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Air Fryer Vs Halogen Oven

Which Is Better? Ninja Air Fryer Or Big Boss?
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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro, the place where we give you the lowdown on air fryers! Today, we are looking at another one of my pet peeves! The whole air fryer versus halogen oven thing! Are they the same? Are they different? Which one is better? Should I buy a hot air fryer or a halogen oven? Hopefully, by the end of this article you will have a better idea!

I say it is a pet peeve because I hear people telling me that an air fryer is the same as a halogen oven, when I know they are actually quite different

Heat Source: Coil And Fan

Instead of the halogen bulb, Philips uses a metal coil to generate the heat. Then, a fan keeps pulling and pushing the air inside the unit to evenly cook the food.

Although coils are more convenient, theyre not as powerful as halogen bulbs. The former is able to produce 400°F, while the latter goes all the way up to 480°F.

Replacing The Halogen Lamp

With a little care and safety in mind, replacing the Halogen Lamp isnt such a huge task and very inexpensive, but does require patience.

Work on a clean work surface , so you dont lose any small parts. Work with a good light

Most Halogen cookers are very similar in construction, disassemble with care noting where all the screws go. If you have never attempted it before, a digital camera is a useful aid, take a picture at each stage, reversing the procedure to re assemble. Note especially if there are many screws of different length, a felt pen is useful to mark for example where the long screws go.


The Amazon supplied Universal element type

After restoring the oven to working condition

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Make Sure That There Is Enough Liquid At All Times

You should always make sure that there is enough liquid in the base of your halogen oven, as foods can dry out easily when cooked at a low temperature with no added liquids. Therefore, it is a good idea to add a bit of water or other liquids such as white wine or orange juice into the bottom after each use.

Customer Reviews And Scores

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Replacement Bulb

Ive been using the Oil-less fryer for a few months now, and it is hands-down my favorite kitchen appliance. Im on a fairly restricted nutrition plan and eat a lot of boneless chicken breasts. Broiling or baking turns chicken breasts into nasty little hockey pucks very quickly, and I could never quite figure out how to fully cook the chicken without drying it out.

Reviewed by CMC namara.

Great product! Now I can cook anything. From chicken to a cake. It is a simple convection oven using a halogen bulb for the heat source

Reviewed by CE Florian

Best decision ever! It gives food the crispy, crunchiness you would expect from a traditional oil fryer.

Reviewed by Amber Freetage.

I found 1320customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews are positive overall. but there were a few negative points raised. One customer said, takes a lot of space to store and operate. However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isnt a widespread problem. So overall it is worth buying.

That makes it very easy for me to recommend Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer as well.

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How To Replace The Halogen Bulb

  • The big bulb of the oilless fryer is solved afterwards to the degree that Fixya.Boss halogen bulb without oil after use. Manual troubleshooting. Now, the question of the fryer without oil.

  • 20 biggest boss fryer 8605 questions to the degree that Fixya.Boss halogen bulb without oil after bulb changed. Customer service you, they help all.

  • Instructions for the big boss 121211 fryer in consonance with Frytheworld.Chicken fish, vegetables, grilled steaks, meats, steamed vegetables can defrost desserts before reheating. The dome allows the treatment. Lids keep the boss without oil heating the kitchen.

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    Top 10 Best Big Boss Air Fryer Replacement Parts Reviews Of 2022

    There is no denying the fact that shopping for big boss air fryer replacement parts is stressful and anxious where your mind is always overwhelmed with a lot of questions. We share the same feeling with you because we have ever spent much time in researching and experiencing the big boss air fryer replacement parts by ourselves. Thats why the list of best big boss air fryer replacement parts now comes to your hand, and we do hope that you find it useful after reading the review. Of course, although there are other helpful and detailed reviews available in the current market, we believe that this big boss air fryer replacement parts review can meet your demand and fulfill a few questions you are now having in mind.

    I Need To Change The Bulb From Big Boss Oilless Fryer

    How to Replace The Light Tube of The Air Fryer: Part 1

    Whre to buy the bulb?

    Posted byRogerio SilvaonJun 22, 2016

    • Zhiji XingJan 09, 2017

      This model air fryer halogen heating bulb replacement part is Suney 012126, 120V/1300W can be find at or amazon.caThis model air fryer halogen heating bulb replacement part is Suney 012126, 120V/1300W can be find at or

    • Zhiji XingJan 09, 2017

      UPC# 785396012126UPC# 785396012126

    • FRED SHEPLERMar 05, 2017


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    Top 10 Big Boss Air Fryer Replacement Parts Of 2022 On The Market

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    • What are the top big boss air fryer replacement parts available in todays market?
    • The best big boss air fryer replacement parts in 2022.

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    Check The Amount Of Food In The Air Fryer

    Air fryers use some amazing technology to heat up and crisp your food without all the oil and fat of using a deep fryer. Theyre excellent for people who are watching their waistline and want to get fit, but they can also be tricky to use if youre not familiar with the proper protocols and factory instructions.

    If you dont organize your food properly in the air fryer, you run the chance of overloading the air fryer and keeping it from distributing heat properly.

    One of the most important factors of using your air fryer properly is to keep good air circulation. My Budget Recipes does a great job of analyzing this issue they discuss the need for air circulation in the air fryer.

    Air is right there in the name, right? Because the air fryer uses hot air and a tiny amount of oil to produce a crispy result , air movement around the air fryer is essential to its proper functioning.

    If your air fryer isnt allowed enough room to circulate that hot air, then your food wont become crispy, and the air fryer itself might not even heat up adequately. When youre using an air fryer, you mustnt overload it with food.

