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Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin Turbostar Airfryer Xxl With Fat Removal Technology 3 Lbs Black Hd9650/96

Philips Air Fryer XXL Digital Avance 10 Day Review | HD9650/96
  • The Philips Airfryer XXL is the healthiest way to fry, with little or no added oil. Its the only air fryer with fat reduction technology that reduces and captures excess fat
  • With a 3 pounds capacity you can now make delicious meals for the up to 6 people every day. Fits a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen French fries Just as crispy as deep-fried
  • The air fryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds, cooking 4 times faster than a conventional oven. With no preheat needed, you can save time and start cooking right away
  • Multi-cooking technology: Air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and toast, all in the same device. The digital interface includes 5 one-touch programs
  • Cleaning is simple: The Philips Airfryer XXL includes dishwasher-safe removable parts, and a quick-clean basket to save you time
  • Included components: Airfryer, recipe book and instructions
  • Analog Vs Digital Controls

    A hefty number of Philips air fryers operate via analog controls. This is fine for some consumers, but if youd like to be able to program the temperature and cooking time for your recipes with a simple tap, look for an air fryer with a digital touchscreen. Most digital Philips air fryers offer a range of temperatures and cooking times .

    What Makes The Philips Air Fryer Stand Out

    What impresses me most about the Philips Twin TurboStar XXL Airfryer is that it combines size with fast cooking. The stated capacity of the air fryer is 3 pounds or 4 quarts of food, and in my experience, this is conservative. I had no problem fitting three pounds of chicken breasts in the basket without crowding.

    There are three food items I test in all air fryers: toast, french fries, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The chicken breasts just needed 25 minutes, and they tasted juicy and delicious.

    To test the french fry capabilities, I cut up 2 pounds of yellow potatoes, tossed them with a tablespoon of olive oil and some seasoning, and put them in the air fryer. Every 10 minutes, I’d shake the basket up and see if they were done. The fries took a little less than 30 minutes, which is impressive compared to other models I’ve tested.

    The toast was also quite fast by air fryer standards. In less than 4 minutes, the Twin TurboStar XXL evenly toasted a giant slice of my homemade bread, which I’d made in the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker.

    You can also tell how well an air fryer bakes by how much heat it puts off. If the air fryer is emitting a lot of heat around the exterior, then it’s heating your house and not cooking efficiently. The Philips air fryer stays cool to the touch everywhere except the back of the appliance, where it’s incredibly hot.

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    What Are Your Alternatives

    If the Philips air fryer doesn’t appeal to you, I’ve found the following to be excellent alternatives:

    • Secura Extra Large Capacity Air Fryer : At less than a third of the price of the Twin TurboStar XXL, the Secura air fryer is a workhorse that can hold 4.2-quarts of food. The oven is 1,500 watts and cooks quickly. The controls are basic analog. Still, this is a terrific alternative if you want to see what air frying is all about but aren’t ready to commit to a more expensive unit. You can read my full review here.
    • Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer+ Rotisserie : One of the best-tasting and healthiest foods you can make in an air fryer is chicken. And the Chefman Roaster evenly roasts a whole chicken on a rotisserie spit. While this unit has an impressive capacity, digital controls, and a helpful window for tracking the progress of your food, it heats slowly and inefficiently.
    • Tobox Electric 1500W Digital Air Fryer : The Tobox air fryer stands out because it has digital controls, preprogrammed settings, and can hold 3.8 quarts of food. Also, thanks to the well-ventilated design of the basket, the hot air flows freely to efficiently air fry your meal. Unfortunately, the vents make the basket hard to clean.

    Overall, there are several outstanding alternatives available, but if you have it in your budget, we strongly recommend picking up the Philips Twin TurboStar XXL Airfryer. You will appreciate how quickly it cooks large meals and how effortless it is to clean up.

    Philips Premium Twin Turbostar Digital Airfryer

    Philips HD9861/99 Airfryer XXL Digital Smart Black at The ...

    Crispy taste, reduces fat others leave behind

    The Philips Premium Airfryer Twin TurboStar uses hot air to fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil. New Twin TurboStar technology is designed to remove fat from the food, making this the healthiest way to fry for you and your family.

    QuickControl Dial

    The new QuickControl dial is your main Airfryer control. Just turn it to set the right temperature, then click. Turn again to set the time â then click to start cooking.

    Twin TurboStar Technology

    Fry With Little Or No Oil

    The Airfryer uses hot air to cook your favorite foods with little or no added oil, so you can fry with up to 90% less fat. Enjoy great-tasting, crispy results like deep fried, with the least amount of fat.

    Keep Warm For Flexible Serving

    The Keep Warm function lets you serve the food when you are ready for it. You can keep your dish warm up to 30 minutes.

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    Philips Avance Collection Digital Airfryer Xxl With Twin Turbostar Technology

    With over 8 Million units sold, the Philips Airfryer continues to lead the pack with its innovative technology. Experience the health benefits of a low oil airfryer and allow the sleek and compact design of the Philips XXL Airfryer to speak for itself on your kitchen counter. This healthy airfryer requires no preheat, allowing you to save time on cooking and avoid messy clean up with the removable Quickclean cooking basket.

