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WowChef Air Fryer Oven Combo 20 Quart, Convection Toaster Oven Dehydrator, 10-in-1 Test and Review

Air fryers fall mainly into two camps: small, pod-shaped models and larger models that look like a typical high-end convection toaster oven. There are also a few outliers with extra-gimmicky features, such as the Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer , or the Ninja Foodi .

Pod-shaped air fryers have a single fan and heating element positioned on top of the oven cavity. Toaster-oven air fryers usually have heating elements on the top and the bottom, and a fan on the top or the side of the ovens interior. How well the heating elements and fan work varies from model to model in both categories. Some air fryers ran so hot and had such powerful fans that they cooked unevenly and concentrated heat on top of the food, behaving more like convection broilers than convection ovens. Other models we tested ran so cool that it was hard to tell whether they were even on. But after testing six pod-shaped air fryers in 2017 and nine toaster-oven-style models in 2019, weve concluded that the pods generally arent worth getting.

Best 6 Toaster Oven/air Fryer/dehydrator Combo In 2021 Reviews

Do you need a toaster oven air fryer dehydrator combo unit for your kitchen?

If yes, keep reading this article!

We have prepared reviews of popular smart, French door, stainless steel, and countertop toaster ovens that use air for frying and that have dehydrator functions. In case you still want to look further to see what the market has to offer, read our buying guide to better understand the qualities that make the best models.

The Pros To Getting A Small Pod

Over the past few years, weve received some strongly worded feedback about our decision not to recommend a pod-shaped air fryer in this guide. Though we stand behind this decision for the reasons outlined above, we do understand that there are a couple of reasons why someone may prefer getting a small, pod-shaped air fryer over a larger toaster oven. The most obvious reason is lack of space: The pod-shaped models hog less room on a kitchen counter. Smaller households that plan to make only one or two portions of food at a time may also find a larger machine to be superfluous.

If a pod-shaped air fryer is conducive to your space and lifestyle, by all means get one. The Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/96 is the best pod-shaped model weve tested. It performed exactly the same as the model we used to recommend, the now-discontinued Philips Avance Collection Airfryer HD9641/96. Little has changed between the two models, according to the Philips representative we spoke tothe company made slight upgrades to the internal components, and the icon on the cooking presets button has a new symbol.

Like its predecessor, the Philips Premium has a small footprint and an easy-to-use interface. When filled to capacity, it also cooked food more evenly than other models of the same style, though we still discovered a handful of underdone fries and some soggy patches on fish sticks and chicken fingers. It does, however, maintain its internal temperature well.

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Is It Easy To Clean

The included baking fan and fry basket make it significantly easier to clean the deep fryer. The fan helps to circulate hot air and cook food evenly, while the fry basket catches any debris or crumbs.

The Cuisinart Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven is easy to clean. All of the removable parts- the baking pan, frying basket, and crumb tray- are dishwasher safe. The wire rack, however, is not dishwasher safe but it is easy to clean by hand. Although unplugging the oven is not a problem by itself, it needs to be reset each time. This can be quite annoying if you forget to reset it and have to wait for the oven to cool down before plugging it back in.

Kitchenaid Digital Countertop Oven With Air Fry

Bella Pro Series 4

While the KitchenAid didnt run away with many of the test categories, it didnt struggle mightily in any of them either. It sports a serviceable air fry function though certainly not the best excellent temperature consistency and a very sleek and intuitive control panel . It makes the list because I found it to be a reliable oven thats also an ideal size for most kitchens. Its a bit of a hybrid between the Ninja and the Breville in that its compact just 17 inches across versus the Breville at more than 21 but also has a more traditional cooking capacity so you could get some taller items in there, whereas the Ninja is limited in that department. It also looks great which always counts for something, and its a smidge cheaper than the Ninja at $190.

