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Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop Convection Oven

Oster Digital French Door Air Fry Oven Review

Yes, at some point in our lives consolidation becomes a MUST in the kitchen. Dehydrators tend to find themselves shoved in the back of the cupboard with the old vacuum sealer and crockpot, and we end up clawing through our kitchen skeletons to grab it when we finally need it.

Whether dehydrating food is a weekly, monthly or yearly occasion, having the option is a game changer. Dehydrating meats, veggies and fruits not only significantly extends their shelf life but also creates a delicious, sweet snack.

If you’re in the market for a countertop oven and dehydrating foods is something you’re interested in, I would highly recommend the Calphalon Quartz heating countertop oven.

The most frequent positive customer remarks involve how quickly this oven preheats. Quartz heating elements are a very effective way of transferring heat. To learn more about quartz heating elements and how they work, you can check out Tansun’s awesome article Quartz Heating – How it works.

People also frequently commented on how much they liked the internal light and how well it illuminates foods to evaluate doneness.

There were some heavy complaints on one aspect of this convection oven that are pretty understandable.

This is especially annoying for people who tend to get sidetracked while they’re cooking. But if you are a person who is heavily involved in their cooking, waiting for the oven to preheat before timing offers more of a controlled cook.

Who Should Buy The Cuisinart Toa

I would never have considered buying the Cuisinart TOA-65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, but Ive changed my mind after testing it. I have a small son and quickly cooking a quesadilla for his dinner or baking a couple of cookies was made infinitely easier by this appliance. Ive found lots of reasons not to turn on the oven or stovetop. Plus, I can air fry and dehydrate!

If youre into kitchen gadgets but want to streamline and downsize, then the TOA-65 is perfect for you. If you wish you had a second oven or dont have one at all then its also your best bet. Its smart, compact and a workhorse. It will earn its place on the countertop.

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Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Small Toaster Oven


WHY WE LIKE IT: Fantastic compact-sized toaster oven that features durable stainless steel construction, a pleasing retro aesthetic, and an integrated baking rack with two viable rack positions.


  • Heavy, at over 8lb
  • Rotary-based temperature control

The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Small Toaster Oven is a great option for those looking to match style with substances, as this aesthetically pleasing model boasts some serious features while looking great on nearly any kitchen countertop. We loved the durable stainless steel construction and the integrated baking rack, which comes with two rack positions for a variety of cooking styles. We also enjoyed that this toaster oven is compact, yet offers enough room to toast four slices of bread at once or cook a 9-inch pizza.

Though the size and maximum capacity were pleasing here, this is a pretty heavy toaster oven, coming in at well over eight pounds. Also, the rotary-based temperature control dials do not have as much precise control as some models. If you need something more precise, especially for roasting chicken, check out the best rotisserie toaster oven.

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How Long Does It Take An Oven To Preheat To 450

It is recommended that you wait around 20 minutes to warm an electric oven and 15 minutes to preheat a gas oven before baking. In the end, how long does it take to preheat a conventional oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit? In an electric oven, it will take around 22 to 25 minutes to complete this task. Sponsored Links are those that have been paid for by a company. READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Kalorik Xl Digital Family Air Fryer

Oster Digital Air Fryer Oven with RapidCrisp, Stainless Steel, 12 ...

KALORIK AIR FRYER OVEN has 0.35 cubic foot interior for family size meals. It has a rapid hot air technology cooks food evenly, up to 30% faster. This air fryer contains 13 easy-to-use preset options: steak, ribs, chicken wings, chicken thighs, fish, shrimp, fries, pizza, vegetables, corn on the cob, cupcakes, toast, and reheat.

For the KALORIK XL DIGITAL FAMILY AIR FRYER we have the following instructions:

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Dash Mini Small Toaster Oven


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly toaster with some serious features, including a number of dishwasher-safe components, a precise temperature dial, and an automatic shutdown feature.


  • Extremely limited max capacity
  • Not the most powerful heating element

The Dash Mini toaster oven is easy on the wallet while offering up some awesome functionalities, such as a precision-enhanced temperature dial and an automatic shutdown feature, the latter adding preventing accidental fires due to overheating. We loved the easy-to-clean design of this best mini oven, as each of the internal components can be cleaned in a standard washing machine. We also liked the retro aesthetics and the fact that this toaster is available in a number of cute colors.

Though the size and weight here cannot be beaten, the maximum capacity is extremely limited, with just enough room for one slice of bread. Also, this toaster does not feature the most powerful heating element on the market, so take that into consideration before smashing that buy button.

Breville Bov450xl Mini Smart Oven

Yes I know, NOT a convection oven which is a little misleading because the title of this article is “the Best Countertop Convection ovens,” but hear me out.

To date, I haven’t discovered a truly mini countertop convection oven. There are only mini toaster ovens.

To my knowledge, there can only be two reasons for this:

1) When the oven is small enough, the fan becomes unnecessary because the inside area of the oven is so small, recirculating hot air has less of an impact

2) Companies haven’t found a logical market for them.

