Frozen Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer

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Cook Time And Temperature

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets | How To Cook Chicken Nuggets In The Air Fryer

The cooking time and temperature will vary depending on the product and the brand. Chicken nuggets will typically cook faster than chicken tenders/strips because they are smaller.

Also, the cook time will depend on whether the chicken is already fully cooked or not. Most products on the market are already fully cooked. However, some brands, like Bell & Evans breaded chicken tenders and nuggets, are raw. Those products will have to be cooked longer to ensure that they’re cooked to a safe minimum temperature.

I recommend using a meat thermometer to ensure that your chicken is completely cooked. Chicken should be cooked to 165°F. You can check out the USDA’s Safe Minimum Internal Temperature Guide.

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How To Make Frozen Chicken Nuggets In An Air Fryer:

  • Place your nuggets in the air fryer in a single layer. This will get you the best results. If you are in a hurry or care a little less about the crispiness, you can stack the nuggets.
  • Spritz the nuggets lightly with a vegetable oil in a pump spray bottle. It is not recommended to use non-stick spray in a can as it can damage the liner of your air fryer.
  • Cook at 380 degrees F for 10 minutes. You should shake the basket after five minutes to ensure they are evenly cooked.

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How To Make Frozen Chicken Nuggets In The Air Fryer

Arrange the chicken nuggets in the air fryer basket in a single layer. There should be some small spaces between each nugget for airflow. If you need to make two batches, rather do so instead of overcrowding the air fryer.

Air fry the chicken nuggets at 400 °F for 8 minutes.

Flip the chicken nuggets and air fry for a further 4-5 minutes until golden and crispy.

Remove the chicken nuggets and allow them to cool for 2-3 minutes before serving as they will be very hot!

Hint: Cooking times for frozen chicken nuggets will vary depending on the thickness and brand of the chicken nuggets used. You can easily test for doneness with one chicken nugget once the nuggets are golden brown and crispy and they should be done.

Frozen Curly Fries In Air Fryer

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Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Combine the sauce ingredients and whisk through until smooth. Taste to see if you like more heat, more kick from mustard or more honey. You can use some hot mustard in place of hot sauce or add a little ketchup for color. Toss potato wedges with rosemary, seasonings and olive oil. Use your hands to coat everything evenly. This sauce will keep in the fridge for 4-5 days in an airtight container.

Do I Need To Preheat My Air Fryer To Cook These

Do you need to? No. Should you? Yes.

And heres why.

  • Your food will cook more evenly this means the inside will cook as fast as the outside without burning it
  • Your food will cook faster preheating your air fryer will start cooking the chicken nuggets at 400 degrees instead of 0 degrees.
  • Each air fryer preheats at a different rate you cant expect a 2 QT air fryer to heat up as fast as a 12 QT air fryer, but once the air fryer preheats, they all cook at the same temperature making recipes easier to follow and succeed.
  • Its easier to track how long it takes to cook If you cook a batch of chicken nuggets from a cold air fryer, it will take longer to cook because it starts from a lower temperature.If you decide to make extra chicken nuggets afterward, you run the potential to burn them because theyll cook much faster than last time.Its just easier to remember one cooking time.

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Ninja Foodi Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Yes you can make homemade chicken nuggets or air fryer popcorn chicken but when youre in a hurry this kitchen hack is the best.

You get really tender chicken with the perfect crispiness on the outside. It is as crunchy as frying chicken without the oil. It is a game changer for sure.

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

  • It has temp. and times for making the best frozen foods for air fryer too.
  • Then where you can share and find more ideas youll love. We have a Foodi social media group as well.
  • More Air Fryer Chicken Recipes:

    Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

    Cooks who love their air fryers are always looking for new recipes to try. If youre one of those cooks, youll be happy to know that there are plenty of chicken recipes that you can cook in your air fryer. In this blog post, well share some of our favorite chicken recipes that can be cooked in an air fryer. So, if youre looking for some new ideas, keep reading!

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    How Does An Air Fryer Work

    • An air fryer is basically a mini convection oven that sits on your countertop. Air fryers have a heating element at the top and a mechanical fan that helps circulate the hot air around your food more efficiently. This makes your food nice and crispy on the outside while keeping it moist and juicy on the inside.
    • So although air fryers have a catchy name with the word “fryer” in them, there’s no actual frying involved at all!
    • Basically, air frying gives you the taste and texture of deep-fried food that you crave but with little to no oil.