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Why You Should Trust Me

As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive researched, tested, and reviewed toasters, toaster ovens, and deep fryers, among other kitchen gear and gadgets, since 2016. Ive spent more than 250 hours over the past four years researching and testing air fryers for this guide. In that time, Im pretty sure Ive eaten more fish sticks and french fries than the Gortons Fisherman and Ronald McDonald combined.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Due to the Cuisinart TOB-260N1s large interior, this model took about five minutes longer to cook frozen french fries than some of the smaller air fryers we tested took. That said, its slightly slower cooking time often produced more evenly cooked food that was better tasting. We think thats a trade-off well worth the few extra minutes of your time. And the Cuisinart is still small enough that it can preheat and cook faster than a standard oven.

Since Cuisinart doesnt market the TOB-260N1 as an air fryer, it doesnt come with a cooking chart for commonly air-fried foods. However, we found that in most cases, the same temperatures youd use to cook in a standard oven can also be used in the Cuisinart, whereas smaller, pod-shaped air fryers require you to cook at lower temperatures. We also found that when youre air frying vegetables with lots of moisture, such as eggplant and zucchini, its best to chop them into 1-inch or smaller pieces to prevent them from getting mushy. We have more tips for cooking air-fryer recipes in the Cuisinart below.

The Cuisinarts baking pan may warp slightly when the oven is roasting at high temperatures, but this in no way affects its cooking performance the pan will return to its normal shape when it cools. If you want a better pan, we recommend that you get a Nordic Ware quarter-sheet pan, a smaller version of our favorite baking sheet, which fits perfectly inside the Cuisinart oven.

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Also Great: Philips Premium Airfryer Hd9741/96

*At the time of publishing, the price was $220.

The Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/96 is the best pod-shaped air fryer weve tested. Its a far less versatile appliance than the Cuisinart convection toaster oven, but its smaller footprint may make it ideal for tiny kitchens with limited counter space. Smaller households that plan to make only one or two portions of food at a time may also prefer this model. Compared with other pod-shaped air fryers we tested, the Philips cooked food the most evenly, aside from the occasional soggy french fry on average, it cooked faster than most other models we tried and with better results. Like all pod-shaped air fryers, this Philips model isnt good for baking or making toastits fan is too powerful and produces overcooked, irregularly shaped cakes and wonky, unevenly browned toast. But if you dont plan to bake in it, we think its a suitable choice for cooking frozen snacks, smaller portions of meat and vegetables, or certain dishes you want extra crispy, like chicken wings or flautas.

What Is A Toaster Oven Air Fryer

JUNE Smart Oven Intelligent Cooking Demo Review – Toaster Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator Roaster & More

Simply put, its a multi function kitchen appliance that is basically a convection oven with an air fryer function. But that isnt all. These handy little contraptions also bake, roast, rotisserie and more, depending on the model you get.

We have the Instant Vortex Pro 9 in 1, and its the best air fryer weve used so far. And best of all, there are so many accessories that work in this type of air fryer. Its sort of like having an over-sized toaster oven that does it all!

So which one is the best? There are a few that top the list. Well cover their pros and cons, and then down below, well help you figure out how to pick the best one for you. Lets take a look.

We admit, we are a little biased. As we mentioned, this is our favorite air fryer to date. It just does all the things. It makes fantastic rotisserie chicken that turns out perfect every single time. Roasted veggies get roasted to perfection in the rotating roasting basket and frozen foods turn out perfectly cooked each and every time. Weve made tons of healthy meals in this too! Chicken breasts, homemade chicken nuggets, baked potatoes and so much more. So far, everything has cooked perfectly and the air fryer seems to be chugging along without a single issue.


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Best With Broiler Toaster Oven Dehydrator

Hissun 10-In-1 Toaster Oven

26.4-Quart Capacity This toaster oven broiler offers 10 settings for cooking food inside the oven, such as dehydrate, air fry, and broil functions. It is constructed from stainless steel and can be used on countertops. The 26.4-quart cavity can fit a 12-inch pizza inside, 6 slices of bread, 1 kilogram of French fries, or a 10-pound chicken.

