Can You Cook Bacon In An Air Fryer

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How To Make Turkey Bacon Crispy

How to cook Crispy Bacon in an Air Fryer

I’ve found that turkey bacon, like regular bacon, has a particular sweet spot where it’s perfectly crispy. Anything more than that and it might start to burn.

The trick to really excellent, crispy turkey bacon is to watch it carefully, especially the first time you make it.

You’ll figure out exactly how long to cook it in your particular air fryer. Then when you make it the next time it will be perfect and you won’t need to watch it so much.

Can You Cook Bacon And Sausages In An Air Fryer

Yes, bacon and sausages can be cooked in an air fryer quickly and without worrying much about them. It can cook crispy and brown sausages from the outside and juicy from the inside.

In fact, an air fryer can be used to cook anything like a mini oven. It can cook most of the foods which were fried traditionally. It can be used to cook anything in a hands-free manner so that you can focus on some other important work.

It is amazing to cook sausages and bacon in an air fryer. You need not monitor the sausages to flip them frequently when you cook them in an air fryer unlike you used to do while cooking them on the stove.

Your air fryer will cook your sausages evenly from all sides even without flipping them. It will make the exterior of your sausages brown and crispy whereas from inside it will be juicy and nicely cooked.

While cooking sausages in an air fryer you will have to defrost them if you are using frozen ones.

After defrosting them you should poke some holes in their casing with a fork or knife to allow the fat to get out of their casing while cooking them.

Now arrange a single layer of sausages in the basket of the air fryer and set the machine at 400 degrees F to start cooking them.

It may take 8-12 minutes to cook your sausages depending upon the number and size of the sausages in the basket. When they are browned well from outside, they are perfectly cooked.

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How To Make Turkey Bacon In Air Fryer

  • Place turkey bacon into air fryer basket or tray. Try not to overlap the slices too much.
  • Air fry as directed in the recipe card below.
  • Flip each slice of bacon over and continue cooking as directed, until the bacon is as crispy as you like it.
  • Enjoy your air fryer turkey bacon!
  • These numbered steps match the numbered photos above and are for illustration purposes. For the complete list of ingredients and instructions, please see the recipe below.

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    Cooking Bacon In Actifry: Common Problems And Solutions

    One of the most common problems people encounter while cooking bacon in actifry and other air fryers is the way it looks after it has been cooked. While the bacon may seem different to how youve been seeing it cooked, a number of reasons may cause this. One of these is undercooking. Undercooking your bacon will make it look steamed. However, youd also not want your bacon to get burnt from overcooking. You should stop the cooking process as soon as you begin to notice blacked and burnt areas on the bacons.

    When prepared very well, your bacon should have a crispy outer layer and a crunchy interior that is hard to find when using other methods of cooking. You should also know that you have may have to make a few trials and errors before you finally get cooking bacon in an actifry right. Weve all been there and after some practice, youll definitely figure out how it works best for you.

    Turkey Bacon In Air Fryer

    Air Fryer Bacon (Best. Bacon. Ever!)

    We’ve shown you how to make bacon in the air fryer, and have had a lot of requests to also show you how to make turkey bacon too.

    Good news, it’s super easy! In about ten minutes you’ll have perfectly crispy turkey bacon ready to serve with your favorite breakfast dishes.

    Air Fryer breakfast potatoes and some scrambled eggs would be perfect with a couple slices of turkey bacon on the site. Are you looking for the perfect Vegan Air Fryer Bacon Recipe? We have that too.

    Anytime I’ve cooked turkey bacon on the stove it’s been a fairly messy event. Fat splatters all over and I have to stand at the stove and attend to cooking bacon the entire time.

    In the Air Fryer, that mess is contained in the unit, and I can set it and walk away.

    Turkey bacon is a healthier bacon option as it’s lower in fat than traditional pork bacon. Perfect as a side dish for breakfast or added to sandwiches.

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    Is It Easy To Cook Bacon In An Air Fryer

    Yes! Cooking bacon in air fryers is very easy. All air fryers are designed with a basket that can be removed completely, making it easy to lift out any floating bits of food and keeping all of the greases away from your air-fried foods. Many air fryers will also come with an accessory like a splatter guard that allows you to cook bacon without worrying about grease splattering everywhere! Air fryers use air instead of oils and fats so theres no need to flip bacon when air frying it or monitor the temperature for long periods of time. Simply place your slices inside the air fryer and wait for them to cook, then enjoy delicious air-fried bacon.

