Instant Pot Air Fryer Oven Reviews

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Budget Pick: Cosori Pro Air Fryer

Unbiased Review of the Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer | Pros and Cons

*At the time of publishing, the price was $85.

The Cosori Pro Air Fryer was the best pod-shaped model we tested for under $100. Although the Cosoris 3.7-quart capacity is slightly larger than that of the Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/96, it doesnt cook as evenly, but considering its relatively low price, we think its results were good enough. The Cosoris many preprogrammed settings werent as accurate as those of the Philips, eitherwe preferred using the manual controls for selecting the time and temperature instead. Like the Philips, the Cosori has a square-shaped basket that fits more food than the round baskets in other models. The Cosori also comes with a recipe booklet, which is helpful if youre new to cooking with convection technology.

Like the Philips, the Cosori has a removable basket to hold your food while it cooks. We prefer this design to the removable trays of a lot of newer models, because trays tend to fall out when you flip the bucket upside down to transfer food to a platethis was the case with the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer we testedand when the tray comes flying out, it could potentially cause burns. We also like that the Cosori has a plastic guard that covers the baskets release button , which prevents you from inadvertently pressing it while shaking your food. Without the guard, its easier to accidentally press the button, which would release the bucket and send it crashing onto the floor.

Competition: Nothing Comes Close

Although its classified as a multi-use programmable air fryer, it doesnt seem fair to stack the Instant Vortex Plus up against standard air fryers. However, if youre looking for something thats a little more straightforwardAKA minimal bells and whistlesthere are some worthwhile choices.

Philips Avance Collection 2.75-Quart TurboStar Digital Air Fryer: If you want a user-friendly, effective air fryer, the Philips TurboStar is an excellent option. It has a 2.75-quart fryer basket and a 20-percent smaller design than its predecessor, so it wont take up as much counter real estate. Plus, the Philips heats up in seconds, so theres no downtime or preheating required. The one downfall here is that it has fewer features than the Vortex and is pretty costly with an MSRP of $299.99. That said, its a great buy if you can get it on sale.

Farberware Digital Oil-Less Fryer: If youre looking to save time while cooking and cleaning, the $70 Farberware Digital Oil-Less Fryer may be your best bet. It comes equipped with 3.2-quart fryer basket and a digital touchscreen that lets you choose your own temperature and cooking time or opt for one of eight pre-programmed settings. As an added bonus, the fryer basket is dishwasher-safe, so theres no hand washing required.

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Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer 6 In 1 Air Fryer Power And Cook Times

Despite its impressive features, its surprising that the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer 6-in-1 only runs on 1500 watts. Compared to other air fryers in the market, this can already be considered as a low-consumption unit. So the fact that it gets the job done efficiently reflects how well it is at helping you save up on your electric bills.

Because of its energy-efficient design, this air fryer heats up faster than most kitchen appliances. This means that youre not only using less time, but youll also save more money in the long run.

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How Well Does The Instant Vortex Air Fryer Work

Our engineers scrutinized the Instant Vortex in the lab, and we also tried it at home. Heres what we found:

During an at-home evaluation, it became clear that the Instant Vortexs unique square footprint is the secret to its success. It capably cranks out multiple servings in one cycle easily making enough appetizers for a game-day gathering or a small dinner party. Its really that spacious.

Like most air fryers, it excels at delivering crispy food in a fraction of the time. But weve experimented with at least half a dozen air fryers at home and can attest to the fact that its the most ideal for baking dishes like macaroni, brownies, and cupcakes because square baking dishes fit easily inside, and it is intuitively easier to use. Small but thoughtful design features dramatically simplify the cooking process.

But, oh, the noise! The Instant Vortex sounds like three microwaves running all at once, as opposed to the more subtle fridgelike hum of other air fryers weve tried.

Its also not the easiest air fryer to clean. The crisper tray that comes with the unit, though dishwasher-safe, has an abundance of small airflow openings. Its great for getting a nice crunch sure. But when you have to use a skewer to get food debris unstuck, it quickly becomes a nuisance . Finally, the basket cant go in the dishwasher. But to be fair, wiping it clean with a hot, soapy rag isnt a big deal.

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Air Fryer Sausage Balls

Instant Pot Air Fryer Oven Review

This time I tested out the baking function instead at 350 F for 10 min for super easy, party-friendly, 3-ingredient sausage balls. Its shredded sharp cheddar cheese, ground sausage and a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.

The air fryer was 5 minutes faster than baking in a traditional oven, with better, even coloring. The oven always has one flat dark side no matter if you rotate or turn them.

One great advantage of baking in this machine instead of the traditional big oven is keeping that heat all contained. Thats the main reason the Instant Pot is so wonderful on hot summer days. So this air fryer follows the same standard of cutting energy cost and heat. I can also see this as a nice addition when your kitchen oven is already cooking other dishes for dinner, you need to bake a cake. Just bake the cake in the air fryer. Its more gentle on baked desserts anyway.

