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Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer: Best Splurge

Best Air Fryer with Dehydrator [ 2021 Buyer’s Guide ]

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has a range of kitchen products on the market. This Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer is the most expensive option on the list, but theres a reason it comes with a hefty price tag.

For one, it comes with 12 preset cooking functions: air fry, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, bagel, slow cook, and warm/reheat.

The Power Air Fryer also includes a host of accessories: a crisper tray, rotisserie rod, baking pan, drip tray, and pizza rack. Of course, it also comes with a book of Emeril Lagasse recipes.

This air fryer dehydrator has a sleek, attractive appearance. It has the shape of a toaster oven with all the capabilities of an air fryer with a dehydrator.

The 360° Air Technology uses 5 heating elements to surround food with heat and minimize the oil required to cook food.

And with a slow cook time of 10 hours, you can use the dehydrator for all types of food.

There is a learning curve on working with the rotisserie spit, however, and the drip tray is a little shallow.


This large Cosori Fryer comes in at a whopping 26 quarts , making this the largest capacity unit on our list. Air frying a 6-pound bird or a 12-inch pizza is no problem with this Cosori.

You can easily prepare enough food for a large family or a small crowd.

It has 12 cooking functions: air fry, bake, broil, toast, roast, dehydrate, pizza, slow cook, defrost, ferment, and keep warm/reheat.


Do Air Fryers Make Good Dehydrators

Because both appliances use circulating heat, many air fryers come with a dehydration function. Air fryers should work fine as dehydrators, as long as the temperature range goes below 200°F .

One thing to consider, though, is the number of accessories. A dehydrator usually includes a multi layer rack to allow for more volume.

Air fryers? Not so much. They typically have one or two racks, but thats it. So if you want an air fryer dehydrator combo, be prepared for limited space.

Is Dehydrated Food Safe

As I mentioned earlier, dehydration is a very old method to preserve food. If you do it correctly, of course, its safe. You can dehydrate food in many ways. Each type of food has its benefits and disadvantages as well. As you remove all water content, the food will be left with only nutrients and solids.

As there is no water left, bacteria will not love to grow there. If you dont want to follow natural dehydration methods, you can do it by using an electric dehydrator. Whether you want to do it in a microwave or standard convection oven, or an air fryer, the dehydration will be perfect.

But, make sure that you have followed the right way. If you use food dehydrators, the entire process will be more simplified as they are specially designed to serve that purpose. Using electronic gadgets will make dehydration more perfect.

Amazingly, the food will last even longer. Now, if you talk about the safety issues, I must say, if you perfectly dehydrate food, it is quite safe to eat up to its extended periods of shelf life.

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New Ways To Dehydrate Food

So, we have just discussed the many traditional ways in which food is dehydrated, but lets take a look at some more modern methods.

While the traditional methods have their pros and cons, the main reason newer methods were developed is for safety reasons.

Most of the traditional methods expose the food to a ton of foreign objects, making it sometimes very difficult to dehydrate food safely and without risk. The food is exposed to pests, air pollution, dust, and other hazardous items.

These modern methods all take place indoors and in enclosed controlled environments. Some of these methods used and even pieces of equipment are much more advanced compared to others, but nevertheless, they all work great!

Best Air Fryer With Dehydrator Chefman 63 Quart Digital Air Fryer And Convection Oven


With this versatile product not only, you can dehydrate all the fruits you wanted to eat but can perform many other functions as well like roasting a whole chicken and make crispy fries with the same texture as deep-fried without any oil.

It is very easy to use with its digital control panel and 8 different presets for the one-touch cooking door with a visible glass and interior lighting is really helpful to watch over your food while it cooks.

With a two-level rack and large capacity now cooking for your family or friends wouldnt be a problem at all. It also has an integrated air filter for an odorless kitchen.

Not only this product is very to use but is also very easy to clean with its dishwasher-safe parts and a drip tray to collect all the crumbs and oil drops without making a mess in the air fryer.


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How To Dehydrate Meat In An Air Fryer

Beef jerky is extremely popular. The fact provided from the simmons survey shows that almost half of the U.S. population consumes meat snacks, showing how popular jerky is.

An air fryer is an excellent choice to make beef jerky or any other type of jerky like . Beef jerky is traditionally made on the use of sun, wind, and smoke. But modern cooks, use dehydrator, oven, or an air fryer to make their favorite jerky.

If you have a food dehydrator, you use a dehydrator for jerky . But if you dont, you can most certainly use an air fryer the same way as a dehydrator. The air fryer does the same thing as a dehydrator it moves around hot air.

Making beef jerky in an air fryer requires the right temperature and time. Usually, the best temperature to start the preheating process is 160F . Leave the air dryer to preheat, but you can skip this step if you are anxious to start.

