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Air Fryer Oven Battle! Ninja vs Cuisinart vs GoWISE USA – Chicken Wings
Reasons to avoid

Not only does it air fry like a dream, but the Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-Quart 6-in-1 Air Fryer has six setting to bake, reheat, broil, and even dehydrate.

What we love

First off, we found that the Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-Quart 6-in-1 Air Fryer made the best homemade fries of any air fryer we tested. They had a fluffy interior and crispy exterior, with evenly browned edges and consistent cooking throughout.

Because there is a removable air fry insert, you can also use the Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-Quart 6-in-1 Air Fryer to reheat things such as rice or pasta, which would usually fall through the slots in the air fryer tray.


The six-quart capacity is perfect for families, and it will easily cook for over 5 or 6 people. We also found that our food cooked far faster than the estimated cooking time for a regular oven, so if you want speedy meals, its a game-changer.

Homes & Gardens rated: 5 out of 5 stars

Reasons to avoid

Whats better than one air fryer? Two, in one. The is incredibly versatile, so prepare for it to replace your oven.

Why we love it

There are six modes: air broil, air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and bake. We found that the air fry mode is great, especially when you use the removable crisper plates, and you can use one in one drawer to air fry chicken while baking or roasting vegetables in the other drawer to make fajitas or simply a balanced meal.


Homes & Gardens rated: 5 out of 5 stars

Reasons to avoid

Differences Between Ninja Foodi Vs Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The main difference is that Ninja Foodi is a multi-functional appliance that can be used as an air fryer, slow cooker, steamer, and more. It has a 6.5-quart capacity and comes with a variety of accessories, including a cooking rack, reversible rack, and a Crisping Lid. while Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven is a countertop oven that has an air fryer built into it. It has a 6-quart capacity and comes with a baking pan, air fryer basket, and tray handle.

Advantages Of Toa 65 Over Dt201

  • Cuisinart TOA-65 has more cooking preset functions compared to its counterpart. Cooking functions include, dehydrating, proofing, toast, pizza, broil, bake, keep warm and so on.
  • It is better for senior persons who require a simple and easy to use control panel.
  • It has a defrost function. The lowest temperature that you get with it is 80F.

Cuisinart TOA 65 Air fryer and convection oven

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What About Other Air Fryers

If youre not sold on either the Ninja Air Fryer AF101 or the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, there are plenty of other options on the Market. Some other popular air fryers include the Philips HD9621/96 Avance XL Digital TurboStarAirfryer , the T-fal FR8000 DeepFryer with Basket , and the Black + Decker Purifry 2L DigitalAirFry.

Ninja Foodi Vs Tower Air Fryer Vs Tefal Actifry: Which One Should You Buy

Cuisinart Air Fryer Vs Ninja Air Fryer

Since the first air fryer was unveiled in 2010, many brands have entered the fray, thanks to high demand from buyers looking for low-oil, countertop cooking.

Every year, we test air fryers from all the major brands, including Ninja, Tower and Tefal. We also test products from brands such as Philips, DeLonghi, Morphy Richards and Russell Hobbs. We rigorously test each fryer, looking for the ones that are easy to use and which make tasty air-fried food.

Head to our shortlist of the best air fryersto see which ones came top in our tests.

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Europace Eaf 5321s Air Fryer

Price: $159.90

At first, EuropAce EAF 5321S Air Fryer may seem costly if youre just judging it for its classy, elegant design. But when you look at the price, youll be surprised by how cheap this high-quality air fryer is.

It features an 80-200C temperature setting, 30-minute timer, and additional non-stick coating food basket and pan. You can have it in either black or white to match the interiors of your kitchen area.

The main highlight is the 3-dimensional circulation around the internal cavity that speeds up the frying process. Simple yet practical products will go a long way so this is definitely the best air fryer in Singapore from a home cooks perspective!


  • 1-year local warranty

Customer Reviews

The EuropAce EAF 5321S Air Fryer may not have the advanced controls of some of its rivals but its still hugely useful. In fact, its simplicity may even work for it, as many customers call its manual controls easy to use.

Here are some reviews worth reading from Lazada:

Been a few months since purchase. Works great for its price. If you plan to clean up the insides when there is oil residue, please take care as there are sharp edges esp near the air vent.

Really like the ease of use. The controls are simple. Clean up is easy as well.


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Ease of Use: For an appliance thats so versatile, youll want to know youre getting the most out of it. All the automatic presets may be great, but you dont want to the instructional manual or settings to be so complicated you wont want to cook anything. Clean-up is also important too, so your removable baskets and racks should be dishwasher-safe.

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Tips On Using The Ninja Foodi Grill

Even though Ninja provides a cooking chart, I learned very quickly the times are off. I burned my food the first few times I cooked with the Foodi, soI recommend checking your food as it cooks until you get the hang of how long it takes to cook your favorite foods.I also recommend using a meat thermometer to make sure your meat has been cooked to a safe temperature.