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Ease Of Purchase / Availability

Ok, lets get the bad grade out of the way early. I give this category a BIG FAIL.

I am Canadian, and at the time of writing this, the Vortex was available only in one store , and only in the United States.

So, to get one, I bought it on vacation in Texas and FLEW with it home .

So, the positive here is that the factory boxing is A+. It got to Canada with me in one piece.

Dear Instant Brand, you are a Canadian company. Not having this available in Canada is ludicrous.

Ok, rant over. Moving on.

EDIT: I am so happy to report that the Instant Vortex air fryer is now in Canada, I have changed the availability score to C from F. I still have it as average because it is not easily found everywhere in Canada and only at a few retailers.

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

.6 cubic feet
Functions AirFry, Bake, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Roast, Dehydrate, Proof, Low, Dual Cook, Reheat and Warm with a wide temperature range

Cuisinart was one of the first brands to introduce a toaster oven air fryer that allows you to toast, bake, air fry and convection bake. We tested this digital version, which not only made the crispiest air-fried food in the shortest amount of time out of all the air fryers we tested but also some of the most evenly-colored toast in our toaster oven test. The rectangular 15.5- by 16-inch air fry rack offers a large cooking surface and sits atop a drip/crumb tray for easy cleanup. Since launching the toaster oven air fryer, Cuisinart also introduced a smaller, non-digital version with the same features and quality performance as well as a same-sized model with a grill pan that we’re eager to test.

Type of air fryer: Air fryer toaster ovenDimensions: 17″ x 21.73″ x 15.75″Capacity: 0.6 cubic feetFunctions: Air fry, bake, broil, toast, bagel, pizza, roast, dehydrate, proof, low, dual cook, reheat and warm with a wide temperature range

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Why You Should Trust Me

As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive researched, tested, and reviewed toasters, toaster ovens, and deep fryers, among other kitchen gear and gadgets, since 2016. Ive spent more than 250 hours over the past four years researching and testing air fryers for this guide. In that time, Im pretty sure Ive eaten more fish sticks and french fries than the Gortons Fisherman and Ronald McDonald combined.

Buying Guide Of Instant Pot Air Fryer Recipes: Aspects To Consider

Instant Vortex Oven Rotisserie Chicken | Instant Pot Air Fryer Review

Buying a product is a big decision you should always ensure youre buying the right one. To help you out, weve put together this guide to help you find the right instant pot air fryer recipes. Researching the product before buying is always a good idea. This will help you know if its worth spending your hard-earned money on or not. Check out reviews on different websites like Amazon to see what other people say about the product and if they recommend it or not.

If you are planning to buy an instant pot air fryer recipes, it is important to consider these aspects.

Here are a few more aspects to consider when buying:

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Recipes Made For You Instant Vortex Plus

This air fryer is still new to the market, so you might have some limited resources at first. However, as bloggers continue to develop and perfect recipes, you will definitely see more coming through the pipeline in the future.

In the meantime, you can use almost any air fryer recipe with some adjustments on how the food sits. Try using recipes that resemble the same mini-oven shape as the Vortex. At first, it might be a trial and error process until youve honed your own Vortex skills.

Remember, you cant make anything with a liquid batter unless you freeze it first and you also cant make anything in large quantities.

Nuwave Bravo Xl Convection Oven

Price: $$

Although it has room for only one rack at a time, the Nuwave Bravo XL boasts a fairly large capacity.

Plus, the oven comes with a built-in temperature probe to help ensure that your food is fully cooked.

The Bravo XL also has a variety of functions, including a yogurt-making setting. My colleague, Laura Flynn Endres of Get Fit Done, says that the Nuwave Bravo has earned its counter space in her kitchen because of all the different functions it offers in addition to air frying.

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Devanti 7l Oil Free Air Fryer $11295


The Devanti 7L Air Fryer offers 1800 watts of power so that cooking can be done efficiently with less odour. It has an auto shut-off function, 80 to 200 degrees Celsius temperature range, and a non-stick, dishwasher-safe cooking basket.

Reviewers are fans of its value for money, with one writing: I brought the Devanti Air fryer a few weeks ago. It is amazing, huge basket which is great for a family, cooks fast and makes everything crispy with fat and oil drained off. I will be purchasing a few more for Christmas presents for a few of my family members. Such a great product!


+ Accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


– The food divider may move while cooking.

– Can be bulky.


This air fryer has a cult following for a reason and frequently sells out. The compact yet versatile uses EvenCrisp technology to cook food to perfection with four preset smart cooking programs that can also be customised.

Shoppers praise its handy size, saying it is a fantastic little air fryer if youre cooking for one or two people.

Ive been wanting to buy an airfryer for a while but didnt want something big and bulky. This unit is a great size and easily cooks enough to feed two people, one five star review says. I found the set up really simple and the instructions included are super easy to follow.


+ Other benefits include simple to use controls, fast operation and good texture.




