Air Fryer Recipes For Frozen French Fries

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Best Way For Air Frying Frozen French Fries

How to Make Frozen French Fries in the Air Fryer

Cook frozen french fries quickly and easily in air fryer. So good and crispy!

  • 1/2 or 1lbof your favorite frozen french fries
  • Spray the basket of your air fryer with oil.

  • Pour 1/2 to 1 pound of frozen french fries into your air fryer, depending on its capacity.

  • Cook at 400° F / 200° C for 15-20 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through. Final cook time will depend on your air fryer’s capacity and the thickness and quantity of your fries. A good rule of thumb is to cook for 10 minutes, shake and check at 15 minutes to see if your fries need more time or are ready.

  • Plate and enjoy!

  • Serving And Storage Suggestions

    These fries will last 1-2 days in the fridge in an airtight container. To store, let them first cool to room temperature. Then, transfer them to an airtight container or better yet, a zip top bag, and squeeze excess air out. To reheat, set the air fryer or oven to 400°F and then throw them in for 4-5 minutes. I find that air frying or reheating in the oven both produce the same crispiness while reheating. I don’t recommend heating them in the microwave.

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    What To Serve With Parmesan Air Fryer Chicken Breasts

    We all know that chicken breasts pair well with just about any side dish from salads to a steamed or roasted vegetable, potatoes, or rice.

    I have a recipe for Beurre Blanc Sauce which is lovely drizzled over your air fryer Parmesan chicken.

    Or for something super fast, whisk together some Homemade Honey Mustard Sauce which keeps for weeks in the fridge if you have extra.

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    Frozen French Fries Air Fryer Recipe

    I am happy to tell you today that you can cook any size of fries or potatoes fresh or frozen in your air fryer. I love steak fries and I mostly get the seasoned chips from Aldi but my children love their French fries.

    When I cant win the argument, I settle and let them win. I cant blame them, it is utterly crispy, delicious and can pass for a good afternoon snack.

    While it is possible to make chips from scratch at home, it is always not feasible because life does happen and as humans, you go for the easiest option sometimes. In this case a frozen bag of chips.

    I agree it is convenient and you would mostly catch me cooking frozen chips when I am entertaining guests. On this note, no judgement! Lets air fry this frozen goodness in easy steps.

    Related post: do you love your potato chips or fries but do not own an air fryer? I have got you covered with my homemade oven chips recipe. it is absolutely the best.

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    What Kind Of Air Fryer Is Best

    Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

    I use a Cosori model that Ive had for a few years. I like that the basket is larger than other models.

    That being said, even with an extra large basket in most air fryers, you can really only cook 2 average breasts or 2 thin-sliced breast filets at a time. Extra breasts will have to cook as a second round.

    The worst thing you can do with an air fryer is crowd it. The food doesnt get crispy and steams rather than fries, which is contrary to the goal!

    However, I would love to check out this double basket air fryer and see how it works! Looks fantastic.

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    Why This Recipe Works

    • Simple ingredients: With just a few simple ingredients, youll have crispy fries ready in no time! We love this recipe because the prep time is so low!
    • Versatile: Serve these fries as an early appetizer before dinner or with your favorite onion rings as a side dish. You can even dress the fries up to be your main entree!
    • Family-friendly: Kids always love French fries, right? Totally kid-friendly, these fries are the perfect healthy snack addition for childrens lunches and lunchboxes.
    • Healthy: Made with whole ingredients only, these simple air fryer French fries are nutritious, guilt-free, gluten-free and a great vegetarian side dish for lunch or dinner.
    • Quick: These air fryer frozen French fries are made in less than 30 minutes! The cooking process is so simple!

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    Air Fryer Crinkle Cut Fries

    You can choose the straight or misshapen type like these. The thicker they are the longer they will take to cook thru to the middle though. Keep that in mind.

    As far as dips once these are done the list goes on and on, and you dont need anything per say. Love just salt on the top maybe dipped in a milkshake I mean anything goes but here are a few choices beyond that

    Knowing the correct air fryer frozen french fries cook time is easy with our air fryer cook time printable!

    This free printable is key to knowing how long to cook brussel sprouts, air fryer kale chips and more perfectly.

    Why We Love Air Fryer Frozen Fries

    Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

    Air fryers make the best French fries, right? While we love homemade air fryer fries we also love that air fryer french fries are on the plate in about 15 minutes .

    They always come out crispy on the outside and fluffy and tender on the inside. But wondering how long to cook the different types of fries can be confusing. Dont worry, with this easy recipe anyone can become a French fry expert!

