Vegan Recipes For Air Fryer

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Very Best Vegan Air Fryer Recipes For 2022

Easy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes ð? (WITHOUT Oil!)

Vegan air fryer recipes combine two of todays strongest eating trends the most popular new kitchen gadget and a cultural shift towards veganism.

Air fryers produce tempting, crunchy meals with minimal preparation and cooking time. An air fryer is ready to use almost instantly . You need to use less fat and theyre usually easy to clean.

But you dont have to trade-off taste for efficiency air-fried food is just as crispy and delicious as deep-fried treats, but with fewer calories, less grease and less exposure to harmful acrylamides.

Here are 30 of the very best vegan air fryer recipes to share and enjoy in 2019. Weve also published a roundup of the 30 best low-carb air fryer recipes and keto air fryer desserts

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Here Is My List Of Delicious Vegan Air Fryer Recipes To Try

If you thought air fryers were just for chicken wings and fried potatoes, think again! These versatile appliances can do so much more, including whipping up tasty vegan recipes. The list extends from potatoes, appetizers, frozen snacks, frozen veggies, or fresh veggies. You can use an air fryer to roast all vegetables like cauliflower or Brussels sprouts. So whatever your taste, there’s sure to be a vegan air fryer recipe that’s perfect for you! Bon appetit!

Air Fryer Crunchy Pork Steaks

Bacon-wrapped spinach dip crostini recipe. Eggplant air fryer recipe melaniecooks easy purple ear. Fryer air recipes easy desserts cinnamon breakfast rolls dessert chef jean anyone must try recipe sweet fry cake meredith laurence. Fryer buildyourbite. The best air fried chicken drumsticks. Air fryer eggplant melanie cooks. Easy air fryer desserts anyone can make. Air fryer crunchy pork steaks. Frozen shrimp in the air fryer. Air fryer mushrooms recipe. Steaks crunchy. Chicken drumsticks air fried recipe recipes easy pot instant sweetcsdesigns

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Frozen Shrimp In The Air Fryer

Eggplant air fryer recipe melaniecooks easy purple ear. The best air fried chicken drumsticks. Bacon-wrapped spinach dip crostini recipe. Fryer buildyourbite. Fryer air recipes easy desserts cinnamon breakfast rolls dessert chef jean anyone must try recipe sweet fry cake meredith laurence. Air fryer crunchy pork steaks. Chicken drumsticks air fried recipe recipes easy pot instant sweetcsdesigns. Air fryer mushrooms recipe. Frozen shrimp in the air fryer. Air fryer eggplant melanie cooks. Easy air fryer desserts anyone can make. Steaks crunchy

Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

8 Mouthwatering Vegan Air Fryer Recipes to

Our perfectly seasoned and crispy air fryer roasted potatoes make the perfect side dish to accompany dinner without heating and without fry in deep oil. Try to keep the potatoes cut into small bite-sized pieces for quicker and even cooking. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of your cut. Just with few drops of oil make this recipe crispy and tasty, these air-fried potatoes are a game changer!

Check it here.

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Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

Zucchini fries are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional French fries. They can be cooked in an air fryer in just a few minutes, and they come out crispy and full of flavor. These are a vegan versions of zucchini fries.

16. Roasted Cauliflower

Roasting cauliflower in an air fryer is a quick and easy way to create a delicious, healthy side dish. The high-heat cooking of the air fryer creates a crispy exterior on the cauliflower, while the interior remains tender and cooks great for more than just roasting vegetables. Serve as an appetizer with your favorite dipping sauce or as part of a hearty salad or grain bowl.

17. Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower is a delicious and healthy vegan alternative to traditional buffalo chicken wings. Instead of being deep-fried in oil, or baked in the oven, these buffalo cauliflower is air-fried, which means that it retains all of its nutrients and flavor without the unhealthy fat. Buffalo cauliflower is also super easy to make. Serve as a delicious and healthy appetizer or snack.

Air Fryer Appetizers & Snacks

Air Fryers are perfect for making snacks and appetizers. You can make crispy, crunchy finger foods with little or no oil. Air Fryer Starters make the perfect addition to a holiday spread or family movie night.

