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Ninja Foodi Apple Chips

5 EASY Air Fryer Chicken Breast Recipes with the Ninja Foodi XL Grill and the Shaq Air Fryer

Looking for a simple and healthy snack? Then its time to try out these sweet apple chips.

Im pretty sure that the ingredients for this dish couldnt get any easier. Just find some apples and a touch of cinnamon.

I love this recipe because its completely kid-friendly since it tastes like an absolute treat.

I recommend dipping these apple cinnamon chips into some vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

Its time to throw away the processed chips filled with preservatives and introduce these decadent potato chips.

With only three ingredients, this recipe is sure to become your newest obsession.

Simply slice up the potato in super thin slices and salt those bad boys up.

Grab your favorite high heat cooking spray and youre good to go!

Verdict: Is The Ninja Air Fryer Max Af160uk Worth It And Should I Buy It

If you consider buying the Ninja Air Fryer Max for yourself or as a gift to someone, we would greatly recommend this product as it will most likely become one of the kitchen appliances you will use on an almost daily basis.

From our experience, the air fryer stays on top of the kitchen worktop at all times now and since we bought it around 3 months ago, we have used our convection oven just about once.

The food comes out of the air fryer much faster, its definitely healthier, cleaning of the non-stick tray is as easy as it gets and passively it also saves your money in the long run as it uses less power over a shorter period of time compared to the standard oven.

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Air Fryer Spinach Pepper And Havarti Frittata

You may not have thought to make a frittata in your air fryer, but you can! Youll get a gorgeous brown crust with a creamy interiorand clever use of a cake pan makes it a cinch to unmold. We used Havarti for its mild flavor and superior melting qualities, but substitute another good melting cheese such as Cheddar, jack or fontina if you like. Serve the frittata warm or at room temperature.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Spinach, Pepper and Havarti Frittata

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How Does The Ninja Foodi Convert From A Slow Cooker Pressure Cooker And Air Fryer

The Ninja Foodi comes with two lids, this means you have a lid thats already attached to it that is used for air crisp or air fryer. There is also a basket that goes inside the pot for the air fryer as well.

If you plan to use the pressure cooker option or slow cooker option, there is a second lid for it. This lid looks very similar to the Instant Pot lid and it also comes with a rack for your pot as well just like the Instant Pot.

If you prefer though, I actually decided to purchase this glass lid to go with mine and it works just like you would use it for a slow cooker.

Its so easy to use, weve cooked so many things in it Ive literally lost count at this point. It has a sauté function as well, so I cook meat and veggies in it too before using the other functions.

Today, I wanted to gather all the recipes from my site that I have used in the Ninja Foodi. Sit back too because there are a lot of them. Ill also add a few from other websites as well.

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Ninja Air Fryer Max Functions

Ninja Foodi Cookbook : Quick and Easy Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker ...

The Ninja Air Fryer MAX has a control panel with multiple water-proof buttons from the front. It offers a variety of cooking modes such as Max Crisp, Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat or Dehydrate. Upon selecting one of the options, a small, simple display above lits up giving us the option to adjust the temperature and set the timer.

Selecting the frying modes or choosing time and temperature is instant and completely without any lags or delays.

This is very convenient as every meal you cook is slightly different in its type, size, fat proportion or portions. You may, for example, need less time to air fry two chicken legs than two chicken wings.

  • Ninja Air Fryer MAX 5.2L AF160UK
  • Ninja Air Fryer MAX 5.2L AF160UK basket with a large banana to demonstrate its size
  • Ninja Air Fryer MAX 5.2L AF160UK
  • Ninja Air Fryer MAX 5.2L AF160UK

You can set the temperature in the range between 40°C in Dehydrate mode to 240°C in Max Crispy mode. Every mode has its pre-selected temperature and time which you can simply adjust with just a single click.

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Ninja Foodi Sp101 Air Fryer & Toaster Ove

If you are looking for an air fryer that is versatile but doesnt take up all the space in your kitchen, this is the one for you. This compact air fryer works as a toaster oven as well and has EIGHT functionalities in total. As an air fryer it can, air crisp, air roast, air broil, bake, and dehydrate as well. As a toaster oven, it can prepare bagel and toast with one touch. Aside from the cooking methods, it also has the useful Keep Warm feature.

