Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews Consumer Reports

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Best Rated: Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven

Check out this all in one air-fryer, microwave, and convection oven from Galanz

With an incredible 4.7-star rating from 3,000 reviews, the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven is Amazon’s best-rated device in the category. The powerful 1800-watt appliance has eight different functions, including air roasting, air broiling, baking, and dehydrating, as well as a sizable 13-by-13-inch capacity. Its precision-controlled temperature, heat source, and airflow warms up the machine in just 60 seconds, meaning you can have a family-sized dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.

Additionally, the Ninja Foodi is particularly great for cooks tight on counter space. When not in use, it easily flips on its side to store flush against the kitchen backsplash. A reviewer said, “The option to ‘fold’ the oven up on my counter was the biggest selling feature. I didn’t want a large pot/air fryer taking up valuable counter space. This takes up such a small footprint and gives me back space in my small kitchen when I’m not using it.”

Buy it: $199.99

Black+decker To3250xsb The Best Toaster Oven

8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop

If you like the extra-large size of the oven toaster then Black+Deckers is large. This oven toaster has the capacity of roasting 8 slices of bread at a single pass. Large interior accommodate 12-inches of pizza. Its large interior making it excellent to remove the food.

3 racks position for the improving cooking flexibility you can add more food in this large size oven at a single time. Moreover, it has a fan that circulates the hot on all sides of the oven for cooking food on all sides.

Removable crumb for easily cleaning. 4 functions are included in this Bake, Broil, toast, and keeping food warm. Stainless steel material and available in black/stainless steel color.

Due to its large interior mostly sizes of the pan are adjusted in this oven toaster. It also has 60 minutes timer that you can set when you are busy with other works. This timer is best for the longer baking and cooking task. Overall the price of this oven toaster is under $100.

Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Extra Wide Interior

Breville Smart Oven Pro

  • It comes with an oven light so that you can watch whats happening inside the oven.
  • The toaster has ten different features to cook various items.
  • The capacity of the toaster is a six slice toaster, 13 inches pizza.
  • Product measures around 18.5 x 14.5 x 11 inches
  • It comes with a built-in fan that circulates the air inside the oven
  • For quick and smooth cleaning, the inner walls of the oven have a nonstick coating

This Breville smart oven pro is enough for six slices of bread and a pizza. When you are looking for the best toaster oven, this Breville Smart is the answer. What makes it the best, lets check out.

The Smart Oven Pro by Breville has excellent features for all types of food. Some common food types are sandwiches, cookies, pizzas, and chicken.

Using these features, you can quickly and rightly set the time, temperature level, and cooking way for all the toaster meals.

The adjustment and settings are simple, so dont worry about how you will use it. These features ensure precise settings as per your requirements and eliminate all the guesswork.

As for the heating, it uses an advanced Element IQ heating system. This advanced heating system effectively transfers the heat inside the oven for even heat distribution. The heating is quick, thanks to its 1,800 watts of power.

Some other handy functions of this toaster oven are interior light for quick monitoring inside the oven, a legend display, and a non-stick cavity inner wall coating that helps clean.

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Other Air Fryer Toaster Ovens We Reviewed

You pay top dollar for the handsome brushed stainless steel Breville Smart Oven Air but you get a state-of-the-art toaster oven in addition to an excellent air fryer, which consistently cooks up French fries and chicken nuggets that taste fried. Although its large even by toaster oven standards, it can truly replace your oven. Breville claims it can even roast a 14-pound turkey. Plus, it can proof bread, dehydrate and slow cook.

The digital controls are intuitive to program and theres a bright oven light. I do have one major quibble with this product.

The manual doesnt contain any recommendations for what, how much, or how long to cook various foods. This may not be a problem for baking or roasting, but if youre new to air frying, youre on your own as youre getting started. Also, keep in mind all of the parts require hand washing.


