Air Fryer French Fries No Oil

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Best Air Fryer Fries Tips

How To Cook Seasoned French Fries With An Air Fryer (NO OIL)
  • Work in batches. Its essential that you spread the potatoes in a single layer in the air fryer basket and that you leave a little space between each one. If theyre too crowded, the potatoes will steam inside the air fryer, and they wont get crispy. In order to give them adequate space, youll likely need to work in batches. When I use 2 russet potatoes, I cook 3 batches of fries.
  • Not crispy yet? Keep cooking! The exact timing will vary based on your particular air fryer. I recommend checking your first batch at the 12 minute mark and adjusting your timing based on how they look at that stage. If theyre still not crispy, continue cooking until they crisp up.
  • When it comes to doneness, taste is more important than appearance. Ive found that my air fryer French fries start to look done before they actually are done. Taste a fry from each batch to make sure its tender on the inside and crisp on the outside before you move on to a new batch.
  • Toss them all in together at the end. Because youll be working in batches, some of the fries will have to sit around for a bit before you finish cooking. No one likes cold, soggy fries, so toss all the fries into the air fryer together for 1 to 2 minutes before you eat. This quick step will reheat the fries from the earlier batches and make them nice and crispy. Yum!

Crispy Air Fryer French Fries

These crispy air fryer french fries are so delicious you wont ever want to deep fry potatoes again. The air fryer uses a lot less oil, but produces the same delicious results that we love. Here are tips on how to cook fresh or frozen fries in the air fryer, so you can eat them to your hearts content! Perfect as snacks, appetizers or a side dish. Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

Key To Success #2 Dry Your Potatoes Well

In order for the French Fry potatoes to crisp up in the Air Fryer, they need to be very dry to start. Very dry. After I peel the potatoes, I wrap them in a clean kitchen towel and towel them dry.

Then after I slice them using the mandolin slicer, I use a couple paper towels to mop up any remaining moisture. This ensures that the potatoes are as dry as possible.

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What Kind Of Potatoes To Use

I tried this recipe a couple of times with both Russets and Yukon golds. Both turned out good quality fries, but the Russets are clearly the superior potato for frying, which is my direct opposite preference for roasting potatoes.

The interior of Russet potatoes turns just the way you want ita bit fluffy and softwhereas the exterior stays crispy.

And theyre the right size for fries, too. If you can select them individually rather than buying a bag, Id recommend trying to find the longest ones you cansmaller, more round potatoes are going to make stubby fries that wont permit a whole lot of interaction with ketchup or whatever you condiment of choice happens to be.

You could probably also use red potatoes, but they dont tend to be long enough to turn them into the classic fry shape, so I skipped those for this recipe.

Key To Success #3 Shake The Basket Often

The Best Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

While cooking your Air Fryer French Fries, be sure to shake the Air Fryer Basket often so that you can make sure all the French Fries are cooked evenly.

If you want to be gentler, you can use a spatula to flip your fries. These fries can handle a little shaking though. You can do whichever way is easier for you.

The cook times listed in this recipe are what worked for my Air Fryer, but yours may be slightly different. I have a Cozyna XL 5.8 QT Air Fryer.

These French Fries are great when served with Air Fryer Hamburgers or even Air Fryer Chicken Legs.

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Prepping The Potatoes For Crispy Homemade French Fries

The first thing is to use large Russet Potatoes to make fresh French Fries. I used 2 potatoes, washed them well and sliced them into medium strips evenly. Peeling potatoes or not is a personal choice. I have tried both ways and it works well.

Now soak the potatoes in water for about 15 minutes. This helps remove some of the starch content and get crispy fries. That said, if you don’t have enough time, you can skip this step. I tried without soaking and the result was still very good. I think the Air Fryers do a good job of crisping the fries either way!

Pat dry the sliced potatoes with a paper towel. Now season the potatoes. I like to add salt, pepper and garlic powder to my fries. Add some olive oil or another oil of your choice. This helps the seasoning stick to the fries. Toss well to coat the potatoes with the seasoning.

The Best Air Fryer Fries

This recipe will get you delicious crispy french fries that cook in about 15 minutes – right in your air fryer basket for easy cleanup!

If you can cut potatoes, you can master this easy method to cook the fries in an air fryer – without deep frying.

These air fryer french fries are one of my favorite recipes to use with my Ninja Foodi – and just like my popular air fried chicken drumsticks recipe, and Air Fryer Steaks recipe, Air Fryer Tri Tip Steak, and Air Fryer Chicken Fried Steak that all do really well in an instant pot with a crisping lid!

