Big Boss Oil Less Air Fryer

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A Quick Brief About Big Boss

Is It Worth It? Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review!

Big Boss is a fairly recent brand in the market of kitchen devices. In addition to air fryers, they also produce deep fryers, pressure cookers, blenders, juicers, and much more.

Generally, their products are known for having high quality at a relatively affordable price. Thats why they gained a wide customer base in a short time.

It Takes A Large Footprint

Needless to say, not everyone has enough space for a 16-inch-wide device.

If you dont need the huge capacity of the Big Boss, youll be better off with a smaller option. For this matter, Id recommend the Cosori air fryer. It measures about 12 inches for width, length, and height. In terms of capacity, it lies within the moderate range with a 6-quart basket.

The Printed Details Might Fade Away

Some customers reported that the printed details of the control unit faded away after wiping with a damp cloth. This includes the meal presets, the values of the dials, and even the logo.

The biggest problem for me is definitely in the dials, and especially the one responsible for the temperature. If all the details are wiped, youll have to guess the temperature every single time. Expectedly, this might lead to a bunch of burnt meals, at least until you get the hang of it.

But to be fair, the customers who reported this problem were few. The majority were super happy with the overall durability of the product.

Therefore, Id suggest refraining from exposing the printed areas to water. Dont touch it with an oily hand so that you dont have to wash it later on. If you faced the same problem, try contacting Big Boss for a replacement.

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Customer Reviews And Scores

Ive been using the Oil-less fryer for a few months now, and it is hands-down my favorite kitchen appliance. Im on a fairly restricted nutrition plan and eat a lot of boneless chicken breasts. Broiling or baking turns chicken breasts into nasty little hockey pucks very quickly, and I could never quite figure out how to fully cook the chicken without drying it out.

Reviewed by CMC namara.

Great product! Now I can cook anything. From chicken to a cake. It is a simple convection oven using a halogen bulb for the heat source

Reviewed by CE Florian

Best decision ever! It gives food the crispy, crunchiness you would expect from a traditional oil fryer.

Reviewed by Amber Freetage.

I found 1320customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews are positive overall. but there were a few negative points raised. One customer said, takes a lot of space to store and operate. However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isnt a widespread problem. So overall it is worth buying.

That makes it very easy for me to recommend Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer as well.

Design: A Huge Air Fryer With Many Parts

Big Boss 16 Quart 1300

When you purchase the Big Boss air fryer, itll probably intimidate you with the multiple parts it has. This gets especially true if youve considered more compact air fryers, like Kaloriks or Philipss.

Thats why I thought I should start by breaking it down to see how it goes into action.

The Base: A Plastic Holder and Glass Bowl

When youre setting up the Big Boss air fryer, you have to start by forming a well-supported base. To do that, Big Boss ships a U-shaped plastic holder that locks the fryer components in place.

I definitely like this perk since it might be dangerous to have a hot glass bowl sitting directly over your countertop. Also, this holder extends well beyond the margins of the fryer. This way, itll be less possible for someone to knock down the fryer while its working.

The second important part is the 16-inch glass bowl. Its fabricated with a size that fits perfectly inside the plastic holder.

The Inside:Cooking Racks and Mesh Basket

Luckily, you dont have to randomly cram the large glass bowl with food. Big Boss sends 2 cooking racks and a mesh basket that can layer your food.

The first rack is called the low cooking rack. As the name implies, this rack has a height of probably less than 0.5. It should be placed directly over the bowls bottom. This way, itll allow excess oil to drip from your food onto the glass bowl, giving you the healthiest snack possible.

The Top: A Glass Lid with the Control Unit

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Advantages Of The Big Boss Oil

Since you are only using at most a small mist of oil, or often none at all, you are dramatically reducing the fat, grease, calories, and cholesterol in your favorite foods.

Traditionally cooked fries can be as much as 400 calories per serving but with Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer and a light misting of oil, this drops to only 145 calories. The same is true of fried chicken. Deep-fried chicken has over 500 calories per serving, but using far less oil in the oil-less fryer, the calories halve to just about 240 calories.

When you cook bacon in a frying pan the bacon sits in the fat and grease in the pan. When cooking bacon the healthy way, the fat and grease drip off into the bottom of the glass bowl and you are left with delicious, crunchy bacon without the extra fat and cholesterol.

With an air fryer, you cut back on all of these calories and grease.

Now, we are not saying that oils are all bad for your health. Your body cannot naturally produce the needed oils which are exactly why some oils like fish oil and olive oil are good for you. But consuming too much oil, as in the case of eating fried foods, is quite unhealthy.

When you regularly consume a lot of cooking oil, you can gain weight, become obese, start suffering from cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol, or you can suffer from skin breakouts.

