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Things To Consider While Buying An Air Fryer

There are many types of air fryers. Smaller appliances are designed for single or double cooking. The XL and XXL sizes may feed up to six people.

Its possible. Air fryer-toaster oven combo equipment and even pressure cookers with air fryer capabilities. In case you have a lot of counter space and wish to prepare a variety of items, try a combination air fryer.

Bestviewsreviews Ranking And Score For Nuwave Brio 6

This product received a total score of 8.25 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 10 features:

  • Noise level
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    Why People Like This Oven

    According to the user experience, I have noted a few facts that they love about the NUWAVE BRAVO XL.

    • This smart stove is an all-in-one bundle. You can obtain the solutions of a convection oven, dehydrator, and an air fryer in it. So, there is no demand to go with various other appliances.
    • Lots of people select their appliances based upon their look. From that element, this stove holds a ideal counter top appearance. As this gadget is really useful and qualified to do a great deal of food preparation work, it will be a excellent enhancement to your kitchen area.
    • The incorporated thermostat of this oven will certainly stay in your food while cooking. So, you do not have to make any type of assumption how the cooking is going.
    • As there are two racks in it, you can put as much food as you desire and also you can be sure that everything is being cooked effectively.air fryer nuwave brio reviews

    How Easy Is It To Clean

    NuWave Brio 6 Qt. Digital Air Fryer

    Cleaning the Nuwave Brio 6 quart Digital Air Fryer was relatively simple. I removed the cooking chamber from the machine and separated the basket as well as the removable baking rack. The frying basket has a removable baking rack for a bottom that clicks into place and comes apart easily. I chose to wash all the pieces by hand, but the cooking chamber, basket, and baking rack are all dishwasher safe, which is a very nice feature. However, because the manual recommends washing all the pieces, include the large cooking chamber and basket on the top rack of your dishwasher, it is not feasible to regularly do so, especially if your top rack has limited clearance.

    The inside of the cooking chamber is coated in a non-stick coating, so you are going to want to make sure you wash it using a non-abrasive cleaner and sponge. A quick soak in warm soapy water and using a non-abrasive sponge was more than enough to clean the inside of the cooking chamber in my experience. The food basket and cooking rack are made from stainless steel, and I was able to scour them a little more heavily with the scouring side of my sponge. That, and a quick soak in warm water, was enough to loosen even the toughest, stuck-on pieces, making them easy to clean even by hand.

    Overall, it was very easy to clean, but because of the bulky nature of the pieces, youre going to want to always clean them by hand, even if they are dishwasher safe.

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    Whats The Bottom Line

    With all the features and functions that Nuwave Brio Air Fryer 6QT has, it ranks as one of the best value air fryers. With an advanced digital display that includes a digital timer with a built-in automatic shutoff function. Unlike other analog air fryers, the NuWave Brio has an advanced LCD display that tells you the exact temperature that your meals are cooked. There is no need to mess around with the analog dial or guess the cooking temperature. The extra-large capacity is also ideal for family use. The Brio air fryer is easy to use with all the present functions. The basket divider comes in handy when you need to cook two different food at the same time.

    Furthermore, you can set the wattage on the 6-quart NuWave Brio Air Fryer to 1800 watts, 1500 watts or 900 watts with the simple press of a button, allowing you to use your Brio safely and efficiently even if electricity is limited.

    The Nuwave 6qt digital air fryer is also an ideal model for travel as it is compact and lightweight. However, for a larger family setting, I would recommend the Nuwave Brio 10Qt model instead as you can only cook up to 3 quarts of food each time for this model.

    Nuwave Brio 6 Qt Air Fryer Reviews

    Lets check out the characteristics of this model!

    Outstanding Features

    The NuWave Brio 6 QT air fryer, with its 6-quart capacity, is ideal for cooking large batches of your favorite fried foods. The PFOA-free nonstick fry pan basket makes it safer than other competitors.

    This device has built-in safety safeguards that ensure it will shut off automatically and instantly when the basket is removed. This machine wont start cooking again until the basket is firmly reinstalled, keeping your air fryer from getting damaged.


    This unit offers a large capacity and high efficiency at a reasonable price. You can make healthy dishes for a small crowd in a short time without compromising the taste.

    Like The Nuwave Brio 3 QT air fryer, this model is also easy to set up and operate. The basket and drawer are dishwasher-safe materials, so cleaning them up is incredibly simple.


    One of the quibbles with this machine is its tilted angle. If you dont spread out your food equally, it will all end up looking the same.