For another take on these fries, be sure to check out my Lemon Garlic Air Fryer French Fries – the lemon pepper and garlic seasoning can’t be beat!

This french fry recipe uses an air fryer – but is the exact same recipe as my Crunchy Baked French Fries Recipe – a top post on Sweet Cs since 2011!

These fries taste incredibly indulgent and delicious – with a fraction of the oil of regular french fries. Were also using olive oil, for an omega 3 packed oil that is healthier than vegetable oil like a deep fryer.

I hope you love this recipe as much as we do!

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What Is An Air Fryer Anyway

If youve never heard of an air fryer, youve really been missing out. I absolutely love mine and use it at least once a week.

An air fryer is a terrific kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around food at high speed. It is able to produce crispy foods without using any oil which makes them much lower in calories and fat.

Air fryers are small enough to fit on your kitchen counter, and they allow you to make some great foods without needing to heat up the stove which makes them extra awesome during the hot summer months.

How Long Do You Cook Frozen Fries In The Air Fryer

How to make air fryer fries-no oil

No need to search for air fryer frozen french fries time. Frozen french fries take about 15 minutes to make in the air fryer.

You will want to shake the basket half-way through for even cooking. If you want extra crispy french fries, cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Needless to say cooking frozen fries this way is so much more efficient than in the oven. They become crispy and cook perfectly in the air fryer.

No more soggy frozen fries in this house!

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Why This Recipe Works:

  • Basic Ingredients: You literally only need a few simple ingredients to make this easy recipe !
  • Little Oil Required: Compared to deep frying, the air fryer method uses just a tiny bit of oil, which makes it a healthier option.
  • No Oil Splatters: Since the cooking is done with the air fryer closed, there wont be any oil splatters which makes clean up so much easier.
  • Amazing Crispy Texture: These air fryer french fries have a crazy crispy exterior, even without all the extra oil, which never ceases to amaze me every time!
  • Totally Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan: The best part is that these fries are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, which means that even those who have Celiac disease or gluten or lactose intolerances, or those simply on a gluten-free or vegan diet can still enjoy them without issues!

Can I Make These Air Fryer Fries Oil

You certainly can, but there’s a caveat. French fries made without oil are tasty enough, and they brown nicely in the air fryer, but you won’t quite get that crispy crunch you get with the small amount of oil. That said, I make oil-free fries all the time when in the mood and dunk them into black bean hummus for a deeply satisfying, delicious — and healthy — snack.

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How Do You Cook French Fries In An Air Fryer

Start by slicing the potatoes into fries that about 1/4 inch thick. Place the fries into a big bowl of cold water as you go to remove the excess starch. Then let them soak 2 hours up to overnight in the fridge. Now drain and pat dry thoroughly with paper towels. Now add the oil, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper to a bowl or large zipper bag. Then add the potatoes and toss to coat or shake to coat .

Now preheat the air fryer for about 5 minutes then add the fries in a single layer to the air fryer basket. Work in batches cooking for about 5 minutes then flip and cook for another 5 minutes or until desired crispiness. If they are not crispy enough simply cook them longer.

What Can I Use To Season Air Fryer French Fries


The possibilities are endless for adding additional flavor to the base recipe! I love using roasted garlic and garlic salt. Try dill, lemon pepper, seafood seasoning, or seasoning salt. If youd like white cheddar flavor, I highly recommend nutritional yeast. Its a vitamin powerhouse, vegan, and delicious.

If you eat dairy, add some shaved Parm to turn these into garlic parmesan fries in the air fryer!

If you think all fries need a dip, try out Paleo + Whole30 BBQ Sauce, Cilantro Chimichurri, or this Homemade Green Goddess Dressing recipe.

Top a batch of these air fryer french fries with grilled chicken, feta, and tzatziki and make a batch of Greek Fries.

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How To Slice The Potatoes

I sliced the potatoes lengthwise in half first. From there, I repeated this . This results in 8 pieces of sliced potato . Slice lengthwise to create ½¾ inch fries.

Sizing is really important. You want even sized fries so that the fries cook at a consistent temperature. Otherwise you will risk burning the smaller, thinner fries.

The best way to ensure even sizing is to use a mandolin. I use this and it comes with a blade for fries.

If you wind up with smaller thinner fries, separate those and cook them separately.

Reasons To Cook Frozen French Fries With An Air Fryer

Using an air fryer to cook your frozen French fries is a great way to save up on both energy and time. Frozen French fries take only about 20 minutes to cook. This is a big deal especially for those who love French fries, yet do not have a lot of time on their hands to cook it.

Also, using an air fryer to cook frozen French fries is a great step towards staying healthy. People are mostly afraid of eating French fries because of the problem that comes from consuming so much oil.

