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Easy To Use And Clean

PowerXL Air Fryer Oven 8-qt with Accessories and Recipe Booklet on QVC

To cook food in the PowerXL Air Fryer, all you need to do is select the cooking mode and set it to the desired temperature. Easy-peasy.

Cleaning is designed to be a breeze, as well. With dishwasher-safe parts and a drip pan, you should have more time to enjoy your food and less time spent scrubbing.

Instant Pot Vortex Plus

  • Large capacity and cooking area
  • Easy-to-use dial control
  • Buttons can sometimes be hard to press

We were impressed with the performance of this air fryer from one of our favorite multi-cooker brands. Instant Potâs Instant Vortex Plus is sleek with its stainless steel face and large, easy-to-read buttons. It boasts six cooking settings, including air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate, with different programmable temperature and time settings. The dial allows for easy selection so you don’t have to click a button 100 times to get to the temperature youâre looking for. The air fryer basket is large and square, which creates more cooking space than its round competitors, making it a smart investment for a family. Its removable tray has a thin, hinged handle, so it’s easy to pull out but also lays flat to preserve the full cooking area.

Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

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What Is A Power Xl Air Fryer

A Power XL Air Fryer is a product that comes from the Power XL company.

It is a company that is very well known for the production of air fryers and the products you get here are known for their compact size as well as the digital smart features.

With all these digital features and compact size, these products also pack a highly performing internal making them the best choice for most of the recipes.

Maxx Classic Power Xl Air Fryer Best Compact Power Xl Air Fryer

Power XL Airfryer Pro 6 QT With 7 in 1 Cooking Features with Rotisserie ...

Sometimes you need to save on space and this air purifier is exactly made for you because of its compact design and form factor.

However, it is not the only highlight of it as reliability is another huge benefit that comes along with this air fryer.

It comes with the Amazons Choice tag which means that you can buy it and enjoy the peace of mind that it brings along with all the features and benefits.


  • It comes in a 4-quart capacity
  • The LED display helps you keep track of all the ongoing stats for the best cooking experience
  • It can go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit when cooking
  • The 1200 watt power rating of this product allows it to stay good on your budget while providing the quickest results as well.

Pros and Cons

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Vortex Pro Power Xl Air Fryer Best Digital Power Xl Air Fryer

The first product that we have here on our list is not only the most powerful option, but it comes in a very compact size and makes the best utilization of the space available.

If there is some feature that you need in your product then it is present in this one. So, all over it makes an amazing choice for most of the users.


  • The see-through door lets you see the cooking progress in real-time
  • It comes in a 10-quart capacity
  • There are 10 different one-touch programs that you can use in this Power XL Air Fryer
  • It offers 6-in-1 different cooking options

Pros and Cons

  • The power consumption here is 1700 watts

What makes it the best choice?

Well, there are a lot of options in the category of Power XL Air Fryer but the Vortex Pro makes the best choice for you because of its amazing features while having a capacity that is more than enough for everyone.

On top of everything, you get the surety of using less oil for cooking, and all of this comes at a very affordable price bracket making things extremely simple for you.

Technical Specifications Of The Power Xl Pro

Product: Air Fryer Power XL Pro

Capacity: 6 liters

Presets: Frying, air frying, baking, steaming, sauteing, grilling, dehydrating,

1700 watt power

Temperature: up to 400°C

Accessories: stainless steel basket, 3 racks, oil drip tray, rotating spit and 10 stainless steel skewers

Dimensions: 14.96 x 13.4 x 14.56.

Weight:19.1 lbs

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Advantages Of Buying Power Air Fryer Xl

There are lots of benefits of the power air fryer XL that makes the product unique from others. It not only tells you that how you are going to benefit from buying the product but you also become familiar with the proper side of the machine in whole.

The following are the advantages of purchasing power Air Fryer XL:

No use of oil While cooking food in the power air fryer XL, you do not have to add any oil in the food. It means you cut the amount of fat from the food which makes you healthy in return.

User-friendly product It is a user-friendly product that you can use without any guidance. It can also use by a kid without any problem of getting burn which usually arises in case of the traditional frying.

Multiple functions The power air fryer XL is a multi purpose appliance in which you can do multiple things at one time. You can bake, steam, roast, air fry or grill the food in the unit. It simply means that the appliance replaces the need for six different units in your kitchen which you might have to buy distinctly.

Automatic shut down The unit comes with the timer that shut down the appliance automatically as soon as the frying process gets over. It means you just have to set the time of the frying and leave the unit without any tension in your mind. In fact, if you stop it in between the frying process and start it again the also it will resume at the same time at which you pause it.