Air Fryer Pasta Chips are crispy, crunchy, and delicious. Perfect for snacking or adding to a party buffet! Works with all types of pasta including regular, whole wheat, and gluten-free. Choose from three flavors: Curry, Sweet BBQ, and Vegan Ranch.

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Vegan Air Fryer Biscuit Bites

The Vegan Air Fryer Biscuit Bites 3 Ways by This Savory Vegan are an easy and fun vegan air fryer recipe that can be personalized with your favorite plant-based ingredients. Get inspired by these buffalo, spinach-artichoke and jalapeño popper varieties, then create your own unique flavor combinations.

What All Vegan Food To Cook In The Air Fryer

Air Fryer Recipes You’ll Be Addicted To (Vegan Classics)

These days, there are so many different kitchen appliances on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a way to cook healthier meals without sacrificing flavor, the air fryer might be the appliance for you.

With an air fryer, you can roast, bake, or fry your food without using any oilmaking it a healthier option than traditional frying methods. Plus, because the air fryer circulates hot air around your food, it cooks more evenly than other cooking methods, ensuring that your food comes out perfect every time.

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Air Fryer Vegan Samosas

The Air Fryer Vegan Samosas by Nadias Healthy Kitchen put a unique twist on the classic samosa filling by combining creamy kidney beans and avocado with tangy sundried tomatoes for a colorful and satiating bite. Vegan air fryer recipes like these are an excellent base for getting creative in the kitchen with your favorite fillings and ingredients.

Best Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

Whether you just bought a new air fryer and are wondering what to make in it, or youre just looking for something new and creative to make, these oil-free healthy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes are going to get you excited!

I used to eat a lot of crispy fried foods before I regained my health, and that is one thing I sometimes missed after switching to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. I thought the days of crunchy French fries, Jo Jo potatoes, and tempura were over. Thankfully, I found out that I was wrong!

  • Tips for using your air fryer
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    In This Newest Recipes Video I Am Sharing 3 Delicious And Oil

    Finally made some new air fryer recipes thatll easily become anyones favourite health comfort food! You guys know how much I love air fryers, and I have found them to be extremely useful for someone like me who tries to limit the use of oil when cooking! Not only does having an air fryer make it easy for me to go oil-free its the most convenient kitchen appliance for me as you would not need to clean a pan and a stove and a pair of tongs separately after frying ! PLUS you can double it as a mini oven, too!

    Heres one of the recipes I made in this video the Vegan Cheese Corn Dogs! Who knew you could actually fry stuff in there without actually frying? It might not look as juicy or as browned as when you cook it in oil, but the result is an unbelievably crispy and healthier meal!

    What Type Of Air Fryer Should I Use

    28 Vegan Air Fryer Recipes You Need To Try

    The air fryer you choose should be the one that best meets your needs for budget, capacity, and storage space. Some air fryers also have other functions like grilling and dehydrating. I ended up buying the Ninja Foodi Grill 4-in-1 because it has a large capacity to feed my family of four.

    If you wanted a smaller and more economical air fryer, check out this Farberware 3.4 quart or 4.2 quart Air Fryer. For even more possibilities, take a look at this list of the Best Air Fryers of 2021.

    Ready to get to the healthy vegan air fryer recipes? Let’s get started!

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    What Are Curry Puffs

    Curry Puffs are a South East Asian deep-fried finger food. They have some resemblance to English Cornish Pasties or Spanish Empanadas.

    It is thought that the Portuguese brought empanadas to the region in the 16th century.

    The most well-known are Malay curry puffs which are filled with curried potatoes and meat. They are deep-fried and sold on streets to be enjoyed as an appetiser or snack.

    Today, most south east asian countries have their own curry puff recipes: karipap or epok-epok in Malaysia and Singapore pastel or panada in Indonesia and banh xep in Vietnam.

    When the British visited these areas, they began calling them curry puffs.

    Now you can easily find vegetable curry puffs or potato curry puffs.

    Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

    Did you recently get an air fryer and are excited to try it out? Air fryer sweet potato fries are the perfect starting point! Compared to the deep-fried method, it uses much less oil that means youll consume less fat and less calories!

