How To Cook Wings In An Air Fryer

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The Best Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings

How To Make Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer

Flavorful tender chicken is a must in my house- from baked cajun chicken and pesto topped chicken, to grilled lemon rosemary chicken. With an Air Fryer now at my disposal, Ive jumped right into experimenting with air fryer chicken breast and now these ready in under 30 minutes super crispy oil-free air fryer chicken wings .

Even better, the excess fat drips from the wings too, making for a leaner treat that tastes almost exactly like deep-fried chicken wings! The result is a perfect combination of juicy and fall-off-the-bone tender meat with wonderfully crispy skin that is so difficult to replicate in the oven . Its finger-licking guaranteed!

How To Cook Pre

Some frozen wings are already cooked so you have less worry about them being raw in the middle. But it still takes time because theyre frozen solid and you want the outside to be crispy. Like we mentioned before, check the thickest drumette or wing and see if its cooked through. Also, make sure its cooked crispy enough to your preferred liking.

How Long To Fry Them

Chicken Wings take about 30 minutes in the Air Fryer, shaking the basket every 10 minutes, so the wings crisp up evenly. Cooking the wings at a lower temperature first and then increasing the heat for the last few minutes ensures juicy wings with crispy skin because this allows the fat to render out, so the skin gets extra crispy. This method results in the BEST Chicken Wings!

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Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipe

Making chicken wings in the air fryer just makes so much sense. The fat renders out of the skin leaving it crispy and the chicken wings juicy. The air fryer is one of the secrets to getting the perfect crispy wings. I also, use one more trick.

I coat the wings with baking powder before adding the seasoning, which helps to draw out even more moisture as they cook. Now, whether you use just salt and pepper to season them, or go with something fancier, like a premixed storebought seasoning, it doesnt matter because youve got the most important component taken care of.

Dip them in ranch, coat them in BBQ Sauce, or drizzle with Sweet Red Chili sauce, all fair game if you ask me and will make the best Air Fryer Chicken Wings.

Can I Prep These Ahead For A Party

Easy Air Fryer Chicken Wings

YES! These are a great prep ahead party food. You can season the wings up to a couple of days ahead of time and store them in an airtight container in the fridge or even freeze them. If you freeze them, make sure to let them thaw before cooking.

When I prep them ahead, I toss them all together in a ziplock bag with the seasonings and then store them in that same ziplock bag. Super simple and easy!

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The Best Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Ok, if you’re having people over for a football game, party, or just a weeknight dinner these air fryer chicken wings are one of the best things you can make!

Seriously, in just about 30 minutes you can have top-quality homemade chicken wings that’ll taste just as good – or better – than anything you’ll get at a restaurant. That is, of course, unless you’re in Buffalo, and ordering wings from Duff’s Famous Wings.

There’s always an exception to the rule, right?

Now, some of you don’t know this – probably most of you actually – but my dad is the owner of Duff’s – one of the world’s oldest chicken wing restaurants. So, I guess I may be a little biased, but I think they’re the best true authentic Buffalo wings you can get anywhere.

If you’re ever in the Buffalo area, you’ll have to try them for yourself and see what I mean.

But for now, making these chicken wings in the air fryer is going to be as close to Duff’s wings as you can get. They are incredibly crispy, have an ideal crunchiness, and are just so darn juicy too.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier I’ll show you how to make 3 of my favorite sauces – an authentic Buffalo wings, BBQ wings, or garlic parmesan wings.

If you’re making these air fryer chicken wings for a football game or party, you should definitely make a batch of all three flavors, so there’s something for everyone!

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You Want To Heat The Air Fryer To 400f

How long to cook frozen chicken wings in power air fryer oven. We find 30 minutes of air frying to be the crispiest delight. Place all the crisper trays into the power air fryer oven elite. If it is 165, it is safe to eat!

Then organize the chicken wings in a single layer on the lowermost of the basket. Cooking frozen chicken wings in an air fryer wont be as crisp as if you. I do not oil the chicken wings.

Just add as many of them as you can in a single layer to assure perfect cooking. When you are halfway there, turn the wings around so both sides are exposed to the heat with the same strength. If you are always in short of time, you can consider utilizing an air fryer to quickly prepare the frozen popcorn chicken snacks in the air fryer.

Rub the oil and seasonings all over the frozen wings. For crispiest wings, it is best to give them a little room. A precooked frozen chicken wing will be closer to 10 minutes.

The short answer is about 25 minutes for 1 batch. Fully cooked some fully cooked chicken wings come breaded or sauced. Pour half of the wings into your air fryer basket.

