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The Bottom Line: Skip The Air Fryer Buy The Toaster Oven

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven REVIEW DEMO

But for goodness sake, I implore you one more time to save your wallet, your precious counter space and its aesthetic and stay away from the bulbous, plastic, hard-to-clean, single-serve pod air fryers that everyone seems to be buying and hawking. Do yourself one better and just stick with the classic toaster oven you probably already have, and if you want to use it to air fry, a roasting pan and wire rack is all you need.

Below are convection toasters recommended by our expert home appliance tester and reviewer, James Brains, who is in full agreement that they will serve you far, far better. If you’re still air fryer curious even after all this, I also recommend checking out a multicooker like this one by Instant Pot, which has an air frying feature but can also pressure cook and slow cook.

Large Air Fryer Toaster Oven 19 Qt

DAWAD toaster oven air fryer combo is adated with a premium heating system. Featuring 4 heating tubes at the top and 2 tubes at bottom serving with air circulate, allows cooking in consistent temperature and various recipes.

The DAWAD is an excellent value for anyone seeking to simplify their gourmet life in the kitchen. It can replace your air fryer, Rotisserie, Convection oven, Toaster, Thaw box and Microwave. Reduce cooking time, less mess than traditional cooking methods.

No gap in the middle of the track, it is safe to slide the rack out and will not get dropped down. You dont need to flip your food or toss the air fry basket in the middle of cooking.

Both the housing and the interior are made of STAINLESS STEEL, compared with plastic ovens and air fryer basket, it has less peculiar smell and EASIER TO CLEAN. Just wipe down with damp paper towel after every use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1.2 lb french fries, 20 chicken wings, a 6 lbs whole chicken, a 10-inch pizza, prepare more quantities food for big family or party.
  • Your dinner will be ready 50% faster than using the conventional oven without heating up the whole kitchen.
  • 4-KNOBS with CLEAR LINE MARK design for you to easily control temperature, time, function and toasting setting. Even beginners and elderly can get familiar with it quickly.
  • Every customer matters! Products with quality problems can be replaced. 24-hour customer service and technical support.

Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

COSORI 12-in-1 Smart Air Fryer Rotisserie Toaster Oven Functions: Control Way- Voice Control-Work with Alexa Google Assistant APP Control-VeSync Digital Control-Knob12 Functions- Air Fry, Rotisserie, Dehydrate, Pizza, Roast, Toast, Bagel, Bake, Broil, Cookies, Ferment, and Keep Warm.

Non-stick Coating-BPA Free, PFOA FreeNote: Before First Use- Recommended running the Toast function to eliminate any residue or traces of odor after shipping The oven features Automatic Preheat in some presets Hot appearance. Never place it under cabinet.

Cleaning- Always clean the oven and its accessories after every use Always leave the crumb tray at the bottom of oven while cooking Only Food Tray is dishwasher safe. Helpful Service- Enjoy 1 year assurance and addition 1 year from Cosori Please reach to our helpful Southern California based Customer Support Team for any assistance on this oven.

Connect your smart oven to your smartphone to adjust temperature and time, choose recipes, control the oven light and convection fan, monitor cooking, receive notifications, and connect to voice control

Set times and temperatures more accurately than with a traditional oven using the dial controls and digital LED screen. The interior light also makes it easy to check on your meal

Highlighted Features:

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Breville Bov900bss Convection And Air Fryer

Breville convection and air fryer is a smart device that can bring convenience and comfort to your life. Thanks to the Smart Oven Airs 2-speed convection fan, you can enjoy the great benefit of greater cooking control.

This product features the Element IQ with 6 independent quartz heating elements that move the power above and below for the perfect cooking result. If you need a product with an ideal size, this product can also meet your demand since it has enough room for 9 slices of bread, roasting a 14-lb turkey, and fits 12 cup muffin trays.

There are 13 cooking functions for you to choose from, such as Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook, and Dehydrate. The LCD display makes it for you to customize the temperature and time to your likings.