Faster & Healthier While distributing heat evenly, this toaster oven can cook 20% faster thanks to the convection feature. When air frying, instead of frying foods in oil, you can cut out over 85% of fat from your meals. To prevent overheating or overcooking, the toaster oven air fryer dehydrator features an automatic shutoff function.

200 To 450°F The easy-to-read screen display works with turning dials to set up a cooking program. The temperature of the oven can be set between 200 and 450 Fahrenheit degrees. The digital controls offer you settings for air frying, roasting, pizza, baking, broiling, dehydrating, steak, chicken, reheating, and keeping warm.

Dishwasher Safe Parts Included with the oven, you will also get a frying basket and a baking pan. A wire rack and a crumb tray are also included. All of these accessories are dishwasher safe. The housing of the toaster oven is stain-resistant and easy to clean and the liner inside is non-sticking.

Short Description:

Air Fryer Vs Dehydrator

I know you have already researched the differences but I want to give a short comparison. So before going to buy an air fryer with dehydrator features you should know the similarities, differences, cooking mechanisms, etc.

There are some similarities between an air fryer with dehydrator options and a food dehydrator. Both are using hot air to cook food without losing the nutrients and flavor taste.

Both are easy to use and are provided by customizable time and temperature with knob and display. Both have air ventilation mechanisms for better air circulation and dehydrating.

Both are cooked evenly from each side and can be cooked two different types of food at the same time.

Both are easy to clean after cooking done with a damp cloth and all parts are dishwasher safe. And provided with food quality accessories that meet the FDA guidelines.

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What Is The Price Range Of Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

We recommend that you set aside at least $200 when in the market for a new air fryer toaster oven. The rule of thumb is obviously that the more you pay, the better quality appliances youll get. The most premium models afford you luxuries like adjustable timers, premium quality construction, an advanced LCD display, and additional accessories like pizza pans and rotisserie forks.

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Gourmia Air Fryer Oven

  • Even though the Gourmia does not seem upscale, it sells for a fantastic price for a commodity using all the double performance of an air fryer and a toaster oven. Its unique French-door design provides you easy access to the oven.
  • Foods like frozen French fries and chicken nuggets cook brown and crispy. But with homemade recipes, you are going to see less even bleach, and find a milder pinch.
  • The Gourmia actually excels in toasting bread and turned into a crisp-crusted pizza. However, it was just serviceable at baking candies, browning them on top, and hardly at all on the floor. It grilled chicken breasts immediately but did not give them much color.
  • At this very low cost, you get an electronic control panel with automatic applications. All the accessories are dishwasher-safe but as the skillet and crumb tray are aluminum that they can discolor. We want the manual comprised more cooking graphs with recommendations for cooking certain foods.

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Can I Use The Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven For Making Meals And Snacks Together

This issue depends on what type of food you want to make using the oven. In addition to that, your food habit is a matter of great importance here. If you desire to enjoy fried or fast food items in the meal then you can easily use an oven for making your meals.

Commonly, air fryers keep the option to make snacks. To say about the meal, many of us understand several heavier foods. If you want to use the oven for making meals and snacks together then you may choose Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer.

This one can cook different food items, like Steak, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Drumsticks, Pork Chops, Salmon, Hamburgers, and so on. If you need more items than these for the meal, then youll not be able to make meals using an oven.

Best Air Fryer Dehydrator Toaster Oven

This ten-in-one air fryer dehydrator toaster has a dehydrator function, and comes with five racks to create different snacks. With 360-degree 3D spin-fan air circulation, the oven is sure to deliver consistent, even heat for a wide variety of snacks. Its 20-quart capacity can accommodate a full-size rotisserie chicken, as well as a generous supply of fries.

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If you’re a fan of the classic style of toaster ovens, you’ll love the Cuisinart TOA-60 air fryers. The oven heats evenly and has three settings: toast, fry, and dehydrate. You can use the same accessories that you would use in a conventional oven. You’ll also find that cleaning this toaster oven is a breeze. You can easily remove food and clean it thoroughly, thanks to an interior light.

