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How To Choose The Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo

Emeril Power AirFryer 360 | Slow Cooker Frittata Provencal

When shopping for an air fryer pressure cooker combo, you’ll want to choose one with a large capacity. A 4-qt ceramic-coated cook and crisp basket will allow you to cook five pounds of chicken or three pounds of French fries, and it has a nonstick lid that will protect your food from spills. The stainless-steel cooking utensil is easy to clean, and it has a backlit LCD screen for easy viewing. It also comes with a 10-minute timer, which means you can make a lot of food at once and it will be ready when you’re.

An air fryer pressure cooker is a multipurpose appliance that has all the functionality of a conventional cooker, but it’s even better than a slow cooker. These two appliances can cook food in a fraction of the time and with 70% less fat than traditional deep frying. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about meat thawing – you can cook it instantly! This is especially useful if you’re preparing a large meal for a crowd.

Unlike slow cookers, air fryers are dishwasher-safe. Many of them can also be used to make popcorn. A good model will have a temperature range of 400°F. If you need to cook a large amount of food, consider a programmable multi-cooker. Some air fryers can handle all types of food, including those that require very low heat. You can even use the multi-cooker to cook large portions of meat.

How To Choose The Best Multi Cooker For You

What features should I look out for?

All of the best multi cookers will have preset functions for slow cooking, baking and either rice or steaming. Some multi cookers, such as the Instant Pot and Tefal All-In-One, can also pressure cook. These are a good option if you cook a lot of meat joints and want to achieve slow cooker-style tenderness, but dont have time to wait around.

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If healthy cooking is on your list of must-haves, a multi cooker with an air frying function may come in handy. The Ninja Foodi does just that, as well as all of the usual functions, so you can make stews, soups, pressure-cooked meats and crispy chips all with the same appliance. The only issue is that this versatility comes at a price: at around £200, you could potentially buy a cheaper multi cooker and separate air fryer for less.

What size multi cooker should I buy?

This depends entirely on the size of your household. If youre cooking for one to two people, then anything from 1.4l upwards should be just fine. For families of four to five, wed suggest nothing smaller than 4l. If you cook for a crowd regularly or are seriously into batch cooking, then wed suggest a 6-7l multi cooker.

How much should I spend?

How Does A Pressure Cooker Work

A pressure cooker traps ultrahigh heat within the pot so that foods steam and boil quickly. The more pressure, the higher the heat and the shorter the cooking time. The lid is sealed tightly until the pressure releases, making the cooker safe and efficient. It can be used to cook many foods, but people often choose it to sharply cut back long cooking times, such as for beans, meats, and potatoes.

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Gluten Free Ninja Foodi Recipes

Now when it comes to breaded foods, and finger foods mostly. You can tweak most of them to be GF if you need it to be. One great way is to choose a GF Panko instead of breadcrumbs like we did with Ninja foodi gluten free wings. You dont miss anything with this method.

Same thing goes with others like bite sized seafood. If you are throwing a brunch youll want something savory too like our air fryer calamari. SO crunchy and flavorful, and something new your guests will love.

This Ninja Foodi breakfast is a keeper too. Make our homemade flour tortilla recipe to make breakfast burritos! Or serve it with frozen pierogies in air fryer.

One of the most basic other than rice would be how to cook Ninja foodi butter noodles. I dont know about you but my kids could live off these I think and is their favorite side dish of all times.

Want to try something totally new? Give these Air Fryer Chanukkah Latkes a whirl some morning! Forgetful sometimes?

No problem, you can cook frozen food in Ninja Foodi too. We do this all the time for dinner or side dishes like Ninja foodi frozen cauliflower and dinners like Ninja foodi frozen popcorn shrimp.

Pair that with a really fun dinner idea like air fryer Doritos chicken wings and seriously youll be the hero of the night. Forgetful? NO worries, we have directions on how to cook frozen steak in Ninja Foodi too. Pressure cook to tender and then air crisp at the very end.

How Long To Air Fry Lamb

Which Is The Best Air Fryer And Slow Cooker Combo

If you have a different sized lamb roast from the recipe below, you can work out how long to air fry it by using the following rule of thumb.

Air fry lamb for 20 minutes per lb for rare, then add two minutes per lb for each degree of doneness that you like.

The exact cook times depend on a few factors including how powerful your air fryer is.

The cook times in the recipe below are for my Philips XXL Airfryer. If you have another powerful brand of air fryer like the Nuwave or a Ninja Foodi then expect cook times to be similar.