Key Features:

Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook, Dehydrate
Included components 13 Pizza Pan, Oven Racks , 9×13 Broil Rack and Enamel Roasting Pan, Mesh basket rack

What Are The Best Foods To Make In An Air Fryer

Chefman Dual

The texture of deep-frying with a fraction of the oil, screams healthy. But what can you cook in an air fryer, you ask? Weve made a list of what works and doesnt work universally across most models.

  • Great Results:

Ravioli and Mozzarella sticks

The breaded coating gets nice and golden-brown. Keeping the filling inside until you tear it open.

Seeds and Hard-cooked eggs

Especially pumpkin seeds heat to crispy perfection. And firm goodness in the case of eggs.

Cookies and lava cakes

Following instructions specific to air fryers for certain baked goods like sugar cookies, lava cakes, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and muffins will never fail to taste amazing.


From wings to breasts, all types of chicken perform great in the device. They come out with a crisp, breaded exterior and satisfying tender inside.


Browned and well-textured potatoes and potato skins are the end-product. Top with cheese and air-fried bacon for a real flavorful treat.

Frozen foods

If its on the frozen food aisle of your supermarket is works well in this kitchen gadget. Think french fries, onion rings, tarter tots, empanadas, hot pockets, chicken dumplings, and lots more.

Eggs rolls

The crust is layered and flaky, perfect for this gadget. The machine nails the balance between a crispy shell and a well-cooked filling. So much so that you get a firm, fried texture and soft interior.

  • Not-so Great Results

Raw and green leafy vegetables

Fresh cheese plus loose battered and seasoned foods

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Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven: What Is The Best Way To Cook Healthier Food

Everyone wants to cook healthier food and wants to eat healthy food to keep their health strong. To get a healthier way to cook you have to cook either an air fryer or convection.

Both of them do not involve lots of fatty oil while cooking. They both will give you the ability to cook foods with a small coating of oil and that will help to reduce the amount of fat.

Though they cook healthy food, there are some differences between air fryer vs convection oven.

both products have their advantages and disadvantages. One may cook faster, on the other hand, another one may take less space in your kitchen. With lots of similarities and dissimilarities, you have to find out the right oven for you.

To choose a suitable oven you have to go through the entire article. In this article, we will explain some common similarities and dissimilarities between air fryer vs convection oven.

Convection Ovens

A convection ovens is a very common kitchenware that cooks food rapidly. It is like a broiler but the convection ovens has fans to distribute the heat evenly and cook meals more quickly. The first convection ovens came on the market in 1945 by generating heat.

But, digital convection ovens generate infrared radiation heat through electrical coils which are situated at the bottom of the oven. The attached fans circulate the heat around the foods to cook them speedily and evenly.

Air Fryer

It does not shape like a toaster oven rather many air fryers are tall and look like a coffee maker.

How To Clean An Air Fryer

Air fryers are incredibly convenient. The process isnt messy as the device uses little oil, and the cooking basket is enclosed to prevent splattering. But like all appliances. It needs proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal effectiveness for years to come.

So, there is a need to clean it after every use. And this makes cleaning simple as you wont have to deal with stubborn, hard-to-clean crusts of food. To ensure appropriate, preservative cleaning, weve laid out the steps on how to clean your air fryer like a pro.

The Easiest Way to Clean Air Fryers

What Youll Need

  • Soft bristle toothbrush or brush
  • Unplug
  • The first step in cleaning your countertop convection oven is, of course, to turn the air fryer off, unplug, and let it cool. This safety precaution reduces the likelihood of fires or electrocution. Once unplugged from the wall socket or extension cord, wait about 30 minutes for it to cool. Removing the basket and pan causes the primary unit to lose heat faster.

  • Wipe down the exterior and heating element
  • Use a damp cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe down the sides of the appliance. Next, turn the countertop fryer upside-down. Continue by wiping down the heating element.

