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Why Buy An Air Fryer Range

Should you buy a range with air frying?

As we said, air fryer ranges are built into your oven. Because of this, a built-in air fryer in your range allows you to not just fry foods. Lets take a deeper look at some of the reasons to invest in an air fryer range below.

  • Your air fryer wont take up valuable counter space
  • Air fryers integrated into ranges allow you to see and watch the progress of your food
  • No, preheat waiting times
  • Have multiple features included since its incorporated into a range

Exploring Air Fry Features In Ranges

You can certainly cook up bountiful gourmet feasts on a sleek built-in or slide-in range, but what if youre looking for something more? Kitchen ranges come in a wide selection of brands, styles, configurations, and fuel types, but since you asked, ranges can do a lot more than bake a casserole or the occasional tray of cookies. Our selection of ranges from Frigidaire and LG offer new cooking features such as Air Fry to provide healthy, fried cuisine from your home.

To put it simply, Air Fry can now be part of your range. No different than you would change your ovens settings from traditional baking to convection baking, you can switch the setting over to Air Fry, which is specifically made for frying up all of your favorite foods in far less time than a traditional deep fryer. Forget dealing with messy hot oil, pools of grease, or splash burnsan Air Fry oven range is an easier and healthier alternative to discover delectable fried recipes.

The Best Electric Ranges With Air Fryers

Samsung is known for many things, including producing high-quality electric stoves like this one. The Samsung NE63A6511SS electric range is a high-end model that is designed to complement your kitchen while also performing well. This electric range has five cooking elements for casserole dishes and other cookware, as well as a hidden oven thermostat to guarantee your food is cooked to perfection. Whether youre preparing a modest supper for two or a large family feast for the entire neighborhood, this electric range is up to the task.

Smart Technology

The smart technology in the Samsung NE63A6511SS electric range allows you to manage, change, and monitor the temperature of the heating components from your smartphone. The range has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect with your smartphone to keep track of things. Using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsungs Bixby, you may utilize the built-in voice commands to control the range.

Elevated Stainless Steel Design

5 Cooking Elements

This Samsung electric range has been equipped with five cooking elements, which are more than enough for your cooking needs. All the cooktops feature adjustable medium and large dual-ring burners, which give you total control over the ranges temperatures. This is great if you want your foods cooked perfectly, and thats exactly what this Samsung electric range offers.

No Preheat Air Fry

Steam Clean

Black Gloss Oven Interior

Built-in Air Fryer

ThinQ App

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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Range

There are countless benefits to upgrading your range. Since these appliances can easily last over a decade, it may have been a long time since youve replaced your model for something more modern. As a result, you likely arent even aware of what the possibilities are. Nearly all modern ranges have a warming zone near the middle/back of the stovetop. This allows you to keep finished dishes warm until the rest of the meal is ready or until the family is gathered to eat. Most electric ranges will have burners that can expand in size to accommodate larger pans/pots, but can also be used as small burners to conserve energy. Essentially every range will have a self clean feature, some have only the standard 2/3/4-hour cycles that use a lot of power, but many also incorporate a 30-minute steam clean to save on both time and energy use.

Upgrading your range will also reduce your energy bill, as many are equipped with energy saving modes, and just in general they run cleaner and are more efficient than old ranges. Upgrading your range will also improve safety features, as you can find models that have child locks, alternative control placements depending on your living situation, and auto shutoff. Lastly, upgrading your range will also upgrade the aesthetic of your kitchen. Modern appliances are very sleek and pleasing to the eye, and most models will fit seamlessly with any décor.

Why Buy A Regular Air Fryer

Innsky Air Fryer Oven, 10.6QT 1500W Electric Air Fryer with LED Digital ...

If you find yourself with the occasional craving for fried chicken nuggets, a regular stand-alone air fryer might be the best option for you. A few other positive attributes of stand-alone air fryers are below.

  • Easily store the appliance when not in use
  • Considerable cheaper than an air fryer range
  • Better for single meals and smaller batches of food

While you may find an air fryer range is pricier than a conventional range , there are many convenient features that will impact dinnertime. Because air fryer ranges dont need time to preheat, dinner will be on the table before you know it. Also, air fryer ranges need little to no oil or grease to get the job done, which means healthier meals. If youre looking for an appliance that bakes cookies to perfect gooiness and provides you with a healthy fried chicken nugget meal, an air fryer range is an excellent option.

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Did You Know You Can Get A Range With An Air Fry Mode Built Into The Oven Check Out Our Top Picks

Cooking for a family can be tough. Especially this year, as many households are cooking up to 200% more meals at home than last year. If you’re looking to create family meals, that are more healthy than takeout and guilt-free, consider a stove with air fry mode.

