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What Brand Of Air Fryer Should I Buy


At JB, we have all the big brand air fryers instore and online including:

  • Philips. Including the popular Philips Airfryer XXL and Twin turbostar models.
  • Breville. Including the versatile Breville Smart Oven Airfryer, offering 10 different cooking functions.
  • DeLonghi. Quality multicookers across the range.
  • Tefal. The Tefal Easy Fry, a 5.6 litre air fryer is a favourite of the brand.
  • Ninja. Including the popular Ninja Foodi.
  • Sunbeam. A range that includes a duraceramic air fryer.

Are Such Appliances More Energy

Yes! Because Philips air fryers use superheated air to cook the food, it cooks in even less time than an oven, which results in energy saved. If saving energy is an important consideration, then avoid the larger wattage models simply because they are larger models and therefore need more energy to run.

Philips Avance Hd9641/96 Air Fryer

The HD9641/96 offers just about everything youd ever need and want from an air fryer. If youre unsure of which air fryer to get or perhaps dont understand what features to look for, this might be the best option for you.

This Philips air fryer excels at certain foods, mainly fries and onion rings, but can sometimes provide uneven crispiness on chicken wings. However, compared to other brands, youd have a hard time finding a beginners air fryer that performs as admirably as this.

Product Specifications

Check out Zach Attacks unboxing and video review of the HD9641/96 here.

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Philips Avance Hd9240/34 Air Fryer

44% off on Philips Black TurboStar Airfryer (Model: HD9621 ...

Of all the models on this list, the HD9240/34 is one of the most impressive air fryers of all time, including those made by other brands. The reason is simple: it air-fries, grills, and bakes to perfection practically every single time.

Finding an air fryer like this is actually a lot harder than youd think. Even if youve set the temperature and timer correctly, theres always a tiny chance that your food will overcook. This is not the case with the HD9240/34.

Product Specifications

  • Loud
  • Releases an odor

In this video, Sara McConnell shows us how to make a variety of delicious foods using her HD9240.

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Usability Philips Viva Airfryer Review

The Philips kitchen viva air fryer comes inclusive of a quick clean basket and a removable non-stick mesh. These two items make the unit super easy and fast to clean.

Clean up is estimated to take less than 90 seconds. Besides, both the food holding basket and the removable non-stick coated drawer are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned manually.

Its also easy to use this unit as it arrives with inspiring recipes. The unit comes with more than 200 recipes that can be found on the Air fryer recipe app. This is a unique Bundle from Amazon that contains the Philips Air fryer cookbook containing 150 recipes for desserts, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When it comes to frying food at home, we all love the crispy flavor but dislike the excess fats and oils! Therefore, when looking for a perfect air fryer for your home cooking and frying requirements, the Philips Kitchen HD9650/96 is your best choice. Its a digital XXL air fryer that makes fried delicacies with up to 90% fewer fats.

Philips Air Fryer Terminology

Philips offers several lines of air fryers, and there are multiple models within those lines. Even if you know how many people youre cooking for and how much you want to spend, there are some choices to make between the options. It helps to understand the various terms Philips uses to describe its technologies. The following is a short glossary of terms youll see in product descriptions. As you shop for a Philips air fryer, youll find that various options use different combinations of these technologies.

Rapid Air technology: This term refers to the air circulation method used by all air fryers, not just those made by Philips. A radiant heating element at the top of the air fryer chamber releases heat into the chamber, and a fan blows this intense heat throughout the chamber. The strength of the heat quickly forms a light crust on food, creating a crispy crunch on the outside while preserving moisture and nutrients on the inside.

TurboStar technology: This term is exclusively used by Philips to describe the high quality of its Rapid Air technology. Air swirls inside the air fryer chamber at super-high speed in order to expose all food in the chamber to roughly the same amount of heat. As a result, food cooks evenly while maintaining a crisp exterior and soft interior.

Starfish technology: This simply refers to the starfish-like raised pattern on the bottom of a Philips air fryer. The pattern enhances airflow by allowing heat to circulate beneath the basket of food.

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Testing Results Of Philips Air Fryer Through Our Experience

We ordered both the air fryers from Amazon India in order to gain actual experience. To be honest, the testing was difficult. As at a time, Philips has attempted to provide their customers with the best features at the lowest possible cost. For the first time, we used the product to fry our favourite delicacy, fish. After preheating for 3 minutes at 180 C, we turned the oven to 200 C for 10 minutes. The fish was cooked to level-perfection, with a crisp skin and a moist interior. It was fantastic.