One caveat to the Foodi is that once the time runs out, the unit completely turns off. So, if your food isnât cooked, youâll have to start from the beginning, meaning it has to preheat again. This is kind of a pain when youâre trying to get dinner on the table, soI recommend adding extra cooking time and checking your food to make sure it doesnât burn. If youâre cooking two different foods on the same setting , add enough time to the timer to cook both foods. Since the Foodi pauses the timer every time you open the lid, you can switch from one food to the next and simply close the lid to start cooking again.

Use oils with a high heat index, like canola or avocado oil, to prevent smoking while cooking.I always toss or spray my foods directly with the oil rather than adding the oil in the air fryer to prevent smoking and burning.

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Black+decker To3265xssd Extra Wide Crisp N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven

Best Air Fryer 2021 | Ninja vs Cuisinart vs Ultrean Models

The Black+Decker Air Fry Toaster Oven is an affordable multifunctional air fryer that cooks delicious and healthy meals.


It weighs only 19 pounds with total dimensions of 21.5 x 23 x 11.2 inches. The shiny stainless steel finish facilitates convenient cleaning with the help of a clean damp cloth.


You can quickly toast eight slices of bread and a 12-inch pizza in its spacious internal capacity.

The interior comes with a non-toxic zinc-coating, which aids the even distribution of hot air inside.


It incorporates five cooking functions, including air fry, bake, warm, broil, and toast.

You can take full advantage of its convection technique to cook your meals in less time, utilizing less energy.


The display comes in a simple design with only three knobs. One knob sets the temperature, the other selects the time, and the last one allows you to choose the cooking mode.


It comes with one air frying basket, one bake/broil pan, and a toaster oven tray.


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So Which One Should You Buy

The Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven are quality appliances that would be a great addition to any kitchen. However, if we had to choose just one, we would give the edge to the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven simply because of its slightly lower price tag and additional features.

Cuisinart Vs Ninja Air Fryer : How Do Their Air Fryers Compare

Air fryers are hugely popular when it comes to benchtop cooking. With more people wanting to cook fast and potentially healthier, too, theyve become a staple in the kitchen. Cuisinart and Ninja are just two brands offering this trendy appliance. Between the two, youll find top-of-the-line, mid-range, and compact models. How do these air fryers stack up against one another? Check our review below to find out.


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What Should You Not Cook In An Air Fryer

Generally, you don’t want to put raw foods in. This covers wet things like fresh veggies, which mostly will dry out wet batter and uncooked rice or grains . Avoid melty things like cheese, toounless you’re talking frozen mozzarella sticks, in which case bring them on.

Pro Tip: If youre following a recipe designed for a countertop model in an oven, keep a close eye on your food. The cooking time may vary.

Best Air Fryers Of 2021 According To Testing

Ninja DT251 Foodi Smart Oven vs Cuisinart TOA

These top-notch air fryers make crispy fries and wings with little oil.

We updated this story in November 2021 to include more information on air fryers and what to look for when buying. We also added more detail about how we test air fryers in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliance Lab and made sure that all of our picks were in stock.

Air fryers can be compared to small ovens that crisp up wings, fries, veggies and air-fried recipes with little oil. They come in several different styles, including basket-style, which is great for large batches of foods like fries and vegetables that benefit from shaking oven-style, which is ideal for cooking food on numerous shelves and often feature rotisserie accessories and toaster oven styles, which can toast, bake, broil and more in addition to air fry.

Air fryers create a nice fried finish that your oven range cant compete with, and they also reheat food with results that blow away the average microwave. Plus, air fryers require only a small amount of oil to make foods crispy, which means a fraction of the calories and fat of traditional cooking methods, like deep frying.

How do air fryers work?

Are air fryers healthy?

How we test air fryers

  • Performed the best in our lab tests â it made food the crispiest in the shortest amount of time
  • Some may think basket diameter is small

Best Value Air Fryer

  • Cooks evenly for crispy results

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Best Overall: Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

Cuisinart already makes some of our favorite air fryers and toasters, so its no surprise its toaster oven air fryer is at the top of our list. Designed with an adjustable thermostat that reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer has heating elements on both top and bottom for a lightning-quick warm-up. In addition to crisping up to three pounds of food with little to no oil, the device can bake a 12-inch pizza, broil burgers, and toast as many as six slices of bread. It also comes with an oven rack, a baking pan, and an air fryer basket.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers swear its the ideal multitasker, with hundreds raving about how it has replaced several other devices in their kitchens. We already have quite a few appliances on our counters, one wrote. It took some convincing to talk my wife into getting this air fryer. If you ask her nowshe loves it!! Toaster? Gone. Deep fryer? Gone! Toaster oven? Gone! One simple, multi-function, attractive, high quality appliance to rule them all!