The outstanding feature is the compactness and the stylish design. After cooking, the toaster oven flips up against your kitchen counters backsplash. When the fryer oven flips up, you can remove the back panel for a thorough interior cleanup. It takes 50% less storage space as compared to other air fryers and toaster ovens. If you are short on counter space, this is the best ninja foodi air fryer oven for you.

Another noteworthy thing here is that it does require preheating, but the preheating time is very low. Unlike other air fryers and toaster ovens, this one heats up in mere 60 seconds. So, it not only cooks faster but gets ready quickly as well.

How To Reheat Baked Potatoes In The Ninja Foodi Grill

Baked Potatoes are best eaten right away. Thats when the skin will be the crispiest and the inside will be hot and fluffy.

If you do have leftovers, you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a day or so.

To reheat, place them back in the air fryer at 400 degrees and cook for 5-6 minutes.

Other Potato Recipes Youll Love:

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Best Ninja Air Fryer Recipes For Breakfast Lunch Dinner And Dessert If You Have A Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker And Air Fryer We Have You Covered

Looking for the best Ninja air fryer recipes you say?? Well weve been busy adding to our long list of Ninja Foodi recipes since we got ours a few months ago.

Are you new to this kitchen appliance and want to learn ALL THE THINGS regarding easy air fryer recipes? I was when I got my first pot and now I am totally obsessed.

Have you been using it for a while now and looking for new Ninja Foodi pressure cooker recipes? Either way we are here to help you make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes in this baby.

Below are a ton of links to recipes youll love using the air crisp function.

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

  • It has temp. and times for making the best frozen foods for air fryer too.
  • Then where you can share and find more ideas youll love. We have a Foodi social media group as well.

    Yes I do have a few different machines.

    The one above isnt a Foodi.

    BUT when I am making multiple things like air fryer cornbread with air fryer ground beef to make spaghetti with, Id use both.

    Everything is better crispy on the outside we say. And its not just the case for fresh or defrosted meat either. We share how easy cooking frozen meat is in this thing too. A game changer for many of us who are forgetful at times.

    • Choose high or low temperature
    • Set the time

    Ninja Foodi Chicken Wings

    Air Fryer Meatballs ~ Ninja Foodi

    You can make awesome chicken wings in the Ninja Foodi air fryer. Youll have delicious, crispy chicken wings on the table in 30 minutes or less.

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    Air Fryer Butternut Squash Soup

    The high heat of an air fryer quickly caramelizes vegetables, giving this creamy soup deep flavor. The addition of a few dried spices adds warmth and seasoning. Drizzle the finished soup with crème fraîche or plain yogurt and sprinkle with pepitas and chopped chives for a delicious vegetarian meal thats particularly weeknight-friendly.

    If you love Asian inspired meals, try our easy air fryer won tons some night. Use ground beef or sausage with teriyaki sauce and cabbage.

    Make our air fryer whole chicken is a healthy choice for dinner. Pair with air fryer bread and done.

    Did you know you could bake in an air fryer? You can!! Weve done it here and with air fryer cookies too!

    Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Recipes

    If you love Asian inspired meals, try our easy air fryer won tons some night. Use ground beef or sausage with teriyaki sauce and cabbage.

    Make our air fryer whole chicken is a healthy choice for dinner. Pair with air fryer bread and done.

    Did you know you could bake in an air fryer? You can!! Weve done it here and with air fryer cookies too!

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    Air Fryer Taquitos With Chicken

    The new Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven is the whole enchilada and then some! Why? Well, because not only does it air fry like a champ, but it also does the following: Air Fry. Air Roast. Air Broil. Bake. Dehydrate. Keep Warm. Toast Bagel. Thats doing a lot, and I love it. Recently, I made Loaded Chicken Taquitos, and they turned out perfect!

    I made them in 12 minutes in the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven. Its sleek modern design will look great in any kitchen, and it flips up, so when it isnt in use, it doesnt take up a lot of valuable counter space. We have a small kitchen, so small appliances with space-saving features are a must!