Based off the incredible quantity and quality of its reviews, the lack of a convection setting has not effected its ability to cook food to the desired taste. So, I am assuming the first reason has more of a bearing on the circumstances.

The most common positive responses are how little space it takes up, and yet how much power it still maintains.

As you can see, even though the Breville mini is far smaller than its XL Breville 800 series counterpart, it still maintains an 1800 watt rating. The speed at which this mini toaster oven heats up is nothing short of remarkable.

This also means that the top and bottom of the toaster oven can get extremely hot.

Make sure not to place anything above or below the toaster oven that will burn. Breville explicitly tells buyers NOT to put this oven under anything , so make sure you have the right space for the appliance if this is the route you’re taking.

  • Plug is abnormally large

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Breville Bov450xl Small Toaster Oven

  • On the expensive side
  • Weighs over 13lb

This Breville toaster oven is a fantastic choice for those who hate to clean their kitchen appliances, as this model ships with a non-stick coating running throughout the interior, making for a simple cleaning process. We loved the backlit LCD, which makes for easy programming, and the eight distinct cooking functions, for bagels, pizza, toast, and more. We also liked the fast 1800 watt preheating function, which allows you to start cooking quickly.

This is an expensive toaster oven, however, likely due to the well-regarded brand name and high-grade components on offer. Additionally, the weight here is higher-than-average, at over 13 pounds, so moving it around may be a slight hassle. You can also check out our best convection microwave ovens buying guide for more options.

Breville Smart Oven Air


Quick Specs: 1800 Watt | 1 Cubic Ft. Interior | 13 Functions | 21.4 x 17.2 x 12.8 | Weight: 43 lbs. | 2-Year Warranty

Best For: The do-it-all superhero in the kitchen. If you love to cook, the Breville Smart Oven Air will have a function for you dehydrate, air fry, proof bread, toast, and more all in the same smart oven.


  • Air Fry 4 Times as Much Food Purchase extra cooking racks to air fry up to 4 baskets of food at once
  • Biggest Cooking Space The Breville has 1 cubic foot of space to cook in thatll fit a 5qt Dutch oven or a 14lb turkey
  • Easy to Use Brevilles signature LCD makes it easy to select time, temperature, and function. The glass door also has suggested oven rack positioning for each function
  • Super Convection The two-speed convection fan quickly and evenly cook everything. Perfectly air fry sweet potato fries or evenly dehydrate apple slices
  • Multicooking Not only air frys, but has 13 built-in presets to dehydrate, proof, broil, toast, slow cook, and more


  • The Breville Smart Oven Air is very large and very heavy this unit would benefit from a permanent spot on the counter
  • The price is higher than other air fryers and countertop oven combos

Chef Austins Thoughts:

One cubic foot of space is large enough to fit a 5qt Dutch oven slow cook on a low or high setting just like in a slow cooker.

Top Selling Breville Air Fryer

Philips Avance XL Air Fryer


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Discover Whirlpool Ranges With Air Fry Mode

If youre looking for the convenience of having air fried food without the need to add an additional appliance to your kitchen, Whirlpool offers a selection of ranges with Air Fry Mode. Youll be able to skip preheating on select models and air fry vegetables, chicken tenders, fries and more to get crispy results right in your oven.

Costcos Price And Sale Dates

*UPDATE* 8/9/22. The Cuisinart Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven is on sale at select Costco locations for $159.99, now through August 20, 2022. That is $40 off Costcos regular price of $199.99. Item #2473236. Model CTOA-130PC2. While supplies last.

I spotted this item at the Covington, Washington Costco but it may not be available or may not be on sale at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location and may go up at any time without notice. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

  • Cooks with hot air, not oil.
  • Delivers 1800 watts of high-velocity high-heat airflow.
  • Convenient AirFry presets cook chicken nuggets, wings, fries, veggies and snacks.
  • Temperature Range from 80F to 450F.
  • Large 0.6 cu ft capacity with interior light.
  • Functions and temperature dials

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Totinos Party Pizza Microwave Instructions

Keep in mind that Totinos does not endorse nor support any microwaving method that is not included on their official website. All the methods that Im going to present in the following section of this article are based on my own tests and from testing results that I have found at forums and other websites.

If you want to microwave your party pizza following the methods that Im about to present, use your own discretion. Do it at your own risk and only if youre comfortable with that.

On Totinos website, they only recommend two different cooking options for their party pizzas: baking them in the oven or toasting them in the toaster oven.

They dont recommend microwaving them for the reason that I have already explained above. So the question really shouldnt be, can you microwave Totinos Pizza? but should you?

If you just need something quick and warm to eat, and you dont mind about a soggy crust, then feel free to heat your Totinos party pizza in the microwave. In fact, many people like microwaving their party pizzas and eating them like a burrito.

Heres one YouTube video that shows one guy microwaving his Totinos pizza and then eating it like a burrito:

All you gotta do to microwave your party pizza, like in the video above, is just to take it out of the box and put it on a microwavable plate, then microwaves it for 3 to 4 minutes, and youre done.

