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Our Air Fryer Testing Methodology

10 Best Largest Air Fryers 2021

One thing I discovered early in my testing process was that air fryers tend to vary wildly in their cook times. Set at the same temperature, one unit charred broccoli to an undesirable crisp in six minutes, while another took 13 minutes to just reach al dente. So I cooked three different recipes with each machine, evaluated how quickly each one cooked, whether or not it dried out the food, and how evenly each batch came out.

I also assessed each machine for ease of use, noting how intuitive the user interface was. I tracked how many component parts there were to disassemble and clean. A unit with dishwasher safe accessories got big bonus points. These were the three cooks I performed with each machine:

Top 5 Best Large Capacity Air Fryers In 2022 Reviews

Many people agree that fried foods are as unhealthy as they are delicious. However, air fryers can provide the same crispy results as deep fryers, without the guilt. This is because they circulate hot air to create fried-like results with minimal oil.

As a result, air fryers have become incredibly popular in the past few years. And a large air fryer can make a plethora of healthy, crunchy food at once.

So we decided to take a look at some of the best large capacity air fryers on the market today. But, before we dive into the different options, lets answer some important questions.


  • So, What Is The Best Best Large Capacity Air Fryers Currently Available?
  • Best Quiet: Taotronics Air Fryer Tt

    • Doesnt have a full touchscreen

    • Presets need some adjustment

    Love air-fried food, but not the noisy fans that accompany many air fryers? This model is well-rated for being ultra quiet. In fact, our product tester said she could barely hear it when it was turned on.

    Like most air fryers, the cook can manually select the cooking time and temperature or use one of 11 cooking presets to prepare fries, steak, bacon, fish, shrimp, vegetables, chicken, potatoes, bread, cake, or thawing frozen snacks. The cooking basket holds 6-quarts, is nonstick, and is dishwasher safe.

    The square-shaped design of this model gives you more room to fit food in the cooking basket compared to smaller fryers with rounded baskets. Our product tester noted the basket shape helps spread food out a bit more versus piling it on top of each other, which can lead to less crisp cooking results.

    The Spruce / Lindsay Boyers

    Capacity: 6 quarts | Power Rating: 1750 watts | Dimensions: 11.73 x 13.39 x 11.73inches | Warranty: 1 year

    “When I first started testing it, I actually turned it off and on a few times, because it was so quiet, I didnt think it was working.” Lindsay Boyers, Product Tester

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    What Can I Cook In An Air Fryer

    A good air fryer can also be used as an oven to bake, broil and help cook meats, casseroles, or even desserts. They are, of course, limited by their size and dont offer any advantage here over a traditional oven. But if you use your oven for storage, it tends to heat up the kitchen, or you often wish you had an extra oven, these countertop appliances can come in handy.

    One thing to know: These kitchen tools are big and oddly shaped, so they take up a lot of countertop space and arent easy to store.

    Bottom line: If you find crispy foods irresistible but want to avoid the fat, this might be just what you’re looking for.

    Some popular cooking options include:

    • Vegetables you like to roast, such as potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, and squash
    • Meat dishes, such as battered chicken, bacon, burgers, and hot dogs
    • Frozen foods like chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, tater tots, onion rings, and french fries
    • Baked goods such as donuts, fritters, and funnel cake

    Best Small Air Fryer: Magic Bullet Air Fryer

    Top 7 Largest Air Fryers in 2021

    I’m going to level with you, air fryers can be a little bulky. In fact, they’re one of the larger countertop appliances you can purchase, and if you have a small kitchen with limited countertop square footage, you’re going to have to account for that. One workaround is nabbing a hybrid countertop oven that serves as a toaster, convection oven and air fryer. The Ninja Foodi is my favorite and it even flips up to sit no more than seven inches from the wall when not in use

    Another option is buying a smaller solo air fryer, and Nutribullet’s new Magic Bullet Air Fryer is our pick for the best compact air fryer in 2021. This model obviously won’t hold as much as the others on the list but in our testing, it showed good power so you could cook fairly quickly in batches if need be. The Magic Bullet has a 2-5-quart cooking basket which is enough to hold about eight wings or two servings of French fries in a single cook.