    Philips Premium Airfryer Xxl With Fat Removal Technology Black Hd9630/98

  • The Philips Airfryer XXL is the healthiest way to fry, using little or no added oil to fry your favorite food. Its the only air fryer with fat removal technology that reduces and captures excess fat
  • With a 3 pounds/4qt capacity you can now make delicious meals for up to 6 people every day. Fits a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen French fries with results just as crispy as deep-fried.Advanced Rapid Heat
  • The air fryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds, cooking 4 times faster than a conventional oven. With no preheat needed, you can save time and start cooking right away
  • Multi-cooking technology: Air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and toast, all in the same device
  • Cleaning is simple: This Philips Airfryer XXL includes dishwasher-safe removable parts and a quick-clean basket to save you time
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    Removes The Fat Other Fryers Leave Behind

    Philips Airfryers reduce the amount of fats that are naturally released during cooking2. Our latest Airfryer models use Twin TurboStar technology to capture excess fat in the fat reducing tray, taking it away from your food. Now you can enjoy crispy, healthier food with fewer calories.

    without its patented base

    The patented starfish-shaped base means that the air inside the Airfryer circulates 360 °, creating a tornado airflow inside. This unique airflow gives a constant and even heat distribution throughout the cooking basket. At the same time, strong direct heat comes from the top, creating the crispy, golden brown surface while the inside remains juicy. So you won’t get food that is burnt or undercooked.

    Recipe Booklet Full Of Inspiring Recipes

    Air fry WHOLE CHICKEN made easy – Philips Smart sensing AirFryer XXL Digital HD9861/99

    This recipe book created by culinary experts gives inspiration for a variety of low-fat fried food that you can cook in the Airfryer. It also introduces you to recipes that showcase the versatility of the appliance so that you can grill, bake and even roast food healthier, faster and more conveniently.

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    Discover The Orginal Airfryer

    The possibilities are endless

    From quick healthy snacks to full family meals, our free recipe book has more than 30 delicious ideas and easy-to-follow instructions from professional chefs.

    Itâs more than just an Airfryer

    The Airfryer XXL handles much more than just frying. Grill, bake and even roast your favourite foods for quick, delicious family meals. Our Philips Airfryer app is full of tips, tutorials, and easy-to-follow recipes.

    Cleaning made easy for all removable parts

    To save time and ensure hassle-free clean up, all removable parts are to clean in your dishwasher. The Airfryerâs QuickClean basket has a removable non-stick mesh for easy cleanup. Both the basket and removable drawer with non-stick coating are dishwasher safe.

    Reap The Benefits Of Our Innovative Air Technology

    Powered by our new Twin TurboStar Technology

    The Phillips Airfryer XXL uses hot air to fry your favourite foods. Unique Twin TurboStar technology is designed to create a fast, tornado like airflow exposing all food to constant, circulating heat. The result is evenly fried food without any turning required â even when food is piled up.

    Remove and capture excess fat

    The Philips Airfryer XXL uses hot air to cook your favourite foods with little or no added oil, so you can fry with up to 90% less fat*. The excess fat can now be extracted from the food and captured in the fat reducer at the bottom of the Airfryer. Simply pour it out once cooking is complete and enjoy!

    *Based on fat captured in the basket, when cooking Pork belly for 20 mins vs leading Airfryer brands

    Create healthy, homemade meals

    The Philips Airfryer XXL was designed with your family in mind. The largest Airfryer in the Philips collection, the XXLâs 3lb./4qt capacity easily handles a whole chicken or two bags of fries. The capacity of the XXL Airfryer allows you to prepare up to 6 portions worth of food â enough for the entire table!

    800g 800g 800g 800g 1.4kg 1.4kg
    Temperature Control
    Included: recipe book and rack Included: recipe book

    4.6 out of 5 stars

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    A Note For The Curious

    If you want to buy an air fryer simply because youre curious, but you think you might just use it once or twice, a Philips air fryer may not be right for you. After all, the least-expensive air fryers from Philips, as we mentioned, clock in at about $90. In our research, we found some entry-level air fryers from other brands that cost as little as $40. Granted, the quality of some of these appliances might not be the greatest, but if youre just dabbling, it could be the way to go.

    Enjoy Delicious Fried Food With Up To 90% Less Fat* When You Air Fry* In The Philips Airfryer Xxl

    Philips HD9861/99 Smart Digital Airfryer XXL With Smart ...

    How does it work?

    The new and unique Philips Airfryer XXL uses hot air to fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil. By combining a 1725W powerful heater and motor with our new and unique Twin TurboStar technology, the hot air swirls fast, like a tornado throughout the entire cooking basket resulting in even heat distribution. Since all the food is exposed to this constant circulating heat, it is cooked through while also extracting excess fat from food capturing it in the fat reducer at the bottom.