Last year I visited a friends house to watch a football game. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted with the familiar aroma of football fan favorites including chicken wings, french fries, nachos, doughnuts, and a whole bunch of other fun snacks. When I asked where they got their takeout, they led me over to a giant countertop appliance, called an air fryer.

We love it! I listened to my friend pitch the features of his air fry oven. Plus, its great for the kids’ foods, so easy.

Air fry is essentially a supercharged convection mode that circulates hot air throughout the oven to deliver all the flavor and a crispy texture. It’s a great way to enjoy healthier and delicious meals without adding oil, grease, and fats typically used to fry foods. You can expect perfect browning on the outer edges and a satisfying crunch every time.

An air fryer is a true convection oven with a heating element designed to circulate hot air throughout the oven. This supercharged convection system delivers faster, more even than multi-rack baking results.

Today you can get air fry in one of two ways. You can buy a countertop air fry appliance or you could buy a stove with a built-in air fry mode.

Want to Learn More?

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Frigidaire GCRE3060AF is an innovative freestanding oven with an air fry mode and even convection cooking.


  • Cooktop is hard to clean

  • Controls are at the back

The Frigidaire GCRE3060AF is one of the best ovens for those seeking something up-to-date and innovative. It features air frying as one of its cooking modes, so if you have yet to buy one of the best air fryers , you may find that you don’t need to with this freestanding electric range .

This is a convection oven, which means you’ll get a more even bake on bread, cakes, and casseroles, and you can cook all this and more at the same time thanks to the multi-rack baking included with the Frigidaire GCRE3060AF.

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The Burners Can Hold A Wide Range Of Temperatures

Masterbuilt Outdoor Electric Air Fryer Smoker Convection Oven and More review by Mr Tims

We recorded the maximum and minimum temperature on each of the range’s burners.

Other than the Keep Warm burner, which tops out at 105°F, the remaining four burners were able to reach above 600°F, with the front left inner ring being the hottest and reaching 812°F. In comparison, the hottest burner on the gas version of this line of ranges can only reach 500°F.

When it comes to maintaining low temperatures for simmering, the front-left outer ring can stay as low as 61.8°F on its lowest setting, while the other burners on average can stay between 80°F to 105°F. The ability to hold lower temperatures makes this range great for preparing delicate sauces, while its highest temperatures are great for quick boiling and searing.

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About The Frigidaire Gallery Fgeh3047vf Electric Range

The Frigidaire Gallery FGEH3047VF is a versatile electric range.

Dimensions: 36.625 x 29.875 x 26.75 Fuel type: ElectricFinish: Black stainless steel, stainless steel. Cooktop is black porcelain.Number of burners: Five, including a Keep Warm burner, a two-ring burner , and a three-ring burner Features: Air Fry mode, true convection, multiple-ring burners, and steam cleaning

Frigidaire Fggh3047vf: User Reviews

Reviews for the Frigidaire FGGH3047VF rated its powerful burners, excellent cooking results, and of course, the air fry option for healthier meals. One user stated the air fry made chicken dishes look amazing.

Many praised how easy the gas burners were to modulate, quick heating oven, and said the center burner is great for things like pancakes. Other pros included its sophisticated design and appearance in their kitchen, and how easy it was to clean.

A couple of complaints were about the need to purchase the air fry tray and broil pan separately. And a couple referred to issues with the steam-clean function.

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This Oven Is Great For Bakersand It Can Air Fry

Part of Frigidaires new line of ranges that include an air fry function, the Frigidaire FGEH3047VF is a single-oven electric range thats reliable for its price. It covers all your basic cooking needs, as well as some special featureslike true convection and air fry add something extra. From its well-designed cooktop to its speedy convection oven that evenly baked cookies, this Frigidaire received high marks across most categories.


  • None that we could find

After testing the gas range in the Frigidaire lineup of new ranges with air frying functionality, we had high hopes that this electric version would perform just as well, and we werent disappointed. Branded as a healthier alternative to deep frying, air frying is gaining popularity in households across the country, but not all families want to add another bulky appliance on their countertops. Frigidaires new line of full-size ranges aim to solve this problem with a built-in air fryerand it actually works.

Beyond its solid air frying performance, this Frigidaire tested well across most other categories. It uniformly baked cookies, roasted a 2-pound piece of pork without losing its juice, made a cooked-through pizza with a crisp crust, and brought approximately 3 quarts of water to boil in 11 minutes, which is fairly fast for an electric range.