  • It’s an air fryer, toaster, and countertop oven

  • Has digital controls

Best Brand Air Fryer Consumer Reports

Best air fryer toaster oven consumer reports in 2021

Youre seeking Power XL Air fryer? Virtually everyone appreciates fried food, but we frequently have to take a look at how much fat we might ingest to avoid health and wellness concerns. And also you have to turn away from the savory deep deep-fried dishes numerous times to maintain the health of your family. Furthermore, a Power Air Fryer XL is a essential device for your house, if youre a health and wellness follower or merely a individual that looks after your cherisheds brand air fryer consumer reports

This is an amazing tool to make use of very little oil to make all ranges of deep frying foods. However, your household can appreciate crunchy deep-fried foods without bothering with its fatty as well as hazardous effects. On top of that, as a result of its proper dimension and time cost savings, the XL power fryer is terrific for cooking household meals. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the air-freezer, push the button as well as wait up until your dish is finished.

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Do Air Fryers Use A Lot Of Energy

Theres a decent reason why the air fryer is one of our favorite kitchen appliances. It consumes very little electricity, does not make your home hot, and allows you to prepare crispy foods without turning on an oven!

I started utilizing mine when summers in Texas became excessively hot temperatures reached 115 degrees, which was too much heat for me to it now we dont even have to use our oven anymore since we bought one of these air frying devices.

I can make French fries or doughnuts without heating up my whole house by using them.

Best For Large Family Ninja Foodi Digital Fry Convection Oven Toaster Air Fryer


  • Can be quickly deep-cleaned
  • A 13-inch pizza, nine slices of toast or six chicken breasts can be fitted into the appliance
  • All-around even baking
  • Powerful 1800 Watts appliance
  • Integrated oven light for convenient food monitoring

Next on the list is a kitchen appliance designed to make fried foods in a much healthier way without all the extra calories. This model has a stylish and compact appearance that complements the look of your countertop.

All the digital controls integrated onto its body can be used to navigate through its numerous functions and capabilities. You have eight cooking programs rolled into this appliance.

This includes the air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate, and keep warm functions. Cooking can be done faster with much more precise end-results the air fryer has a removable crumb tray for easy and quick cleaning. Get more done with this powerful all-in-one appliance from Ninja Foodi.


  • Cant be used to roast a full-sized chicken

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Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Instant Omni Plus is one of the most user-friendly toaster ovens on the market. Mainly because the placement of its buttons makes operating this model a cinch. Both their location beneath the display and the description easy-to-read icons is the reason why.

Then comes its LED display. It saves you from guessing how much time is left before you can take out the meal by displaying the remaining cooking time. It also shows time/temperature settings as well as which of the nine preset cooking options you have activated.

Equally noteworthy are its dials. There are two of them, one on either side of this Air Fryer With Rotisserie, with the sharp LED display between them. You can use the dials to activate cooking functions, set cooking time and the cooking temperature.

We were equally impressed with the accessories on offer. Apart from the rotisserie spits and forks, its package includes a rotisserie lift, an oven rack, one cooking pan and an air fryer basket. All of these are the reason why you can air fry, dehydrate, broil, bake and slow cook.


  • Lets you activate 11 programs with the touch of a button
  • Can roast a whole chicken at once


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Breville Smart Oven Air Convection Bov900bssusc

Cooking With Countertop Appliances | Consumer Reports

CRs take: The 1,800-watt Breville Smart Oven Air Convection also garners a Very Good rating in our baking test, like the Breville above, but it has eight rack positions and a wider temperature range . It’s terrific at toasting but is the slowest of the models featured here. Beyond the basics, it has a convection option, a setting that dehydrates fruits and vegetables for healthy snacking, and an air fryer that trims the fat from favorite foods. How? By using high heat and a convection fan to circulate hot air to “fry” foods with little or no oil. We tried it, cooking fresh chicken wings, frozen curly fries, and a variety of other foods, and found that they were crispy outside and moist inside. As a brand, Breville toaster ovens snag an Excellent rating in owner satisfaction.

