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The Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro | Take a closer look at our versatile smart oven | Breville USA

You dont need to seek out air-fryer recipes to get great results in a convection toaster ovenany recipe written for a standard oven works. However, if you have your eye on a recipe written specifically for an air fryer but want to prepare it in a convection toaster oven, you have to make some minor adjustments for the best results.

Generally, if youre following an air-fryer recipe but plan to cook it in a convection toaster oven, you need to increase the cooking time and temperature to compensate for the toaster ovens larger cavity. You dont need to buy an air-frying basketa regular quarter-sheet pan will give you similar air-frying results in a convection oven . Here are some tips for cooking some common dishes in a convection toaster oven.


  • Roasted vegetables: Roast at 425 °F with speed convection for 12 to 20 minutes, tossing halfway through cooking time.
  • Air-fryer pickles: Bake at 425 °F with speed convection for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through cooking time.
  • Hand-cut fries: Bake at 425 °F with speed convection for 40 to 45 minutes, tossing occasionally.
  • Frozen fries: Bake with speed convection at the temperature indicated on the package. You may need to cook them longer than the instructions recommend .

Meat, poultry, and fish:


Best Countertop Oven And Air Fryer In 202: Ninja Breville Kitchenaid And More

A proficient countertop toaster oven with capable air fry function is the best of both worlds, and a space-saver to boot.

Improvements to the good old-fashioned oven are never in short supply. Some innovations, like convection cooking, which debuted in 1945, are difficult to imagine living without. Others land softly with an air of frivolousness and very little impact

Smaller countertop ovens are not new to the kitchen appliance world, and, at this point, neither are air fryers. What is new is a fusing of those two types of cookers into one hybrid convection oven with air fryer function, and a good one will do about as much as anything else you can buy for your kitchen. I’ve had one of these versatile hybrid ovens for about a year and find the uses for it many and the results rather delicious.

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“But I already have a solo air fryer or was thinking of getting one.” Great! Air fryers are awesome and they’re pretty cheap, too. In fact, we have a list of the best air fryers to help you choose. But the solo units have limitations and those might make a hybrid oven a better option for you. I did the calculations for myself and decided on a hybrid.

Who’s hungry?

I broiled. I baked. I judged. I ate. Here’s how the hybrid ovens performed and a few of my top picks.

Cooking In The Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro

Despite the oven not allowing the wireless functions I would like, I did make a few meals from the available recipes in the Breville app. I wanted to get a feel for the experience the company envisioned by relying on the oven to guide me.

I started out easy with some air-fried apple chips. The app showed me how to cut the apples, season the pieces with cinnamon sugar, and lay them on the pan. It then cooked the apple slices at their preferred temperature and told me when to flip them over. And then, with little fanfare, they were done.

It’s not that the connected oven isn’t useful, but its usefulness is kept minimal by design. I’m not a cook in any sense, but I could have glanced at a website and then made apple chips without an internet-connected oven. It was painfully easy.

At the time of writing, there are only 116 recipes in the app to choose from. When you separate that number out into different categories such as snacks, entrees, desserts, beef, chicken and so on, the choices look sparse. It also assumes you’ll have the necessary ingredients to make most of those recipes. I didn’t.

I would also love to be able to do things wirelessly from the applike change the function or the amount of time the oven is cooking, or raise or lower the temperature.

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How To ‘fry’ Food In An Oven

An air fryer works by rapidly circulating hot air and a small amount of oil to fry foods. The oil and air work in tandem, transferring heat via conduction and convection . In a wall oven or the oven of a range with convection, the air-fry function works the same way.

In our range lab, we tested the air-fry functions of two ranges from Frigidaire and a wall oven from Café. With the Frigidaire ranges, we purchased and used the optional air-fry basket for making frozen fries and chicken wings. For the Café wall oven, we simply used an aluminum pan.

Both ranges and the wall oven produce golden, crispy french fries with just a few teaspoons of oiland in record time. They shave a staggering 20 to 30 minutes off the total cook time compared with using a regular bake setting. Thats largely due to the fact that the oven doesnt need to preheat on the air-fry setting the heat ramps up almost immediately.

Our fries werent quite as beautiful as when we cooked frozen fries in a countertop air fryer. The small capacity of stand-alone air fryers allows more hot air to circulate around the food, plus they typically have baskets that rotate, allowing for more even browning. But the range and wall ovens are able to hold more than twice as much food as a standard air fryer. For large families, the larger capacity and shorter cooking time can be a real mealtime game changer.