Samsung Range With Air Fryer

Best Choice Products 11.6 Quart 1700W 8

This Samsung gas range with an air fryer not only cooks seamlessly without a preheat time but also elevates any kitchens interior design. The fingerprint-resistant glass allows for a consistently fresh and clean-looking range. Also, make mealtime simple with smart technology to conveniently use your voice to control your ovens temperature and settings via Bixby, Google, or Alexa. Five cooktop burners include two power burners with cast iron edge-to-edge grates to easily slide pots and pans across the surface. This choice is our best gas range with an air fryer that makes mealtimes fun, quick, and easy.

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  • Five burners with two power cast iron edge-to-edge grates

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Should You Buy The Frigidaire Gcre3060af

The Frigidaire GCRE3060AF is one of the smartest ovens you can buy, thanks to its in-built air fry function. You can buy a basket to make the most of this feature, which slides easily into your oven, but its a shame this doesnt come included with the range itself. We also like that this oven uses convection cooking, which is faster and more even than a traditional range.

With an above-average price , this is an investment youll want to consider. The cooktop is hard to clean, but it does come with a fast boil element, warming element, and triple element that expands to just about any pan. Use this correctly, and youll prevent any spills from being burnt onto the top of your oven.

Alternatively, if you dont want to splash as much cash, check out our GE JB655YKFS review, which we ranked as our favorite oven overall, or our GE Profile PTD9000SNSS review, the perfect oven for keen bakers.

Does The Air Fryer Work Well With Electric Stoves

An air fryer is a great tool for anyone who loves fried food and wants to cook it at home. It is a very popular product in the market today. It comes with a wide range of features and also has a lot of benefits for the users.

The most common benefit of the air fryer is that you can prepare fried foods quickly without having to wait for periods. This saves time and energy, which can be very useful when you are trying to save money on your daily expenses. The food cooked in the air fryer will be crunchy and delicious, which makes it an ideal choice when you are looking for an easy way to make healthy meals at home.

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Frigidaire Range With Air Fryer

Make healthier and delicious family meals with this Frigidaire range with an air fryer. By choosing the air fryer cooking option, you can easily bake cookies with even results thanks to Frigidaires True Convention feature. Also, the Quick Preheat setting allows for baking to start within minutes of hitting the button. The optional ReadyCook Air Fry Tray gives you crispy results faster than normal without any stick. Experience these features with five-element cooktop burners to make sure dinners are on the table at a reasonable time.

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  • Evenly bake with True Convention

There Arent Any Oven Presets


As much as we give this range high marks for its oven performance, its features left us wanting more. Unlike other high-end ranges weve tested, the Frigidaire PCFE3078AF has a slimmed-down oven control panel that devotes no room to presets. You wont find buttons or knobs for pizza, cookies, or other more specific modes that can be helpful for home cooks busy with other kitchen tasks.

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When To Replace An Electric Range

Most electric range brands offer a one-year warranty, but according to the National Association of Home Builders, you can expect yours to last about 13 years. We donât recommend the extended warranty, since repairs within your rangeâs lifetime typically cost less than the warranty itself.

If the repair cost is fifty percent or more than the price of a new range youâll want to think about replacing it. The most common range complaints are that the temperature isnât correct. Check the manual and see if you can recalibrate your oven yourself. If you canât, or that doesnât solve the problem, a serviceperson may be able to fix the oven without charging an astronomical price. Specific elements that break, including the glass ceramic top, can be easily replaced quite cheaply. However replacing a circuit board will be expensive and youâre best buying a new range.

You may want to consider upgrading to an induction range. Prices on these high tech appliances have come down considerably in the last few years. Induction gives you the instant response of gas burners and brings water to a boil much faster.

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Air Fryer Ranges: Everything You Need To Know

Contrary to popular belief, an air fryer is a far cry away from greasy fried foods. A conventional air fryer typically takes up a large amount of counter space, makes excessive noise, and leaves your kitchen a little too warm. But an air fryer range combats all those downfalls by being integrated into your kitchen oven.

Having a range in your kitchen relieves mealtime pressure. But for those families who may have picky kids who love their fried nuggets, an air fryer range may eliminate mealtime headaches even more. Air fryer ranges give you all the perks of a regular air fryer without the hassle of dragging it out of the pantry or giving up valuable countertop space. In our guide, well give you a few reasons why we believe an air fryer range is superior to a conventional oven or regular air fryer. Well also equip your kitchen with a few of the best air fryer ranges on the market that features brands like Samsung and LG. Dive into this comprehensive air fryer guide with us.

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