Cosori Cp158 Af Air Fryer

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How to Use Your Cosori Air Fryer – Models CP158-AF and CP137-AF

There are five preset settings that have shake reminders on them. They are:

  • Shrimp
  • Vegetables
  • Root Vegetables

When these preset settings are halfway through their cooking cycle the cooker will beeps five times to remind you that you need to shake your food. By shaking these types of food halfway through the cooking process you will achieve better results.

Cosori Air Fryer Review


With the Cosori Air Fryer CP158-AF, you can achieve both a healthy and delicious way to feed the family. Because of its innovative technology, you can enjoy meals with 85% less fat compared to traditional deep-frying methods. And with the added benefit of its LED panel, you can be one touch away from the perfect meals youve always wanted.

The Cosori Air Fryer CP158-AF has much to offer, including its own presets, various functions, beautiful design and more. If you ever needed a helper in the kitchen, this is the one you wont regret.

The Good

Our review of the Cosori Air Fryer CP158-AF put this robot vacuum through its paces. Lets take a look at some of the best features of the Cosori Air Fryer

Cooking Reinvented: Using the Cosori Air Fryer let you do more than you can imagine. Create impressive meals with just one appliance and go beyond boring fried meals. Serve up roasted veggies, flavorful sides, decadent desserts, and any protein cooked to perfection. With a built-in LED digital screen featuring 11 presets Seafood, Poultry, Steak, Shrimp, Frozen Foods, Bacon, Vegetables, French fries, Bread, Desserts, Preheat, and Root Vegetables you can prepare a meal with just one touch. It is so easy to use and even comes with a 100 recipe cookbook, where you can pick out your favorite fried food whenever you get a craving.

The Bad
The Bottom Line
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A Truckload Of Recipes

Most air fryer companies offer a recipe book with 10 to 20 recipes in it. The Cosori CP158-AF Premium Air Fryer offers you 100 recipes cookbook. These recipes are designed to be used specifically with this air fryer. So you will have the information you need to cook a steak or bake bread, make crips fat free or most anything you can imagine.

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Cosori Smart Air Fryer Vs Regular Cosori Air Fryer

So everyones big questionwhats the difference between the Cosori smart air fryer vs. the regular Cosori air fryer?

The biggest and really only difference is the smart integration. Functionallyat least in terms of size, cooking technology, basket, etcthe smart version appears to be identical to the regular Cosori air fryer.

Same size, same materials, same aesthetic, and same performance.

The only difference is youre able to control the air fryer using your phone and other smart home enabled devices if you have the smart version.

Today’s Best Cosori Air Fryer Deal In The Uk

Cosori CP158

Cosori CP158-AF air fryer:

The Cosori CP158-AF, which is also available in white or red for the same discounted price, is a basket-style air fryer that sees food placed in the dishwasher-safe and then inserted into the air fryer for cooking. It impressed us with its ability to crisp frozen steak-cut fries, homemade fries and chicken wings, with very little oil and faster than conventional cooking methods.

It has a handy shake reminder that alerts you when food should be turned halfway through cooking to ensure that its crisp and evenly browned all over. On top of that, a keep warm setting can maintain the temperature of your food for up to 30 minutes after cooking has finished.

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Page 2: Customer Support

  • Page 26 Cosori community. MORE COSORI PRODUCTS If youre happy with this air fryer, the line doesnt stop here. Check out for a line of all our beautiful and thoughtfully designed cookware. They might be right at home in your kitchen, too!
  • Page 27 CONTACTER NOS CHEFS Nos chefs maison se tiennent prêts à vous aider concernant toute question que vous pourriez avoir ! E-mail : [email protected] Appel sans frais : 402-1684 L-V De 9 h à 17 h Au nom de nous tous chez Cosori,…
  • User Manual Cosori Cp158

    User manual Air Fryer for Cosori CP158-AF

    • Getting to Know Your Air Fryer
    • Display Diagram

    Setting Up

    • Remove all packaging from the air fryer, including any temporary stickers.
    • Place the air fryer on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface. Keep away from areas that can be damaged by steam .
    • Pull the handle to remove the baskets. Remove all plastic from the baskets.
    • Press the basket release button to separate the inner basket from the outer basket.
    • Wash both baskets thoroughly, using either a dishwasher or a non-abrasive sponge.
    • Wipe the inside and outside of the air fryer with a slightly moist cloth. Dry with a towel.
    • Put the baskets back inside the air fryer.