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Best On A Budget Cosori 12

  • Comes with tasty recipes and extra kitchen accessories
  • Impressive circulation of hot air
  • 12 excellent preset cooking modes

This impressive model has a 30L capacity, which is large enough to conveniently accommodate six slices of toast, 5-pound chicken, or a 13-inch pizza.

There are 12 pre programmed modes on the kitchen appliance this includes Pizza, Roast, Airfry, Toast, Bagel, Bake, Broil, Cookies, Rotisserie, Dehydrate, Ferment, and Keep Warm.

A high-speed convection fan is fitted into this model to enable cooking with little or no oil. You can monitor the programs and settings on the clear LED screen the dial controls can be used to switch between modes.

The crumb tray of the oven is removable the interior is non-stick to prevent food residue attaching to the surface,


  • The timer doesnt halt when the oven is opened

Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews By Consumer Reports 2021

: January 5, 2022

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These are countertop kitchen appliances that can be used to produce crispy and tasty foods without excess oil in the dish. The toaster oven employs a special air frying function in removing the trans-fats and extra calories from your food ingredients.

The best air fryer toaster ovens can be used for other kinds of cooking like baking and making tasty desserts. You can even use some of them as a pressure cooker or toaster oven.

An air fryer is an excellent investment for your kitchen due to its versatility and capacity for making sophisticated dishes.

It also provides beneficial health benefits, consumption of harmful chemical compounds like acrylamide is averted since you will be cooking with fewer oils. Your food gets evenly cooked due to the circulation of hot air around all parts of the cooking device.

Without further ado, lets consider the top 7 best air fryer toaster ovens according to consumer reports.

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Evaluating Controls On Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

Many air fryer toaster ovens look fairly equal to regular toaster ovens they also feature adjustable oven racks and knobs for programming settings, temperature degrees and cooking occasions. The controllers on a few of the models we tested were labeled: The markings on a number of the time buttons of the versions were divided into 10 minute increments, while the temperature buttons on other versions were divided in 50 degree increments. These analog controllers worked just like traditional kitchen timers, and we didnt like it because they provided less precision.

We favored ovens that used electronic control screens that clearly showed the exact settings we wanted. We also appreciated thoughtful extras that made cooking safer, easier and more precise. 1 oven we analyzed stopped cooking time and its own rack slipped halfway once we opened the oven door so we didnt need to dive deep into a hot oven.

Impressive Toaster Ovens From Cr’s Tests

Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven RJ50

Our tests find that you cant get a toaster oven thats great at everything, so consider which functions are the most important to you and check our toaster oven ratings to find the models that earn high scores in those tests. One hint from our members: Look for a model that we rate as easy to clean, because difficulty cleaning was survey respondents biggest complaint. Here are four toaster ovens that perform well in our lab tests and earn high scores in reliability.

Consumer Reports

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Air Fryer Xl Power 53 Quarter

The Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is a kitchen area devices that is so small as well as reliable that you require it in your stressful daily presence.

Super-hot flow of air

It is run by Rapid Air Technology which enables your food to be cooked with the 180 to 400 Fahrenheit very hot air flux.consumer reports best air fryer toaster oven

Great digital panel control

Furthermore, this XL power fridge freezer features a great electronic control board with 7 predetermined cooking settings. You can produce a lot of food by simply pressing a single-touch switch. So your mouthwatering food is done in a healthy and balanced way, without any problems, with really little or no transfats. Highest possible and very popularair fryer

Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is presently one of the best-known and also very popular air fridges freezer on the web market. It has a contemporary design. The electronic touch screen interface enables you to prepare a variety of cuisine and also manage the unit temperature level.

Big basket of stainless-steel frying This oil-less fryer type also comes with a significant frying basket of stainless-steel. This suggests that you can optimize the cooking surface and also cook even more foods as your hungry tummy needs. On top of that, Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is not an problem because its components are dishwasher secure.

Its an affordable air fryer

Dash Deluxe Electric Best Ninja Air Fryer

The best way to eat guilt-free food is with the Dash Deluxe Air Fryer.

The Aircrisp process improves fat reduction by 70-80%, without affecting the taste of fried meals .