    The Magic Bullet Air Fryer crisped chicken wings and Brussel sprouts nicely and got the fries to gold brown as fast as any other air fryer on our list. It also has very very simple analog dials and wasn’t very noisy while in action.

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    Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6

    Best air fryer overall

    Size: 28.6 x 22.9 x 29.8 cmCapacity: 5.7 litresPrograms: Air fry, roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate, grillReasons to buy:

    Amazing air frying, and it does so much more Smart brushed finish Made some of the best fries weve tried

    Reasons to avoid:

    Controls are noisy

    The Instant Vortex Plus wowed us with its speedy and delicious cooking. It has a removable air fryer insert that slots neatly into the base of the air fryer drawer, and you can remove this if you want to reheat rice, bake cupcakes, or even roast some potatoes for your Sunday lunch. Thats right, while the Instant Vortex Plus is an immense air fryer, it also does a lot more thanks to its six cooking modes. You can even use it to dehydrate.

    We enjoyed how speedy the Instant Vortex Plus was when it came to cooking frozen food. Frozen chicken fillets that would usually take 20 minutes only took 12, and sweet potato fries that would usually take 40 minutes only took 25.

    The controls are touch-operated, and you can change the temperature and time using the dial at the front of the fryer. The brushed metal finish also elevates the look, and we thought it was a real treat to look at when left on the kitchen counters.

    Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Why Buy An Air Fryer

    In a word: convenience. Like any kitchen gadget, you want something thats going to make life simpler, and theres no doubt that frying and baking conventionally can be messy, smelly or even dangerous.

    Using an air fryer to bake, roast and fry will speed up the process, could potentially cut calories and save money as you wont have to use a larger oven for smaller portions and side dishes.

    Think of air fryers as mini ovens that can tackle almost anything youd put in a conventional oven or deep fat fryer. Theyre not just for chips you can bake, roast, and even dehydrate ingredients, too.

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    Manual Or Digital Control

    Air fryers are normally designed with manual or digital controls. With manual style, you have to adjust the timer or temperature by knobs or buttons, while a digital air fryer offers a better setting or review of what you set through its LED screen.

    So if you prefer the more contemporary technology with a touchscreen, you can choose an LCD one. Many modern large air fryers are equipped with digital controls, while the smaller ones might come with manual control.

    Other Air Fryers We Reviewed

    Quick Review | Unboxing OMMO Air Fryer | The Biggest Air Fryer Toaster Countertop Oven

    Unlike most of these appliances, the Cuisinart Compact AirFryer isnt oddly shaped like a huge egg or space capsule. Rather its a big stainless-steel cube that looks like a truncated toaster oven. While its boxy shape helps it fit more neatly on a countertop or in a cabinet, the Cuisinart still takes up a bit of countertop real estate .

    Youll find the Cuisinart is a relatively uncomplicated appliance in terms of heating elements. It doesnt have cooking preset programs for specific foods or additional cooking functions like keep warm or dehydrate, to make the cooking process easier. You simply turn dials to set the temperature and the cooking time, and theres no need to preheat. Theres also a straightforward manual that includes recipes to get you started.

    Since it has a wide air frying basket, food can be spread out to get more even and crispy results with relatively quick cooking times without the food drying out. Most others force you to pile the food on top of each other, which can create uneven results. Using the Cuisinart Compact AirFryer, homemade fries looked and tasted like they had been bobbing in a deep fryer vat of oil.


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    Best Compact: Dash Compact Air Fryer

    • Great for one person and small apartments

    • Dishwasher-safe basket

    • Small capacity

    • Only functions as an air fryer

    The Dash Compact Air Fryer was made for small spaces. At 5.6 pounds, its one of the lightest air fryers on the market, and the 2-quart basket is perfect for cooking for one or two people. You can use it to air fry a variety of foods, from meat to vegetables to tofu and beyond.