The Perfect Addition For A Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you get one for yourself, for a friend, for a family member or a loved one, The Big Boss Oil-less fryer will automatically transition any lifestyle into a healthier one. No need to stop eating the foods you love, you can now eat them with less calories & fat! The recipe options are endless! Make breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert all using your Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer! Start living healthier.

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Big Boss Air Fryer Super Sized 16 Quart 1300w Large Air Fryer Glass Air Fryer For Healthy Food Air

  • OIL LESS & HEALTHIER CHOICE: Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer fry with little to no oil and still keep the deep-fried crispy texture of food frying bowl and pan combo separates food in the basket from fat and oil dripping down the pan.
  • ALL-IN-1 MACHINE: Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer is not only an air fryer. With wide temperature range from 180â to 400â, this large air fryer allows you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast.
  • 360 EVEN & POWERFUL HEATING: Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Circulates super-hot air around food to cook your meals faster thanks to the 1300W powerful built-in fan and 360° air convection system.
  • COOK LIKE A PRO: Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer oven offers adjustable time and temperature control via built-in Technology to ensure delicious results for foods like meat, seafood, and vegetables, and includes a cookbook containing 50 popular recipes.
  • SUPER SIZED CAPACITY: Large-sized 16-quart frying bowl easily fits a whole chicken for 3-6 people â great for dinner parties the container is deep to leave enough space between food and heating tubes to avoid overheating.
  • CLEAN IN A SNAP: Detach the nonstick frying basket from the pan, effortlessly rinse and wipe off the water â or just put them both into a dishwasher.
  • SAFELY COOKING: Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer has the function of overheating protection and automatic shut-off, which is also with advanced ETL listed/FDA compliant safety technology for long-lasting durability.

What Interesting About The Big Boss 16qt Oil

BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer, 16-Quart Review

The 16-Quart capacity of The Big Boss Air Fryer is immediately interesting, especially as so many popular air fryers are around 3.5 to 8-Quarts give or take. This thing can fit a lot of food, especially when you use the extender ring. You place the ring onto the rim of the bowl to give you more height into which you can fit more food. Piles of fries, 4 baked potatoes, or a whole bird are an easy feat for this machine.

The overall design and construction of this air fryer are interesting as it has a transparent glass bowl and a lid that is lifted off from the top. There are various racks and baskets which are designed to create layers inside the bowl, for multiple foods to cook at once. Youd have to really like the look of this machine to have it on your counter, as some may prefer the darker, smaller, more opaque models out there.

The heat is generated by a halogen bulb and circulated around the unit by a fan. When this works, it works well…until it doesnt. But more on that to come.

Another interesting little feature is the temperature dial. It has a thaw/wash section that operates at a low temperature. It is designed to be used for thawing meat and frozen dishes, as well as putting the bowl through a gentle wash cycle. This is a rare and handy feature for an air fryer.

But what do customers think of these features? That’s up next.

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Heat Source: Coil And Fan

Instead of the halogen bulb, Philips uses a metal coil to generate the heat. Then, a fan keeps pulling and pushing the air inside the unit to evenly cook the food.

Although coils are more convenient, theyre not as powerful as halogen bulbs. The former is able to produce 400°F, while the latter goes all the way up to 480°F.

What You Can Cook In Big Boss Oil

This is a healthy option when it comes to cooking for your family. Less fat, less grease, and consequently fewer calories than using traditional cooking or frying methods. But what can you cook in the oil-less fryer?

As mentioned previously its great for French fries, fried chicken, frozen pizza, bacon, and popcorn shrimp but it can do so much more.

Chicken: Teriyaki chicken as an appetizer using chicken wings is a simple and tasty option. Combine soy sauce, honey, garlic powder, ginger and some lemon zest and sesame seeds. Marinade the wings for around twenty minutes and then pop them onto the lower rack and cook for around twenty-five minutes at 375F.

Other chicken based appetizers you could try are popcorn chicken, frozen chicken, or sweet and sour chicken bites.

For an entrée with a gloriously hereby flavor take some boneless chicken breasts, combine your breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, salt, oregano, basil, and garlic powder and coat the chicken. Then mist it with a little olive oil, place the mesh basket over the lower cooking rack and fry for 20 minutes at 400F.

Fish and Seafood: A delicious appetizer is a mushroom stuffed with crab meat that is ready in just ten minutes. Combine crab meat, breadcrumbs, garlic, carrots, parsley, salt, pepper, egg, and butter. Mix well and then stuff the mushrooms.

Put on the higher rack and cook at 450F: beautiful!

You can also cook beef, pork, and lamb dishes such as Swedish meatballs, spare ribs, or Italian sausage and stiff fries.

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You Can Cook Multiple Foods At Once

Thanks to the multiple racks sent with this fryer, you can prepare a whole meal in one cycle. Ideally, you can place some chicken wings on the lower rack, and add some french fries on the upper one.