How To Choose: Convection Toaster Oven Vs Air Fryer

Oster Air Fryer Toaster Oven Black TSSTTVMAF1

If youre having trouble choosing which type of air fryer to get, heres how wed decide.

Get the Cuisinart oven if:

  • You have room in your kitchen for a larger oven.
  • You have a family or larger household, and/or want to be able to cook larger portions of food at once.
  • You want to make a variety of foods, such as baked goods, toast, frozen pizzas up to 13 inches, or roast chicken as big as 6 pounds.
  • You want the option to adjust the convection fans speed or turn it off completely.
  • You dont want to buy extra accessories to get the most out of your appliance.
  • You dont mind turning your food to achieve even browning while cooking.
  • You like to avoid nonstick coating, which lines the baskets in most pod-shaped air fryers and tends to wear off quickly.
  • You want faster cleanup.

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Wolf Gourmet Wgco100s Countertop Convection Oven

Lets be clear, if you are in the market for a simple toaster oven that can take on the arduous task of toasting your morning bagel, this is not the oven for you.

This is a legitimate substitute for your convection wall oven and should be treated as so. Provided with the backbone settings of a traditional oven, this Wolf model bakes, broils, roasts, warms, and toasts. No air fry, no dehydrate, no steam settings. This countertop convection oven was designed to fulfill one primary purpose cook as quickly, thoroughly, and evenly as possible.

We loved it so much, we created a review dedicated to the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven.

There are really 2 questions you have to ask yourself in order to determine whether this model is for you:

1) Can you manage the price?

2) Will you make good use of it?

The $700 price tag is no doubt a steep investment. It honestly doubles the price of the more expensive countertop ovens on the market. But if you are an avid home-cooker or simply want the most superior meat broiling, baking, and warming, this is undoubtedly the best option on the market. Here’s what you get with the Wolf countertop oven.

Supplied with 1800 watts of energy directed to 5 separate heating elements, this countertop oven can transfer massive amounts of heat. One of the most common customer responses is how well this oven does its primary job…cooking.

  • No auto shutoff
  • A countertop oven, not a toaster oven

How To Use The Convection Bake And Bake Mode

For baking mode, food is placed on the rack or in the baking pan.

Choose the convection bake or bake mode.

Set the desired temperature and time.

Once time is set, the top and bottom heating elements will be heated up.

As with all the other cooking modes, the heating elements will alternate between off and on to maintain desired temperature.

For the convection bake feature, the built-in fan will blow and circulate the hot air inside the cooking chamber.

The circulating hot air maintains a consistent temperature. This allows for better heating of the food as well as shortening of the baking time by as much as 30% in certain foods.

Baked foodstuff are best cooked using the convection bake mode.

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Hamilton Beach Countertop Small Toaster Oven


WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-conscious toaster with a robust feature set that includes two rack positions, for cooking versatility, and a generous maximum capacity that can accommodate six slices of bread or a 12 pizza.


  • Weighs nearly 13lb
  • Top and sides get really hot during use

The Hamilton Beach Countertop Small Toaster Oven arrives at a value-friendly price while offering features in line with more expensive competitors, such as a large maximum capacity that can easily fit six slices of bread or a 12-inch pizza. We loved the two rack positions on offer, upping the number of cooking options at your disposal, and the easy-to-open roll-top door. This is also an aesthetically pleasing toaster, with a gorgeous stainless steel exterior.

Though the roll-top door does remain cool, even during use, the same cannot be said for the sides and the top, so wed advise some caution. Additionally, this is a relatively heavy toaster, at nearly 13 pounds. You might also want to check out the best microwaves for lighter-weight options with similar functions.

Oster Duraceramic Air Fryer

Oster Digital Rapid Crisp Air Fryer Oven, Review, Recipes, Cooks, Test

The Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer is designed with a unique tilt function that tumbles food for even and quick cooking without the need for manual turning, while its adjustable temperature control and constant circulating heat ensure the perfect crispiness of foods every time.

For the Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer we have the following instructions:

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U003cstrongu003edoes This Cuisinart Air Fryer Go With Other Accessoriesu003c/strongu003e

Of course, this CTOA-130PC2 Cuisinart Air Fryer goes with other accessories. u003cbru003eWhen you make up your mind to order the unit, you will find a set of accessories in each package, including Recipes with instruction booklet, drip/ baking pan, oven rack, and air fryer basket. u003cbru003eAll of these things will give you more equipment to satisfy your cooking passion with the appliance without worries at all.

What Can You Cook In The Oster Toaster Oven With Air Fryer

With this large capacity air fryer oven, you can fit in 4 slices of bread, a 12 pizza, a whole chicken and lots more.

All frozen foodstuff meant for the oven can be successfully air fried.

Frozen chicken nuggets, frozen mozzarella fish sticks can be cooked in just 10 15 minutes.

Estimate 10 minutes of air frying time for 1 lb of breaded chicken tenders at a temperature of 350°F.

1.7 lbs of chicken wings at 400°F will need about 25 minutes to air fry.

A pound of breaded fish will take about 10 minutes at 400°F using air fry mode.

Air frying an 8 oz steak at 450°F will take about 5 8 minutes.

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