The best way to tell whether your lamb roast is cooked is to use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature.

For roast lamb it should be 145°F / 63°C for medium. This is the minimum safe temperature for lamb according to the USDA.

I have a wireless meat thermometer* that I often use when I am air frying meat to get the cook time exactly right. It is great to use with an air fryer, as there are no wires so you can use it with the air fryer drawer fully shut and monitor temperature during cooking. Shop it online here*.

Any instant-read type meat thermometer will do the job though. Try Thermopro* for a quality brand with some budget-friendly options.

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What We Like About The Instant Pot Duo Crisp

The Duo Crisp fundamentally works as both a pressure cooker and an air fryer, and its genuinely useful for making one-pot meals. It can pressure cook a whole chicken until tender and then brown the skin afterward, or heat up a small batch of frozen fries faster than an oven. And its better designed than the one other pressure cooker/air fryer weve tested, the Ninja Foodi .

After pressure cooking a whole chicken atop a bed of carrots and potatoes in the Duo Crisp, we were able to brown the exposed skin in seven minutes using the air-fryer lid on the Roast setting. Compared with chickens weve cooked in other air fryers, this chicken browned much more evenly, although it wasnt as deeply golden as chicken roasted in an oven or a convection toaster oven. The meat was succulent, while the vegetables underneath turned out tender and even caramelized in places, if a little overcooked. The result wasnt quite as good as traditional French chicken in a pot, which would be more flavorful after a longer cooking time and gentler reduction. But wed gladly eat this comforting one-pot meal again.

How Does Slow Cooking Work In An Air Fryer

Start by cooking at a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time. This kick-starts the cooking process. Set the temperature at 400 °F for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, drop to a much lower temperature and cook over a longer period of time, usually eight to 10 hours, before serving. This is known as low and slow cooking. This process allows the flavor to develop in the food.

You will usually find slow cookers cook food at a very low temperature that is generally ranging between 170 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. This is done over several hours.

The consistently low heating temperature helps prevent any loss of water and ultimately helps to retain moisture during the cooking process.

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Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Instructions

If youre wondering how long does Ninja Foodi take to preheat so you can prepare things in a timely manner, we answered that in this article. Heres how to use the pressure cooker function:

  • Use the included pressure cooker lid
  • Place your food into the inner pot
  • Follow instructions in recipe. You can even cook frozen meat in Ninja Foodi!

Or put food into the air fryer basket. Its good for meats so drippings drip away from food and into the inner pot.

  • Push the power on button
  • Put lid on, not the one that is attached.

Move top steam valve to seal now.

Pressure And Heat Control

The Smart Oven® Air Fryer | Slow cook to perfection | Breville USA

Some multicookers only cook at high pressure, making it difficult to keep vegetables crisp and cook delicate foods, like fish. Having the ability to choose high or low pressure gives you more flexibility and prevents overcooking.

The same is true with slow cookers: The more control you have over the temperature, the easier it is to let a meal bubble away unattended. Slow cooker recipes typically tell you whether high or low heat is best to prevent scorching or undercooking a meal.

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Ninja Foodi Dinner Recipes

Main dishes and a few snacks / side dishes like making air fryer frozen onion rings are game changers! Pair these with Italian sausage air fryer style for a really quick meal.

To make it fun with kids you should make small chicken using our Ninja foodi cornish hen recipe here. Tender meat with crispy skin on the outside is a jiffy in this thing.

Serve Ninja Foodi potatoes and onions with any protein for a really cheap and delish side dish. If you only have frozen meat you can still cook a complete meal though. Our frozen chicken and noodles Ninja Foodi meal is a great example of that.

If you need homemade broth to make any of these it is easy to make that too. You can use leftover bones, or use our beef bone marrow recipe. That way you get tender marrow to spread on toast + homemade stock to use for a ton of other dishes.

What Is A Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

A pressure cooker air fryer is a combination of two appliances i.e. a conventional electric pressure cooker and an air fryer. To understand a bit more, lets discuss the mechanism of each of the components.

A pressure cooker uses superheated water and pressure build-up to cook food more quickly and reduces cooking time by approximately 75%. An air fryer is as well a rapid cooking appliance but unlike a pressure cooker it uses superheated air instead of water. The heating element increases the air temperature and the fan circulates the hot air to create a convection effect. This process results in fast cooking which makes the food tender on the inside and surprisingly crispy on the outside mimicking the effects of deep frying but without using a little or no cooking oil at all.