Buy it: $199.95

Best Affordable Air Fryer Under $: Dash Tasti

TheDash Tasti-Crisp doesnt have the presets, settings and modes that higher-end options have, but if you just want to air fry quickly and easily, this is a great option.

We quickly found the fryers basic controls a timer wheel and temperature dial, with no type of LCD display to be a benefit. With no additional settings to think about, it was extremely convenient to just toss the food in the basket, turn the dial and set the timer. Granted, you will need to know what temperature and time your food needs, but that can easily be found in the instruction manual or on the bag of food itself.

This simple timer also made it extremely simple to add a couple extra minutes to the cooking time. More complex fryers typically require you to wait until the time is up or have you reset the air fryer mode altogether, but with theDash Tasti-Crisp all you have to do is keep cranking the timer knob as much as you like.

Despite these basic controls, or perhaps because of them, theDash Tasti-Crisp ended up cooking all of our food items really well. The fries turned out crispy and evenly cooked, with a nice soft interior the shrimp were perfect and crunchy and even the Brussels sprouts came out great after a little trial and error with recommended cooking times.

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The Best Air Fryer In 2022

Shopping for an air fryer the small kitchen appliances that claim to re-create the crispy, crunchy taste of fried foods, without the oil and fats used in traditional deep fat frying can be a confusing endeavor when you consider all the options out there. Not to mention the sheer number of opinions on whether or not theyre actually as convenient as they say they are.

So to see which air fryers perform the best, and which might be best for certain users, we put nine models to the test, running them through a comprehensive evaluation process. We selected three top choices that did a great job with our test recipes and impressed us with their features and construction, so regardless of your cooking needs, budget requirements or storage space, you should find an option that works for you.

Faq Air Fryer Ninja Foodi Sp101

Air Fryer Kielbasa Battle – Ninja vs Cuisinart vs GoWISE USA

Why is the price on Amazon and Walmart significantly different?

If you happen to be looking for a cheaper price of the unit, you can fill a form from Amazon to change the price. Besides, there are various models with its cooking feature from 8-in-1 to 9-in-1 on the sale from different markets. You can check the best feature and the most friendly to your budget.

What is the height of this oven when flipped?

This unit is approximately height about 15 inches when it is flipped to fit into your counter for storage. For the depth, you need a 19.5 inches deep counter because empty space needed to make sure your unit fit in right.

Does the interior size fit 9 x 13 inches cake or muffins?

The interior size could fit 13 inches pizza, 9 slices of toast or 4 lbs fries in the air fryer basket with the precise 3 inches gap between the wire rack and heating elements on top. So, it is not recommendable to cook your cake or muffins for 9 x 13 inches size the side of most pans could be too wide to fit in.

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Cuisinart Vs Ninja Air Fryer

If you need to know the name of a usual home appliance for the kitchen, my answer will be an air fryer toaster. It has actually been utilized commonly all over the world. By experiencing this write-up, you will obtain the best two Cuisinart air fryer toaster testimonials and also it will aid you to pick the excellent one for your cooking area.cuisinart vs ninja air fryer

The factor behind the appeal of air fryer toaster is its healthy and balanced cooking procedure. Rather than using oil, the air fryer flows hot air to fry foods. You like food with much less oil as a health and wellness benefit. By utilizing an air fryer your kitchen will be much less untidy as well as you will certainly delight in common food preparation as well.

Differences #2 Control Panel

The design of Air Fryer Ninja Foodi SP101 and Cuisinart TOA-60 might be the modern looks kitchen appliance you have been looking for. The shape and size are pretty much friendly to your counter and family. However, the control panel or cooking panel of both of these toaster oven air fryers is slightly different.

The Air Fryer Ninja Foodi SP101 is presented with digital time and temperature on top with only one cooking knob to let you choose the crisp control or cooking features you want. Cuisinart TOA-60 have 4 knobs with various features for timer, temperature setting, cooking features and toast timer for light, medium or dark.

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Also Great: Philips Premium Airfryer Hd9741/96

*At the time of publishing, the price was $250.

The Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/96 is the best pod-shaped air fryer weve tested. Its a far less versatile appliance than the Cuisinart convection toaster oven, but its smaller footprint may make it ideal for tiny kitchens with limited counter space. Smaller households that plan to make only one or two portions of food at a time may also prefer this model. Compared with other pod-shaped air fryers we tested, the Philips cooked food the most evenly, aside from the occasional soggy french fry on average, it cooked faster than most other models we tried and with better results. Like all pod-shaped air fryers, this Philips model isnt good for baking or making toastits fan is too powerful and produces overcooked, irregularly shaped cakes and wonky, unevenly browned toast. But if you dont plan to bake in it, we think its a suitable choice for cooking frozen snacks, smaller portions of meat and vegetables, or certain dishes you want extra crispy, like chicken wings or flautas.

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