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    Rapid Air Technology For Healthier Frying

    Airfryer’s unique Rapid Air technology enables you to fry, bake, roast and grill, the tastiest snacks and meals with less fat than a conventional fryer, by using little or no oil! Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air technology also creates less smell than conventional fryers, it is easy to clean, safe and economical for your daily use!

    Philips Air Fryer Prices

    Philips air fryers arent budget machines. When you invest in one, youre paying for quality even if you buy one of the cheaper models. If youre serious about air frying, however, we think you cant go wrong with this brand.

    $90 to $150: You can find decent Philips air fryers with smaller capacities of around 1.8 pounds in this range. Many have analog controls, though a few refurbished ones might have digital interfaces. If you buy in this lower price range, you could find that a few of the expected conveniences are missing. For example, a timer might only go up to 30 minutes or the manufacturer may state that food contains 70% less fat as opposed to 75% or even 90%.

    $150 to $250: Youll enjoy a lot more choice in this range. Here, there are Philips air fryers with larger capacities , digital interfaces, timers that go up to 60 minutes, and the ability to cook more types of foods.

    $250 and up: There are a few Philips air fryers that cost more than $250. These are deluxe models with greater capacities and a long list of technologies behind them. If youre interested in a cream-of-the-crop model, be prepared to spend around $300 on a Philips air fryer.

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    Philips Kitchen Philips Xxl Grill Master Accessory Kit For Twin Turbos Tar Model Air Fryers Black

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    • The Grill Pan’s perforated surface creates ideal air flow while grilling and is easy to clean.
    • Use the 6 metal skewers to make vegetable or meat kabobs.
    • Booklet with chef’s tips, beginner’s recipe and cooking times helps you to become a grill master in no time
    • Easy to clean and Dishwasher-safe parts

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    Philips Starfish Technology Xl Digital Airfryer Black 265lb/35qt Hd9240/94

    Philips Airfryer XXL Review – I’m Never Using My Oven Again!
  • Rapid air technology circulates hot air with speed and precision to cook food evenly in the air fryer
  • Smart preset button that memorizes the setting for your favorite food. Non-slip feet
  • Large 2.65-pounds. Cooking capacity is the perfect capacity to feed 4 people. Power- 1750 watts. Voltage- 120 volts
  • Digital touchscreen interface lets you easily customize the setting to cook your food exactly as you want
  • Removable nonstick drawer and food basket are dishwasher safe. Dimensions of product : 16.6 X 12.36 X 11.88 inches. Refer to the PDF attached below in technical specification for user manual
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    Philips Xxl Airfryer Review

    Last Updated on by Susan LaBorde

    Rating: 4.6

    The Philips XXL Airfryer HD9650/96 is the largest model from this well-known manufacturer. It can handle up to 6 ample servings at once, making it a good size for families or for anyone who likes to cook in volume.

    This is the first model with Philips new patented Twin TurboStar Technology. Other upgrades include a slight redesign of the controls, plus a few extra features such as presets and a Keep Warm function.

    Like its predecessors, the Philips XXL gets rave reviews from owners for being well built, producing excellent results, and holding up over the long term. The only drawback is cost, so is it worth the investment? We think so, but below we cover all the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

    • Available in Black Only
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    This latest model from Philips includes a fat reducer plate that fits in the bottom of the air fryer. The drawer still has its patented star shaped design, but the plate is designed to capture excess fat from foods.

    Controls on this model are also newly designed. You choose your settings using a combination of a digital touch screen and a QuickControl Dial. It may look slightly confusing at first, but if you read the instructions youll quickly get the hang of it.

    Some people love presets, but I never consider that a selling point because they are rarely reliable. Here is a quote about these presets taken straight from the owners manual:

    Weight: 18 pounds

    Optional Accessories For The Philips Xxl Airfryer

    Baking Pan Set for Philips XXL AirfryerPhilips HD9952/01 Baking Master Accessory Kit Pan and Silicone Muffin Cups, for Philips Airfryer XXL models

    Without question, the best accessory you can buy for your air fryer is a baking pan. The good news is that youll be amazed at how well air fryers can cook all kinds of baked goods, from cakes to cobblers to biscuits to sweet rolls.

    The bad news is that so far the only baking pan made to fit this XXL air fryer is made by Philips, and it is not cheap. You can click the image to check todays price on Amazon. As you can see it includes muffin cups, but if thats all you want they are not expensive. For an example see this .

    NOTE: You dont need a baking pan to use muffin cups. Just sit the muffin cups directly into your basket. I do this all the time, and it works for silicone or paper cups, though with paper cups you may need to double or triple them.

    Grill Plate SetPhilips HD9951/01 Grill Master Accessory Kit with Grill Pan and Skewers, for Philips Airfryer XXL models

    The grill pan is not quite as pricey as the baking pan, but it also isnt nearly as useful. When you cook a steak or pork chops or even something like pineapple slices, the grill plate does make for a slightly nicer exterior on foods. However, dont expect to use it for searing. Air fryers just dont get hot enough for that.

    Basket Divider and Double Layer RackPhilips HD9950/01 Party Accessory Kit with Double Layer Rack and Basket divider

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