    Ninja Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks

    Easy Air Fryer Chicken Legs Recipe Using The Ninja Foodi

    Jodi / /

    Ninja Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks are crispy and juicy the ultimate combination. These air fryer chicken drumsticks are not only bursting with flavor but on the dinner table in under 30 minutes. A quick dinner thats delicious and nutritious with just 2 ingredients!


    We are big fans of the air fryer. It has added variety to meals and is an easy and lower-calorie way to get foods crispy on the outside, quickly.

    Between these air fryer chicken legs, air fryer salmon patties, and air fryer chicken thighs, weve got some delicious recipes on the site!

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    Healthy Air Fryer Parmesan Chicken With Broccoli

    This chicken gets incredibly crunchy, thanks to a light coating of panko and Parmesan and a quick cook in the air fryer! Serve it with charred broccoli and a tangy yogurt sauce for a healthy and complete meal you can throw together any day of the week.

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    Whole 30 Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

    Whole 30 foodies rejoice! This air fryer chicken nuggets recipe fits into your meal plan and tastes even better than what you could find at a local fast-food joint.

    A crispy coating and an amazing seasoning mixture make this version of chicken nuggets out of this world.

    Chicken thighs are surprisingly used to create these nuggets. This allows the meat to stay juicy after being cooked in the air fryer. If you want a leaner version, chicken breast can also be used.

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    What Is More Useful: An Air Fryer Or Toaster Oven

    Even though both can be your convenient option for fast cooking, they wont give you similar benefits. Before choosing one over another, lets compare how the two works.

    • Air fryers use heating coil and work through circulating hot air using a powerful fan. While toaster ovens use heating elements placed on the top and bottom of the appliance for heat discharge.
    • Air fryers serve all kind of cooking needs when toaster ovens perform a handful of techniques.
    • Air fryers dont use oil, come in small size and are made of easy-to-clean materials. As opposed to that, toaster ovens can be pretty hard to clean. Especially if oil spills during cooking.
    • Air fryers cook faster than toaster ovens. However, sometimes the reverse can happen.
    • Air fryers contain less capacity than toaster ovens due to its small size. However, large capacity air fryer is also available now.
    • Air fryers use insulated cooking basket that prevents heat from radiating outside. In contrary, the outer surface of toaster ovens heats up quite quickly.
    • Air fryers consume 200 watts more power than toaster ovens.
    • Air fryers are costlier than toaster ovens.

    So which one is more useful? Both of them serves many purposes but in terms of utility air fryer certainly adds more value. But someone with a tight budget can still consider buying a toaster oven, especially if he is a toast lover.

    Why Should You Buy The Best Ninja Air Fryer Recipe Book At Amazon


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    Ninja Air Fryer Recipe Book

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    Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Bacon

    Who needs bacon drenched in grease when air frying has just a fraction.

    The second you taste the crispiness of the bacon, youre guaranteed to fall in love with your Ninja air fryer.

    Breakfast just got a whole lot easier with this easy to make dish.

    Fry up some eggs on the stove while your air fryer works on the bacon!

    Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

    The second I got my hands on a Ninja air fryer I couldnt stop making this recipe.

    Theres nothing better than fresh and crunchy fries paired with your favorite dipping sauce.

    I recommend pairing this dish with a garlic aioli or a chipotle sauce.

    Say goodbye to takeout and freezer fries and hello to absolute perfection.

    If youre getting a little tired of traditional french fries, then this is the dish for you.

    Its time to introduce the versatility of the sweet potato.

    Chop up the veggies into ¼-½ inch thick slices and season to your liking.

    This recipe calls for paprika and garlic powder, alongside a drizzle of olive oil.

    Finish the dish off by garnishing with some parsley and enjoy.

    While barbeque season might just be around the corner, theres still time to put the air fryer to use.

    Grab your go-to cut of meat for a deliciously tender and juicy steak.

    Youre sure to have a perfectly cooked inside, with a crispy and flavorful outside.

    If there is anything that can rival a grill, its totally a Ninja air fryer.

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