Heat Resistant Mat For Under Air Fryer

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Gasare Silicone Mat For Air Fryer

JNE Reusable Heat Resistant Food Safe Silicone Bowl/Pot for Air Fryer and Microwave

Gasare silicone mats are one of the best mats for air fryers. They can operate from -40°F to 446°F. So you can put them in the freezer as well as under a hot appliance like an air fryer.


  • Non slippery: Yes
  • Temperature range: -40 F to 446 F

The size of this extra large and thick mat is 25 x 17 x 1.4 mm. The 1.4 mm thickness ensures that itll protect your granite countertop properly.

This Gasare mat is non-slippery, and is made of strong and durable food-grade silicone material.

You can place this mat under the microwave, air fryer, induction stove, toaster oven, coffee maker, and other heating appliances as long as its temperature is around 446°F.

It is washable, you just need to clean it with soapy water to remove stains, greases or leftovers.

It comes with 2 different color options- Red and Taupe. Both look great and work exactly the same but Red color is our favorite as itll not look dirty for a longer time.


Place Your Air Fryer On A Heat Resistant Mat

Its a good idea to place your air fryer on a mat or anything else that is made of heat-resistant material. There is a lot of heat going through this little appliance. Having it sit on a bench that conducts a lot of heat too, isnt a good idea. Using a heat resistant pad or mat will stop a heat trap from forming underneath that warps the bottom of your air fryer.

Can A Granite Countertop Work Well With An Air Fryer

Granite is the toughest natural material for construction that can resist 1000 Fahrenheit degrees of heat. From this piece of information, you may think that the air fryer heat is harmless to the granite countertop? Were very sorry to inform you that its not true.

Nothing is perfect, and neither is the granite. The imperfect build quality may result in some minor internal cracks of the granite sheet. Besides the quick heating-up and cooling-down of the air fryers temperature, the cracks will expand and become significantly damaged.

A kitchen countertop.

Therefore, the granite countertop can be a suitable spot to place your air fryer, but remember to put a protection mat between them.

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Insulated Granite Countertop Protector Mat

This mat is made of silicone and is capable of resisting heat of about 450°F temperature. It has a unique pattern design that protects the countertop and also provides an anti-skid stable surface for your fryer.

Nevertheless, it absorbs the heat produced by air fryers. Ensure that you get one in a size thats compatible with your fryer.

One of the crucial advantages of this material is the fact that it is affordable to acquire and thus will make it easy for you to get your countertops protected in good shape and with cherishable appearances.

So dont hesitate to go out there and get any range of insulated non-skid granite countertop protector mats at your convenience.

Top 10 Best Heat Resistant Countertop Protectors

Best Heat Resistant Mat For Under Air Fryer

If youre looking for the heat resistant countertop protectors youre in the right place. We spent a lot of time reviewing best heat resistant countertop protectors to come up with the Ten that we think stand apart from the pack in style, functionality, and value. In this guide, we have reviewed all the products and generated the best options available today for you.

We analyzed and compared 36 heat resistant countertop protectors sold for nearly 36 hours, and considered the opinions of 575 consumers. Following our last update, our favorite model is the Smithcraft Silicone Trivets Mats for Hot Dishes and Hot Pots, Hot Pads for Countertops, Tables, Pot Holders, Spoon Rest Small Drying Mats Set of 2 Color Black. However, if you dont want to spend extra then we have another vast option for you is gasare, Extra Large, Thicker, Silicone Mats, Countertop Protector, Kitchen Counter Mat, Heat Resistant, Washable, Non Slip, 25 x 17 Inches x 1.4 mm, Set of 2, Red.

Below is a review of some of the best heat resistant countertop protectors together with their extra features and functions. Wanna find the Top heat resistant countertop protectors? Read the below list right the way.

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Where Should I Place My Air Fryer

Some ways of protecting the countertop include heat-resistant mats, for example, silicone products.

These are always the most popular option as they are cheap, colorful, come in different designs and sizes. Making use of them keep the countertop safe from any damage caused by heat.

As wooden desktops can be an eyesore to look at, so try using a mat that can beautify your place without causing any problems.

The perfect place to keep an air fryer is on top of the kitchen counter or any other open and flat surface.

While youre cooking it becomes very convenient for the chef to work with an air fryer and it cant get in the way because theres enough space around it.

Also, take care that you dont place an air fryer near any source of heat or anything else that gets hot, such as your oven.

As a rule of thumb, always leave about 1-2 inches around your air fryer so it can breathe properly and so it doesnt get too hot while this happens.

What Is A Heat

There are many types of heat-resistant mats, used in various industries for a wide variety of occasions.

For the purpose of this article, heat-resistant mats are designed to protect your countertops from exposure to high heat sources or regular heat exposure.

Your air fryer may not throw as much heat outside the device as it does inside, but it does give off heat that can damage its surroundings, especially if its used often.