We got the older model and tried to make French fries several times, but the potatoes were never fully cooked. We cooked it for 45-50 minutes at 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but it never came outright. All it did was make the potatoes a little heated. We tried a couple of additional meals, and all we can say is that the food is crispier. It merely makes use of an oil brush. Food that has been fried can be simply reheated. It can be used as a tiny oven for baking cakes.

The previous models capacity is inadequate for a family of four. If youre a bachelor and just eat 3-4 pieces of grilled chicken, this is a good option. Otherwise, for a family of four, youd have to conduct several rounds of grilling, defeating the objective of using this device to save time. After all these tests, we can conclude that without question, the newly launched PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 is a must buy.

How To Maintain Your Philips Airfryer


All Philips air fryer models come standard with dishwasher safe capabilities, which makes cleaning and care much easier. If you would prefer to clean it even less, you could consider inserting a small piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the basket. Then, when done cooking, you can throw the foil away and only spot clean as necessary.

The heating element in the bottom of the air fryer should rarely, if ever, need cleaning. But if you spill something on it, its easy to clean. Just unplug the unit, let it cool completely, then rub the heating element with a damp rag until clean.

The rest of the unit can also be cleaned with a damp rag when needed. The smooth plastic casing of the air fryer makes cleaning this way easy, and your air fryer should remain looking nice and new for many years.

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Best Multipurpose: Philips Premium Turbostar

If you love to take total control of the cooking process, then you will adore the Turbostar! You use a quick control dial to choose from five preset temperature/time settings or select settings more suitable to your food. A brightly lit LED displays the temperature and timer, so you never have to pop the lid to see how things look under the hood. If that weren’t enough, the Turbostar handles anything you throw at it. You can bake, fry, grill, and roast while preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert.

The Turbostar turns one tablespoon of oil and a bag of fries into golden brown goodness in minutes! The TurboStar technology circulates heat and air, so your foods are cooked evenly and with 90 percent less fat than traditional frying. This model works with the Philips mobile app, which gives you access to more than 200 recipes. If you need a one-size-fits-all model, we think you’ll be pleased with this one. Keep in mind, you’ll need to purchase the baking racks and grill pans separately.

Top 15 Best Philips Air Fryer Reviews 2022

Air fryers are a relatively recent invention that has taken many home and restaurant kitchens by storm. They use less oil than traditional deep and skillet frying, producing tongue-tantalizing foods without a ton of added fat.

The best air fryers leave very little room for cooking error. Air-fried foods come out of the device as crispy and delicious as youd like and without the headache of manual timing and flipping.

The most popular brand across the globe the brand that first introduced air fryers back in late-2010 is Philips. Their selection of air fryers is second to none and has remained on the top of any best air fryer list for the greater part of the past decade.

If youre on the hunt for the best Philips air fryer, my friend, youve come to the right place. Youll also get a chance to learn about the history of air fryers and what makes the Philip brand so popular.

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Usability & Accessories Philips Airfryer Xl Review

Since this unit has digital controls, its easy to operate without any required skills. You can choose either to set your temperature or pre-set settings. It uses just a little bit of oil which is considerably less messy to clean up afterward.

Fortunately for this unit, the total cook time was quite quick you can enjoy your meal without wasting time. Plus, the removable non-stick drawer and the food basket are both dishwashers safe for the fast and easy cleaning process.

In terms of accessories, youll get a free recipe book and app containing more than 150 recipes.

Air is the new oil! When looking for the most ideal analog air fryer for your home, this Philips XXL Air fryer is your best fit. It features a fantastic twin Turbostar technology that allows you to make mouth-watering fried delicacies while using 90% less fat.

Philips Hd9218 Air Fryer Replaced By Hd9200/90 Review Is This Model Better

Philips Premium TurboStar 1.8lb/2.75qt Airfryer

Deep-fried meals are universally popular. The mere mention of nuggets, French fries, and mozzarella sticks makes us salivate. However, the worry that constantly comes to mind after consuming all of them is how many calories we have consumed and the negative impact it would have on our health. However, we are unable to say NO to these delicious food items.

So, how do we stay in shape then? How to maintain fitness?

This issue has now been resolved. Experts have created a solution that will satisfy your appetites for deep-fried foods while using the least amount of oil possible. An Air Fryer is the proper answer to your troubles.

Air fryers are a healthier alternative to cooking with a lot of oil. It circulates hot air to cook food that would normally be submerged in oil. Traditional frying methods that are being implemented produce the Maillard effect by completely submerging meals in hot oil.

The temperature is much above the boiling point of water ranging from 140 to 165 °C. This temperature can even brown the foods, making them look like deep-fried ones.

But as the technology evolves further, better models with advanced technologies are launched. Therefore, the old PhilipsHD9218 is now re-launched with PHILIPS Digital HD9200/90 AirFryer and is way better than the previous model.