Place chicken wings in air fryer basket and air fry at 400°f for 10 minutes, turning them once halfway. Cook the chicken wings for a total of 16 minutes, flipping them half way through cooking Flip the wings over at the 15 minute mark if you are using an air fryer oven.

How To Cook Frozen Chicken Wings In The Air Fryer Recipe Cooking Frozen Chicken Air Fryer Recipes Chicken Frozen Chicken Wings

Why Use An Air Fryer

How to Make Chicken Wings in an Air Fryer

An air fryer is an incredibly easy way to cook just about anything. You place the food in a fryer-style basket and hot air rapidly circulates all around the food, making the food crisp much like deep-frying, but without the oil. You can cook anything youd make in the oven.

  • If you dont have an air fryer yet, check out these options to find one that fits your needs.

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How To Make Fryer Crispy Parmesan Brussels Sprouts:

**scroll all the way down for the full printable recipe and ingredient list**

  • Prep the Brussels sprouts chop off the little stem at the bottom, then cut them in half.
  • Using a medium or large bowl, place the halved Brussels sprouts into the bowl, then add the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper and toss them around to coat.
  • Using an Air Fryer, spread the Brussels sprouts into the basket, then close and turn the air fryer to 400 degrees and set to 5 minutes.
  • While those are cooking, get 1/4 cup of bread crumbs and 1/4 cut parmesan cheese . Once the timer beeps, open the air fryer and carefully mix the Brussels sprouts around.
  • Spread them back in an even layer, then sprinkle the breadcrumbs and cheese over the tops. Close the Air fryer. and set for 5 more minutes at 400 degrees.
  • When the time is up, remove the Air Fryer Crispy Parmesan Brussels Sprouts and serve immediately!

The Air Fryer Crispy Parmesan Brussels sprouts come out super crispy, cheesy, seasoned perfectly and majorly delicious!

What To Serve With Buffalo Chicken Wings

  • Baked French Fries. Because air fryer chicken wings and fries are a match made in comfort food heaven. You can plan these recipes so that both are ready at the same time.
  • Sweet Potato Fries. Another tasty option in the fry department.
  • Air Fryer Broccoli. This quick-cooking air fryer side can be ready shortly after you finish up the wings. Or try oven Roasted Broccoli.

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How To Make Crispy Air Fryer Wings

Mix your baking powder, pepper, salt, and cayenne in a small bowl. Toss the mixture together with your wings, until they are well coated. A gallon zip-top bag does the tossing more efficiently.

Rub your air fryer basket with oil, then place your wings on it in a single layer. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the level of crispiness desired. Turn your wings halfway through the cooking time for even browning.

Making This Recipe In Advance

Quick and Easy Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Wings

Make ahead: One tip for the best and crispiest fried chicken wings in an air fryer is to make sure that the wings are thoroughly dry. One way to do this is to lay your wings out on a large plate/tray in the fridge for several hours before patting dry and air frying to crispy perfection. If you plan on making these crispy wings often, you could also mix up large batches of your favorite chicken seasoning!

Storing: You can store the leftover air fryer fried chicken wings in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two days. Make sure to move them to the refrigerator within two hours for food safety reasons.

Freeze: Allow the cooked wings to cool to room temperature and then freeze the leftovers on a baking sheet for several hours until solid. Then transfer them to a freezer-safe container/bag and store them for up to three months. Thaw them overnight in the refrigerator before eating or reheating.

Check the FAQs for how to reheat the chicken wings in the air fryer!

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Crispy Air Fryer Wings

These crispy air fryer wings are so good, they will have you saying goodbye to your favorite sports bar wings. They not only have that delectable crusty bite but also a fall-off-the-bone moistness that your family will love.

After decades of watching cooking channel shows, most people believe that the secret to the perfectly crisp chicken skin is hot, deep-frying oil. There is a level of truth in this concept because heat is vital when you want to avoid a soggy rubbery texture in poultry.

That said, the heat does not have to come from a vat of hot oil. You dont have to spend your precious evening hours beside a deep fryer evading oil splatters to make restaurant-quality chicken wings. You can simply use this air-fried chicken wings recipe from The Spicy Apron and get rid of that lingering hot oil odor from your kitchen forever.

Even better, you will never have to fret over the disposal of a vat of deep fryer oil ever again. You can make some Air fryer wings in less than 30 minutes from the comfort of your kitchen. These crispy air fryer chicken wings have far less fat than traditional fried chicken wings.