The Power Xl Air Fryer Instructions Explained In Details

PowerXL 7-qt Classic Digital Air Fryer on QVC

Many of us are familiar with the local method of frying foods with oil using a frying pan. However, we now have a new invention called the air fryer.

An air fryer is an electrical appliance that cooks, grills, roasts, fries, and bakes food using mechanical fans that blow scorching air through the food. The food cooks inside, leaving the outside crispy.

The Power Air fryer XL is an oven, grill, steamer, cooktop, and toaster rolled into one neat, small, and multifunctional appliance.

In this article, well walk you through using the Power XL Air Fryer.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Power Xl Air Fryer Home

Air fryers are a great way to cook food without using oil. They’re also a great way to make delicious snacks such as french fries, chicken tenders, and onion rings. They’re easy and fun to use. Browse the top-ranked list of PowerXL air fryers for home below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    Get healthy meal options at home with the PowerXL Dual Air Fryer Pro that allows for 9 quarts of double or 4.5 quart single basket cooking, with 8 presets to choose from. Perfectly cook two separate foods at the same time with the Smart IQ technology and new shake “halfway” timer feature.See all Air Fryers

    Product Description

    Get healthy meal options at home with the PowerXL Dual Air Fryer Pro that allows for 9 quarts of double or 4.5 quart single basket cooking, with 8 presets to choose from. Perfectly cook two separate foods at the same time with the Smart IQ technology and new shake “halfway” timer feature.$159.99Your price for this item is $159.99Add to Cart

  • How To Use The Power Xl Air Fryer

    Using this appliance for the first time may appear tricky, but its an uncomplicated venture. Follow the steps below to use the Power XL Air Fryer.

    • Plug the appliance into its outlet.
    • Next, press the power button to preheat the appliance.
    • Press the temperature increase or decrease button to set the cooking temperature.
    • Preheat it for 3 minutes. Press the Time Decrease Button to set it, and when the time is set, bring out the basket from the unit, and place your ingredients for cooking inside. Its better to use the frying tray inside the basket.
    • The basket will be very hot, so hold the handle when bringing it out or pushing it in. Avoid touching it with your bare hands.
    • Its time to cook. Set the right time and temperature for the food you are cooking.
    • When it is ready, the timer will beep five times. Pull out the basket and place the tray on a heat-resistant surface.
    • Please dont turn it upside down when you remove the basket to avoid the remaining oil from leaking into the food.
    • Remove the food with a tong.
    • If you still want to cook the food some more, place that basket back into the fryer, and fry again for a few minutes.
    • Now, the unit is ready to prepare the next meal.

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    Who Makes The Power Air Fryer Xl

    Before going deep into the review, lets say you something about the manufacturer of the Power Air Fryer XL.

    Who endorses the Power Air Fryer XL?

    The famous chef Eric Theiss recommends the Power Air Fryer XL. According to him, this appliance is an affordable, high quality, versatile and cook food perfectly as well as deliciously. What is the most amazing thing about the product is that it comes with the 60 days money back guarantee which may not get with the other similar models?

    Air Fryer Guide: How Air Frying Works And The Best Recipes

    PowerXL Air Fryer Home, 16qt Capacity

    The working procedure of an air fryer is simple. It uses heated air circulation to cook food items. You can heat an air fryer to 200°C or 392°F to help it circulate the air around the food. Accordingly, it covers the item with a thin layer of oil to bake it.

    You have the luxury to adjust the heat and cooking time on the modern air fryers. It helps you to get the meal prepared quickly.

    • Plain air fryer chicken fries
    • Plain air fryer bacon fries
    • Zucchini fries
    • Chicken tender with Parmesan cheese
    • Parmesan cheese and garlic air fryer recipe

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    Milex Power Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie Xl


    • Digital one-touch cooking with touch control screen panel
    • XL easy to read display
    • Manual cooking mode for personalized cooking
    • 50 ~ 220°C temperature control
    • 3 layer design
    • Automatic shut-o timer for ultimate convenience
    • Audible alarm when cooking has been completed
    • Large easy-grip oven door handle
    • Large transparent viewing window
    • With oven safety switch for added safety
    • With overheat protection

    * Due to Milex’s constant product improvement, images may vary slightly from the product.Refunds & Replacements:

    • We offer a full money-back guarantee on all purchases made on our website but under certain conditions.
    • To be eligable for a refund or exchange, all physical products must be in the original packaging, if the item is open and not in the original packaging we will review and partially refund it or offer you a refund based on the original method.
    • Items with safety seals will not be accepted back if the seal is broken. This will be regarded as a used item.
    • Returns can only be done within 7-14 working days of order.