    There is a discrepancy between the time set in the menu and reality. It still does a fantastic job crisping the outside while keeping the meat moist on the inside. However, its still undercooked, and youll need to wait for a little while before taking the food out.

    Suitable For Who?

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    Why You Should Need The Nuwave Brio Air Fryer

    The health benefits of using an air fryer are enormous, along with this, the Nuwave Brio Air fryer does the cooking in a simple but effective manner, the hot air is circulated around the food to guarantee a perfect and evenly cooked food with a taste and crisp texture that is uncommon with many air fryers.

    On top of these, the Nuwave Brio Air fryer is simple to use and clean without troubles.

    Add all these with the affordability, the Nuwave is the perfect answer to your air frying needs.

    Nuwave Brio 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer: Design

    NuWave Brio 10qt Air Fryer – 7 Month Review

    The NuWave Brio 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer is a large boxy appliance. The control panel is on top of the machine which is angled downwards to make it accessible. The buttons for the various functions are large and well marked. On the top, some programs are listed for guidance, which makes it look cluttered as theres 20 of them. Because of its size, measuring 11 x 13 x 13 inches, and weight of 15 pounds, its not easy to move this appliance around if you dont want to give it a permanent home on your countertop.

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    Features Of Nuwave Brio 10 Qt Air Fryer

    • This is a large air fryer with a 10 qt capacity
    • The Air Fryer includes a rotisserie kit so you can easily cook your favorite meats
    • When you open the lid, the Air Fryer shut off immediately
    • The large air fryer also has a wide range of adjustable temperature
    • This is a 10 qt air fryer.
    • The Air Fryer comes with a rotisserie kit to roast your favorite meats.
    • The Air Fryer shuts off when you open the lid.
    • The huge air fryers temperature is also adjustable.

    Nuwave Brio 10 Qt Air Fryer Review

    There is no better large air fryer than the NuWave Brio 10 Qt Air Fryer. There has been a lot of discussion over the Air Fryer brand on the internet.

    Besides being one of the earliest air fryers on the market, they have a large following of customers who are looking for their first or second air fryer. Many people are unsure of which air fryer to purchase.

    It can be difficult to discover the model that would give you the results you want because they have so many possibilities. So this article is about the Nuwave Brio 10 Qt Air Fryer, one of the best large air fryers currently available.

    The post will explain the characteristics and whether the NuWave Brio 10 Qt Air Fryer is suitable for your needs.

    Let us first evaluate the NuWave Brio 10 Qt air fryers characteristics , advantages and downsides.

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    Air Fryer Buying Guide

    Most people considering buying an air fryer are unaware of its main benefits. So many people fall for the hype and acquire goods that arent suited for them.

    Finding out if a model or brand is useful usually involves some research, which buyers dont do ahead.

    There are now numerous options for huge air fryers, but you must choose carefully or you may wind up with something that does not match your demands. Consider these factors while picking the best large capacity air fryer.

    Cooking With One Touch

    NuWave Brio Air Fryer 36011 review

    Isnt it a issue of concern to use different type of devices for different dishes? Additionally, the food preparation procedure as well as other necessary steps are as well hard to keep in mind for numerous items. NUWAVEs oven can address this problem for you.

    You just have to push one switch to cook, air fry, grill, roast, pizza and also reheat anything you desire. Simply set the temperature level and your cooking will certainly be done instantly. No demand to inspect or transform the sides over and over once more. Also food preparation quickly is the best part of this smart oven.

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    How Would I Improve The Nuwave Brio Air Fryer

    Overall the Nuwave 6 Quart Brio Digital Air Fryer is an amazing machine. It has clean, elegant lines, and an intuitive design. The controls are easy to use and, thanks to digital temperature control with individual degree increments, a precise digital timer, and wattage settings, it is incredibly easy to fine-tune your cooking process. There are a few small adjustments I would make, but nothing so dire as to impede the overall function of this machine.

    • The assembly of the cooking chamber/food basket is a little loose and, at times, loading it into the machine can be a chore. The detachable basket allows the cooking chamber to hang down a bit, and when filled with food, it means that you have to align the cooking chamber and the machine just so, to allow the chamber to slide back into the machine. It was a struggle at times to get the basket loaded back into the machine efficiently when filled with food.
    • Include brackets on the back of the machine to help maintain a proper distance from the wall and other cooking appliances. Though it may seem simple, it is very easy to find this machine pushed all the way to the wall or back of a countertop, which is not ideal for best operation and safety. Some models Ive seen include small brackets or a protrusion that keeps the machine properly spaced from other equipment or walls. Including these would be a nice touch to ensure proper operation, but it isnt hard to just pull it out a few inches every time you decide to use it.