Place the jerky on the air fryer mesh trays or grill trays and place them in an air fryer. It usually takes about an hour on 160F to run the first cycle. After an hour, turn the pieces of meat, so they cook evenly and cook for another 45 minutes to an hour. The number of cycles and time really depends on the air fryer model.

Some take around 5-6 hours to make perfect jerky. Be sure to check your jerky every hour as the airflow might cook the upper layer faster than the lower layer. That is why it is best to rotate the racks every hour.

Alternative #1 Air Fryer For Jerky Ninja Max Xl Air Fryer

Ninja has 7 unique and maximizable cooking functions to get you started. The ceramic coated crisper plate to optimize airflow.

This machine can put out 450F, which is ideal for pre-packed frozen foods. It also has a bake function for sweets and treats and desserts, which are traditionally made in a home oven.

Air frying jerky in Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

The dehydration function of ninja air fryer gently removes moisture from foods to create delicious and healthy homemade snacks.

This is also the only air fryer in the review, which includes an air frying basket. You can dehydrate your jerky in two layers. First, put the ceramic coated crisper plate on the bottom and cover it with meat strips. To increase dehydrating capacity for dehydrating beef jerky or turkey jerky, use the broil rack. Simply place it on top of the crisper plate to ad another layer of jerky.

The dehydration function is preset to 6 hours at 150°F . If you want a quicker version of beef jerky in a ninja air fryer, set the temperature at 180°F for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, rearrange the jerky and put it back in for 1 more hour.

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Do You Have To Soak Apples Before Dehydrating

You don’t have to soak apples before making apple chips with air fryer. However, apples can brown during drying.

Since a dehydrator takes longer than an air fryer, the apples will brown more. With these cinnamon sugar apple chips, you won’t really notice the browning.

However, you can soak your apple slices in lemon water if you want to. Combine 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 cup of water. Then soak the apple slices for a few minutes.

Be sure to pat the apple slices dry before making air fryer dehydrated apples.

Gowise Usa Mojave Air Fryer Oven & Dehydrator

Ommo Air Fryer and Food Dehydrator Review and Unboxing! | air fryer | best air fryer

As we said earlier, GoWISE focuses mostly on providing extra-large cooking capacity so you can cook a lot of food for everyone. This air fryer oven continues that ritual by providing you with 17 quarts of cooking capacity. Honestly, the extra-large cooking capacity is the only real highlight of this air fryer.

Other than that, everything this air fryer has is pretty much the same you saw in the GoWISE air fryer. It has a similar-looking control panel that is a combination of a touch screen and LED display. The LED display shows the cooking time and temperature, and all the features are on the touch screen.

The touch screen has the time and temperature control buttons, the oven light button, and the EIGHT cooking presets to prepare fries, meat, fish, shrimp, wings, cupcakes, chicken, and dehydrate. It also has a convection button to help you bake desserts in a faster and more uniform way.

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

One other highlight of this air fryer is the number of accessories it comes with. In fact, the accessories make it one of the best air fryer with dehydrator option. Because you get FIVE wire racks only to use with the dehydrating feature. Just like other dehydrator combos, this air fryer can also dehydrate for 1-24 hours within a temperature range of 90F to 170F.

The cleanup is pretty easy as the interior is stainless steel and the accessories are stainless steel as well. The accessories will clean perfectly in the dishwasher as well.


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Can You Use An Air Fryer To Make Jerky

Absolutely! You can make tender, flavorful beef jerky at home with an air fryer. To make jerky with an air fryer, you want to choose a lean cut of beef. Top or bottom round roast are great lean cuts. Flank steak also works well.

First, you need to slice the meat into thin strips, about 1/4 thick. Always slice against the grain.

Line the pieces of beef on a tray in a single layer. You dont want any overlap. Cook at 180°F for 2 hours or until done. Voila!

What Are The Differences Between An Air Fryer And A Food Dehydrator

Here are some of the differences that set these 2 appliances apart.

  • An air fryer cooks food while a food dehydrator typically takes several hours to make sure that the food is 100% dehydrated.
  • An air fryer has a fan that circulates hot air to cook food evenly. A food dehydrator has a fan that circulates air at a low temperature.
  • The food you prepare in a dehydrator looks different from raw food. An air fryer creates a crunchy outer crust when youre using it to prepare food.
  • When youre using a dehydrator, the food will get rid of all the moisture. The air fryer dries the outside to keep it crunchy while keeping the food moist.
  • Food from a dehydrator can be stored for several months. Food prepared in an air fryer will go bad in a few hours, just like any other cooking method.
  • An air fryer is more suitable for smaller families, but you can prepare food in batches. You can prepare a larger amount of food in a dehydrator.
  • The food prepared in an air fryer tastes the same as if it has been cooked using another conventional method like deep-frying or baking. However, the flavor and taste change significantly when youre using a dehydrator.
  • A food dehydrator is a potent way to store excess food. If youre trying to minimize waste, surplus food will be stored efficiently. Surplus food from the air fryer can be stored in the fridge like any other cooking method.