    The Dash is easy to usesimply pull out the crisper basket, add food, slide it back in, and then adjust the temperature and time knobs. While the Dash can only air fry, it is compact and easy to use and clean, with a non-stick air fryer basket that’s dishwasher safe. It’s sleekly designed and comes in a variety of colors, including aqua, red, black, and white.

    Dimensions: 10.2 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches | Weight: 5.6 pounds | Capacity: 2 quarts | Material: Plastic and metal, BPA-free basket | Dishwasher safe: Yes, accessories are dishwasher safe

    Philips Avance Air Fryer Xxl

    Best air fryer for families


    • Large footprint

    Star rating: 4.5/5

    The Philips family of air fryers have long been favourites in the UK market and if you’re after a machine for straightforward frying, this is hard to beat.

    It has a huge basket in fact, a small chicken will fit in there and cook beautifully, even with the juices draining away into the bottom of the pan.

    Its definitely the pick of the bunch if you want power, speed and enough room to get a family dinner on the table quickly.

    The controls are intuitive, with a digital dial adjusting temperature and timings, and a range of pre-sets that make it easy to use.

    Since this is a basket drawer-style fryer, its wise to check the contents during the cook and move things around with tongs to ensure it cooks evenly. Quiet, powerful and easy to use, this was one of our top air fryer choices. Read our full review of the Philips Avance air fryer XXL.

    Available from:

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    Best With Pressure Cooker: Instant Pot Pro Crisp + Air Fryer

    • Inner pot is stovetop- and oven-safe

    • Convenient vent/pressure toggle

    Fans of multi-functional kitchen appliances will want to check out this air fryer option from Instant Pot. It comes with two lidsone for air frying and one for pressure cookingthat enable the pot to function both an air fryer and the classic multi-cooker the brand is known for.

    The pot holds up to 8-quarts, which is enough room to air-fry a whole chicken, and is equipped with 11 cooking functions which are sorted by which lid they should be paired with. The pressure cooking lid functions are: pressure cook, saute, slow cook, steam, and sous vide, and the air fryer lid functions are warm, air fry, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate.

    Our tester noted the inner pot has some upgraded features compared to other Instant Pot models, including side handles and a flat bottom for even cooking. It can also be used on stovetops and is oven-safe.

    It comes with a number of accessories, including a multi-use cooking rack, nonstick air fryer basket, dehydrate/broil tray, a protective pad for the lids, and a storage cover. The accessories fit inside the cooker for compact storage.

    The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

    Capacity: 8 quarts | Power Rating: 1500 watts | Dimensions: 14.75 x 12.5 x 15.5 inches with air fryer lid | Warranty: 1 year

    Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer

    1800W Large Deep Air Fryer Digital LCD Display

    The almost 100-year-old Belgium company is well known for its excellent home cooking appliances. Besides the many accessories that come with this large air fryer oven, two things make this model stand out. The first is its grill grate and smokeless sear technology. You can char up delicious juicy steaks while air-frying fries at the same time. The other feature that makes this air fryer oven unique is its dual, side-opening doors. These doors give you clearer access to the bottom of the cooking chamber, which is excellent for cooking and cleaning.

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    Our Final Opinion About The Innsky 55sa1us Air Fryer

    The Innsky air fryer has excellent value for its price. Though the display is a bit busy with individual buttons for eery function, it makes this unit very easy to use so even beginners can figure it out quickly. Plus, it has a variety of features that will please novice and seasoned air fryers alike.

    The Customizable AlternativeUltrean

    The Ultrean air fryer is very easy to use with minimalist controls and several user-friendly features and functions to make air frying your foods with custom settings that much easier. If you want to customize your temperature without pre-sets for cooking and dont want to overcomplicate things, this is a great choice.