  • Clean the interior
  • Use hot water and a non-abrasive sponge to wipe down the inside. If hardened food residue doesnt come off the primary unit, make a baking soda paste with water and scrub with a non-abrasive sponge or soft brush. Then wipe it off with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

  • Dry
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    Instant Pot Vortex Pro 9

    Create healthier versions of all your familys favorite fried foods. From fresh or frozen, from air fryer to rotisserie the Instant Vortex Pro 10-Quart 9-in-1 Air Fryer Oven crisps to perfection with little or no oil.

    Experience a world of flavor with the touch of a button. Use the preset smart programs to easily roast, toast, broil, bake, reheat, air fry, dehydrate, reheat, proof dough or cook on a rotisserie.

    Air fryers make juicy chicken wings, crispy fries and onion rings, and loads of other vegetables are suddenly a big hit at the dinner table Proof dough and let it rise at the perfect temperature.

    Bake fluffy cinnamon rolls, cookies and cakes. Make toast as dark or light as you like it. Roast chicken parmesan, stuffed peppers and garlic potatoes. Broil a perfectly flaky salmon fillet or melt cheese on French onion soup.

    Reheat leftovers in a jiffy with overcooking. You can even dehydrate your own jerky, fruit strips and kale chips. Simple touch controls are easy to use. And the Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven remembers your settings, so your favorites can be made with the touch of a button.

    Combine versatility with the space-saving footprint and say goodbye to your microwave, pizza oven, convection oven, dehydrator and toaster. Anything they can do, the Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven can do better.

    Highlighted Features:

    Best Pizza Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven

    Hamilton Beach Air fryer Sure-Crisp Toaster Oven Combo Unboxing and Review

    Emeril Lagasse Toaster Oven

    5 Heating Elements This is one of the best convection toaster oven air fryer models that use 360-degree air circulation with five heating elements to cook food evenly on all sides. When air frying, it requires no added oils and fats to achieve crispy outer layers and juicy insides. Thanks to convection, it cooks 40% faster than traditional ovens.

    12 Cooking Options The control panel offers 12 cooking presets to choose from. You can toast, roast, air fry, slow cook, dehydrate, bake, and much more. You can also use the rotisserie setting to prepare roasted meats rotating inside the oven for even results. When frying foods in this oven, you can enjoy your favorite meals while reducing the intake of unhealthy calories by over 70%.

    Included Accessories Along with the Emeril Lagasse convection oven air fryer, you will also get a recipe book, a crumb tray, a rotisserie spit, and a baking pan. The rotisserie convection toaster oven features a digital screen with three turning knobs and pushbuttons that make it easy to set up a cooking function, choose the temperature, and the timer.

    Countertop-Friendly Thanks to its versatile use, this product will save you precious countertop space by offering many different functions in just one unit. If you like to prepare home-made snacks, the dehydrating option will help you make dried fruits, tea leaves, and more.

    Short Description:

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    Soing Air Fryer Oven Xl


    The Soing Air Fryer Oven XL might look like some sort of Star Wars trash-can droid, but it is so much moreit can grill, toast, fry, bake, roast, reheat and dehydrate. The oven has the 8-in-1 designation as well, which means fewer kitchen appliances to clog up the counter. Theres not much you cant fit in this device, unless you are planning roasting a whole pig. In which case, you are doing it wrong.

    Toasting Broiling And Roasting In Air

    To test our lineups toasting capabilities, we made single slices of light, medium, and dark toast in each model, as well as a full oven racks worth of medium toast to gauge how evenly its elements heated. One of the models made only very light toast, even on the darkest setting, while others churned out good light and medium toast but incinerated the bread slices on the dark setting. The best models had toast settings that were accuratea light setting that produced light toast, a medium setting that produced medium toast, and a dark setting that produced dark toast.