What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer

Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer Oven Black 140

Way more than you think!” Levy says. “It’s for all intents and purposes a tabletop convection oven, so it can be used as such. It’s wonderful for getting certain things crispy, but also for roasting meats that might take a long time in the oven. I know of people who have used it to bake cakes and the like, but I prefer it for the roasting and getting a crispy crust.”

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How Exactly Does An Air Fryer Work

Air fryers essentially work their magic the same way a toaster oven doesby circulating hot air throughout an inner chamber, giving your food crunchier and crispier skin than if you’d tossed it into the oven.

“The beauty of an air fryer is that you don’t need to preheat it,” Theoktisto tells us. If you want to get your kids some crispy nuggets or chicken tenders on the table fast, this thing will do it. My mom recently purchased one and she finds it’s easier to cook for two people using it. I’d recommend it to empty nesters, working parents, and single people.”

Dash Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

Once again, this air fryer performed wellespecially considering its affordable pricebut it’s just too small to offer any real convenience to a home cook, regardless of the number of servings being made. Available in a few different shades, it is undeniably adorable, though, and as a bonus, it’s easy to use and clean.

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Whats Instant Vortex Air Fryer Oven

If you are looking for a compact, affordable replacement for your oven, toaster, microwave, dehydrator, then you just cant go wrong with this nifty appliance. It not only does everything that you could think of, but this also saves a huge amount of space in your kitchen as well. And the best part?

The expanded capacity of the Air Fryer actually allows you to cook a good amount of food at once, which makes it perfect for preparing large scale meals for all sorts of get-together or parties.


What Is An Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven 30 Day Review

Air Fryers use hot air convection to cook food. Not cooking oil submersion. Air Fryer is a bit of a misnomer.

These units are basically small convection ovens, using super heated circulating air, and there is actually no frying or deep frying at all.

But, your food comes out crispy, like it was fried.

This air fryer oven model has some additional smart program functions: dehydrator, food reheat, bake, roast, broil, and rotisserie.

I have written about why I love Air Fryers in general, you can find the “Why I bought an Air Fryer and Love it” Post here.

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Best Prices Today: Instant Vortex Plus 6

First off, Instant has a number of slightly different appliances in this range. Were reviewing the Vortex Plus air fryer, which features ClearCook and OdourErase technology.

With a stainless-steel trim wrapped around a high-gloss black body, the Vortex Plus has a characteristic air fryer design. A deep drawer with a chunky vertical handle forms the bottom of the appliance, while a sloping touchscreen sits on top, complete with a silver control dial for scrolling.

If youre not familiar with conventional air fryers, it can initially feel strange to cook in a pull-out compartment. You cant quite shake the feeling you are putting your frozen chips in a high-tech sock drawer, but the benefit of the set-up is an appliance that is child-proof, reduces cooking odours, and just makes cooking a meal tidier somehow.

Inside the box, you get the 5.7 litre/6 QT air fryer, an internal tray for the drawer, a manual, and the safety and warranty leaflet. This is not an appliance with accessories you need to store.

While its a decent size at 32.5cm x 29cm x 30cm with an extra 8cm/3.1in for the handle, its not an overwhelming appliance on your countertop, possibly because the slanted touchscreen mitigates against the sense of a monolithic black box.

And at 5.95kg , its not a heavy appliance, but its designed to have a permanent countertop presence.

Review: Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven By Instant Pot

Vortex plus air fryer review: Our air fryer reviews and tests are REAL. We put them to the test, cook with them and share our honest opinions. Many other review sites dont actually own or test the products and only write generic reviews with commission links. We share our original photos and results along with an affiliate link that helps us earn a small commission to help pay for the recipe testing.

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Pros And Cons Of Instant Vortex Plus 10qt 7


  • The 7-in-1 functionality means that you can do more with one appliance.
  • EvenCrisp technology ensures perfectly fried foods every time.
  • 1400-1600 watts of power for quick cooking.
  • The Vortex Air Fryer has a handy LED Display and several other features that simplify using the device.
  • Customizable smart programs make it easy to cook your favorite foods.
  • Its a larger capacity air fryer oven, perfect for 4 6 people families or entertaining.
  • Cleaning is a cinch due to the detachable racks, which are simple to wash in hot soapy water, and the interior may be washed with a clean towel.
  • The accessories, such as the racks, rotisserie basket, and fork, are all dishwasher safe.
  • If you have two cooing trays, it may be able to fit both at once.


  • There is a plastic smell during the first use, but it disappears after that so you can use it with peace of mind.
  • It does not come with a cookbook. So you need to get their app on your phone to see the cooking instructions. You can get it here on CH play or Apple Store.
  • Its large, so you need enough counter space to accommodate it.
  • There are numerous racks to cook on because its an oven. As a result, the top rack will be closer to the hot circulating element. If youre cooking the same things on all three racks, youll have to turn them more frequently for them to cook evenly. Thats true of every oven-style air fryer. If youre planning on making your first purchase of an oven-style device, keep this in mind.

Additional Features:

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