    You know those famous onions that you indulge in at the fair? Now you can make it right at home! Healthier than deep-fried, they also are paleo and vegan!

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    Air Fryer Baked Potato

    Baked potatoes are a great, easy dinner, but they take forever.

    If you arent in the mood to wait an hour for your meal, pop them in the air fryer.

    Youll get soft spuds but the real bonus here is the skin, which turns chewy, crispy, salty, and insanely tasty.

    You can enjoy these air fryer carrots three ways. And theyre all crazy-delicious.

    If youre in the mood for a savory version, go with garlic and herb. Feeling fiery?

    Try cumin and paprika. When you want a sweet snack, give the coconut sugar and maple syrup version a go.

    A light coat of olive oil and 20 minutes in the air fryer is all it takes to turn squash from boring to beautiful.

    Roasting butternut squash in the air fryer unlocks all of its nutty goodness and sweet softness.

    This is a holiday side thats a fall-flavored must.

    Smoked paprika and cayenne give this air fryer cauliflower a bold hit of flavor.

    The result is crispy, crunchy, cauliflower florets with plenty of interesting tastes and textures.

    Serve these with a creamy dip, or put them in a bowl and snack on them as you would popcorn.

    Patatas bravas are spicy Spanish potatoes in a rich tomato sauce.

    You can make the Meditteranean treat in your own kitchen thanks to this foolproof fryer recipe.

    Simply cook seasoned potato wedges in the air fryer until crispy then serve them with a chunky homemade tomato sauce.

    Protein-rich chickpeas are a nice alternative to nuts when you want something savory and crunchy.

    How Do Air Fryers Work

    Eating Only Vegan Air Fryer Recipes For 24 Hours! ð

    Air fryers have quickly gained popularity and have become a kitchen staple in many vegan homesand for good reason! This handy appliance cooks food that would normally otherwise be fried with oil, baked in an oven, or heated in the microwave. Air fryers produce a crispy-on-the-outside result with zero oil requiredand guess what? Air fried food:

    • is healthier than deep fried food
    • cooks about twice as fast as the same food baked in the oven
    • produces a way more crispy and delicious result than the microwave

    Its a win-win-win for health enthusiasts, foodies, busy moms and dads, college students, bachelors, and pretty much anyone who eats food. But how do they work?

    Air fryers are essentially convection ovens that work fast, heating and frying the food by circulating extremely hot air around whatever is inside. Modern day air fryers are very safe, easy to use, and a great way to save time and cut down oil in cooking.

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    Air Fryer Mushrooms Recipe Frozen Shrimp In The Air Fryer

    Easy air fryer desserts anyone can make. Air fryer crunchy pork steaks. Frozen shrimp in the air fryer. The best air fried chicken drumsticks. Fryer air recipes easy desserts cinnamon breakfast rolls dessert chef jean anyone must try recipe sweet fry cake meredith laurence. Fryer buildyourbite. Bacon-wrapped spinach dip crostini recipe. Steaks crunchy. Air fryer mushrooms recipe. Air fryer eggplant melanie cooks. Chicken drumsticks air fried recipe recipes easy pot instant sweetcsdesigns. Eggplant air fryer recipe melaniecooks easy purple ear

    Eggplant air fryer recipe melaniecooks easy purple ear. Air fryer crunchy pork steaks. Fryer buildyourbite

    Bacon-wrapped spinach dip crostini recipe. Eggplant air fryer recipe melaniecooks easy purple ear. The best air fried chicken drumsticks. Air fryer crunchy pork steaks. Air fryer eggplant melanie cooks. Steaks crunchy. Air fryer mushrooms recipe. Fryer buildyourbite. Easy air fryer desserts anyone can make. Fryer air recipes easy desserts cinnamon breakfast rolls dessert chef jean anyone must try recipe sweet fry cake meredith laurence

    Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

    Air fryer tortilla chips made without oil are super crispy and crunchy! Its a healthy Mexican recipe that is made with only 3 ingredients and a few minutes! No deep-frying! Serve them with your favorite dip like salsa or guacamole.