A Pressure Cooker Air Fryer does both jobs discussed above but not simultaneously. Items are cooked in the pressure cooker and with minor adjustments to the appliance accessories, food is air fried for a crispy finish. The prime advantage of the appliance is that you can cook frozen meats and other frozen items without thawing.

Now that you have gone through our unbiased reviews of the Best Air Fryer Pressure Cookers, we recommend you to consider the following key points while choosing the right product for your household.

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Soup Recipes Ninja Foodi

If youre forgetful you can make Ninja Foodi chicken noodle soup with frozen chicken. Or use fresh or leftover meat to make a batch of buffalo chicken soup in your pot.

Creamy, but still with healthy ingredients, you can try this Ninja Foodi potato leek soup some night with a side of rolls.

Healthy pressure cooker cabbage soup is killer during the Fall. And when you have lots of people over for the big game, make Ninja Foodi pork butt with bbq sauce.

Is It Normal For A Pressure Cooker To Start Steaming

Thomson 6.5QT Digital Air Fryer, Pressure Cooker, &  Slow Cooker All

Dont worry if your pressure cooker starts to steam. Thats a sign everything is going right. Once the contents of the cooker boil, steam will push out of the pressure valve until it locks and seals. After the valve locks, the steam will stay inside the pot so that pressure can continue to build and, once it reaches the target pressure, cook the food.

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Qtair Fryer Combos Pressure Cooker And Multi

This product is well known for its easy to clean convenience and the large capacity. This 6-quart pressure cooker and air fryer combo has the multipurpose cooking capabilities including steam, pressure cook, slow cook, the air crisp, dehydrate, bake/roast, broil.

This product is the first to launch the lid separation facility in the air fryer pressure cooker combos. It makes cooking even easier. The presets are provided in an LCD touch panel that makes the outer look beautiful. And there is also a separate lid for air fryers and pressure cookers.

There are about 22 presets in this fryer cooker and touch on the panel, and you can select one of 15 cooking presets to cook easily food items like Steak, Chicken, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French fries and more.

If you are looking for a compact, large capacity and efficient air fryer pressure cooker you can go for it.


  • Electricity consumer


This product will and the product look very high end. The touch screen will also surprise you in many ways, and the only thing you have to do is read the user manual first and read all the guidelines in very complex ways. You get perfect food in every way even its your first time.

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Best Design: Carl Schmidt Sohn 65 Qt Pressure Cooker And Air Fryer Combo

What We Didnt Like

  • Instruction manual could be better
  • Air Fryer lid might not have a perfect fit

The next option on our list is another Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combo from Carl Schmidt Sohn. This cooker has a capacity of 6.5 Quarts and comes with dimensions of 19 x 18 x 14 inches.

Carl Schmidt has included a soft-touch panel that offers 14 cooking presets. It also features the innovative 360 degree Rapid Air Circulation Technology, which makes it one of the best Air Fryers on the market. The lid separation technology ensures that this device is easy to clean. Also, it is dishwasher safe.

Along with your purchase, you get a recipe book. The nonstick inner pot is PFOA/BPA-free and provides overheating protection. Rated at 1500 Watt, it manages to cook meals with fat levels 97% lower than deep frying.

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Should You Buy An Air Fryer Or A Slow Cooker

Multipurpose air fryers can perform the function of a slow cooker as well. Its better to invest in a multipurpose air fryer as a long-term investment.

If the type of food you would enjoy is tenderized meats, then we would suggest that you buy a dedicated slow cooker. Slow cookers do have an advantage over air fryers thanks to the fact that they can consistently run at low temperatures for an extremely long time.

They are also incredibly durable and frankly could last a lifetime. We found our slow cooker for nearly a decade now and its still running strong. Our slow cooker creates an amazingly tender meal that exhibits intense flavors from the meat and spices.

So the question for you is, why not get both?

How We Test Instant Pots

Air Fryer | Getting Started (Ninja Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer)

To see how Instant Pots and multi-cookers stack up, weve spent hundreds of hours whipping up curries and chillies, preparing batches of rice and even steaming portions of vegetables, comparing the end results. Were looking for meat that falls off the bone but is still tender and succulent, rice thats fluffy but still with some bite and crisp vegetables. Weve also compared how easy they are to use and just how much they speed up cooking by.

We evaluate each model on how many different cooking methods it offers, how durable and easy to clean the body and parts are, how loud it is in use and when releasing pressure and how hot the exterior casing gets. Were also assessing how simple each multi-cooker is to use and whether you need to read the instruction manual before cooking, whether recipe inspiration is provided and the useful accessories such as racks and trays it comes with.

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