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Cosori Air Fryer Features

Everything you need to know about the Cosori Air Fryer (Unbiased Review)
  • If you have a very small kitchen with hardly any countertop space, this air fryer will be pretty dominating. If you have another part of the kitchen with a cabinet or table to store it, that would be great. That way you can free up countertop space if youre not using this.
  • The screws on the basket release button that holds the inner basket can occasionally get loose. We make sure to tighten the screws occasionally to make sure that the connection stays tight so the inner basket snaps together tightly to the outer basket.
  • We wish the inner basket was made of ceramic because ceramic baskets wont wear as easily during washing. Ceramic baskets are the best! So far, both our Cosori non-stick baskets still look good and dont stick because were careful about soaking them first before washing. Or you can use perforated parchment sheets to help food from sticking and will prolong the life of the non-stick inner baskets. But if you are a strong scrubber, youll eventually start to scrub off the non-stick coating.

How Powerful Is The Air Fryer

The Cosori Air Fryer is 1700 watts. This is pretty on-par with other air fryers out there. For comparison, the Ninja Foodi is 1500 watts and the Power Air Fryer Oven is 1700 watts.

The higher the wattage, the faster the food will cook.

Think of it in terms of a light bulb. The higher the wattage on a light bulb, the brighter the light.

Final Thoughts And Recommendation

I highly recommend the Cosori air fryer. I also previously owned the Power Air Fryer XL, Black + Decker, and the Oster Ceramic Air Fryer. They all work well and get the job done, but the Cosori will do it faster and with no peeling on the air fryer basket.

They also have an Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven now, too. If you have a large family, or want to cook multiple dishes at once, its great to have. Check out the Air Fryer Oven here.

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Cosori Air Fryer Review

In this Cosori air fryer review we are going to focus on the Cosori Air Fryer XL and the different types of it. Were going to look at this wonderful and efficient device in detail to help you make a sound decision. Youd be surprised as to how this machine is not only stylish, convenient but will make things tremendously easier for you in the kitchen. After all, we do spend a bit of time in that area of our home, dont we?

If you are curious about our favorite type of the Cosori Air Fryer XL then we would go for the Wifi smart control edition.

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Lets review the Cosori Air Fryer XL in great detail.

Who Is This For

Cosori Premium Air Fryer 5.5L, Digital Touch Screen, CP158

The Cosori smart air fryer is for people who enjoy using their air fryer remotely.

Its also for those who want to cut down on the amount of oil they consume daily to exchange healthy and nutritious meals that require less oil to cook.

This also makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves to cook, but is also big into the technology capabilities.

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Cosori Air Fryer Review Item: Air Fryer Bacon

I tested the Cosori air fryer out for the first time with some bacon. Now because Im a bit particular in how I like my bacon, I wanted it cooked flat. YES, I said flat!

I normally cook bacon on a sheet pan in the oven because it comes out nice and crispy AND FLAT. So the basket didnt allow for a full pound of bacon to be cooked at once. Im ok with that though.

That being said, if you dont care or prefer your bacon curly and twisty, all the power to you! Throw those bacon strips on in the basket girl, , get it all in there, willy nilly!

So Cosori advises that you should first preheat the air fryer before actually cooking (much like an oven}. I think its a great idea because you dont waste the time with the food sitting in the basket, waiting for the unit to heat up.

Luckily, theres a convenient PREHEAT button to do just that.

3 minute preheat time.

Also as part of the preset functions, one of them is bacon, so I used it as well. I let it do its thing the first round, and for my own personal preference for bacon, I did have to do it twice to achieve that perfect crispiness that most of us love.

You also have the option to manually input your times so you dont have to do the bacon preset twice if you prefer crispier bacon.

And yes, all that extra fat and grease dripped down to the bottom of the tray- cool eh?

How Good Is The Cosori At Air Frying

The Cosori Air Fryer is excellent at air frying. It made delicious crispy wedges from scratch and cooked frozen french fries until they were perfectly crisp. The Cosori has a “shake” setting on certain presets, which sounds a loud beep five times to remind you to shake your food in the tray. This is useful, especially for making evenly cooked french fries, but if you don’t shake immediately the same sound will go off a minute later, which could be a little annoying.

In this Cosori Air Fryer review, I made air-fried chicken wings, buffalo cauliflower bites, and potato chip nachos with homemade guacamole, all pictured below. The resulting food was absolutely delicious – crisp and evenly cooked through.

I have no doubts about the Cosori Air Fryer’s abilities to air fry evenly and the preset cooking modes make sense with the general classifications of different foods. Steak’s default setting is 205°C for 6 minutes and the vegetable setting is 150°C for 10 minutes, including a midway “shake” reminder.

