Instant Pot Air Fryer Convection Oven

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How To Choose The Best Air Fryer Oven

Instant Pot Made a 10 Quart Air Fryer Unboxing and Demo 7 in 1 (Dec 2020)

Choosing the best air fryer oven comes down to three main factors capacity, price, and additional features.

Those cooking for larger households or who want to cook multiple foods at once should consider one of the larger options, such as the Kalorik oven listed above.

Keep in mind that most air fryer ovens on this list range in price from $100$300. If you have a low budget, your options may be limited.

Finally, youll want to consider additional features. Many products are large enough to cook whole chickens rotisserie-style and come with the accessories to do so. Likewise, many have a temperature setting low enough to use them as a dehydrator.

What You Need To Air Fry Food

Instant Omni Pro 18l Toaster Oven And Air Fryer

Our most full-featured countertop oven with 14 separate cooking functions built in.

The Instant Omni Pro is our most full-featured toaster oven and air fryer. The large capacity fits a compact frame, so you can cook enough for your family, and youll save counter space too. Featuring an all-in-one bakery, rotisserie mode, Split Cook two-stage cooking, temperature probe and EvenCrisp technology, youll have a complete set of cooking tools all in one place with this amazing and versatile countertop oven.

  • 14-in-1 cooking functions: air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, rotisserie, toast, warm, convection, slow cook, proof, split cook, temperature probe
  • Double-layer glass door keeps heat inside for optimal cooking
  • Temperature probe shows the real-time temperature of your food and ends cooking when the internal temperature reaches the level you set
  • Split Cook two-stage cooking lets you combine two cooking functions or temperatures to run one after the other for the results you want
  • Quick heating uses golden quartz technology for fast and even cooking performance
  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 170 to 450 °F
  • Displays each stage of cooking from start to finish
  • Rotisserie feature for perfect self-basted meals
  • 7 customizable toasting levels for perfect bread, bagels and more
  • EvenCrisp technology provides all the crunch and tenderness of deep-frying with little to no oil

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Best Digital: Cosori Pro Air Fryer Cp158

  • Wide flat basket for great airflow

  • Presets for common foods work well

  • Compact footprint for its capacity

  • Sometimes takes two hands to insert/remove basket

  • Relatively new brand

With 11 presets, a beautiful LED screen for selecting your functions, and a reminder when its time to shake the cooking basket, this model couldnt be easier to use!

If you’re cooking for a large group, the 5.8-quart capacity makes this big enough for large meals and then some. It can fit a 5-6 pound chicken or plenty of wings, so its great for more than just after-school snacks. This model is also available in a 3.7-quart capacity.

The inner and outer baskets feature a nonstick coating, which our tester said made cleanup easy. Another great feature? This air fryer comes with a cookbook that features over 100 recipes so youll never run out of things to cook.

Capacity: 5.8 quarts | Power Rating: 1700 watts | Dimensions: 11.7 x 14.2 x 12.6 inches | Warranty: 1 year

“The cooking basket is wide enough to accommodate food in fewer layers for better airflow, and its easy to shake food if it needs to be rearranged during cooking.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

Air Fryers Vs Air Fryer Ovens Instant Vortex Plus 7

The terms “air fryer” and “air fryer oven” are often used interchangeably, as the two styles are relatively similar. However, they’re not exactly the same. The key difference is that air fryer ovens tend to be on the larger side, giving you more capacity for larger food items. Air fryer ovens often use flat grills like you would find inside a traditional oven or toaster oven. Air fryers, on the other hand, typically use a basket like in a deep fryer.

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Benefits Of Instant Vortex Air Fryer

The Air fryer is a popular compact kitchen device. Many individuals and families use it to prepare food in various ways. Who knew you could make the same crispy and tasty meals with this fashionable kitchen equipment?

In comparison to deep-frying, the air fryer prepares fries, oven fries, or any other fried meals without using too much oil. This section will highlight the advantages of owning an air fryer and what you can cook with it.

Instant Vortex Plus 10

With rotisserie feature for perfect self-basting dishes, this spit will be a hit.

The Instant Vortex Plus is sleek, versatile, and convenient, with rotisserie and One-Step EvenCrisp air flow for a perfect golden finish and crispy, tender results every time. Make all your favorite finger foods with less oil and no mess and get food on the table faster.

  • 7-in-1 so you can air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, dehydrate, and rotisserie
  • 6 customizable programs for one-touch rotisserie-style chicken, garlicky potatoes, cookies and more
  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 95 to 400 °F
  • Easy to use touchscreen and bright display
  • Little to no preheating time, from frozen to golden in minutes
  • Rotisserie feature for perfect self-basting and tumble-frying
  • One-Step EvenCrisp tumbles automatically for the crunch and tenderness of deep-frying with 95% less oil
  • Cook 6+ portions: perfect for perfect for families, side dishes, and meal prep
  • Countertop-friendly design also stows away easily
  • Stainless-steel accents for a perfect combination of function and style
  • Accessories include a non-stick drip pan and 2 perforated cooking trays, as well as stainless-steel rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit and forks, and lift tool
  • Built-in safety features like Overheat Protection, auto-off and more
  • 1500 watts, 120 V~ 60 Hz, ETL Certified

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Breville Smart Air Fryer Convection Oven

Air frying can provide your foods the delicious crunch which you typically get with normal frying without the messy oil. But in case your kitchen counter cant deal with any other device, you might want to remember replacing your toaster with an air f.