    All About Large Capacity Air Fryers

    SomethingSwanky is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

    Theres nothing like fried food. Its crispy, its decadent, and it has that cozy, down-home feel that tends to be a real crowd-pleaser . There are two problems with preparing fried food, though.

    First, its unhealthy. All that greasy oil is loaded with calories and dunking your food in oil is pretty awful for your body.

    The second problem is that deep frying is messy and takes up a lot of space. Most of us dont have room in our kitchen for a dedicated deep fryer, and deep frying something in a pan full of oil usually results in drops of oil popping out of the pan and onto the counter or floor. And trust us, cleaning up oil is no fun.

    Luckily, there is a device that can capture that fried food goodness without either of the two problems weve mentioned: the air fryer.

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    Traditional Design Vs Multi

    Our list of the best large air fryers features two types of air fryers: traditional designs and multi-purpose appliances. You can’t go wrong with either kind, but there are some distinct differences to be aware of.

    Because of the popularity of air frying, many kitchen gadget manufacturers are incorporating the technology into a variety of their multi-purpose cookers. So, if you’re shopping for large air fryers that can do more than just air fry, we’d recommend looking at what we call the “toaster oven combo.”

    These models are definitely going to give the most bang for your buck – and the most cooking capacity, too. The biggest air fryers on our list are the COSORI Smart Air Fryer Toaster Oven and the Ninja Foodi Pro Air Fry Oven, with cooking capacities of over 30-quarts.

    Traditional air fryers might have some of the same bells & whistles that the multi-purpose cookers have, but the primary function of these kitchen gadgets is to air fry. Large air fryers in this category typically top out around 10-quarts of cooking capacity, but most traditional models have an average cooking capacity of 6- to 8-quarts.

    See Also:

    Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer

    The Largest Air Fryer Ever! The Masterbuilt Air Fryer, Smoker, Convection Oven And Dehydrator, WOW!

    Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven with built-in Smart Cooking Programs, Digital Touchscreen, Easy to Clean Basket, 10 Quart Capacity, and a Stainless Finish

    The Instant Vortex Plus air fryer has a 10 quart capacity and 3 shelves that allow you to prepare different foods for your meals at the same time. Your food will be crispy on the outside while tender inside, without oil, fats and mess due to its one-step EvenCrisp technology. You will not have to worry about your weight while enjoying your delicious food.

    It is said that this air fryer is equipped with super-hot air technology, so it has the ability to circulate hot air around the food to evenly cook it while locking moisture.

    This appliance has 7 built-in programs, including bake, toast, roast, broil, rotisserie and even dehydrate. You can select the way you want your food to be cooked, press the button and let this fryer finish the job. We know you are tired of the mess caused by traditional fryers or ovens. But this appliance comes with removable interior parts, consisting of the drip pan, rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit and forks, as well as the drip tray. And all these parts are dishwasher safe, resulting in care-free clean.


    • Not suitable for big families
    • No specified warranty

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    Cosori Pro Le Air Fryer L501

    Best air fryer for under £100

    Size: 27.2 x 27.4 x 30.2 centimetresCapacity: 4.7 litresPrograms:Chicken, chips, frozen, steak, seafood, veggies, baconReasons to buy:

    Shake reminders for even cooking Removable insert for easy cleaning Drawer is dishwasher-safe

    Reasons to avoid:

    The preset timings are a little off, but can be adjusted

    Amazons best-selling air fryer held up well under our tests, too. The Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 has a smart look and a range of custom presets that will come in handy for low-effort cooking. Its also adjustable, just press to increase or decrease the temperature or timer to achieve your perfect result.

    We enjoyed the fries this air fryer produced on the chip setting. They were crisp and evenly cooked, and the cooking time was well below average which is a winner for hungry homes! That did mean we had to turn it down from 20 minutes to 30, but this was easy enough to do. Youll get a reminder to shake your food halfway through on some settings. If youre in the middle of a particularly riveting piece of telly then it may be a distraction, but you can simply press a button to switch off the reminder for no interruptions.

    Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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