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Cosori Air Fryer Review: We Love This Family

In this Cosori air fryer review we tried it out for a few weeks, making fries, chicken bites, and bacon, to see if it deserves a spot in your kitchen

Our small appliances editor put the Cosori Air Fryer to the test for a few weeks to see how it performed. It’s smart and lightweight with a generous capacity, making it a great choice for families

  • Lightweight and with ergonomic handles

  • +
  • The preset cooking modes aren’t always useful

  • It doesn’t do anything but air fry

ByMillie Fenderpublished 16 November 21

In this Cosori air fryer review we put Amazon’s most popular air fryer to the test. Available exclusively on Amazon, the Cosori air fryer is available in the UK as the Cosori Air Fryer XXL, and in the US as the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL. The machine itself is the exact same, with a generous capacity that’s perfectly suited to families, and 14 cooking modes that can be used to make anything from frozen fries to steaks.

Like many of the best air fryers, the Cosori air fryer is a drawer model. It has a removable cooking area that allows you to lift a cooking basket out of the base, leaving any fat or liquids in the bottom of the drawer as you tip out your fries or fresh chicken wings.

Cosori Air Fryer 58 Qt

Cosori Air Fryer Review – ONE YEAR Update

The Cosori Air Fryer is a 5.8 qt capacity appliance that circulates hot air around the food to cook it, instead of using oil. This fryer is a healthier option for cooking your food and has a variety of settings to choose from. The Cosori Air Fryer also comes with a recipe book to help you get started which makes it the best air fryer.

The Cosori Air Fryer comes with a recipe book to help you get started. It is a 5.8 qt capacity and can cook up to 2 kg of fries at once. A variety of settings are available including bake, grill, roast, fry, steam, and warm for your convenience. Thats why it is considered the best cosori air fryer in the US.

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My Cosori Air Fryer Review

I love Cosori. I have to say that out of all the units I have from that brand, I like the units with the square baskets.

The square basket seems to fit food nicer than units with a circle basket. The unit cleans up with ease, no matter what the mess is made of!

While I do like the size of the air fryer oven, I perfer the cooking of the stand up unit with a basket.

It seems to cook faster and more evenly.

How Does The Cosori Air Fryer Look/feel/sit

The first thing I noted, when I picked up the machine, is that it was not very heavy. It felt solid and compact, yet surely easy to move when I needed to. The profile is generally quite boxy, with rounded corners and a flat top that fits neatly on my countertop. It has a sort of matte finish which will be less likely to show fingerprints, except for on the display screen.

Like many home cooks, my counter space is valuable to me, and I wondered if it was necessary to have an air fryer with such a large, square footprint. It is, after all, nearly 11 by 12 inches. There are certainly smaller machines out there, so did this one justify its size with its capabilities? I was certainly eager to find out.

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Cosori 5 Quart Air Fryer Review All You Need To Know

Product ReviewAdminWe’re an affiliate

If youre an individual or a couple looking for a compact air fryer that doesnt take up much space, this one could be perfect for you. In our COSORI 5 Quart Air Fryer review, we will discuss the many features of this air fryer to help you decide if its right for you. This review is based on our own research, opinion and customer reviews.

Cosori Air Fryer Smart Wifi 58 Quart

Cosori Premium Air Fryer CP158 5.5L 1700W

No one will ever feel disappointed if you have this Cosori Air Fryer in your kitchen. Thats because of its very versatile, functional, and sleek user interface.

More so, health problems like obesity are some of the side effects of overeating oil hence if youre looking to lose weight or eat healthier, this air fryer is a must-have. It requires less oil to cook your food to perfection while keeping you nourished and healthy at the same time.

Highlighted below are some of the great features of this Cosori air fryer model:

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What We Think Of The Dash Dmaf360gbaq02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker

The Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker has a 3 quart capacity, making it a much smaller and more compact choice than many of the other air fryers on this list. It only has a weight of around 10 pounds as well.

The appearance is pretty striking. It has a completely round body and comes in four color choices. This appearance looks fresh and ensures that the air fryer fits into any kitchen, no matter what the kitchen may look like.

Although the air fryer is small, it retains functional and efficient performance. It comes with a digital display and eight preset options. These presets make it easy to cook all of your favorite snacks in this nifty little device.

More so, the Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker comes with safety features. For example, it comes with an auto shutoff function to ensure nothing burns or causes a fire.

Price wise, the air fryer is pretty affordable. It isnt quite as cheap as our budget pick, but it is close. People on a budget will be happy with the price tag on this product.