    • Quick to make, go from frozen to fresh in minutes!
    • Little to no clean-up.
    • Easy to add flavor .

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    Ingredients In Air Fryer Parmesan Chicken

    There are only a handful of common fridge and pantry ingredients needed to make breaded chicken breasts in an air fryer:

    • All-purpose flour
    • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
    • Lemon wedges, optional for garnshing

    Tip: Scroll down to the recipe card section for a more complete ingredients list, including amounts and directions.

    The Best Recipes You Can Make In The Air Fryer

    What can you make in the air fryer? Trust me when I say it is so much more than frozen chicken wings, leftovers, or a frozen pizza. If you can bake it, grill it, or deep fry it, you can make it in the air fryer!

    Today, I am excited to share with you my favorite air fryer recipes. These recipes are awesome because they are delicious and not your typical air fried food. Keep reading to learn what recipes you can make in the air fryer for break, lunch, snack, dinner, or dessert!

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    Allrecipes Community Tips And Praise

    “Amazing fries,” raves Mommyof6. “These were so good, and just the perfect balance of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I made them just as the recipe directed, and we loved them!”

    “Followed the recipe except I added some turmeric for color and a bit of smoked paprika,” according to Alma. “I added sea salt right before serving. They looked and tasted delicious and they were all gone!”

    Air Fryer Chicken Breast Cook Times

    Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

    Here are approximate cook times for chicken breasts in the air fryer set between 375F and 400F:

    • Smaller or unsliced chicken breasts: Cook for about 10 to 12 minutes total. If you slice them, they will cook faster, but its not absolutely necessary when working with small chicken breasts.
    • Medium-sized sliced chicken breasts: Cook for about 10 to 14 minutes total, flipping once midway through.
    • Larger or thicker sliced chicken breasts: Cook for approximately 11 to 15 minutes. Make sure you slice these big ones!

    Tip: Of course, all air fryers vary in their intensity, size and thickness of chicken varies, as well as climate and so forth so always cook your chicken until its done without worrying about what the clock says!

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    Air Fryer Frozen Fry Ingredients

    This is a super simple recipe and it obviously only needs a few ingredients to make. Youll always want to keep a few bags of frozen fries in the freezer, so that you can make these when ever you want them.

    • Frozen French Fries: Any kind of frozen fries will work, but some of the times may will differ. I used regular fries, steak fries, and crinkle fries. Times are listed below.
    • Salt: Adding salt is optional, add it right before serving it will really bring out the flavor of the fries. If your fries are already pre-salted you probably wont need extra salt. I would taste before adding.
    • Pepper: Adding pepper is optional, but freshly ground pepper really
    • Favorite Seasonings: Any additional seasonings are optional. I included a list of options to try.
    • Oil: I dont use any extra oil, but you can use a little oil if you want. Make sure you use 100% cooking oil in an oil sprayer , or else it may ruin your fryer. I dont recommend spraying cooking spray in your air fryer, it will damage the coating.
    • Favorite Sauce: Serve these fries with your favorite dipping sauce or a big bowl of ketchup.

    Eat These Fries Just Plain or Use Them in a Recipe Like Fry Nachos

    Seasoning For Frozen French Fries

    The seasonings Ive listed below are completely optional to add. If the fries you are using are already seasoned or salted you wont need to season them at all. What are your favorite fry seasonings?

    • Seasoning Salt: Seasoned salt is my go-to seasoning for french fries.
    • Lemon Pepper: This will add a lemony but peppery tang to your fries, mmmits making my mouth water.
    • Salt & Pepper: Sometimes just good ol salt and pepper is all you need. The frozen fries may not need more salt, but freshly ground pepper on fries is so good.
    • Garlic Powder: I like to put garlic on all of the things, so of course it will be good on fries.
    • Onion Powder: Add a sprinkling of onion powder on its own or mixed with other flavors.

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    The Perfect Air Fried French Fries

    We are back on the Air Fryer bandwagon today with one of my favorites: quick and easy Air Fryer Frozen French Fries. I promise you, if you learn how to cook frozen French fries in the Air Fryer, youll never go back!

    I used to make frozen French fries by baking them in the oven as Id like to avoid deep frying. But the fries alway turn limp like noodles! . After making it in the air fryer, I find its so much easier and is the BEST WAY to cook frozen French fries. Healthier, Faster, and Better. When I served them at a party, my guests said they were better than McDonalds and KFC!

    They are a great side dish and a staple pairing to a satisfying and juicy burger!

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    What Are The Best Frozen French Fries


    Well, I think that is really subjective but I guess statistics can tell you which ones are the best sellers amongst them all.