    Here is light, medium, and dark toast made in our least favorite and our favorite air-fryer toaster ovens. Toasters that made toast in a good range of light to dark, with no fiddling required, rated highest.

    When we madeWeeknight Roast Chicken in each model, only one oven cooked the chicken to the right temperature within the recipes specified cooking time of 50 to 70 minutes. Most ovens produced underdone, pale chickens, and we found ourselves extending the cooking time by more than 20 minutes to ensure that the chickens were cooked through.

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    Best 6 Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven To Buy 2021 Reviews

    Curious to find out more about air fryer convection toaster ovens before you make a purchase?

    Then read this article!

    Here you can find reviews of the combo, pizza, countertop, big, and stainless steel toaster oven models to help you find the one that is most tailored to your cooking habits. Besides that, you can also read the buying guide that points out the most important features and technical specifications to look out for when shopping for such a kitchen appliance.

    Ninja Air Fryer With 4 Quart

    Cosori Smart Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Bonus Extra Wire ...

    Ninja Air Fryer with 4 Quart is an amazing air fryer and is the toughest rival to many famous brands in the market. Ninja has a long history of producing cooking appliances. Firstly, the product is extremely versatile and has the ability to produce a diverse range of meals. In addition to this, the gadget has the ability to produce meals that are low in fat content.

    The product is associated with a 75% reduction in the fats present in the french fries. Therefore, it is perfect for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the Ninja air fryer also offers wide temperature ranges. The temperature of the equipment varies from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The device is characterized by preparing meals using convective heat methods. Furthermore, the product is integrated with a 4 quarts large ingredient carrying basket. With this, an additional 2 pounds crisp plate is also incorporated in the system for preparing french fries.

    However, in order to achieve the maximum output, the product needs to be preheated for at least 3 minutes before introducing the ingredients. The equipment is also suitable for dehydration.

    This is attributed to the low fan speed and low-temperature settings of the apparatus. Additionally, the ingredient basket present in the device is detachable and thus is safe to be washed inside a dishwasher without worrying about damaging the equipment.


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    Instant Vortex Plus 7

    The Instant Vortex 7-in-1 air fryer toaster oven does not only help you achieve perfectly fried food with a crispy exterior and moist interior, but this device also lets you bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate and rotisserie your favorite food with ease.

    With a user-friendly display, using this product is simple since you can customize the temperature and time with only one touch. This product is the best choice if you need to make delicious food in a hurry.

    It takes little to no time to preheat, and you can make dinner for your family in half of the time compared to the conventional oven. Thanks to the Overheating Protection, you do not need to worry about the risks of burning your food.

    Key Features:

    Drip pan, cooking trays, rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit and forks

    You need some advice because you are a newbie. Then this video needs your consideration.

    Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven

    Both of the ovens work for cooking food. Though their work is the same, some dissimilarities can be seen. Lets figure out the differences between Air fryer vs convection oven!

    Cooking time

    As air fryer ovens are smaller and the fan is closer to the food, they are able to focus a high amount of heat onto the area of the food. For this reason, air fryer ovens cook food so fast.

    Therefore, this thing makes it clear that air fryers cook more quickly than a convection oven. Convection ovens can cook much more quickly than air fryers.

    Amount of food

    An air fryer is a smaller oven so it can accommodate a fraction of the amount of food. An air fryer only cooks two meals at a time whereas a convection oven can contain more food than an air fryer.

    Fraction of food

    If you have a large family or you want to serve food to more than one or two people, in that case, you have to cook food in batches. Cooking food in batches takes a long time. But this problem can be solved if you cook your meal in a convection oven.

    Physical work

    Even when you cook French fries or onion rings in an air fryer according to the instructions, you have to shake the basket periodically to make sure that all the fries or rings cook evenly. So, not only air fryer takes a long time, but also you have physically worked hard than a convection oven


    However, they take a small countertop space and you can fit them easily in your kitchen.

    Other than that, you can choose a convection oven for your kitchen.

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