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The Best Air Fryertoaster Oven Combo

As mentioned, this is an all-in-one air fryer and regular toaster oven, so if you’d like to make crispy sesame-coconut chicken tendersand cook a whole chicken in the same appliance, this one’s for you. The control panel has a variety of presets for specific foods like frozen pizza, bagels, and cookies, or you can choose cook modes like reheat, broil, bake, or roast. The air fry mode activates the super convection fan setting, which hits your sweet potato wedges with rapidly circulating air. The Breville is considerably roomy and front-loading, making it easy to cook large items. And the window means you can watch food as it cooks so you dont have to open the oven to check that dinner isnt burningletting precious heat out.

The downside of this one is that it takes up a lot of space. Because it gets so hot, you CANNOT stack cutting boards and cookbooks and drying dishes on top while youre using it or the fire department might come acalling. And because the heating element is exposed and sits below the included perforated basket , I often line the basket with parchment for foods that might drip, or place a pan below it to shield the heating rods on the floor of the unit from falling fat. Like other air fryers, its annoying to clean.

Gowise Usa Gw44803 Ultra 127


It is a 12.7 Quart size air fryer with a dehydrator in which you can rapidly cook an entire chicken. It has an open swipe entryway alongside the huge window so you can undoubtedly observe your food without upsetting the cooking methodology.

You can do broil and 430-degree rotisserie cooking, preheat, defrost, barbecue and dry out the food in the machine rapidly. 11 pre-set alternatives of cooking in it change between cakes to treats, steak to chicken, and so on that you can see over the touchscreen of LCD. You additionally get frills with it like broiling racks, a profound skillet, fowl roaster, and so on.

The inventive and quick wind stream innovation of the apparatus readies the nourishments in the most beneficial way with unimportant oils and fats. The unnecessary oil gets gathered in the dribble plate base which can fill in as a preparing plate.

In addition, you get a cookbook with it where there are 50 heavenly and nutritious plans that you can cook in the machine-like rosemary rotisserie chicken, lack of hydration plans like hamburger jerky, nectar broiled salmon, tr eats like banana bread, exemplary French fries, and more.

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Air Fryers With Dehydrator Combo In One

Did you know? Some air fryers are equipped with a dehydration option. Simply select the dehydration preset button, and the temperature and time will be set automatically.

At 12.7 quarts, this is one of the largest air fryers on the market.


Three rack levels allow you to process more food for dehydration in a single cooking cycle. With a temperature range that begins at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, this oven is gentle enough to dehydrate even the most fragile veggies. It comes with a multitude of accessories, including a rotisserie tong, rod, skewer, cage, and steak cage, as well as an oven rack, drip pan, mesh basket, and two trays. Fifteen presets make cooking a breeze.

Size and Appearance

This oven is available in black, white, and red exteriors with a red digital display. It has a footprint of 11.5 by 12 inches and is 14 inches in height. It weighs 23.4 pounds.

This countertop convection oven doubles as both an air fryer and a dehydrator.


Dehydration is one of this appliances thirteen cooking functions. The Breville Ovens convection fan has two speed settings. The temperature sensing technology and Element IQ independent heating elements allow the oven to make precise temperature adjustments. The interior oven is one cubic foot and can handle up to four trays of food for dehydration in a single cooking cycle. The oven fits most 9 by 13-inch trays.

Size and Appearance

This 10-quart appliance includes a Dehydrate Preset Smart Program.


Instant Vortex Pro 10


  • Features: Minimal preheating time, simple touch controls
  • Additional Functions: Roast, broil, bake, toast, reheat, proof, dehydrate, rotisserie

If youre cooking for a family or want to be able to air fry for guests, you may want something thats a little larger. The Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer offers a much larger capacity than other options on this list, sitting in at a hefty 10 quarts.

Thankfully, its not just bigthe Instant Vortex Pro air fryer is also highly functional, boasting nine settings, including the ability to bake, broil, air fry, dehydrate and more. Its a little more expensive than some of the others on this list, but its still very affordableand nowhere near the price of the premium options.

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The Best Air Fryer In Canada In 2021

  • 30 June 2021
  • 8 minute read

With the rise of oil-free cooking and general health-consciousness, air fryers have become extremely popular in Canada. Instead of relying on excessive amounts of oil, air fryers work by circulating hot air. The circulating hot air fries your food evenly while giving it a crispy outer layer. In general, air fryers tend to use 98% less oil than traditional deep fryers.

Although air fryers require no oil to fry, youre more than welcome to add a little oil for extra crispiness. Be sure to choose an oil with a high smoke point, such as avocado oil, grape seed oil, vegetable oil or peanut oil. A marinade or some water can also be used in the place of oil. We highly encourage you to experiment! Keep reading to learn more about air fryers. Well also help you select the best air fryer available in Canada for your frying needs.

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