The TOA-60 air fryer/toaster oven offers a variety of cooking options: toast, fry, roast, and dehydrate. The TOA-60 has built-in controls for temperature, reheating, dehydrating, and air frying. The cuisinart TOA-60’s convenient controls include a digital display and easy-to-read knobs. Another great feature is the 0-60 timer.

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What To Look Forward To

Some readers have asked why we havent tested a new round of air fryers for this guide since our 2020 update. So far, we havent seen convection technology advance in any significant way. Nearly all air fryersparticularly the pod-shaped modelsare carbon copies of one another . How do we know this if we havent physically tested any new models? We attend the Inspired Home Show each year , where we get to see new or soon-to-be-released models, and so far we havent seen any major advancements. That said, we hope to test newer models once our test kitchen is fully operational again later this year.

Air Fryer Xl Power 53 Quarter

Dehydrated Beef Jerky, Cuisinart Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven Recipe

The Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is a kitchen area tools that is so compact and also efficient that you need it in your frantic day-to-day existence.

Super-hot flow of air

It is run by Rapid Air Modern technology which allows your food to be prepared with the 180 to 400 Fahrenheit really hot air toaster oven air fryer dehydrator

Nice electronic panel control

Moreover, this XL power fridge freezer features a wonderful electronic control board with 7 pre-programmed food preparation settings. You can create a lot of food by simply pressing a single-touch button. So your mouthwatering food is performed in a healthy way, with no problems, with extremely little or no transfats. Greatest and also best-sellingair fryer

Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is presently among the best-known as well as very successful air freezers on the web market. It has a contemporary layout. The electronic touch display interface enables you to prepare a range of food and also manage the unit temperature level.

Huge basket of stainless-steel frying This oil-less fryer type also features a significant frying basket of stainless-steel. This indicates that you can make best use of the cooking surface area as well as cook more foods as your starving stomach demands. Additionally, Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is not an concern because its parts are dishwashing machine secure.

Its an inexpensive air fryer

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Most Versatile: Cosori 12

Combining an air fryer and toaster oven is great, but buyers who want even more flexibility should consider Cosoris impressive multi-cooker. Its designed with 12 different cooking presets, including cookie baking, air frying, dehydrating, and fermenting dough. Control the device through its preset function buttons or its tactile knobs while the interior light helps you keep an eye on whats cooking. Whats more, the appliance comes with a recipe book, crumb tray, fry basket, food tray, wire rack, and rotisserie fork and handle set.

Thousands of Amazon reviewers say Cosoris air fryer toaster oven is perfect for effortless family dinners and compliment the machines thoughtful design features. One said, This is one of those things that you never knew you needed until you have it. I had no idea that just replacing an old toaster could be such a game changer, considering the many convenient features, and my new motivation to cook/eat well and healthier!

Buy it: $199.99

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Black + Decker Air Fry Toaster Oven

This multifunctional air fry toaster oven has two control knobs to make cooking simple. The oven features an air fry function, a bake function, a broiling function, and a toast function. This oven is equipped with eventoast technology that evenly distributes heat and infrared energy to ensure that food is cooked to perfection every time. It is easy to clean and maintain, and the two control knobs allow you to adjust temperature to your specific needs.

With the health of our world today becoming a top priority, many of us are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional cooking methods. This countertop toaster oven provides a healthy and convenient alternative to frying without oil. The Crisp ‘N Bake oven holds six slices of bread and has five cooking functions. The Convection Technology allows hot air to circulate throughout the oven for uniform and fast results, even when using the air fry feature.

The Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven is a convenient device that allows you to cook multiple items at one time. Whether you are air-frying or baking, the Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven will cook them evenly and quickly, saving you a great deal of time compared to using a full-sized oven. The Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven can accommodate six slices of toast, and can fit a 12-inch pizza. It has a 60 minute timer, and has Convection technology when air-frying.

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