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Best Kit: Philips Premium Digital

It’s three times faster than your oven, cooks for four, and removes 90 percent of the fat in foods. The Philips Premium Digital even comes with a cookbook that gives you access to hundreds of easy to prepare meals. If you want an affordable all-in-one kit, you just found it.

The LCD and digital controls are beginner-friendly and straightforward. You can air fry, grill, bake, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and even toast foods with this one device. This model stays cool to the touch, even when in use, and cleans up in a dishwasher or kitchen sink. If you want to dehydrate foods or roast, you’ll need to grab a few additional racks.

Best Small Air Fryer: Magic Bullet Air Fryer

I’m going to level with you, air fryers can be a little bulky. In fact, they’re one of the larger countertop appliances you can purchase, and if you have a small kitchen with limited countertop square footage, you’re going to have to account for that. One workaround is nabbing a hybrid countertop oven that serves as a toaster, convection oven and air fryer. The Ninja Foodi is my favorite and it even flips up to sit no more than seven inches from the wall when not in use

Another option is buying a smaller solo air fryer, and Nutribullet’s new Magic Bullet Air Fryer is our pick for the best compact air fryer in 2021. This model obviously won’t hold as much as the others on the list but in our testing, it showed good power so you could cook fairly quickly in batches if need be. The Magic Bullet has a 2-5-quart cooking basket which is enough to hold about eight wings or two servings of French fries in a single cook.

The Magic Bullet Air Fryer crisped chicken wings and Brussel sprouts nicely and got the fries to gold brown as fast as any other air fryer on our list. It also has very very simple analog dials and wasn’t very noisy while in action.

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What Exactly Is An Air Fryer

If you’re sorta, kinda not sure what an air fryer even is or why they’ve become so popular, let’s start there. The trendy air fryer is a fairly simple cooking machine that employs extremely hot, fast circulating air to flash-roast food inside of a contained frying basket. While there’s generally no or very little oil used, the results can be similar to that of traditional frying in that food comes out crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Air fryers heat up fast, cook quickly and make healthier versions of traditionally fatty fried foods, so what’s not to love? But it’s not just healthy versions of bar snacks. I use my air fryer for cooking skin-on chicken thighs to crispy perfection, veggies including mushrooms, pork chops, peppers, onions, and even seafood — namely shrimp, scallops and filets of fish. And because most air fryer baskets are nonstick, cleanup is often as simple as a quick spritz and wipe with a soapy sponge. Many are dishwasher safe too.

Starting to see the appeal?

We retested some of our favorites and put a few new models through their paces.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Philips Air Fryer

Unboxing PHILIPS Air Fryer HD 9252/90

Browse the top-ranked list of philips air fryer below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 3 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews

    Product Description

    Skip preheating steps with this Philips Viva Collection air fryer. Its TurboStar technology provides constant circulating heat that results in evenly crisped foods, and the grill, bake and roast settings expand your potential menu offerings. The compact design of this Philips Viva Collection air fryer frees up precious counter space without sacrificing cooking capacity.See all Air Fryers

    Product Description

    Skip preheating steps with this Philips Viva Collection air fryer. Its TurboStar technology provides constant circulating heat that results in evenly crisped foods, and the grill, bake and roast settings expand your potential menu offerings. The compact design of this Philips Viva Collection air fryer frees up precious counter space without sacrificing cooking capacity.$249.99Your price for this item is $249.99Add to Cart

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    Philips Airfryer Xxl With Digital Display

    • Crispy results with up to 90% less fat*
    • Twin TurboStar technology removes fat from foods
    • Digital display with 5 preset cooking programs
    • Fry, bake, grill and roast your favorite foods at home
    • QuickClean basket with non-stick mesh cleans up in 90 secs
    • 406049-Product-1-I.jpg


    The Philips Airfryer uses hot air to fry your favourite food with little or no added oil. New Fat Removal technology is designed to extract and capture fat from the food, making this the healthiest way to fry for you and your family.

    Key Features

    Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat.You can make hundreds of dishes in your Airfryer. Fry, bake, grill, roast and even reheat your meals. Every bite is as delicious as the last thanks to Philips Air flow and starfish design. It cooks food uniformly from all sides for perfect meals every time.

    Fat Removal technology separates and captures excess fatEat healthier dishes with excess fat removed from food. The Philips Airfryer is the only Airfryer with Fat Removal Technology that separates and captures excess fat. Enjoy delicious food thats crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with maximum taste and minimum fat.

    Fry with little or no oilThe Airfryer uses hot air to cook your favorite food with little or no added oil, so you can fry with up to 90% less fat*. Enjoy great-tasting, crispy results like deep fried, with the least amount of fat.

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