    Basket Tips

    • Only separate the baskets to clean or after cooking.
    • The button guard protects the release button from being pressed accidentally. Slide the button guard forward to press the basket release button.
    • Never press the basket release button while carrying the baskets.
    • Only press the basket release button with the baskets resting flat on a counter, or any level, heat-resistant surface.
    • The handle is attached to the inner basket, not the outer basket. When you press the basket release button, the outer basket will drop.

    Preset Air Frying Programs

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    Smart Air Fryer Features

    Heres some of the extra things that smart Cosori air fryer can do:

    • Schedule, monitor, and adjust cooking in the air fryer from your phone
    • You can schedule cook times by up to 4 hours in advance
    • Manage custom recipes within the app
    • Alexa enabled so you can control via your voice on Amazon Echo devices or with the Amazon Alexa app

    How difficult is the setup?

    • Plug it in
    • Activate your device via the app

    The process was simple and fast. It took less than 3 minutes.

    Overall, the app is a pretty cool addition and easy to use. Being able to cook and monitor remotely is a big win. This gives you the flexibility to drop food in the basket a few hours early and have your food cooked just in time for your return.

    I also like that you can find recipes directly in the app and already have their pre-programmed cooking times / temps ready to go.

    The first time or two that you cook something new in the air fryer it can be a little bit of a guessing game to get it perfect. Having these pre-programmed modes is a helpful addition.

    While the smart Cosori air fryer is a bit more expensive than the regular model I think for many consumers the extra cost can be worthwhile.

    Is The Cosori Air Fryer A Good Value

    Cosori | Air Fryer with 100 Recipes (CP137-AF & CP158-AF)

    I would say that the Cosori air fryer is an excellent value.

    It certainly is one of the larger kitchen appliances, but it replaces the jobs of many other kitchen tools and is easy to use.

    The Cosori air fryer can be used to cook a variety of foods, using different cooking styles.

    The cooking speed perhaps impressed me the most. Foods that would take significantly longer in an oven or on a stove top are done much faster in the air fryer.

    There are also 11 different presets which helps to take the guesswork out of knowing which setting is appropriate for each food.

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    Cosori Premium 55 L Air Fryer Cp158

    Couldn’t load pickup availability

    • 360° Air Circulation Technology to cook your food quickly and evenly while cutting 85% of fat than traditional frying methods.
    • Fry, bake, grill and roast with little to no oil.
    • 11 Presets: Steak, Poultry, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French Fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, and Desserts.
    • 5.5 L basket: Feed up to 5 people or fit a whole 5 lb chicken.
    • Standout features:
    • Keep Warm Function – Your food stays fresh until its ready to be served.
    • Shake Reminder – A built-in cooking assistant tells you when to shake the basket for an even fry.
    • Wide Temperature Range: 77 to 205 C° in 10 degree increments and a timer up to 60 minutes.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean: The non-sticky and easy to clean fry basket and pot, equipped with a cool touch handle and button.
    • Warranty:1 year for manufacturer defects plus an additional 1 year when you register at
    • Payment Options: Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer, DragonPay, PayPal

    Scroll down to read the full product summary

    How Does It Work

    Unlike traditional deep fryers which require foods to be fully submerged in hot oil to cook, an air fryer uses smart air circulation technologies and minimal oil usage for faster, lower fat cooking.

    Due to the improved air circulation, you can expect lower cooking times and fast preheating times for any of the food presets.

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    Product Reviews On Videos

    These 3 videos serve to highlight the product features, unbiased reviews and getting started on the Cosori Air Fryers,

    An Introductory video on the Cosori Air Fryer and features.

    Find out what makes the Cosori Air Fryer the preferred choice and bestseller on USA marketplace.

    Here is an unbiased review of the Cosori 5.5L Air Fryer.

    Get cooking tips on using the Air Fryer from the author of 2 popular Air Fryer Cookbooks.

    A video guide to unbox and test your new Cosori Air Fryer

    This short video shows the process from unboxing to getting you started on cooking with the Air Fryer.