    What Is An Air Fryer

    If youre like most cooks, youre always on the lookout for new kitchen gadgets that will make your life in the kitchen easier. If youve never heard of an air fryer before! An air fryer is a small appliance that uses hot air to cook food instead of oil. This means enjoying all your favorite fried foods without worrying about the added calories and unhealthy fat.

    The chicken nuggets came out crispy and delicious. I was amazed at how easy it was to make them in the air fryer. If you are looking for an easy way to make chicken nuggets, I recommend using an air fryer. They turned out better than I expected, and my kids loved them too!

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    Easy Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

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    Making air fryer frozen chicken nuggets is a breeze. When you make them in the air fryer, you can have a delicious crispy snack in no time at all!

    Air fried frozen chicken nuggets are great with a side of fries and dont forget your favorite dipping sauce!

    Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

    Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

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    Air fryer frozen chicken nuggets are quick and easy to make. Follow these steps so they’re always perfectly crispy outside and juicy inside.

    Confession time! My husband has chicken nuggets when he doesn’t want to test one of my recipes…again. So, with his help, I wrote this post on how to cook chicken nuggets from frozen in an air fryer.

    He’s an expert and will tell you that nuggets get soggy in the microwave and the oven takes too long to heat up. But, an air fryer heats up quickly and allows you to easily monitor the cooking process. The result is always juicy on the inside and browned on the outside.

    I’m a big fan of air-fried chicken nuggets too. Clean-up is minimal and you don’t use a vat of oil, so they’re healthier! I cook Parmesan chicken nuggets and chicken tenders this way all the time.

    However, there are a few differences when it comes to cooking commercial chicken nuggets. Below you’ll find all the tips plus some creative ways to enjoy them.

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    How To Cook Air Fried Frozen Chicken Nuggets In Air Fryer

    • The frozen air fried chicken nuggets can easily be cooked when taken straight from the freezer.
    • Depending on the size and thickness of the nuggets, theyll cook between about 10-12 minutes.
    • Do you need to oil spray? Since these frozen chicken nuggets are already pre-fried, we dont feel you need to add extra oil. Youll see all the oil release at the bottom of the air fryer. Its less greasy if you DONT add extra oil spray.
    • Lay them in a single layer and leave a little space between the nuggets. You want the hot circulating air to crisp all sides and edges of the nuggets. If theyre too close or stacked onto of each other, they wont cook evenly.
    • Our timing and details are below in the recipe box.
    • Pro-Tip: heres our favorite tools to help make air frying easier:

    We LOVE the Evo Oil Sprayers. Not the prettiest, but theyre functional and spritz oil great! They dont clog up like many others weve bought. Theres different styles, but all seem to have the same great spray head. Works great for grilling!

    There are Square Mats& Round Mats. These perforated non-stick silicone mats are used to cook food in your air fryer or steamer to minimize sticking. Holes allow hot circulating air to cook the food & keeps the food from sticking.

    Parchment sheets are great for your air fryer or bamboo steamer . Choose from different sizes, shapes, white and brown . Holes allow air to cook food evenly.

    Frozen Chicken Nuggets + Ranch Dipping Sauce

    Frozen chicken nuggets taste even better if you make a quick ranch dipping sauce to dip in. Making your own ranch dipping sauce is so quick that you can make it, have a sit down, all before the air fryer beeps after its 8 minutes!

    I make ranch dipping sauce for my frozen chicken nuggets by mixing:

    • Dried dill
    • Greek yoghurt
    • Garlic puree

    Just 3 simple ingredients that most families will have in and wont need to go grocery shopping to source the ingredients.

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    Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets Serving Suggestions

    Pair these with any of your favorite easy side dishes. You can make fries and onion rings in the same machine or keep it simple with some homemade applesauce.

    For a healthier option, how about a side salad, veggies sticks, or steamed broccoli? Even a scoop of mac and cheese or roasted potatoes would taste great.

    Add your favorite dipping sauce to put these right over the top!

    Tips For The Best Chicken Nuggets

    Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets | How To Cook Chicken Nuggets In The Air Fryer
    • Know your air fryer: Just like every oven is different, the same goes for every air fryer. My model is likely different from yours. Be sure to follow the manual and instructions for your air fryer. Use cooking time as a reference point.
    • Dont preheat: Theres no need to preheat the air fryer. Just add the nuggets to the basket and turn the unit on.
    • Dont thaw: Chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza rolls, and other convenience foods can be cooked frozen.
    • Dont overcrowd: Overcrowding will leave you with chicken nuggets that are unevenly cooked and possibly soggy. For the best results, add the nuggets in a single layer with a little space around for the hot air to circulate for the crispiest nuggets!