It has a capacity of 2.2 quarts, which can cook up to 2 pounds of food.

This device is an air fryer and oven-toaster. It cooks food quickly and effectively, with minimal fat consumption.

The basket can hold up to 6 quarts of food. This air fryer may cook items that arent typically cooked in an air fryer, such as chicken wings or French fries.

It also features temperature control for the precise cooking of various foods at their proper temperatures.

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Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews Consumer Reports 2021

If you like the taste of fried chicken or French fries, then you should get yourself the best air fryer. In case, you want to bake pizzas, pasta, or roast a large chicken or turkey, then you need a convection oven for that. And, if you want to enjoy toasted bread, then you will have to buy a toaster. Now, thats three different appliances, which will certainly cost you around a thousand bucks. To save all that precious money of yours, you need to invest in the best air fryer toaster oven consumer reports, reviews of which I have explained in the following section.

Best Splurge: Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer

Air Fryer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

For home cooks looking to upgrade their kitchens, the Smart Oven Air Fryer from Breville is a worthwhile choice. Its Element iQ system does all the work to determine the perfect time and temperature for baking, roasting, toasting, and more. Plus, it has a two-speed convection fan for greater control and accelerated cook times.

Other thoughtful design features include an easy-to-read LCD display and an integrated oven light that automatically turns on at the end of the cooking cycle. It’s also worth mentioning that Breville’s ovens come in a variety of stylish colors, including Royal Champagne and Damson Blue. On Williams Sonoma, one reviewer raved, “We previously had the same Breville toaster oven but without the air fryer option. We are SO pleased with our decision to upgrade… the air fryer is awesome, crispy delicious fries without the oil!”

Buy it: $349.95

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Due to the Cuisinarts large interior, it took this model about five minutes longer to cook frozen french fries than it took some of the smaller air fryers we tested. That said, its slightly slower cooking time often produced more evenly cooked food that was better tasting. We think thats a trade-off well worth the few extra minutes of your time. And the Cuisinart is still small enough that it can preheat and cook faster than a conventional oven.

Since the Cuisinart isnt marketed as an air fryer, it doesnt come with a cooking chart for commonly air-fried foods. However, we found that in most cases, the same temperatures youd use to cook in a conventional oven can also be used in the Cuisinart, whereas smaller, pod-shaped air fryers require you to cook at lower temperatures. We did find that when youre air frying vegetables with lots of moisture, like eggplant and zucchini, its best to chop them into 1-inch or smaller pieces, to prevent them from getting mushy. We have more tips for cooking air-fryer recipes in the Cuisinart below.

The Cuisinarts baking pan may warp slightly when its roasting at high temperatures, but this in no way affects its cooking performance. The pan will return to its normal shape when it cools. If you want a better pan, we recommend that you get a Nordic Ware quarter-sheet pan, a smaller version of our favorite baking sheet, which fits perfectly inside the Cuisinart oven.

Air Fryer Toaster Oven Beelicious 19 Quart Large Countertop Convection Oven 7

$ as of October 15, 2021 10:38 pm


  • Quality & WarrantyETL Certified. Beelicious offers 30 days money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty, and a lifetime technical consultation. All problems will be solved within 12 hours.
  • Upgraded 7 in 1Replace air fryer, toaster, convection oven, and microwave heater with only 1 machine. Intuitive knobs to set modes, temp, and time in a second. Convenient to check the status of food with the built-in light.
  • Large Capacity19 quarts oven with 3 layer slots can toast 6 slices of bread, bake 12-inch pizza, air fry 20 chicken wings, or roast a 4lb chicken. Service for 4-9 people.
  • Brilliant CookTop and bottom heating tubes and powerful fan generate hot air circulation up to 450°F in seconds. Cook faster and crispier, leaving the juice inside. Come with a cookbook for beginners and advanced users.
  • Easy to CleanAll accessories are dishwasher safe. Non-stick coating provides excellent food release and easy to be clean up. Detachable crumb tray collects all the debris and dirt, simply remove the tray and wipe clean.

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