    Making tater tots at home is entirely worth it. Just 15 minutes of prep, 15 minutes to cook, and 2 simple ingredients are all it takes. Enjoy!

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    What Is An Air Fryer

    If youre unsure what an air fryer is, or simply want to know more about them before buying one, keep reading!

    Air fryers are worktop appliances that work similarly to an oven. However, the main difference is its heating elements are only located on the top and are accompanied by a large, powerful fan.

    This means that, unlike some ovens, air fryers heat up very quickly and cook food fast and more importantly, evenly.

    Moreover, air fryers can make healthier meals, as the taste and texture are comparable to the results of a deep fryer without the copious amount of oil required for the latter.

    Lets get into the recipes!

    These Vegan Cheesy Potato Wedges are a perfect snack when youre craving something cheesy and comforting. However, they are made with just one teaspoon of oil while still being the perfect crispy treat.

    Top with the cashew-based cheese sauce and INDULGE!

    Some Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Fryer:

    Buffalo Cauliflower from The Vegan Air Fryer

    -When cooking vegan food in an air fryer, be sure to preheat the appliance for a few minutes before adding the food. This will help ensure that your food cooks evenly. However, you can skip if your brand says No preheating is required.

    -If you are cooking multiple items at once, be sure to stir them occasionally so that they cook evenly.

    -When cooking delicate foods such as tofu or mushrooms, be sure to use a lower temperature and cook them for a shorter amount of time.

    -If you are using an air fryer to cook French fries or other crispy foods, be sure to preheat the appliance for a longer period of time and use a higher temperature.

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    What Is The Best Thing To Fry In An Air Fryer

    Almost anything and everything!! You can enjoy burgers, vegetables, potato chips, brownies, and even make some great vegan dishes too! You can enjoy almost all of your favorite recipes without deep frying or excess oil. The only thing to keep in mind is that you may need to cook in batches as an air fryer is much smaller than an oven.

    Vegan Air Fryer Pasta Chips

    Did you know that air fryer pasta chips were going viral on TikTok? Neither did I, but I did make my vegan recipe years ago and now you can make this easy recipe too. They taste like cheesy crackers! Best of all theres a gluten-free option and an oil-free option. Get even more air fryer recipes on HealthySlowCooking,com.

    These bow tie chips are so crunchy and remind me of a cheese-cracker. But dont worry its 100% vegan. The air fryer turns plain old wet pasta into a crunchy treat that is almost like a cracker.

    The nooch gives this a cheesy flavor and Italian seasoning gives it an herby flavor too.

    Dont you just love your air fryer?

    I know I do. It makes crispy, crunchy food with little or no oil yes its a great tool for a whole food plant-based diet.

    Can I make pasta chips in the oven?

    No air fryer? Try baking them in the oven at 375 degrees until crisp. Just make sure to shake them or stir them so they don’t burn.

    This recipe is from my book, Vegan Cooking in Your Air Fryer.

    Pasta chips recipe:

    2 cups dry whole wheat bow tie pasta or use brown rice pasta to make it gluten-free

    1 tbsp olive oil or make this oil-free by using Aquafaba to coat instead

    1 tbsp nutritional yeast

    1 1/2 tsp Italian Seasoning Blend

    1/2 tsp salt or salt substitute to taste

    How to make pasta chips in air fryer

    Be sure to check out my Air Fryer Bow Tie Past Chip YouTube video if you want to make the recipe along with me or just see it first.

    Can I use another type of pasta?

    What is aquafaba?

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    Why Vegan Air Fryer Recipes Are A Great Option For A Healthy Diet

    -Vegan air fryer recipes are a great option because they are healthy and delicious. They allow you to cook food that is both nutritious and flavorful.

    -Air fryers are a great way to cook vegan food because they are a healthy cooking option. They do not use a lot of oil, so they are a good choice for those looking for a healthier way to cook.

    -Another benefit of air fryers is that they are versatile. You can use them to cook a variety of different foods, including vegan dishes.

    -Air fryers are also easy to use and clean. This makes them a convenient option for those who want to cook healthy vegan food without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

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