What Size Air Fryer For Family Of 4

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How To Buy And Pick An Air Fryer

The best air fryer for a large family | best air fryer for family of 4
  • Most top name brand air fryers offer you a choice of purchasing a model with LCD digital or manual analog controls and displays.
  • The number of available pre-set modes also vary from one air fryer to another. Some models offer you the convenience of pre-setting your frequent timings. Be sure that the model you are interested in buying has the number of temperature settings and wet/dry cooking modes that you want in an air fryer.
  • Air fryers with automatic On/Off controls mean that you do not have to be near the food while it is cooking unless your recipe requires that you turn the food over during the cooking process.
  • Check out the number of cooking compartments available with the model size of your choice. Some air fryers will only allow you to cook one food item at a time, while other units have more than one cooking compartment for complete meal preparation all at once.
  • If you want to do more than frying in air fryer, check out the other cooking applications available in the model size that you select. Larger air fryers are also useful for grilling, roasting, and baking. Some models come with the required rakes, rotisserie forks, and baking cages while other models sell these accessories separately.

What Size Air Fryer Will Cook A Whole Chicken

Aside from young chickens, which are relatively small enough to fit almost any type of air fryer, there are adult chickens that can weigh anywhere between 4 and 10 pounds. This means that having an air fryer that can hold that size capacity is crucial to your ability to air fry a whole chicken. The best basket air fryer you could use would be one that ranges in capacity between 7 and 10 quarts. If youre settled on an air fryer oven, you should pick the larger-sized oven with a higher ceiling.

Best Air Fryer For Family Of 4 : Top Brands Review


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Air fryers have become extremely popular in households today as a healthier alternative to deep frying. They make use of little to no oil to produce the same crunchy and crispy textures of deep fried food that weve come to love. Because they use little to no oil, they make to possible to enjoy the same types of food without feeling the guilt associated with it or putting in extra hours at the gym. They can cut our consumption of fats and calories by nearly 80%, thereby helping to tackle a range of lifestyle related diseases.

Several top air fryer brands offer a range of products that come with a variety of features, but fancy features dont always mean that theyre the right fit for your household. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best air fryer for family. In addition to making sure the air fryer is within your budget, you need to make sure to check its capacity, power consumption, temperature control, wattage, safety, and size, among other things.

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Air Fryer Size For A Small Family

When buying an air fryer for a small family , you should be looking at the large air fryers as described above. This is any air fryer in the 5-10 quart/ liter range. This is easier than ever, as it is currently the largest section of air fryers available. If you look at top selling air fryers, you will see a lot of large air fryers on that list right now!

The only exception to this is if you are planning to cook whole meals for the whole family in your air fryer. Then you should look into the super-sized air fryer category. This would reduce the amount of times you would need to cook in batches.

My recommendation for an air fryer in this category would be the Omorc 6 quart model. It offers an excellent combination of quality and price!

Why Buy An Air Fryer

10 Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4: Review

In a word: convenience. Like any kitchen gadget, you want something thats going to make life simpler, and theres no doubt that frying and baking conventionally can be messy, smelly or even dangerous.

Using an air fryer to bake, roast and fry will speed up the process, could potentially cut calories and save money as you wont have to use a larger oven for smaller portions and side dishes.

Think of air fryers as mini ovens that can tackle almost anything youd put in a conventional oven or deep fat fryer. Theyre not just for chips you can bake, roast, and even dehydrate ingredients, too.

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Do You Intend To Do Baking

There is nothing more annoying than having to batch cook your cookies or cake creations! So, if you intend to do baking in your air fryer, I would recommend you size up one level. If you werent aware that you can bake in an air fryer, you should go read my review of an excellent air fryer baking cookbook to find out more!

Cosori Air Fryer 1500w Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker

  • Cosoris 3.7-quart square-foot supplies a whole lot of cooking area, particularly in contrast to its round rivals. It is lightweight and removable, with lots of vents for optimum airflow.
  • The control panel is filled with presets which are programmed with recommended cooking temperatures and times, such as a, preheat alternative, which isnt common on air fryers for family of 4. The Cosori Air Fryer may also be utilized to get a manual setting if not one of the presets would be the ideal match.
  • Additionally, it made great fresh chips and wings. Frozen fries required nearly 10 minutes less than the manufacturers directions, so keep a watch out for the snacks you are cooking. Steam came from the air fryer through cooking, which induced condensation to build upon the drawer that this steam did not appear to influence benefits.