    What Can I Air Fry Besides Bacon

    Air fryers can be used for air cooking or air baking many types of foods, including desserts, veggies, chicken wings, french fries, egg rolls, pizza pockets, and more. Using an air fryer is a healthier way to cook foods since it doesnt require any oils or fats, which makes your food taste amazing without any oil! Air fryers also come with several different accessories depending on what youre trying to use the air cooker for, like air frying tools like tongs and spatulas, while others have splatter guards to prevent any oil spills when air frying bacon or other meats.

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    If You Love Bacon And Eggs On Toast You Are In For A Treat

    This may be the best bacon and eggs and you cook it in an Air Fryer. No butter, no oil just bacon, and eggs. Heat it and serve it fast. So are you ready to learn how to make Air Fryer bacon and eggs? Join me in the bistro kitchen!

    Bacon and eggs on toast are the perfect bistro breakfast. Now you can make it in the Air Fryer too.

    We already showed you how to fry bacon in the really easy air fryer. So now we take the next step and add eggs into the mix.

    There are a few things that you have to be aware of. Like how fast an egg actually cooks when heated from all sides.

    To be honest, when I tried my first bacon and eggs in the Air Fryer it went horribly wrong. I left the egg in the Air Fryer for 9 minutes and the yolk was completely cooked.

    The egg yolk was hard. So next egg I tried I reduced the cooking time from 9 to 6 minutes and checked halfway through.

    When the cooking time was done I left the egg in the Air Fryer for an extra minute so the egg white could set.

    The egg turned out great with a soft yolk and crunchy bacon.

    If you use a nonstick pizza pan you do not need to use butter or oil. It is also easier to get the backed egg out of the pan.

    How Do You Fry An Egg In An Air Fryer

    How to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer | Easy Air Fryer Bacon


  • Make a pouch with a sheet of foil that will fit in the air fryer, one sheet per egg.
  • Coat it with olive oil spray and crack an egg into the pouch.
  • Place it in the air fryer.
  • Cook at 390*F for 6 minutes or until done to your preference.
  • Carefully remove and serve with other foods.
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    Can You Cook Raw Bacon With Cooked Bacon

    Its not going to be exactly like raw bacon, but you can heat it basically however you like. When you measure bacon by the half-gallon, youre doing something right. Ive baked bacon until all the water content is gone and some of the fat has rendered, but before it gets browned or crispy. Then I cool it and freeze it.

    The Best Air Fryer Bacon Tips

    Air frying bacon is perfect for when you want small batches of bacon fast for a quick breakfast or for a recipe like this Slow Cooker Crack Chicken or Slow Cooker Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potatoes. When you want a large amount of bacon done all at the same time, try baking it in the oven. It takes a little longer than frying it on the stove top, but the clean up is a breeze! And the bacon is crispy and evenly cooked. I love using the air fryer in a pinch. Its such a life saver. Here are tips for even better experience.

    • Bacon: The air fryer uses circulating air to cook the food inside, so sometimes the bacon can get flung around a bit. I have found using a thick cut bacon helps it stay in place better. The great thing is that you can use whatever kind of bacon you want. Even turkey bacon works in this recipe.
    • Size: Make sure your bacon slices are as even as possible. That way you can ensure even cooking.
    • Check it: Dont be afraid to check it half way through and rearrange the bacon if necessary. You can also check it at that time for doneness and adjust your time accordingly.

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    Best Air Fryer Bacon Recipe

    So youre probably thinkingI already have the perfect method for cooking bacon seamlessly, why do I need another one?well, because this method is the best. Heres why:

    • less messy than the stovetop think, no more grease splattering everywhere.
    • most air fryer parts are dishwasher safe.
    • the bacon crisps up in less than 10 minutes.
    • its the crispiest bacon ever!

    Have I convinced you yet that cooking bacon in the air fryer is the best method? Ok good. Let me tell you how I make the best ever bacon!

    Air Fryer Candied Bacon

    How to Make Bacon in an Air Fryer
    • 1/3 cup light brown sugar
    • 1 TBS freshly ground course black pepper

    Total time: 12 minPrep time: 2 min Cook time: 10 min Serves: 2 people


    1. In a medium bowl, mix together the brown sugar and pepper. Take the bacon slices and cut them in half if you need them to fit in the air fryer basket. Put the bacon slices in the bowl and toss to coat with the sugar and pepper. Place 1/2 of the bacon slices in the fryer basket or crisper plate in a single layer.

    2. Place the basket or plate in the air fryer. Set the temperature to 375°F and the timer to 5 minutes.

    3. Cook for 5 minutes and check the bacon. If desired, flip the bacon slices over. Reset the temperature and timer for an additional 5 minutes and continue to cook. If the bacon is still not crisp enough at 10 minutes, continue to cook for an additional 2 or 3 minutes until the sugar is caramelized and the bacon is crispy.

