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What Size Air Fryer Do You Need

Dash 2 Quart Mini Air Fryer Review – SAY WHAATTT?!?! I Never Knew There WAS Such a Thing!

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What size air fryer do you really need? It comes down to what youre cooking, what family size you have, and how much space you have for small appliances.

Air fryers come in numerous sizes and various designs, all to accommodate a wide variety of family sizes as well as individuals.

Lets take a look at different sizes so you can determine exactly what size of air fryers will work best for you.

Extra Large Air Fryers

Want to cook a turkey? These 6 QT+ models are always changing, because brands are recognizing large families and the growing desire to own an air fryer.

This is a six-person to ten-person range. Anything outside of that, and youre just going to have to make batches.

Extra large air fryers create a lot of heat in the kitchen outside of the appliance, and they take up a ton of space. Youll need a considerable amount of cabinet space to keep one of these in storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Air Fryer Sizes

  • How Much Can Be Cooked in A 6-Quart Air Fryer?

    The quantity of 6-quart can cook for a maximum of 6-8 people and cook an entire chicken, a full pizza, and pounds of finger foods.

  • Which Size Air Fryer Will Be Perfect for A Small Kitchen?

    A kitchen with a large air fryer size will not be perfect. The air fryers ideal size will be 3-quart if you have a small kitchen, and the air fryers size is quick to use and does not consume a lot of counter space, and you can put in a drawer when not in use.

  • How Big Is a 7 Qt Air Fryer?

    The 7 qt can fit an 8 inch pizza, 4-5 pizza rolls, 2 full sized pita bread, a couple extra pita breads, some cream cheese, 2 Tbsp pizza sauce, 4-6 baked chicken breasts, 4-5 pieces of bacon, and a lot of other smaller sized items.

  • What size air fryer do you need to cook a whole chicken?

    A lot of people ask us for the air fryer sizes that they need to cook a whole chicken. There are different sizes available in the market, and weâve done the research to figure out what size is most convenient for your kitchen.

    We think there are four sizes that are most convenient, so letâs take a look at them. Overall 6-10 qt will be perfect size for average chicken will be a great go to choice.

  • Can you cook a full chicken in an air fryer?

    When it comes to air fryers and meat, the answer is most definitely yes. With just a few simple tricks, you can have a juicy and perfectly crisp chicken every time.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using An Air Fryer

    There are numerous benefits to using an air fryer to prepare fried foods:

    • Air fryer is much healthier than deep frying since youre using air rather than oil. This results in much fewer calories and fat so you can enjoy more of your favourite crispy foods without the same health impact.
    • Air fryers are much more convenient to use since they clean very easily and you dont have to fill them with oil, making them much lighter and easier to store.
    • Air fryers are also much easier to use than a deep fryer since you can prepare your fried foods with just a few buttons.
    • Your running costs are much lower since you dont need to continually purchase oil for your deep fryer.
    • Air fryers are safer to use than a deep fryer since youre never exposed to hot spluttering oil that can easily burn your skin. Theres also a nearly 0% chance of a fire, something that is of higher risk with traditional deep fryers.
    • An air fryer is much more versatile than a deep fryer since you can perform more than one function with them and you can put any food in your air fryer without needing to coat it in an egg wash, flour, and breading before frying.

    How Do Air Fryers Work


    Air fryers circulate very hot air to fry foods. They may require a small amount of oil, but they often dont need any oil at all. Once plugged in, they use convection fans to air fry the foods with hot air being circulated around the compartment. Your food is placed inside a basket to ensure that every side of your food is fried evenly. The rapid air flow not only crisps your food to that perfect crunchy shell, but it cooks your food rapidly as well. The air fryer works similarly to your convection oven, only it is much smaller and more efficient.

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    What Size Air Fryer Should I Buy

    In this section, we aim to give you a simple air fryer size comparison, linking the sizes mentioned above to their ideal use case. Please bear in mind that this is a general air fryer size guide, and please make sure to read the section after this to see if there are any other considerations when selecting your air fryer size.

    This air fryer size guide should be looked at as the bare minimum you would need for your situation. Of course, some people like to go big just because they like the luxury and added versatility of more space. Just make sure that you buy at least the minimum size recommended below.

    As a general rule, I would say that if you are buying an air fryer, you should always go a little bit bigger than you expect. This is because most people are used to traditional fixed ovens, which offer a lot of space. Even for me with a 3 quart size air fryer, I sometimes find the space not enough even if I am just cooking for myself. Especially if most of the meal is cooked in the air fryer.