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    How Do I Cook Chicken Nuggets And French Fries Together

    The best part about the air fryer is its ability to cook multiple things at once.

    Follow these directions to cook both together:

  • Prepare and cook these Air Fryer French Fries per the recipe.
  • When there are about 6 to 7 minutes left cooking, move the French Fries to one side of the air fryer as best as possible and place the chicken nuggets inside.
  • Finish cooking the fries and chicken nuggets and enjoy!
  • The chicken nuggets take a little longer to cook with French Fries inside due to the amount of food in the air fryer.

    Frozen Chicken Nuggets Nutrition Information

    One serving of air fryer chicken nuggets has 240 calories, 17 gram net carbs, and 9 grams protein. This is for a 5-piece serving of Great Value chicken nuggets. Chicken nugget calories and other nutrition info will vary by brand and portion size.

    For example, 5 Kidfresh chicken nuggets is only 130 calories. Theyre fairly low calorie because theyre made with chicken breast . Additionally, they have “70% less fat than the leading brand of breaded chicken nuggets” and are low in saturated fat.

    Chicken nuggets with hidden veggies and whole grain chicken nuggets provide more fiber. Added veggies may also provide vitamin C, a nutrient not normally found in chicken nuggets.

    Some other differences between chicken nugget brands may include protein and sodium content. Great Value nuggets provide 9 grams of protein per 5 nuggets. Kidfresh nuggets provide 12 grams of protein per 5 chicken nuggets.

    The package states Kidfresh has “40% less sodium than the leading brand of breaded chicken nuggets.” Five nuggets contain 250 mg of sodium . To compare, Great Value chicken nuggets provide 560mg sodium per 5 chicken nuggets.

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    Can You Reheat Chicken Nuggets

    Leftover chicken nuggets can be kept in a covered airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Keep any dipping sauce separate. To reheat chicken nuggets use my how to reheat McDonalds Chicken Nuggets instructions.

    My air fryer oven took 3-4 minutes at 400F to reheat nuggets. My small air fryer with an air fryer basket only took 2 minutes. It’s important to think of air fryer recipes as a loose guide, since theres variation in how air fryers cook.

    Can I Keep Frozen Chicken Nuggets In The Refrigerator Instead Of The Freezer

    Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

    You could keep frozen chicken nuggets in the refrigerator, but it would drastically shorten their shelf life. You should not keep uncooked chicken nuggets in the fridge for more than 1-2 days. Frozen chicken nuggets will stay fresh in the freezer for months.

    Additionally, this recipe provide directions for cooking from frozen. You will need to adjust the baking or air frying times if the nuggets have been thawed.

    Your best bet is to keep chicken nuggets in the freezer. Only cook or air fry the amount that your family will eat in that meal.

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    How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken Nuggets In Air Fryer

    How long do you cook frozen chicken nuggets in an air fryer? What is the frozen chicken nuggets air fryer time?Air fry chicken nuggets for a total of 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit . Flip the nuggets halfway through cooking time.

    Use the top rack position if you have an air fryer oven. There is no need to preheat the air fryer or use an oil spray. My air fryer oven took 10 minutes, while my small air fryer took 8.

    Check with a meat thermometer to ensure the nuggets reached at least 165F . Add more cooking time if needed. Allow the nuggets to cool for a couple of minutes before serving with dipping sauce.

    How Long Do You Cook Frozen Chicken Nuggets In An Air Fryer

    The cook time is much shorter then other cooking methods, the chicken nuggets go from frozen to crispy and cooked in just 10 minutes!

    The more chicken nuggets you add to the air fryer at a time the longer it will take them to cook. The thickness of the chicken nuggets also plays a part in the cooking time. After a few tries with your favorite brand and your specific air fryer you will have the exact cooking time down. These directions are a starting point for cooking frozen chicken nuggets in an air fryer.

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    How To Make Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

    Posted on Last updated:

    Air fryer chicken nuggets are always delicious and cooked to the perfect crispiness! Made in just 20 minutes, this is the perfect weeknight meal for picky eaters. Learn how to make frozen chicken nuggets into a delicious, crispy snack. No more soggy breading!

    Whether you are making these from scratch or pulling them out of the freezer, this method is the easiest way to make crispy chicken nuggets fast! This recipe works with Tyson Dino nuggets, Yummy Dino Buddies, homemade nuggets, regular chicken nuggets, and other fun-shaped chicken nuggets.

    An air fryer cooks in about half the time of an oven. They cut down the cook time drastically! While your oven takes about 10 minutes to preheat, the air fryer is already halfway done with cooking. I never thought I would need another appliance, but I am hooked!

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