    • Ore-Ida Country Style Steak Fries come in at #1
    • Alexia Seasoned Waffle Fries are next because of the seasoning on them which is great
    • Ore-Ida Golden Twirls are fun especially with kids, in at #3
    • Trader Joes Chipotle Ranch Fries are amazing if you can find them and like a bit of heat

    Many of these brands have other things youll love too like onion rings and more. Like I said, I really like this extra crispy style, I found these at our local grocery store.

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    How Many Calories In French Fries

    The amount of calories in your french fries will depend on which brand and type of fries you purchase . Also, make sure to add in calories for dipping sauces that you use. Here is a general guideline for nutritional information for the fries that I used.

    • Frozen Crinkle Fries: These fries had about 90 calories for a 3 oz serving, thats only about 10-13 fries.
    • Frozen Straight Fries: These straight fries have 130 calories for about 15 fries.
    • Frozen Waffle Fries: Waffle fries have 110 calories for about 8 fries.
    • Frozen Steak Fries: Steak fries are 110 calories for 10 fries.
    • Frozen Shoestring Fries: Shoestring fries are 140 calories for 3 ounces.
    • Frozen Sweet Potato Fries: A 3 ounce serving of these fries is 140 calories.

    The Air Fryer Makes Crispy & Delicious Fries Right at Home

    Why You Will Love This Recipe

    This recipe is super simple. There is no prep required and you can make them any time you like as an easy snack or side dish for your favorite meals.

    Youll also love that these fries are a healthier option than deep frying them because they do not use any added oil. They are also easy to clean up and dont need any chopping to get made.

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    Crispy Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

    Gloriously crispy golden French fries that take absolutely zero effort to prepare. Theyre a real thing and they could be yours like right now! All you need is an Air Fryer and a bag of frozen French fries. I know, theyre not homemade, but thats not what this is about today. Besides, I have an entire post dedicated to making homemade Air Fryer French Fries, so check it out if thats what youre looking for.

    For today, were keeping things simple, fast, and delicious. Youll never cook frozen fries in the oven again after youve tried these air fryer frozen French fries!

    Frozen Fries In Air Fryer Yes Please

    The Crispiest Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

    This is an easy foolproof way to make crispy French fries. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Your fast food favorite with less oil which equals less guilt.

    Did you know you can have a complete take out meal right at home when you combine these air fried frozen French fries with my Air fryer cheeseburgers? My goodness! Its so yummy.

    Loving your air fryer?

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    Ore Ida Golden Crispers In Air Fryer

    You dont need to break out your deep fryer to make amazing fries or even turn on your oven! The air fryer can do all the work for you with little to no cleanup in just a matter of minutes. And these Ore Ida Golden Crispers are one of my favorite fries to cook in the air fryer.

    The fries are seasoned with the perfect mix of spices and cook up so crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And not only are they delicious, but also quick and easy to make in the air fryer! All you have to do is put the frozen fries in the air fryer, cook for 8 minutes, and serve! Its that simple. You are going to love making Ore Ida Golden Crispers in air fryer.

    How To Serve Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

    These french fries are going to be so tempting you may not need to worry about serving them with sauces. Theyll be gone before you can get them out of the basket. But if you can keep the fingers out of the air fryer, there are many ways to serve these frozen french fries. Ketchup is the original sauce that was made for french fries, but there are other sauces to dunk these air fryer fries in.

    • Fry Sauce: This amazing sauce was solely invented to go with french fries. Its a grown up version of ketchup and it is divine. In my home it has replaced ketchup and mayo on hamburgers even. Its so good!
    • Yum Yum Sauce: This popular sauce is light, sweet and tangy! An excellent choice!
    • Cheese Sauce: Cover the golden fries in a rich thick cheesy sauce thats going to knock your socks off.
    • Ranch Dressing: As my kids would say, everythings better with ranch dressing!
    • Make your Own Sauce: Mix your favorite spices with a bit of mayo and ketchup to create a unique sauce of your own. Add chipotle chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder with mayo and ketchup for a spicy western sauce thats awesome. There are lots of possibilities.

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    Ingredient Notes & Substitutions

    • Frozen French fries: I used thin cut French fries a thicker kind will require more time. Start with the recommended time for this recipe and add more time if needed, in 2 minute increments.
    • Olive oil can be swapped for a different type of vegetable oil or a few spritzes of cooking spray. Oil can also be skipped, but helps the fries get really crispy and a nice color.
    • Salt might not be necessary if youre using already seasoned fries please check the bag before adding the salt!

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