They require no frying but are as satisfying as your favorite wings places roasted or fried chicken wings. Stick with the best air fryer chicken wings recipe from The Spicy Apron and your friends and family will come back for more.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipe:


  • 3/4 tsp ground pepper.
  • 1 tsp garlic powder.
  • 2 pounds chicken wings, cut into winglets and drumettes .
  • Soy sauce and sesame seeds


  • Coat chicken in a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic powder place in a single layer on a wire rack over baking sheet 4 hours at room temperature or overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Arrange chicken on frying basket at 400 degrees F until crispy, about 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, remove the tray from your air fryer and flip all of the wings. Cook for 5 more minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or until crispy on both sides. Serve with soy sauce and sesame seeds if desired!
  • There are so many ways to enjoy wings. If you want something classic, make our buffalo sauce and serve it with blue cheese dressing and crunchy veggies on the side. Or try out a sweet-and-spicy Korean Fried Chicken recipe that we have here! You can also keep things simple by trying Lemon Pepper Wings seasoning for this dish theres no wrong way to eat chicken wings!

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    How Do I Cook Tyson Air Fried Chicken In The Air Fryer

    How to cook Tyson Air Fried Chicken

  • Remove the chicken from the package.
  • Place the amount of chicken youd like to eat into the air fryer basket.
  • Place the Chicken into the air fryer basket. Air Fry at 380F/193C for 8-10 minutes and flip in the middle of the cook time.
  • Place the chicken into a bun and enjoy!
  • How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer

    THE BEST Air Fryer Chicken Wing (Ranking 6 Methods)

    Air fry frozen chicken wings for 25 minutes at 250 degrees F , then flip, increase heat, and proceed with the same cooking time , until crispy and cooked through.

    If you prefer to thaw the chicken wings first , you can do so in a few ways:

    • Water: Put the wings in a zip top bag , then place the bag into a bowl. Fill the bowl with cold water and use something heavy to submerge the wings in the water.
    • Microwave: The defrost setting on your microwave is by far the fastest way to thaw chicken wings, but can lead to pre-cooked spots. Select the weight of wings you have, and rotate frequently if your microwave doesnt have a turntable.
    • Fridge: Thaw frozen chicken wings overnight in the refrigerator.

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    How To Make Chicken Wings In Air Fryer

  • Cut the wings into pieces so that you have 24 wings.
  • Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare the air fryer basket after preheating.
  • Place the wings in a large bowl and add olive oil, garlic powder, and baking powder. Mix well.
  • Add the seasoned wings in a single layer to the air fryer basket.
  • Air Fry WIngs at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, flipping the wings every 5 minutes. Increase the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook an additional 2 minutes for extra crispy skin. Use a digital meat thermometer to ensure the internal temperature is 165 degrees F.
  • Carefully remove the air fryer wings from the air fryer, toss in your favorite sauce, and serve with your favorite sides.
  • NOTE:This recipe was made using the Cosori Air Fryer. If you’re using a different air fryer, you may need to adjust your cooking time accordingly. Smaller wings will cook faster than larger wings.

    These are seriously the best air fryer chicken wings and they’re so easy to make with such simple ingredients.

    Tips For Crispy Wings

    Starch Coating. Using some type of starch gives the wings a super crispy coating that you just wont get without it. Some other recipes call for using baking soda. You can substitute 1 tablespoon of this for the starch if youd like.

    Not Overcrowding. Placing the wings in a single layer in the air fryer ensures every part of the skin is exposed to the hot air.

    Shaking and Flipping. Since the heat from an air fryer only comes from the top, its best if you shake and flip the wings around. This helps every part of the wing to get exposed to the high heat and get extra crispy.

    Quick Broil at End. Increasing the air fryer temperature and cooking the wings for a couple more minutes gives them a chance to really crisp up fully.

    Toss in Sauce after Air Frying. If you add the sauce to the wings before air frying, they will have too much moisture on the skin and wont have a chance to fully crisp up.

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    How Long Do Wings Take In The Air Fryer

    You only need to cook your chicken for 15 minutes when the air fryer temperatures are at 400 degrees. Leave them in for an extra three to five minutes if you are going for an extra crispy bite. You can crank up the air fryers temperatures to 420 or 450 degrees just to push them over that crispy edge.

    The Best Way To Cook Wings In The Air Fryer

    Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce

    Of all of the cuts of chicken, wings have the highest skin-to-meat ratio.

    This makes wings ideal for air frying, because all of that skin can become deliciously crisp.

    The tricky part of making crispy chicken wings in an air fryer is ensuring that the fat can fully render . If it doesnt, the wings will be soggy and greasy.

    While some recipes call for making air fryer chicken wings with flour or air fryer chicken wings with baking soda to crisp them, I found this step tedious and messy.

    Adding baking soda or flour also doesnt avoid the grease-factor. Heres what does

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