The constantly changing temperature underneath an air fryer can crack, melt, or otherwise damage your countertop. A heat-resistant mat underneath your air fryer will protect against this.

Heat-resistant mats should not be confused for air fryer liners. If thats what youre looking for, you may want to try using parchment paper in your air fryer instead.

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Choose A Stable Place

Its very important to put your air fryer on a stable surface like a kitchen countertop, table. But that should be all in a fixed position. A stable surface provides convenient use while working with an air fryer. Another important thing is always put your air fryer near your electric board sockets where the air fryer chord reaches easily. Otherwise, you need an extension cord.

Range Kleen Silver Counter/table Protector Mat

BEST Air Fryer Accessories to Use AND Avoid! – How to Use an Air Fryer

as of October 26, 2021 2:52 pm


  • These heat resistant counter protector mats are perfect for placing underneath your deep fat fryer, crock pot, coffee pot, toaster oven, and other electric appliances.
  • The rubber backing on this metal mat protects your table and counter surfaces from heat damage.
  • Large counter mats extend counter space in RVs by placing them on top of a cooled cooktop.
  • Set of two countertop heat protectors, these insulated counter mats each measure 17 inches by 20 inches.
  • Attractive silver design fits with a variety of kitchen decors. Accents granite, glass, and wood countertops beautifully.

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Where To Put Air Fryer In Kitchen

An air fryer is a hot conventional oven that uses hot air to cook food. It can produce high heat up to more than 450°F. The size of a regular air fryer is bigger than a toaster oven and more than 10 pounds. So choosing the right place for an air fryer matters a lot. So you should choose a stable heat-resistant surface and a minimum 5 distance from the wall.

Last Verdict Of Heat Resistant Mat For Air Fryer

I am definitely if you own an air fryer and dont know the proper way to use it, you will face these types of problems. You pay thousands of dollars to give your kitchen countertop a beautiful luxury look. But a little mistake will give a bad experience, So why dont invest a small amount to make it more protective.

These all above silicone mats are such a blessing to the kitchen counter. When using an air fryer or other ovens, the heat perfectly resists by these mats. these mats are not only for heat protectors but also you can use them in multi-purpose work. I would suggest you should spend on a heat resistant mat for air fryer.

The Countertop Protector Mat and Allrounder silicon heat resistant mat is the best silicone heat resistant mat. These mats have more than thousands of genuine buyers and 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. I have been using them for 1 year and getting the best result from them. If you like the information, never forget to share it with your friends and family members.

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A Short Comparison Of 12 Best Heat Resistant Mat For Air Fryer


Gasare silicone heat pad is the best heat resistant mat for air fryer. I found this silicone mat works against heat perfectly from 180°F to 450°F. Thanks to its 1.4mm thickness which prevents heat to reach your kitchen countertop.

This mat comes from LGT manufacturers a trustable silicone mat manufacturer company. These mats are made of 100% food-grade and eco-friendly standard silicone materials. After damage, these mats can be recycled.

The size of these silicone mats is 25 x 17. It will be best compatible with cosori, ultrean, ninja, nuwave brio of 2 QT to 8 QT air fryer. The mat is available in 9 trendy colors which provide more color options to choose the best color mat for your kitchen.

You can not only use it under your air fryer but also under the microwave oven, toaster, and coffee maker. The anti-skid property prevents your air fryer from skid around. And protect your air fryer from scratch and grease. These mats are washable and reusable for a long time.

Can Air Fryer Crack Countertop

The 10 Best Heat Resistant Mat Air Fryer

When cooking any recipe, we emphasize the importance of taking care. This includes not only the ingredients and their preparation, but also how the entire process is managed and completed.

For one thing, you should always make sure that your cooking area is properly set up. Not only will your ingredients benefit from this but you will as well.

Making it impossible to burn anything during the whole cooking process, the air fryer is a great option for frying food without the need for excessive oil.

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In most cases, they come with a range of safety features set in place, including an excellent ventilation system to move out any hot air from around your food via vents located at its bottom or sides.

That being said, you still might want to exercise caution as they do tend to leave a lot of moisture on their surfaces which can eventually end up causing a crack if left unattended.

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Bamboo Chopping Board To Put Under Air Fryer

If you have an extra bamboo chopping board, you can use it under your air fryer to protect your kitchen countertop. These are also good heatproof as a wooden cutting board.

You can found this easily in your market or other online e-commerce websites. Most of the people using these types of cutting boards and share their experiences with us on our Facebook page. You can use it both cutting vegetables and a counter protector for your air fryer.

It can be washable and easy to storage. No stain left behind it after washing. So these are highly suggested by many air fryer users. So you can use it under your air fryer to protect the countertop.

Another suggested product by air fryer users is a glass cutting board, These types of cutting boards look so beautiful under oven appliances. You can use it as a on the dining table.