Air fryers are popular appliances that brief cook crispy food. Which is also precisely what a convection oven does. So how are the two exclusive? If youre thinking about shopping for an air fryer, you is probably thinking what the distinction is betw.

So why does the Breville.

Chef Convection. After 60 hours of research and frying, we suppose the Cuisinart CDF-2 hundred is the excellent deep fryer. But you might be better off with a Lodge Dutch Oven.

Unlike a sluggish cooker or Instant Pot, cooking with an air fryer requires a good buy of palms-on attention. Here are pointers all new customers should realize. If youre thinking about getting an air fryer, youll now not only need to familiarize yourself.

Whether youre reheating pizza or feeding a family an air fryer can be a handy comfort. Here are our selections for the pleasant air-fryer and what to search for. Country Living editors pick every product featured. If you buy from a link, we can also.

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Best Air Fryer Oven: Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360

When to use an Air Fryer, Instant Pot, NuWave, Toaster Oven, Skillet…
  • Easy-to-read and operate LCD control panel

  • Large and hard to store

  • Noisy

If you’re looking for a kitchen gadget that has the benefits of both an air fryer and toaster oven, the Power AirFryer 360 by Chef Emeril Lagasse fits the bill. It looks like a big toaster oven, but its so much more than that.

This air fryer boasts five heating elements and 360° Quick Cook Technology so you can produce perfect fries, meats, and vegetables with delicious flavor . There are 12 preset cooking functions, which is more than most air fryers, so you can choose how you want to cook your meal.

Other notable features include an interior light, LCD digital display, and the memory feature that remembers your last preset and temperature so you can repeat the cooking process without fiddling with the controls. It comes with a cookbook, rotisserie spit, drip tray, pizza rack, baking pan, and crisper tray.

Our tester noted it was powerful, but loud and difficult to clean. It has some drawbacks as an air fryer and isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one appliance, its versatility is top-notch.

Capacity: 930 cubic inches | Power Rating: 1500 watts | Dimensions: 15.1 x 19.3 x 10.4 inches | Warranty: 60 day money back guarantee

“I was pleased to see the fries turned out better than they do in my standard oven.” Sharon Lehman, Product Tester

  • Fits a large amount of food

  • Eight different rack positions

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Advantages Of An Instant Pot

Instant pots are smaller than a convection oven. They can cook everything from rice to chili con carne. They tenderize tough cuts of meat and make them more digestible. An instant pot retains more nutrients and breaks down hard to digest proteins better than steaming or boiling. The stainless steel inner pot is easy to clean, which is a big time saver.

Best Small: Philips Kitchen Appliances Avance Digital Turbostar Airfryer

  • Digital screen is easy to use

  • Substantial 2.75-quart basket

  • You dont have to rotate your food while cooking

  • Doesnt shut off when you open it

  • Housing gets hot

For a reliable and attractive option, we recommend the Philips Air Fryer Viva TurboStar. Philips isn’t as well known as Cuisinart or Breville, but they were one of the first manufacturers to bring air fryers into home kitchens.

The TurboStar has four preset functions for cooking popular meals , dishwasher safe parts, and a keep-warm function that makes sure your food remains warm and ready to serve while you finish other aspects of the meal. The digital display makes it easy to see the settings that are all controlled with a simple knob.

The proprietary TurboStar technology is also designed to cook foods evenly so you wont have to stop cooking to shake the basket of fries for the perfect poutine. Our reviewer cooked french fries, chicken tenders, and apple chips and everything came out exactly as expected. To make cooking even easier, theres a downloadable app that has 200 recipes designed for the air fryer.

“The air fryers 1425 watts of power proved plenty strong enough and everything cooked evenly the fries were nice and crisp, the chicken still moist, and the apple chips were uniformly toasted.” Lindsay Boyers, Product Tester

The Spruce Eats / Lindsay Boyers

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Instant Pot Air Fryer Oven

Best Black Friday Air Fryer Oven Deals : Best Early Cuisinart, Ninja, Breville & More Air Fryer Oven Savings Reported by Deal Tomato Early Black Friday air fryer oven offers for 2021 have.

Crux Air Fryer Toaster Oven This Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven makes use of 1800 watts of energy to bake, convection bake, brown, broil, crisp and dehydrate your favorite ingredients with out the oil! Easy multi use countertop cooking with CRUX® Artisan Series. Some toaster-oven air fryers, which include the Cuisinart TOA-60, have a fan located above heating factors on

Air fry and so much greater with this glossy appliance from the creators of the cherished Instant Pot. Air frying is a reputedly magical cooking technique in which.