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What Size Air Fryer Should I Buy

In this section, we aim to give you a simple air fryer size comparison, linking the sizes mentioned above to their ideal use case. Please bear in mind that this is a general air fryer size guide, and please make sure to read the section after this to see if there are any other considerations when selecting your air fryer size.

This air fryer size guide should be looked at as the bare minimum you would need for your situation. Of course, some people like to go big just because they like the luxury and added versatility of more space. Just make sure that you buy at least the minimum size recommended below.

As a general rule, I would say that if you are buying an air fryer, you should always go a little bit bigger than you expect. This is because most people are used to traditional fixed ovens, which offer a lot of space. Even for me with a 3 quart size air fryer, I sometimes find the space not enough even if I am just cooking for myself. Especially if most of the meal is cooked in the air fryer.

And you cant stack food in an air fryer or fill it up to the max, as you need to leave space for the hot air to flow around your food and cook it. This also limits how you can use the space in an air fryer and may require you to size up!

You dont want to be stuck with an air fryer that you think is too small, so better to go a little bit bigger right out of the gate. Find out about the cooking capacity you may need below

What To Consider When Buying An Air Fryer

Which is the Best Air Fryer? Non-toxic, affordable, & family-friendly models

Think of your individual requirements before investing. You may want to consider the following:

Manual or digitalThe simplest air fryers come with manual knobs that you twist to set the time and temperature. You may prefer a digital version, where you press buttons to set this, and can see the remaining time digitally displayed.

Choice of pre-set programmesDo you like to choose your own temperature and how long to cook things for, or would you prefer to leave all that to the machine? Some of our fryers had up to nine pre-set programmes for popular foods like chips and, bizarrely, shrimps.

SpeedIt took between 17 and 30 minutes to cook chips in our samples, so this might be a factor. Some models need preheating, but only for a few minutes .

SizeAlways check the size as the capacity varies enormously important if youre feeding the masses or just want dinner for one. But bigger isnt always better. Some take up more space on the kitchen surface and if youre going to keep it in a cupboard, check the dimensions, some are sizeable beasts.

Transparent lid Some models have a see-through lid so you can glance in and check your chips are browning well. With others, you have to open the basket to check, stopping the machine. The transparent ones tend to be a feature on more expensive machines, so you need to decide how important this is to you.

CleaningYoull need to wash the basket and pan after use. Some need to be hand-washed, while others are dishwasher-proof.

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How To Know When The Air Fryer Is Preheated

Answer- There are two ways to tell if your air fryer is properly preheating. First, the temperature should be between 350-400 degrees. Second, the light should be flashing on. If the temperature is at the correct level and the light is flashing, you should start frying your food immediately.

If either the temperature or the light isnt working, you should wait for the proper heat to build before using the air fryer. Talking straight, It takes about five to eight minutes to preheat an air fryer.

What Size Air Fryer Do You Need

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What size air fryer do you really need? It comes down to what youre cooking, what family size you have, and how much space you have for small appliances.

Air fryers come in numerous sizes and various designs, all to accommodate a wide variety of family sizes as well as individuals.

Lets take a look at different sizes so you can determine exactly what size of air fryers will work best for you.

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How Air Fryers Work

An air fryer is a small benchtop oven that circulates hot, dry air to produce crispy food, much like a wall oven in fan-forced mode. Just like with an oven, food being cooked in an air fryer needs to be regularly rotated or shaken to ensure even browning. There are three different ways this is achieved, depending on the design of your air fryer:

Pull-out drawer

Models with a pull-out drawer and basket require manual shaking every five minutes or so to ensure even cooking. Most models don’t have a timer or alert to remind you to shake your food, so you’ll need to make an effort to remember this yourself. These models are best for foods you would normally shallow fry or grill such as grilled fish, chicken, meat balls, baked vegetables and crumbed foods.


Self-stirring air fryers have a paddle that gradually stirs the food around the bowl throughout the cooking process. This eliminates the need to manually shake the food, but some models stir better than others and it’s still possible to end up with unevenly browned food or items that have been bent or distorted by the stirrer. These models are best for foods that are usually deep fried, shallow fried or baked such as small portions of meat, baked vegetables or chips. Some models may come with an extra bowl without a paddle suitable for roasting meats or even baking a cake.