    Pork Tenderloin With Peppers And Onions

    Cosori CP158

    For our final test, my wife found a recipe for an entrée. I thinly sliced peppers and onions, seasoned them, and put them in the middle of a small, round baker. I cut a pork tenderloin into slices, rubbed them with powdered mustard, salt, and pepper, and then put them over the vegetables. I put the baker into the basket, and cooked the whole thing for 15 minutes on 350°F, pausing halfway through to mix them up. The result was super yummy, though very different from the other tests. The meat was tender and juicy, and the peppers and onions were soft yet slightly crunchy. The big difference between this and the other tests was the baker, which trapped the juices and reduced the crispiness of the tenderloin slices. This recipe really shows the flexibility of the air fryer: It can cook foods that are typically fried, like chicken and French fries, yet it can also cook like a traditional oven . If you were concerned that an air fryer can only fry less-than-healthy foods, then rest assured that you can cook a whole variety of meats, vegetables, and other foods and eat as healthy as you want.

    We also made a variety of other dishes that I havent cataloged here, including smores, bacon and eggs, cinnamon rolls, and potato chips.

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    Design: Nice Enough For Counter Life

    This air fryer has an impressive 5.8-quart capacity and is not excessively large. It will take more space on the counter than a toaster, but its reasonable for an air fryer. If you’re the type who doesnt like appliances staying on the counter, its light enough to move easily.

    Most of the exterior has a brushed black surface, which I liked much better than glossy surfaces that show fingerprints easily. The controls are on the front, above the basket, with icons for different types of food and manual controls for time and temperature. Even when I used presets or manual settings, I checked the food as it cooked to adjust time or temperature if I needed to. I question the value of the “Frozen” button since the cooking times for frozen foods vary a lot. I liked the preheat button, though, and thought it was a handy option.

    The cooking basket is the best feature of this fryer. Its wide enough to accommodate food in fewer layers for better airflow, and its easy to shake food if it needs to be rearranged during cooking. The basket is somewhat shallow, making it easy to get a spatula under food to flip or remove the item, and its still deep enough to hold several layers of food.

    The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

    Compare To Similar Products

    Great cooking performance, relatively easy to use and clean Fantastic cooking performance, easy to clean, easy to use, great temperature accuracy, multiple cooking functions Great cooking performance, user friendly, excellent temperature accuracy Inexpensive, easy to clean, good cooking performance Good cooking performance, inexpensive
    Not the easiest to clean Fry basket can stick, medicore temperature accuracy Very small capacity
    Bottom Line Isn’t the absolute best in any aspect, but certainly won’t disappoint either Exceptional frying performance and an easy to clean design make this one of the best options on the market This high performing, four quart model offers the most consistent quality of the bunch An effective and inexpensive model that offers decent cooking performance and good temperature accuracy A fairly good appliance that is held back by a relatively small capacity
    Rating Categories
    11.8″ x 12.6″ x 11.7″ 11.5″ x 13.25″ x 12.75″ 13.6″ x 11″ x 13.3″ 13.2″ x 11.3″ x 12.4″ 10.2″ x 8.1″ x 11.4″

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    This Cosori Air Fryer Is Back To Its Black Friday Price

    Act now to get the Cosori CP158-AF air fryer for less

    Amazon has slashed 15% off the price of the Cosori CP158-AF air fryer, reducing it from £99.99 to just £84.99. Thats the same price that the air fryer hit on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making it great value.

    The best air fryers let you indulge in tasty treats such as fries and chicken wings without requiring gallons of oil to create the crisp, crunchy exterior that makes them so moreish. However, they can be a costly purchase, so a good air fryer deal is always welcome.

    The Cosori CP158-AF has a capacity of 5.5 litres and can hold enough food for four to six portions. It offers the same 11 cooking presets as the Cosori CP137-AF air fryer, although the CP137 has a smaller 3.5-litre capacity, which is only enough for up to four portions.

