnt have to be seasoned by users since it is a non-stick cooking basket. We recommend you remove all the packaging materials, labels, and tapes from it. It is sufficient to wash the basket and dry it thoroughly before you go for cooking.

Q: What comes inside the box?

The Ninja Air Fryer comes with a 4-quart ceramic-layered non-stick basket & a crisper plate, a Multi-layer rack, and a 20-recipe flash guide.

Test #: Cooking Chicken Wings

When it came to trying chicken wings, I decided to still follow the instructions that were provided in the quick start guide, even after the high-speed french fries from Test #1. Cautious, however, I also was determined to make sure and check the chicken wings every 5 minutes, just to be safe.

There was no recipe in the booklet for chicken wings but there was a cooking chart that had some recommendations. 1lb of chicken wings was to be tossed in 1 tablespoon of oil and the air fryer set at 390 degrees for a total time amount of 26 minutes. This still seemed high to me give the previous experience but I followed along.

I began to cook the wings in the air fryer. I would check the wings every five minutes just to make sure they were cooking evenly and not overcooking as well. After 5 minutes, the wings were partially cooked and all was fine. After the next five minutes, the wings looked like they were almost cooked but not quite. At this point, I decided to flip all the wings over in the fryer basket just so they could get an even cook. After 15 minutes, the wings were completely cooked and the skin had crisped up to perfection.

I was so glad that I decided to go with my gut and keep a close eye on the wings by checking them every five minutes. Had I just set the timer and let it do its thing, the wings would have shriveled up, dried out, and become burnt to a crisp. Once again, the Ninja air fryer af101 proved to be much more powerful than the guide suggested.

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