    Imagine youre filling up your air fryer with an entire bag of frozen french fries. The french fries are cold, which already brings down the airs temperature inside the air fryer. If youre filling the entire air fryer with food thats ice cold and youre not giving it adequate room to circulate hot air, the air fryer will seem as though its not even warming up.

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    What Is An Air Fryer

    Anair fryer is like a supercharged version of an oven. It uses a heatingelement in combination with a powerful fan. This powerful fan willaggressively circulate the very hot air coming from the heating elementaround the air fryer. This circulation of very hot air is what cooks thefood. Hence the name air fryer!

    The air fryer manufacturers like to dress this process up into something fancy sounding, but this is essentially what it is. A way to cook food with hot air! For example, Philips like to refer to their hot air circulation as their Turbostar Technology!

    You Can Cook Multiple Foods At Once

    Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Replacement Bulb

    Thanks to the multiple racks sent with this fryer, you can prepare a whole meal in one cycle. Ideally, you can place some chicken wings on the lower rack, and add some french fries on the upper one.

    Conventional fryers dont allow for this, not by a long shot. As I said earlier, most of them are too small to accept more than one meal at a time. Even the ones big enough dont come with racks that separate between food. Youll have to put everything together, which wont taste that well.

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    Check The Air Fryers Timer

    After determining that the air fryers issue isnt actually the temperature setting, then its important to look at another setting on the air fryers face the timer. Sometimes, depending on what style of air fryer youve purchased, the machine wont start up unless you pick a time from the timer setting. This is to increase the devices safety, but it can also be frustrating for people who just want their air fryer to cooperate.

    Much like the temperature setting, your air fryers timer setting will vary by brand and by model. Some air fryers have an old-fashioned dial on the face that turns and ticks, while others have a digital model that you can just punch the time into.

    The air fryer pros at My Budget Recipes talk about the intricacies of air fryers in their article, and in particular, about the nuances of using a Philips model air fryer. They say that the Philips air fryer can often have an issue heating up if you dont pick a cooking cycle this can be confusing if you dont want to set your air fryer for a particular amount of time.

    To fix the issue of an air fryer not heating up because you havent picked a temperature or cook cycle, youll just have to set a time for your air fryer, even if its a bit longer or shorter than you want. This will help ensure that your air fryer heats up properly and doesnt give you any issues when trying to cook yourself some lunch.

    How Do You Use It

    Prepare the food, like adding spices, sauces, or brushing it with little oil just like what you would do before putting it in the oven. Then pour in all the ingredients together in the basket. Set the required temperature and time for cooking the food. And switch on the power button after you make sure that your air fryer is connected with the correct power source.

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    Check The Air Fryer Heating Element

    It can be majorly frustrating when you do all sorts of diagnostics and testing on your air fryer, and you still cant figure out why its malfunctioning. Theres dinner to put on the table! Once you have exhausted all other options and made sure that none of the other issues on this list have happened to your air fryer, then its time to look at the heating element.

    The heating element is the part of the air fryer that creates the high heat that will cook and fry your food. This is the most important part of your air fryer because its the piece that makes everything happen. Because its so important, youll want to be careful when youre taking a peek at it. Dont just start poking and prodding around inside your air fryer without knowing what youre doing first.

    If there is no other solution to your issue, and after youve gone through all the tests weve suggested in this article, then its time to call up the customer service wing of the brand youve bought an air fryer from. Its important to note the tests that youve run on your device when youre calling them up.

    Air Fryers Cook Faster Than Halogen Ovens

    How to replace the halogen bulb

    I have owned two halogen ovens and two air fryers in my lifetime, and for me the air fryer always cooked things faster. My experience with the halogen oven is that its cooking times were more in line with a fan assisted regular oven, whereas my air fryer can sometimes cut these times in half. This makes a big difference when you need to rustle up a meal quickly.

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    How Big Boss Oil

    This product is essentially a giant 16-quart glass bowl with a heating unit that attaches on top. It uses a halogen light, convection, and infrared heat and deep fry foods. It is said that French fries can be cooked with a setting of 450 degrees in a couple of minutes. Your meal will be cooked three times faster so that it is easier to cook fish sticks, popcorn shrimp, steak, hot wings, kabobs, and chicken strips.

    This energy efficient tabletop cooker combines halogen heat, convection and infrared technology leaving food moist on the inside and browned and crispy on the outside without the use of added fats or oils. Three cooking elements working in uniform.

    Halogen Oven Bulbs May Burn Out And Not Be Replacable

    A short life span is particularly true of halogen-heated models. On most of these, when the halogen bulb burns out, the unit is effectively garbage. Many of the bulbs seem to be hard wired into the top and hard to replace when they burn out. Only a very few manufacturers made the bulb replaceable and sell the replacement halogen bulbs. But, people say these replacement parts are expensive and require a lot of specialized expertise to install back into the units, so it can be cheaper and easier to buy a whole new machine.

    In doing your research before buying, you probably should try to contact the manufacturer to clarify what happens if you need replacement parts. Some manufacturers are overseas with no part facilities locally, meaning you just cant get spare parts at all at any price.

    If you need replacement bowls, often people suggest looking on eBay for people selling them after the electrical part of their machine has packed it in.

    It is best not to use these countertop ovens for slow cooking. These are not meant to be slow cookers, they are rocket ships designed for speed, as one Amazon reviewer put it. Besides, running it as a slow cooker for hours will just burn out your halogen bulb that much faster.

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