    And you cant stack food in an air fryer or fill it up to the max, as you need to leave space for the hot air to flow around your food and cook it. This also limits how you can use the space in an air fryer and may require you to size up!

    You dont want to be stuck with an air fryer that you think is too small, so better to go a little bit bigger right out of the gate. Find out about the cooking capacity you may need below

    How Much Food Do Air Fryers Hold

    According to Americas Test Kitchen

    Most standard air fryers can fit enough food for 2 to 4 servings, depending on the food. Its important not to overcrowd the basket. If you choose to make multiple batches of an air frying recipe, start checking the second batch for doneness a few minutes early, as the air fryer will already be hot and may cook the second batch more quickly.

    • 1-2.8 quarts will hold a few chicken nuggets and a small side of cut veggies .
    • 3-5 quarts will hold enough french fries for 3-4 people or 2-3 medium chicken breasts.
    • 6-10 quarts will hold a whole chicken, pizza or a few pounds of french fries.
    • 11-16 quarts will cook a whole turkey

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    The Micro Sized Air Fryer

    It has been amazing how much this sector of air fryers has grown, something that I have found quite surprising. This is the smallest size of air fryer available on the market, what I like to refer to as the micro-air fryers! These are any air fryers around the 2 liter or 2 quart mark . Until quite recently, this section didnt even exist. However, I have seen new micro air fryers popping up all over more recently.

    I would like to say right off the bat, though, that I do not recommend these air fryers for use in the home. If you have a huge squeeze on your kitchen space, you may want to look at them, but they really do offer a very limited range of cooking. Even a single person will struggle to cook a whole meal in one of these air fryers.

    Air Fryers For Chefs:

    Yedi 2-Qt 1000W Compact Air Fryer w/ Cookbook on QVC

    There is no particular size of the air fryer for chefs. If you are a chef, you can select an air fryer that starts from 2 Qt size to 26 Qt size according to the quantity and frequency of preparing fried food for your customers.

    Compact air fryers can save the space in the kitchen and allows you to cook without any fumes and smokes in the room. Though the size of the air fryer may vary, most of them have similar functions that will nowhere confuse the user even if you are a newbie.

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    What We Think Of The Secura Saf

    The Secura air fryer has a powerful 1700 watts of powerful for efficient air frying of a variety of food types. A large 5 L capacity means you can cook virtually any food you want in large and small batches for medium and large-sized families, parties, and other gatherings. It will heat to temperature in only 3 minutes and allow you to get cooking right away you can forget waiting for an oven to preheat for 10-15 minutes when you use this air fryer.

    This air fryer has multiple cook functions including air frying, bake, roast, grill, and reheat. The temperature range of 180-400 degrees F means that you can cook any type of food and follow any recipe with just a turn of a dial. Speaking of, the controls of this air fryer are incredibly simple with one dial for temperature and one dial for your timer.

    Although this is one of the smaller air fryers on the market, it is perfect for my family of three. I reheat pizza with it, I make delicious jalapeno poppers, and its great for making crispy fries and onion rings. The temperature range on this machine can accommodate any air fryer recipe you find, and its really easy to clean. I have nothing bad to say about this machine!

    Gloria V.

    What Air Fryer Size Do I Need For One Person

    A small air fryer size of 2 quarts would work best for singles, college students, or individuals because this small-sized air fryer is cheaper but still offers more features than a small toaster oven.

    With this air fryer, you can fry snacks or bake smaller goods, faster and easier, while on the go.If you are looking for an air fryer for one person, we recommend the Chefman 2-Quart Air TurboFry Personal Compact Healthy Fryer.

    This compact air fryer can perfectly fit in small kitchens, offices, or dorms. Its incredibly easy to use it so you can air-fry or reheat almost everything, especially when you are in a hurry.

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    What We Think Of The Ninja Af161 Max Xl Air Fryer

    One of the best parts about fried food is the crispy exterior. If you are a crispy lover, you need an air fryer with extreme crisping abilities, and only one air fryer really fits that bill: the Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer.

    This air fryer comes with max crisp technology because of its super heat. It can get as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat allows the air fryer to cook quickly and crisply. It even comes with a convenient broil rack to ensure your meals have a crispy crunch or bubbly finish.

    Of course, the Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer is good for more than just crispy finishes. It also has the ability to air roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate, making it another great multipurpose pick. In other words,

    Now, lets talk about some of the downsides of the Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer. It is highly expensive. Even though it offers multifunctional capabilities, it is much more expensive than the previous model, which proves that you can get an affordable air fryer that functions for many purposes.