The glass cutting board is not highly heatproof, although it can resist the normal air fryer heat. So you can use it as a heat-resistant counter protector.

Almost all model ovens fit inside the area of the glass cutting board. These are washable and reusable. Work well against oil stains and food stains.

How To Apply A Kitchen Counter Protector The Right Way

What is the best way to apply a kitchen counter protector? This guide will teach you how to do it in three steps.

  • Place the protector on the counter top with the plastic side facing down.

  • Place an old towel on top of the protector, ensuring that you are not touching anything underneath.

  • Roll up both sides of the towel, using it as a mat to protect your work surface when applying pressure.

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    Will An Air Fryer Damage A Granite Countertop

    Its no secret that kitchen appliances like air fryers produce heat in order to cook our meals. What is worrying is how that heat may be causing damage to the countertop surfaces on which the machine is placed.

    Its no secret that the air fryer has become an increasingly popular appliance to buy in recent years. These days, we can find them tucked away on kitchen counters at our grocery stores, or standing in bold advertising placements in the middle of the supermarket aisle. The air fryer is not without controversy, however. Some critics warn that these versatile gadgets may be too good to be true and give granite countertops a bad name.

    Granite is one of the most heat-resistant and long-lasting countertop materials. It can resist temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees. On top of a granite countertop, you may utilize kitchen appliances such as an air fryer, microwave, instant pot, and slow cooker.

    Now, will an air fryer damage a granite countertop?

    When switched on, air fryers frequently produce a tiny amount of heat below. This isnt generally enough to harm your granite countertop or stone worksurface, but its something to think about. However, if you are considering an air fryer, make sure you have a thick granite countertop. An air fryer can damage a granite countertop, and if you accidentally use it on a thin countertop, it could crack the countertop.

    Why is that a concern?

    What happens inside an Air Fryer?

    Heat Resistant Silicone Mat

    We Ditched The Cricut Mug Press For an Air Fryer – Heres What Happened

    Consumer scores by function

    This is product what to put under air fryer to protect countertop owns a very elegant and beautiful appearance.

    It is designed with corrugated grooves to effectively prevent oil, water, and slip.

    At the same time, it can be hand washed or just put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning without worrying about deformation.

    Along with many colors, you will easily decorate your kitchen.

    A very important point is that it is made from eco-friendly silicone and is very durable for you to use.

    Finally, an extra-large 20W x 28L heat-resistant silicone mat for your air fryer.

    The Supermart mat sheet will be a great product for your air fryer.

    The size of the mat is, which is great for covering a large area of your kitchen countertop.

    If your fryer does not take up all the space of this mat, you can still use it to put your hot food nails next to it. So perfect.

    You can completely use this pad for your kitchen when Supmart is made of premium silicone, non-stick and non-slip.

    The products super-flexible material can withstand the heat from -40 to 450 of the air fryer.

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    Can I Put My Air Fryer On The Countertop: Things To Know

    Can I put my air fryer on the countertop?

    This is a question not only for you but also for many people who are very confused about owning their air fryer for the first time.

    Fried foods are often very popular, especially among young people and children.

    For the dish to be crispy and delicious, it must be deep-fried in oil.

    This is both wasteful and causes many consequences for users.

    The air fryer is the solution that has overcome these minus points of frying.

    Help save costs, save cooking time, diversify methods of use, delicious and smoke-free food, keep your kitchen space clean.

    And now, air fryers are so popular with all different brands, types, sizes, and prices.

    Makes many people wonder which type to choose to suit their needs and budget.

    However, besides the story of choosing the right product for you, many users do not know about the things to keep in mind when using an air fryer.

    You probably wont know that the heat of an air fryer can damage your cooktop.

    Therefore you should immediately use any heat-resistant material to line the place where the vacuum fryer is located with the stovetop.

    To meet this need of yours, many products on the market have been born to serve as silicone mats, wood planks, and tiles.

    Each type will have its pros and cons.

    Let us tell you more about the air fryer mat in can I put my air fryer on the countertop?.

    Where To Put An Air Fryer In The Kitchen

    The air fryer is a small size kitchen convectional appliance. It is working on hot air technology, so it produces a lot of heat while in the working mode.

    If you use it carelessly and do not know where to put your air fryer in the kitchen. Then you may be facing some fatal accident which loss your property and life.

    Almost every air fryer weight is more than 10 pounds, so always use a stable fixed surface like kitchen countertop, table, etc. Never use it on your weak shelf area.

    Always try to use where your air fryer plug easily reaches the power outlet otherwise you have to use an extension cord.

    Always use a heat-resistant counter protector under your air fryer and allow five inches vent area from the wall. Through the vent your air fryer hot air exhaust from inside to maintain the overheating problem.

    After knowing the full basics, you should also read the instruction carefully provided by your air fryer manufacturer inside the box.

    If you are a newbie you should definitely visit the article, it will be very much informative for you.

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