    4. Transfer the bacon slices to a plate for serving. Cook the next batch the same way.

    5. Just eat off the plate and enjoy.

    Note: If you are working with an air-fryer oven that has shelves or racks, feel free to cook all the bacon at once. It is recommended that you rotate the shelves halfway through the cooking because the upper areas of air fryer ovens are usually hotter than the lower sections.

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    What Is The Best Turkey Bacon

    You may see that some of the packages are labeled cured, and some uncured. It is better to pick up uncured bacon because this means the meat has not been cured with sodium nitrates.

    You can buy any brand with uncured turkey bacon that doesn’t have nitrate

    Some of my favorites are Applegate Turkey Bacon and also the Trader joe’s turkey bacon. Both uncured

    If you don’t have an air fryer, this is the air fryer I have and love because it is so easy to use, and it gets a lot of use around here. I also bought an air fryer lid for my instant pot pressure cooker, and it amazing to have one if you own a pressure cooker.

    What To Do With Extra Bacon Grease

    I like to keep all of our bacon grease in a jar in the fridge and then use it to cook things like Instant Pot Baked Beans or Instant Pot Refried Beans.

    If you dont keep bacon grease, you can place a piece of bread in the bottom of the air fryer drip tray of most oven-style air fryers to soak up the extra grease and make cleanup easier.

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    Why Air Fryer Bacon

    Are you wondering, can you cook bacon in an air fryer? The answer is YES.

    No space in the oven: Whipping up our baked eggs or an overnight French toast bake and dont have room to bake bacon? Use your air fryer to do so!

    No smokey mess on the stove: There is nothing worse than smoking your whole kitchen from cooking bacon on the stovetop. Air Fryer Bacon will prevent this!

    Bacon for 1 or 2: Only need bacon for 1 or 2? Cooking bacon in air fryer is seriously so perfect for small-batch bacon.

    Fast: The cook time for air fryer bacon is fast anywhere from 7-10 minutes depending on the thickness of your bacon.


    Quick And Easy Air Fryer Bacon

    How to Cook BACON in an AIR FRYER

    Okay, first thing first. Even though cooking food in the air fryer usually makes it healthier, that will not be the case with bacon. Bacon is not going to be healthier for you cooked this way. As much as I wish I could say load it up and eat your heart out, that still probably isnt a good idea. But I can promise it will be cooked better this way. Its an easy hands off way of baking bacon that could be life changing. Bacon tastes amazing, as always, but its so easy to get it perfect in an air fryer. Theyre evenly cooked, tender or crisp. You can control how done they get. If you like it a bit on the tender side or the crisp side, either way its going to be scrumptious.

    I love finding new ways to use my air fryer and all the ways it can make life easier and taste incredible. From Shrimp to Brussel Sprouts air frying is just fabulous. If you havent gotten on the bandwagon yet, its time. Its effortless cooking and easy clean up. And with bacon its a life saver. I love being able to bacon in a matter of minutes, with little effort. Give this a try today. You wont regret it!

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    How Long Do I Cook Thick Bacon In The Air Fryer

    I love my thick-cut bacon, and if I am cooking it in the Air Fryer it will take longer than 10 minutes. I cook thick-cut bacon in my Air Fryer for 14-15 minutes until it is perfectly crispy. I’ll also twist the bacon to make thick bacon sticks to snack on. You can find the twisted bacon recipe here.

    How To Use Air Fryer Bacon

    Once you have your crispy bacon, you can use it anyway you like!

    What pieces you dont devour immediately are perfect for:

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    More Easy Air Fryer Recipes

    Of course, bacon isnt the only food you can take from your stove to an air fryer. Youd be surprised at what things you can make in an air fryer. Ive had friends use an air fryer to make hot dogs and brats for tailgating, and they were just as good as from the grill!

    For other breakfast bites, try our recipes for ham and cheese bundles or healthy air-fryer breakfast cookies. And if youre really short on time, you can use an air fryer to make frozen foods like toaster pastries, waffles or basically any frozen food that needs to be baked.

    How Long Do You Cook Bacon In An Air Fryer

    How to Make Crispy Air Fryer Bacon

    How long to cook bacon in the air fryer depends on the thickness of the bacon:

    • Regular Bacon: For crispy bacon, cook at 350 degrees F for 8-9 minutes. For non-crispy bacon, cook for 7 minutes.
    • Thick Bacon: For the crispiest bacon, cook at 350 degrees F for 10-12 minutes. For non-crispy bacon, cook for 9-10 minutes.

    Other Air Fryer Recipes Youll Love:

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