    I chose this air fryer because it has a smaller carbon footprint than others. It has multiple modes of cooking and has a great crisp option. The secret to this air fryer is to shake up the food every few minutes to make sure it is all crisped evenly. The fact that you can dish wash the cooking parts further makes it a better option than some of the other air fryers.

    How To Estimate The Basket Dimensions

    What Size Air Fryer Do You Need (For a Family of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or more!)

    Once you have determined what you will be cooking and how often, there is a simple way to get a rough idea of the best size for you. Get a piece of cardboard and draw a rough approximation of the diameter or length and width of the base of the air fryer basket. Air fryers have either rectangular or circular baskets. Look at the dimensions of the air fryer you are considering, then draw an approximation of the size and shape.

    It would be helpful if retailers always provided basket dimensions on their listings, but since they don’t, you might have to make an educated guess if you are buying online. For example, the Dash Compact Air Fryer has dimensions of 10.2 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches. If the fryer itself has an approximately eight-inch diameter, the basket probably has a diameter of around six inches.

    Cover the cardboard with plastic wrap, then place food items within the circle or rectangle you drew. For example, if you normally cook four chicken breasts for dinner, see if all four fit inside the shape. Do this with different kinds of food because items like chicken tenders take up less space than steaks.

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    Air Fryers For Rotisseries:

    You cannot rotisserie a chicken using every air fryer. Air fryer that looks like an oven and comes with the rotisserie attachments can make rotisserie chicken. Grilling chicken without making your kitchen greasy is possible only by using air fryers that will also not make you tired.

    Before picking up the perfect air fryer, you should know the size of the countertop to place it without occupying the space of your other appliance. Most of the large-sized air fryers replace toasters and ovens.

    Small air fryers may come with almost similar functions that a large air fryer works, but small air fryers are suitable for only a few members in a family. No matter the size of the air fryer, you can prepare desserts, meals, fries, and also pizzas using an air fryer.

    Do You Need To Use Oil In An Air Fryer

    Short answer: No, you don’t need oil. But some foods do well with a light spray or coating of cooking oil. Vegetables including green beans, broccoli, asparagus, and even potatoes will dry out if you blast them in an air fryer so a light spritz of avocado or olive oil can go a long way.

    Remember, you’re still using far less oil than deep-frying or even pan-frying in which food sits in oil or is submerged the entire time it’s cooking. Anything with some inherent oil content, like chicken or salmon, will have plenty of natural oil to baste itself while cooking.

    When air frying vegetables, a light coating of oil goes a long way.

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    What Air Fryer Size Is Best For A Single Individual

    As a single individual, theres no need to purchase a large air fryer, but instead, opt for a more compact air fryer capable of cooking for one, or two.

    Air fryers in this category often have a capacity of 1.0 quart but can stretch up to a maximum of 3.0 quart.

    These air fryers are big enough to cook 2-3 servings of fries, 2-3 chicken breasts, a couple of egg rolls, chicken nuggets or chicken tenders.

    Compact, smaller air fryers are convenient in many ways. For example, a smaller air fryer requires no more than a 2-minute cleaning routine to look as good as new. Once clean, an air fryer of this size can easily be stored under your kitchen counter just like a pan.

    It will also heat up faster because the chamber is smaller, which means theres less air for the heating element to heat.

    One thing to take note of is that air fryers of this size often have fewer features than large air fryers. Nevertheless, when it comes to performance, they dont fall behind. Small air fryers can, just like larger ones, produce a deliciously crispy outer layer.

    How Big Should An Air Fryer Be About A Quart Per Person But Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    Best Air Fryers in 2022 (Top 5 Picks For 2,4 & More People)

    If you’re cooking for one or two people a 2- or 3-quart air fryer should be large enough. From there, I would suggest adding a quart of capacity for every person that you’re regularly cooking for. So, if you plan to air fry for five people on a regular basis, spring for a 5-quart model.

    Size matters when it comes to air fryer prowess but maybe not in the way you expected. A smaller air fryer means food is going to get blasted faster and more often than inside a larger model where the air has further to travel and more time to lose heat. I’ve found that small and powerful air fryers including the Magic Bullet 2-5-quart model and Instant Pot’s Duo Crisp work exceptionally well and very quickly.

    The smaller air fryers mean less overall capacity so you may have to cook in batches.

    I find that smaller air fryers like Magic Bullet’s 2-5-quart model do an excellent job but the trade-off is less cooking space.

    Using medium chicken thighs as a unit measurement, a 2.5-quart air fryer can fit three thighs. A 5-quart model will comfortably fit six thighs and so on. If you spring for a hybrid oven with multiple racks, you can cook as many as 10 or 12 chicken thighs at once, but it will take longer than with a smaller air fryer

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