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    Cooking Tips For The Power Air Fryer Xl

    The following are the few cooking tips which we want to give you regarding the power air fryer XL:

    • You must arrange the food in the basket in such a way that lots of space left for the proper air circulation inside the unit.
    • You should not stack the food over each other as that will not result in proper frying.
    • You should never layer the meat inside the basket of the air fryer.
    • The cut meat should not directly expose to the rotating hot air. It will result in the uneven frying of your food.
    • The food should not touch each other during the heat circulation as those can leave the touched part uncooked.

    Different Power Xl Air Fryer Recipes For Snacks And Meals

    PowerXL Air Fryer Pro / Oven Commercial Infomercial | As Seen on TV

    Air Fryer permits you to enjoy delicious fries and BBQs without much oil usage. And the Power XL air fryer will take your snacks and meal enjoyment to the next level. However, for this, you need to know various Power XL Air Fryer recipes to make your mealtime memorable.

    With the Vortex and Turbo versions of the Power XL air fryers, you can quickly prepare the favorite French fries, chicken wings, or Zucchini fries and entertain your appetite. We will discuss the most popular and mouthwatering recipes for the Power XL air fryer.

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    Power Xl Air Fryer Grill Recipes

    Grill chicken or beef are two-way swords. If cooked well and juicy, these grills are an all-time favorite. Unfortunately, chicken and beef grills either become rubber or dry out too soon. Both causes are responsible for inappropriate grills and ruin your appetite.

    Ingredients you will need:The entire grill preparation will take 20 minutes and serve 4-5 people. The steps are-6. Before you slice and garnish the grills, let them cool down in a tray. Wrap the grills in foil paper to preserve the juiciness better.

    Hence, you can use the Power XL air fryer to prepare the mouthwatering beef grills. A standard 100-gram or 3.5 ounces beef grill would offer you 165 calories with 10-13 grams fat and 28-32 grams protein. So, it is a great way of boosting your health.

    • 4 pieces of New York or Rib Eye stakes
    • ¼ cup of vinegar
    • 2 tbsp. of pure brown sugar
    • 1 tbsp. of rosemary and thyme
    • 5-7 minced cloves
    • Ginger
    • Black pepper and salt to taste.

    1. Take a medium-sized bowl and pour the dried olive oil and brown sugar at first. Then, add the balsamic vinegar and the dried herbs with it. Season it with salt and pepper for 3-5 minutes correctly.

    2. Add the minced garlic and ginger and mix the ingredients properly.

    3. Dip the stakes into the mixture and blend them properly. Now, let the beef stakes marinate for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. It is suggested that you allow the marinate to takes place in a refrigerator.

    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Power Air Fryer Pro

    Browse the top-ranked list of power air fryer pro below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 286 reviews

    Top comment

    My wife loves her new Power AirFryer, she uses it at least 5 days a week….Air fryer power XL

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Cook delicious meals with this PowerXL Vortex air fryer. The 7-quart capacity accommodates enough food for a small family, while 10 preset functions take the guesswork out of different cooking processes. This PowerXL Vortex air fryer features a timer with auto-shutoff for convenience and dishwasher-safe parts for effortless cleaning.See all Air FryersTop comment

    My wife loves her new Power AirFryer, she uses it at least 5 days a week….Air fryer power XL

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Cook delicious meals with this PowerXL Vortex air fryer. The 7-quart capacity accommodates enough food for a small family, while 10 preset functions take the guesswork out of different cooking processes. This PowerXL Vortex air fryer features a timer with auto-shutoff for convenience and dishwasher-safe parts for effortless cleaning.$149.99Your price for this item is $149.99Add to Cart

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    It Has Great Design And Excellent Size

    If youre anything like me, you probably dont like to settle for average appliances. Fortunately, the Power XL Pro is no different. It has a sleek and compact design that is sure to brighten up your kitchen. And unlike most dryers that only come in black, this one is also available in red.

    Another attractive feature of this oil-free fryer is its size. Measuring 14.96 x 13.4 x 14.56 inches, it is the perfect size for many small kitchens. It is not so small that hot air cannot circulate properly to cook food. Its also not so large that it takes up a lot of countertop space.

    In terms of capacity, the Power XL Pro has an internal volume of 6 liters, which is easily enough to feed a family of 4 to 6 people. In fact, you can fit a 4 pound chicken and still have plenty of room for air circulation.

    • Multitasking stove with 8 different functions, including frying and dehydrating.
    • Excellent 6qt capacity with 3 airflow racks
    • Easy to use digital setting buttons
    • Quick cleanup with non-stick and dishwasher safe accessories
    • Stylish design in black or red
    • Rapid Air Tech for fast heat-up and fast cooking time
    • Automatic shut-off function
    • Warranty too short: only 60 days!
    • Skewer sticks are a bit awkward to place
    • High-pitched beep at the end of cooking can be annoying
    • New devices can have a plastic smell

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