Conventional fryers dont allow for this, not by a long shot. As I said earlier, most of them are too small to accept more than one meal at a time. Even the ones big enough dont come with racks that separate between food. Youll have to put everything together, which wont taste that well.

Big Boss Air Fryer Manual:

Miss Jackie

Rinse the bowl, racks, basket, tongs, and spray bottle well in hot water when you first take it out of the package. If you want, you may run the bowl and racks through a dishwashing cycle, but a simple rinse well enough. Choose a spot on your counter that has lots of room, a power outlet, and a heat-resistant surface.

Depending on the ones you wish to utilize for your dish, place the racks and/or extension ring into the bowl. Fill the basket, racks, or both with your food. Secure the bowl or extension ring with the lid. Check to see that the safety handle is in the correct position.

Turn the dial to set the temperature and the timer dial to set the timer.

Press the safety handle down until it clicks into place after youve set the temperature and time. This signals to the device that its time to cook, and the fan and light bulb will turn on. The handle functions as an on/off switch. Next, when pressed down, the machine operates when pulled upright, the machine shuts off.

When removing the cover after the cooking time has expired, use oven gloves to protect your hands. Next, remove your meal using the tongs provided and check to see whether its cooked to your taste.

Thats pretty much all there is to it.

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Pros Of Using The Air Fryer

The Arifryer is pretty huge and can easily cook meals for 2-3 people. The air fryer has some pre-settings which means you can cook dishes on preset timings without opening the cookbook every 5 minutes.

The Airfryer has a rack so you can choose to cook more than one dishes on the two levels. The air fryer helps you in multitasking so you can cook more than one dishes at a time.

You might want to get a little used to this method as it is obvious that the food closer to the heating coil is going to get cooked faster. So, it is required that you check your food at regular intervals so that they are not overcooked or undercooked.

The timer settings and temperature settings on this air fryer are pretty amazing and in the case you want to cook something, then you just need to set the time and temperature and go about with your business. The air fryer stops working once the timer is done.

The food cooked is pretty good and you do feel like it has been fried. However, you might want to turn your food around in the frying basket to get some even cooking.

You can even use this air fryer as a dehydrator and make your favorite dry fruits in order to put them in desserts. You can mix and match the dry fruits in order to get the perfect combination that you have desired.

You can cook, bake broil, literally cook anything inside this air fryer. The air fryer is pretty huge so you can fit a whole chicken or fish inside it.

How Do You Use It

When you first take it out of the box: rinse the bowl, racks, basket, tongs and spray bottle thoroughly by rinsing in hot water. You can also put the bowl and racks through a cycle in the dishwasher if you like, but a rinse should be fine. Find a place on your countertop with plenty of space, a power outlet handy, and a heat-proof surface.

Place the racks and/or extender ring into the bowl depending on which ones you want to use for your dish. Place your food into the basket, onto the racks, or both. Place the lid securely onto the bowl or extender ring. Make sure the safety handle is upright.

Set the temperature by turning the dial, and do the same with the timer dial.

When you have set the temperature and time, press the safety handle down so that it clicks into place. This will let the unit know that its time to cook, and the fan and bulb will begin to work. The handle is like an on/off button, when its pressed down, the machine works, when its pulled upright, the machine turns off.

Use oven mitts to protect your hands when removing the lid once the cooking time is up. Use the provided tongs to remove your food and check if its cooked to your liking.

That’s pretty much the extent of it.

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Why Do You Need Big Boss Oil

Considering all the above factors, Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is worth to buy. It is the best and one of the cheapest as compared to other fryers of the same niche. The fryer is an excellent choice as it cooks faster as compared to other fryers and ovens using.

This fryer uses little amounts of oil, and this ensures that your food is very delicious and healthy. Unlike others, it has two trays which allow you to prepare different meals at once. It also cooks in three different modes that are convection, halogen and infrared modes which make your cooking faster as compared to when you are using other fryers.

With this fryer, you are assured that you are getting a very high-quality product. It meets all the conditions of a useful kitchen appliance. You will defiantly love it. Are you wondering where you can get this fantastic product? Dont worry, you can purchase it online, and the best place to Shop on Amazon.

Are There Other Replacement Parts Or Accessories Where Do I Buy Them

Cooking with Ron & Dawn with the Big Boss oil-less Air Fryer

There are a few places online to buy used parts for this machine such as eBay. But for new parts to replace a broken or faulty machine Id go straight to Big Boss first and enquire with them. They dont have the best reputation among some customers in terms of service and help with faulty parts, but give them a try. The big retailers dont stock replacement parts or extra accessories as of now.

For the halogen bulbs, some people have suggested eBay.

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