The oil contains a lot of saturated fat as well as a large number of calories all the things that tend to damage health. Cooking French fries with an air fryer cuts about 80% off your oil intake. This makes frozen French fries very safe and healthy to consume as often as you want.

Air fryers are also very easy to use. Most of them are built with digital controls that allow you to easily select what you intend to cook as well as set up the cooking temperature you intend to cook the food at and for how much time you intend to be cooking. Anyone could, therefore, use an air fryer to cook frozen French fries.

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Transfer Fries To Air Fryer Basket

Place potatoes in the air-fryer basket in a single layer .

You want to make sure that you do NOT overcrowd the basket so that there is enough space for the hot air to circulate.

If there isnt enough space to cook all the potato sticks at once, dont worry. Simply cook them in small batches until all are ready.

Storing Air Fryer French Fries

No Oil Sweet Potato French Fries – Air Fryer Cooker

French fries are best served fresh out of the air fryer, but if you have some leftovers or want to freeze a batch for later use, follow the simple steps below.

  • Refrigerating Leftovers: Place leftover fries in an airtight container and store them in the fridge for up to a week.
  • Freezing: Freeze leftover fries by placing them in a single layer on a lined baking sheet. Pop in the freezer. Once completely frozen, transfer them to a freezer-safe plastic bag.

Reheating Tip: Whether youre reheating refrigerated or frozen fries, nothing compares to using the air fryer to return them to a crispy state. Never, ever use a microwave. Your fries will always turn out soggy and inedible.

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Tips To Soak Or Not To Soak

While I was doing my internet research for making Air Fryer French fries, I was surprised to see how many people were soaking them in water first.

With a hefty dose of ignorance and confidence, I charged ahead with making some fries pretty much as soon as my Air Fryer was delivered . This was pre-internet-research, so I was not aware that people were soaking them.

And yall! I did not even peel my potatoes. I just sliced them up and made them like I always did in the oven pre-Air Fryer.

And you know what? I dont think I will ever bother with soaking them. I like them just as they are!

Laziness for the win!

Maybe Ill try soaking them one day, just to see if it actually makes a difference. But I know myself.

I know that I have two needy little kids always vying for my attention, especially at dinner time. Mamas, can I get and amen?! And I am adopting my lazy version for the foreseeable future.

Air Fryer Times Depending On Machine Size:

Small Air Fryers : Will need to cook in batches with one potato at a time. Cook at 325 degrees F for 10 minutes, then 15 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Medium Sized Air Fryers and Nuwave Air Fryer : Follow directions in this article

Large Air Fryers : Cook at 375 degrees for 10 minutes, then 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes checking the food every 5 minutes or so.

*Each air fryer can cook at different speeds, so its important to still check your food every 5 minutes to avoid overcooking it.

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What You Need To Make French Fries In The Air Fryer

I make these French Fries almost every week. They usually get eaten faster than I can make them. I love how they turn out so crispy in my Cosori 5.8 Quart Air Fryer. More importantly, I definitely love how crispy they are, without the grease.

Besides an air fryer, all you will need to make these fries is:

  • Russet Potatoes
  • salt
  • pepper

Of course, any additional seasonings or sauces, are up to you! We like to dip them in Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, or ketchup.

Tips For The Best Air Fryer French Fries

No Oil Sweet Potato French Fries

This has to be one of the least complicated recipes out there, but that doesnt mean a few tips and tricks wont go a long way. Soon enough, they will be second nature.

  • Cut similar-sized fries. To prevent chomping into raw or overcooked fries, make certain youre cutting similar-sized pieces.
  • Soak raw fries in cold water. I cant stress the importance of this step enough. Soaking raw fries in cold water removes excess starch from potatoes and results in the most optimal crispiness. It also prevents sticking during the cooking process.
  • Air fry in batches. It might be tempting to try and shove all of your fries in the air fryer at once. Beware: this will result in uneven cooking. Laying out your fries in a single layer will allow the ultra-hot, circulating air in the chamber to hit as much surface area as possible.
  • Toss to cook evenly. Flipping your fries every 5 minutes will ensure no one side of the fry gets more direct heat than another.
  • Remedying soggy fries. If your fries are limp and soggy after 15 minutes, give them a couple more 5 minute rounds of heat. Just be careful to watch them closely so they dont burn.
  • Adjusting your cooking time. Depending on the model of your air fryer or the size of the fries, you may need to adjust your cooking time accordingly. The rule of thumb is thicker fries need more time and thinner fries need less. The first time you prepare this recipe, keep a watchful eye on your fries to see if you need to increase or decrease the cooking time.

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