What Is A Smart Oven

Re: Breville Smart Oven vs large Air Fryer

A smart oven is a standalone, amped-up toaster oven of sorts with a wide range of cooking functionalities from steam cooking sous vide style, to air-frying and dehydrating, to baking and convection cooking. Although each model ranges in functionality, the most consistent features of all smart ovens are their Bluetooth-enabled cooking command capability as well as built-in smart, automatic features. Both of these features help the home cook better track cooking progress. Which means you might finally stop setting off your damn smoke alarm!

Models like the Anova Precision Cooker are trending right now in the smart kitchen appliance space for their multitasking capabilities, but there are a few other key players in the space that are much more affordable.

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Is The Breville Smart Oven Air Self Cleaning

No, its not self cleaning. But cleaning the Breville Smart Oven isnt any different than cleaning any other oven.

The stainless steel exterior can be easily wiped with a cleaning cloth or damp sponge. You can use a mild cleanser to get rid of any build-ups.

The interior of the oven has nonstick material, so its easy to clean, too. Using a mild cleanser or spraying solution and a damp sponge, you can wipe clean any splatter of oils or food. Breville recommends that you apply the cleaning solution to your cloth or sponge instead of applying it directly to the oven.

As for any crumbs that may end up on the bottom, you can easily slide out the crumb tray to discard the crumbs, then you can wipe it clean. To get rid of grease, you can let the tray soak in warm water mixed with a mild detergent.

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Why You Should Trust Me

As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive researched, tested, and reviewed toasters, toaster ovens, and deep fryers, among other kitchen gear and gadgets, since 2016. Ive spent more than 250 hours over the past four years researching and testing air fryers for this guide. In that time, Im pretty sure Ive eaten more fish sticks and french fries than the Gortons Fisherman and Ronald McDonald combined.

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Cuisinart Vs Breville Air Fryer : Air Fryer Oven Comparison

If you love fried food, then an air fryer should be next on your list of essentials to purchase. Air fryers allow you to eat crispy and juicy fried foods that taste just as good as pan fried ones, but without all the unwanted grease. While standalone air fryers are great, youll get much better value if you opt for convection ovens with air frying capabilities, like the Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster Oven and the Breville Smart Oven Air. We compare the two below, to find out which one is better for you.


Versatile Cooking Options On The Countertop


With a wide selection of offerings in this category from Breville, the Air is my top toaster oven pick. It bakes, it broils, and it even air fries. Bakers can proof dough, gardeners can dehydrate their harvest, and you can make just about anything you crave without running up the electric bill, or overheating your kitchen.

Ive had the older model for over six years, we used it almost every day, and its still working great. This is something to take into consideration when making your purchase as well, and the Pro provides a variety of options for the countertop cook, with the Compact and Mini versions being excellent contenders for those who are short on available kitchen space as well.

Being able to utilize two ovens in my tiny kitchen , or opt for just using my Breville when I only need to complete smaller jobs, has made my home cooking experience so much easier.

Not to mention, in its simplest state in terms of functionality, this thing makes a great piece of toast.

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Breville Smart Oven Bov900bss:

The Breville BOV900BSS Oven offers 13 built-in settings, including roast, bake, pizza, air fry, toast and broil assuring that foods will be evenly cooked and come out tasting delicious after you finish cooking them. The smart oven features a 2-speed convection fan and brilliant interior light to let you monitor food as it.

Designed with a touch-sensitive interface and pre-programmed settings, the BOV900BSS is the best air fryer oven you could own. Along with a stylish stainless steel casing, a 3-inch viewing window, and a powerful 1800 watt motor that can fit up to nine slices of bread at once, theres plenty to love about Breville.

Accessories Includes:

Oven Rack, Baking Pan, and an Air Fryer Rack


13 built-in functions to cook a variety of food.

A 13-inch pizza pan is included in the accessories.

Interior oven light with LCD Display for your convenience.

Patented Element IQ System.

Stops working after some use if used roughly.

May Catch Fire.

Breville Smart Oven Air Vs Breville Smart Oven Pro: Which Is The Best Oven

Reviewed By Andrea Amiot Latest Updated November 8, 2021

In this article, we bring you the two most popular ovens. We will be comparing the Breville Smart Oven Air and the Breville Smart Oven Air Pro. Lets have a look at the various features of the two so that you can choose which can be a better option for you.

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Is The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Worth It

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer is worth it but only if you want your air fryer to be your one and only in the kitchen. The 11 different functions make it extremely adaptable, but if you aren’t planning on baking, roasting, slow coking, or toasting in your air fryer, you’re better off with a simpler, cheaper air fryer that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles.

For families or meal-preppers, the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer makes a dinner routine way easier. It won’t heat up your home like a conventional oven, it promises to cook your meals up to 30% faster, and it offers enough versatility that you won’t need a separate toaster, slow cooker, air fryer, and pizza maker.