Its referred to as the Galanz four-in-1 ToastWave Air Fryer Oven and it truely is the Instant Pot of air fryers! You Save: $201.99 Buy Now The first-class new air fryer on Amazon Air fryers are top notch.

Ninja Xl Air Fryer Sale New and used Ninja Air Fryers on the market near you on Facebook Marketplace. Find excellent offers or promote your items totally free. AN AIR fryer is a have to-have. It already on sale at Very. Or if you want a area-saver that also gives loads of options, then your high-quality bet is Ninja Foodi

The fries have been nicely cooked and much quicker than oven cooking.

Our Winner of the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro Grill & Griddle Is…Watch Now:

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is presently available on Amazon.

Create Delicious Meals With Less Oil

Instant Pot Omni Plus 11

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

Air fryers have gained popularity for producing crispy, evenly browned “fried” foods without the use of an actual deep fryer. They work by circulating hot air around food, similarly to a convection oven, and eliminate the need for much, if any, cooking oil, resulting in grocery savings and less clean up.

Many consumers are convinced air fryers produce a superior fried finish on French fries, tater tots, and chicken wings, compared to a standard oven. They can even be used to make homemade chicken tenders and potato chips, making them worth the investment for fried snack food lovers.

Many air fryers are programmed with multiple cooking functions and can double as a toaster oven, convection oven, warmer, rotisserie, indoor grill, and more. No matter which features you’re looking for, there’s an air fryer to meet your needs.

Here’s a roundup of the best air fryers available now.

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How Do Convection Ovens Work

Convections ovens are basically regular ovens with a fan on the inside. They work by using the normal convection currents created by heated air to move the hot air through the oven and cook your food.

The fan inside the oven helps to circulate the air more evenly to eliminate hot spots or areas of cooler air. This helps the food cook faster and more evenly.

Other Things To Consider

  • Cost: Its exclusive to Wal-mart at $119
  • Space: Bigger than a toaster, the air fryer is not a small appliance.
  • Skills: Youll need to take time to play with different functions.
  • Taste and texture: Results are close to deep-frying but its still not the same.
  • Healthier: Depends on your current lifestyle if you eat fried foods.

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Best Quality: Kitchenaid Digital Countertop Oven With Air Fry

Frozen Chicken, Instant Pot & NuWave Bravo XL Smart Oven Air Fryer

KitchenAid is renowned for its high-quality appliances that are incredibly versatile, and its countertop oven is no different. It boasts trademarked Even-Heat technology that ensures the oven reaches and remains at the optimal temperature, while its 360-degree Air Fry System features a rear-mounted convection fan to evenly circulate hot air. The device has nine different cooking settings, including a proofing function for bakers, and is big enough to fit two full-sized chickens.

You’ll find tons of happy customers who’ve left reviews on KitchenAid’s site, including one who said, “It’s very user-friendly and doesn’t take long to understand at all, unlike some other ‘all-in-one’ appliances. Everything I’ve made so far using it has turned out perfect, including my cauliflower ‘wings.'”

Buy it: $179.99

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How Do Air Fryers Work

Air fryers are actually small convection ovens. They have a topside heating element and a motorized fan which rapidly circulates the hot air so food cooks evenly creating the same crispiness as in traditional fried foods. Because of the size of the cooking chamber and rapid air circulation, the cooking time can be effectively reduced by 20% or more when compared to other cooking methods.

Air fryers technically dont fry food at all. The heated air that contains fine oil droplets takes the moisture out of the foods. The result is similar characteristics as fried foods, with significantly lower levels of fat, since they remove high-fat and high-calorie oils from the typical cooking process.

Air-frying triggers a chemical reaction, the Maillard Reaction , the browning color and flavoring of food, like many other cooking methods.

Advantages Of An Air Fryer

  • Even Cooking Since an air fryer is relatively compact, thats why the fan rapidly circulates the air to ensure fast and consistent cooking.
  • Compact Doesnt occupy much of your counter space. Not only that, but an air fryer is lighter than a convection oven.
  • Cooks Frozen Food You can cook your favorite frozen food in an air fryer, courtesy of its fan to remove the moisture from the food.

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Instant Pot Omni Plus 11

You can easily find many high-quality air fryer ovens, but they are very costly. If you want to go for an affordable toaster oven equipped with all the features, then Instant Pot Omni Plus is one of them.

Button Laden control panel

The new thing which is present in this air fryer toaster oven is the button-laden control panel. There are 13 buttons, of which 11 buttons are dedicated to cooking, such as toast, bake, broil, roast, air fry, reheat, proof, slow cook, and dehydrate. The last two buttons from left to right are used for starting and stopping the oven.

Safe parts for dishwashers

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this air fryer toaster oven could be cleaned in the dishwasher. Now you do not have to clean the parts with the help of a scrubber. Just take out the parts and wash them. Also, a drip pan can easily capture the grease and oil particles left behind the air fry dishes.


You will be surprised to know that the toaster oven has everything you want to start your cooking. You will get an air fryer basket, rotisseries, cooking Pan, oven rack, and rotisserie lift when you open the box.


  • Covers very little counter space
  • Comes with a touch screen


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