The biggest issue with the Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker is its size. Because it only has a capacity of 3 quarts, large families probably wont be able to make food for the whole family using this device.

Easy to operate. Good time and temperature. The capacity is great for its price.


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Cosori Air Fryer: First Impressions

The Cosori Air Fryer arrives in a large box and comes fully assembled and ready to plug in and go. It’s got a basket that sits inside a drawer on the lower portion of the fryer. You can slide forward a plastic panel to press a button and remove the basket from the drawer, which removes the basket full of your air fried food on the attached handle. The design is reminiscent of the Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer, but it feels less flimsy and the basket doesn’t hang off the handle quite so much.

The exterior of the Cosori Air Fryer is a stylish and textured plastic, and it’s available in black, white and red. My air fryer arrived with a sticker on top that warns you not to touch the exterior of the air fryer when it’s cooking because it gets hot to touch. I didn’t have any issues with this when testing though, and found the Cosori Air Fryer safe to use in the corner of my kitchen.

Underneath the body of the air fryer you’ll find two grooves to place your hands, which makes it easy to carry. It’s also very lightweight given how large it is, meaning it’s a good option if you want to store away from the kitchen and take it out when you need to use it.

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Necessary Information About Cosori 37qt Air Fryer

The user manual has lots of great tips about how to use the fryer and how to cook different kinds of food. It also includes a couple of recipes for beef, chicken, and fish dishes. Theres even a section about what NOT to cook in the air fryer:

The detachable lid is simple and effective it has a small handle for carrying and a re-sealable silicone lid to prevent any food from popping out. The fryer comes with a drying rack, which is a nice touch if you want to cook things like french fries or chicken nuggets in the air fryer without them getting stuck on the bottom.

Carry anywhere with its handle

I like that the fryer has a handle it makes it much easier to carry around if you want to bring it somewhere else .

Its also nice for hanging up on hooks or putting into cabinets! The instruction manual also has a section about safety, which is important to know since cooking at high temperatures comes with certain risks.

Cosori 3.7QT Air Fryer Safety Tips Finally, the included measuring cup is a nice bonus if you want to measure out ingredients or add oil/water when needed. Its also dishwasher safe!

Cosori Air Fryer Reviews

Before Buying The Cosori Air Fryer WATCH THIS | Air Fryer Reviews 2020

Im sure youve seen these home devices at stores like Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. The concept is really simple: the air fryer has a heating element and fans and cooks your food using less oil than deep frying. I decided to buy an air fryer since it seems like a great way to make Asian fried recipes like fried chicken, spring rolls, egg rolls, etc. without the hassle of deep-frying in a pot full of oil. In this article, I am going to provide a complete buying guide of the cosori air fryer.

The Cosori air fryer is currently one of the popular air fryers on Amazon, so I thought it was worth trying out to see if it lives up to my expectations! We will discuss one by one all the categories of Cosori air fryers.

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Is The Cosori Air Fryer Worth It

I don’t need to convince you of all of the magical things an air fryer can do. The question is, which of the dozens out there is the best at doing it all. I can safely say that the Cosori air fryer is worthy of its rave reviews. Though the handle gets loose over time , the air fryer is simple to use, convenient for no-hassle cooking, and provides reliable results.

As for the noise factor, there’s no way about it this thing is loud. This is because air fryers rely on a fan to circulate the hot air that crisps up your food. While ovens are much quieter, they have a larger footprint and aren’t as efficient as an air fryer. All in all, at a little north of $100, the Cosori air fryer is easy to use, performs well, and is great for air fryer rookies and novices alike.

Cosori Air Fryer Review Summary

More and more people are discovering all the many benefits of air fryers. Besides making tasty fried food without all the grease, they work for cooking all types of meats, side dishes, breads, breakfast foods and even desserts. Theyre easy to use, they cook fast without heating up the kitchen, and they do a fabulous job of reheating leftovers and takeout foods. Once you own one, youll find it handy for so many things youll wonder how you lived without it.

Its no secret that Im a huge fan of Philips because I own several models that have been used extensively for years and are still running strong. Unfortunately, the big drawback with Philips is the high price.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Cosori Air Fryer is that it offers you the largest capacity on the market at a price that beats all the competition hands down. Its a bestseller that has earned thousands of very positive customer reviews with top ratings.

One possible drawback is that we dont know yet how well this model will hold up over the long term because its still too new. Also worth considering are complaints about malfunction that ejects the basket during cooking, and units that were dead on arrival or stopped working during the first year. The percentage of these reports is small, but the complaints are certainly serious. The good news is that the manufacturer does seem to be engaged with the public, as evidenced by the way they monitor and respond to online reviews.

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