    Nu Wave Primo Grill Oven


    • The NuWAVE PRIMO grill cooks faster than conventional cooking , uses less energy . even cook from frozen without defrosting.
    • Insert the probe and set the temperature, and you can go it off automatically and make the best pizza at home, so what are you waiting for!
    • Just click and grab one and make healthy homemade pizza, and it is easy to carry to any place for a picnic , vacation it is minimal in size and does many more extraordinary things.


    • cracks

    VERDICT:this product is worth a try and worth every penny if you follow the instructions correctly and has complaints like crack and peeling, which happens in overheating. by carefully using all the product give us excellent result than we expected.

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    Nuwave Brio Air Fryer Vsninja Max Xl Air Fryer

    Like the Nuwave Brio Digital Air Fryer, the Ninja Max XL is a pod-style air fryer that is completely self-contained in an egg-shaped countertop unit. Size-wise it is slightly smaller, at 5.5 quarts, compared to the 6-quart capacity the Brio Digital Air Fryer offers. It can, however, hold similar amounts of food at 3 lbs. of fries, chicken wings or pork chops.

    It comes with a ceramic crisper plate in the base of the food basket that allows the air to circulate around the food completely ensuring a crisp, crunchy finish. The Nuwave Brio Digital Air Fryer on the other hand comes equipped with a removable fry pan basket attachment to allow the air to circulate.

    In addition to all the features offered by the Nuwave model, the Ninja Max XL comes equipped with a dehydrator function that is a very attractive option, as discussed in the last comparison. Furthermore, the Ninja Max also comes with a broiler stand that allows you to elevate food closer to the heating element, should you wish to broil any of your recipes at the end.

    Aesthetically the Ninja Max XL and the Nuwave Brio are incredibly similar with a sleek black finish, polished lines, and a bright, easy-to-read, digital display. Both machines have an identical temperature range and top out at 450° F., which is more than hot enough to crisp even the trickiest of foods.

    Nuwave Brio 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer: Ease Of Use And Cleaning

    Nuwave Brio Air Fryer 6qt quick review with functions

    While the buttons on the control panel are easy to read and press, programming this air fryer is complicated. There is an inner and outer basket that you can easily pull out of the unit and replace. When you want to separate them for cleaning, you simply press a button.

    Most of the exterior surfaces, including the handle and panel, stay cool enough that they can be touched without causing a burn, but the bottom of the front reached a temperature of 151.7°F in operation. As it air fries, this appliance has a dBA reading of 63.4, which is louder than the average air fryer about the equivalent to a room air conditioner.

    Both the exterior and the interior baskets are coated with a nonstick finish and can be cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher. The stainless steel grid on the bottom of the basket can collect gunk and can be difficult to clean however.

    With this air fryer you get a very detailed use and care manual as well as a laminated Quickstart Guide that includes extensive cooking charts and codes for the presets. Nuwave also provides a soft-cover cookbook with 40 recipes. You can also download the NuWave Cooking Club app to see the recipes.

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    How Easy Is It To Set Up

    The set-up was quick and easy.It was very light and easy to maneuver onto my countertop. It does need at least 2 of clearance between the back of the machine and any other equipment or walls it may be placed in proximity to. The basket comes with a piece of cardboard between the basket and the frying chamber that obviously needs to be removed, but other than that, the machine is ready to cook right out of the box.

    Personally, I like to give all my cooking equipment a quick rinse with hot water before the first use, and here I ran into my only issue with setup. It took me a second to figure out how to release the frying basket from the removable cooking chamber. It is attached with a spring-loaded button release on the handle. Once I understood how to properly release the basket, it was a breeze, but it took me a minute of fiddling with the release to get it to engage the first time.

    Nuwave Brio 155qt Air Fryer Review

    David FerreiraReviewsCookingHome and KitchenWe use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

    REVIEW These things come in waves. OK, thats my one dad joke per review. Seriously, though, we tend to get a lot of similar products to review simultaneously. Sometimes they are variants of robot vacuums, and on other days it is a collection of power distribution blocks. The flavor of the day today is the air fryer. Oops, two dad jokes I expect a visit from HR soon. Regardless, the NuWave Brio 15.5QT Air Fryer is my first foray into the exciting world of frying with little oil. How well does this device stack up against the others? Read on to find out

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