Our Analysis And Test Results

Breville The Smart Oven Air Fryer

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is a top-notch performer that combines the functionality of an oven, slow cooker, and dehydrator all in one. Thanks to field-leading performance in almost all of our tests andseveral extra cooking modes you won’t find on most toaster ovens, the Smart Oven Air earned the top overall score in our testing.

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Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Review: Ease Of Use And Cleaning

The Breville has an LCD display that is controlled by two buttons and two dials. On the panel, in addition to settings for air frying, toasting, baking and broiling, there are also settings for slow cooking, dehydrating, proofing and reheating among others. With a little trial and error, you can easily figure out how to program the oven. Included with the oven are an oven rack, air fryer basket, broiling rack, enamel roasting pan, 12-inch nonstick pizza pan and a crumb tray. On the oven door, it tells you which rack positions to use for various cooking functions.

While its cooking, some surfaces of the Breville get excessively hot. The stainless steel top of the oven reached 196°F and the glass door reached 252°F, temps hot enough to cause a burn. On the positive side, the handle and the controls remain cool to the touch. As it operates, the Breville has a dBA reading of 61.4, which is just above the average for air fryers.

The Breville has some nice extras. Theres an interior oven light that makes it convenient to check on your food as it cooks. You also have the option of changing the volume of the buzzer, so you can lower it if you find it too loud and increase it if you want to hear it from another room. When you use the middle rack positions, the rack will automatically pop out to give you easy access to your food. Like all Breville appliances, this product has a cord plug with a loop to make it easy to pull the cord out of a wall socket.

Is The Breville Smart Oven Worth The Money

The price you agree to pay for either a Wolf or Breville oven should depend on how much you plan to cook. Thats because Breville products arent cheap, and they can sometimes cost more than Wolf Gourmet or other brands. So, its probably not wise to spend the extra money if youre not going to use your countertop ovens often.

DID YOU KNOW: You can use a countertop oven as an alternative to a traditional oven broiler.

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How To Air Fry In The Breville Smart Oven

Its really easy to air fry in the smart oven! First, find a good recipe for what youd like to cook.

IMPORTANT: If your recipe features foods that may drip , use the grilling rack nested inside of the roasting pan instead of the air fryer basket.

  • Turn the Function dial to Air Fry.
  • Use the Temperature dial to select the temperature called for in the recipe.
  • Use the Time dial to adjust the time to the time given in the recipe.
  • Press the Frozen button to ensure its not showing.
  • Press the Start button and wait for the oven to preheat before you add the food.
  • If you are using the air fryer basket that comes with the oven, Breville recommends placing it on the top rack position once food has been added.
  • Breville Vs Cuisinart Air Fryer Oven

    Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer BOV900 VS BOV860. Debating on which one to buy? WATCH TO DECIDE.

    If you want to know the name of a usual home appliance for the kitchen, my solution will certainly be an air fryer toaster. It has actually been used extensively all over the globe. By experiencing this write-up, you will obtain the most effective 2 Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven testimonials and it will certainly help you to choose the excellent one for your kitchen.breville vs cuisinart air fryer oven

    The reason behind the popularity of air fryer toaster ovens is its healthy cooking procedure. Rather than making use of oil, the air fryer flows hot air to fry foods. You favor food with less oil as a wellness benefit. By making use of an air fryer your kitchen will be less unpleasant and also you will certainly enjoy standard cooking.

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    Arranging The World In A Way That Makes Sense To You

    Creativity doesnt mean rearranging the world in a way that makes sense it means creating something new This is especially true about technology: if we cant think of an entirely new use for it, we tend not to give it much attention And even if we do spot a helpful idea, we generally fail to recognize its potential until someone else comes along and makes it work, For example, the cochlear implant was first created more than a century ago, but it wasnt until recently that doctors realized its potential as a hearing device for the deaf Similarly, some people might have imagined instant messaging being used as a way of communicating between two people but never thought of using it to broadcast shorter messages to all their friends.

    How To ‘fry’ Food In A Toaster Oven

    Convection toaster ovens can air-fry in the same way a convection oven can. We tested two models, one from Breville and one from Cuisinart, that have a dedicated air-fry setting. Both perform admirably, doing a great job with frozen curly fries and fresh chicken wings, though all-around performance is better in the Breville.

    Both toaster ovens produce wings and fries in about the same time as the oven air fryers using 1 to 3 teaspoons of oil. But, of course, you cant fit in as many wings or fries as you can in an oven.

    If you have a toaster oven that has convection but no air-fry setting, try using convection roast , and just as with an oven, use a dark pan to get the best crispy results.

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