    Page : Solucin De Problemas

    2020 Cosori Premium 5.8qt Air Fryer CP158-AF Review Bacon Wrapped Avocado
  • Page 66 SOLUCIÓN DE PROBLEMAS Problema Posible solución Desenchufe inmediatamente la freidora de aire. El humo oscuro indica que los alimentos se están quemando o Sale humo negro de la freidora que hay un problema con el circuito. Espere a que el de aire.
  • Page 67 DECLARACIÓN DE LA FCC Este aparato cumple con la Parte 15 de los reglamentos de la FCC. El funcionamiento está sujeto a las dos condiciones siguientes: Este aparato no puede causar interferencias perjudiciales, y Este aparato debe aceptar las interferencias recibidas, incluso las interferencias que provoquen el funcionamiento no deseado.
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    Should You Buy The Cosori Air Fryer

    I would recommend the Cosoriif youre looking for the following in an air fryer:

    • Simple presets: This Cosori air fryer comes with 11 presets for different foods, which does make it easier to know how long to cook certain foods and at what temperature.
    • Manual controls: You can also manually set this air fryer at any temperature anywhere from 170 to 400 degrees.
    • Square basket design: The square basket design also allows for a big larger capacity than what youd find on other air fryers with round baskets.

    Want more information?

    Cleaning: Nonstick For The Win

    Cleaning was easy after cooking since a nonstick coating is on both the inner and outer baskets. Even browned bits of cheese slid right off. The baskets are also dishwasher safe, but since they take up a lot of space in the dishwasher, I preferred hand washing the baskets.

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    Review Of The Cosori Cp158

    The CP158-AF Premium Air Fryer is the top-of-the-line unit. This 5.8 Qt capacity Air Fryer is design for a family of 3 to 5 people. This fryer offers many options that are not found on standard units. Some of these features include 360° air circulation technology, 11 presets, preheat function, shake reminder and a 100 recipe cookbook. The Cosori Air Fryer customer support is phenomenal. I give them a 9.8 out of 10 for its unique features, outstanding functions, great customer support, and price.

    Support You Can Count On

    Cosori Premium Air Fryer 5.5L, Digital Touch Screen, CP158 ...

    I find the Cosori CP158-AF Premium Air Fryer support to be top-notch. In researching through the reviews, I found that each review was answered whether it was a five-star or lower. Whenever I have contacted them, through the phone or email they have answered all of my questions and solved all my problems in a timely manner. You cannot ask for better support than that.

    • Instruction Manual

    All in all, the Cosori CP158-AF Premium Air Fryer is impressive when you consider the price you are paying. With features like 11 presets, 360° Air Circulation Technology, Preheat Function, Shake Reminder, and 100 Recipe Cookbook its a steal of a deal with the price being below $120.

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    Cosori Air Fryer 58 Qt Cp158

    Cosori Premium 5.Eight-Quart Air Fryer CP158-AF.

    An pleasing layout characteristic of this warm air fryer is its square shape. The brushed matte black housing.

    CP158-AF, CP137-AF five.Eight QT comes with a available app this is like minded with all contemporary Smartphones. This lets in you to loosen up and watch your film at the same time as the air fryer works its magic.

    COSORI CP158-AF 5.8QT Air Fryer Oven . One contact display screen with thirteen cooking capabilities, preheat and shake reminder. Color Black. Service. WarrantyIcon.

    Cosori CP158-AF User Manual. Premium 5.Eight-quart air fryer. Hide thumbs. Page 1 User Manual Premium 5.8-Quart Air Fryer Model: CP158-AF Questions or Concerns? Assist 402-1684 Mon-Fri, nine:00 am-5:00 pm PST/PDT.

    The Cosori CS158-AF air fryer version is the best Cosori air fryer toaster oven. It boasts an elegant design and performs general features nicely, placing it aside from many other mid-range priced fashions. Four. COSORI CP258-AF Air Fryer Large XL five.8QT Oven.

    Use deal with. COSORI Premium 5.Eight Quart Air Fryer CP158 AF contact warm surfaces. Only press the basket launch button with the baskets resting flat.

    Cosori CP158-AF Air Fryer five.8QT. USD$129.39. four.Four stars out of one hundred fifteen reviews115 evaluations. Compared with a four-quart round basket or even smaller one, COSORI air fryer’s five.8- Quart Square Nonstick Basket can fit a five lbs-6 lbs complete bird, even as a small spherical basket can’t.

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