Rotating basket multi cooker

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Which Size Air Fryer Should I Buy If I Have Limited Counter Space

Top 15 Best Air Fryer For Family Of 4 In 2020

Logically, the larger the air fryer capacity is, the larger the model will be. If you only have a small counter area where you would like to store an air fryer between usages, consider a standard 2 to 3 quart capacity air fryer which does not require a large amount of counter space. While the 4 quart units are slightly larger, they will still only occupy the same amount of space as a 4 slice toaster.

However, if you are looking for a larger unit with more food capacity, you might consider storing your air fryer in a space under the counter or in a cabinet. Just as you would put away your pots and pans in an out of sight storage area, its fine to store an air fryer wherever you have the available space.

You can measure the area where you would be placing the air fryer so you will know what size model to look for when shopping. There are a number of handy, quick air fryer charts online that compare several popular air fryers, side by side, that range from 2 to 16 quart capacity with their counter space dimensions.

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Air Fryer Sizes Which Is Best For You

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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro! Today, we are looking at Air Fryer Sizes. A lot of new users are wondering what size of air fryer to purchase, and we aim to help with this decision with a basic guide. To put it simply, we aim to give you a simple air fryer size guide! Whether you are single or a family of 5, we have the answer for you! At the very least, this should be a good starting point for anyone in the market for an air fryer! Should you go XL to the max? Lets find out about the best air fryer for your situation together

Which Air Fryer Holds The Most Food

If youve ever watched a commercial for an air fryer, you know that these devices can easily cook up to 200-500 servings of food at a time without needing too much oil. This means even if you have a family and want to prepare and serve meals for multiple people, an air fryer should be able to do the trick.

In fact, many models can cook more food than can be comfortably consumed by one person. In other words, you could entertain a large crowd with this appliance as well as cook enough food for all your weekday lunches as well as any other meals on the weekend.

With this in mind, its no wonder many households have these devices nowadays.

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If youve been looking for an affordable way to cook without oil, look no further than an air fryer. These devices are convenient, easy to use, and are available in a variety of sizes that will suit the needs of any household.

The great thing about air fryers is that they can be used to deep fry foods or just for cooking items that would otherwise be prepared with little to no oil at all. Whether its chicken wings, fries, or small snacks like mozzarella sticks, these appliances will turn out delicious taste without having to compromise your health by using excess amounts of fat.

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Do I Need To Put Any Oil In My Air Fryer

Yes. For some reason, many people assume that air fryers use no oil at all. In reality, most require you to use perhaps a tablespoon of cooking oil. This oil is then circulated over the food as the hot air works it around the air fryer. If you choose not to use any oil at all, youll need to regularly agitate the food by shaking the basket. Fail to do this and it is liable to clump together into an unappetizing mess.

Is A Convection Oven Better Than An Air Fryer

Choose the Perfect Size Power AirFryer XL

If youre feeding a very large family six or more individuals you may find an advantage in purchasing a countertop convection oven. These ovens are larger than standard air fryers, allowing you to prepare more food in a single cooking cycle. Many countertop convection ovens also come with additional features, such as dehydration settings, rotisserie spits, or rotating frying baskets. The air fryer is ideal for cooking in small batches but is not as effective for cooking larger amounts.

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What We Think Of The Innsky 55sa1us Air Fryer

The Innsky air fryer has a total of 7 cook functions to bring awesome versatility to your kitchen. Instead of stuffing a bunch of kitchen appliances into your cupboards, you can cook your vegetables, bread, chicken, steak, seafood, and more all in one unit. You can select each function with a simple press of a button on its large digital display it really doesnt get much easier than this.

The stainless-steel body is stylish and damage-resistant so you can enjoy its pleasing aesthetic for years to come. This air fryer can fry in temperatures ranging from 180-400 degrees F, which is pretty standard. The non-stick basket for frying is incredibly easy to clean since it has a non-stick coating and is dishwasher safe if cleaning really isnt your thing.

I am quite happy with this purchase. It is a very powerful machine and quite simple to use once I figured out what all the display buttons mean. It can be tricky to learn so just give yourself a bit of time for that. I love that there are presets for fries and chicken, it saves me having to look up a recipe each time. The timer is incredibly helpful because I am a distracted cooker! With this machine, I dont have to worry about overcooking anymore.

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