How Long Do I Cook Wings In The Air Fryer

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How Long Do Wings Take In The Air Fryer

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

You only need to cook your chicken for 15 minutes when the air fryer temperatures are at 400 degrees. Leave them in for an extra three to five minutes if you are going for an extra crispy bite. You can crank up the air fryers temperatures to 420 or 450 degrees just to push them over that crispy edge.

What To Serve With Air

Since these air-fried wings are dry-rubbed, theyre great with dipping sauces. Our go-to sauces are ranch, blue cheese salad dressing, Buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce, but any sauce you like will work well. You can even toss the wings in additional seasonings to make lemon-pepper wings, peach-bourbon wings or garlic parmesan wings. Yum!

Along with an array of sauces, we recommend serving these air-fryer chicken wings with carrot and celery sticks for some crisp crunch.

What To Serve With Air Fryer Chicken Wings

First off, youll want to whip up some homemade sauces. Light ranch is great for buffalo wings. Dont forget to cut up some strips of carrots and celery to dip in the ranch as well. You could also make a homemade BBQ sauce with just a few ingredients you likely already have hanging around in your kitchen.

To make a well-rounded meal, pair your wings with air fryer french fries or a homemade caesar salad.

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Crispy Air Fryer Wings

These crispy air fryer wings are so good, they will have you saying goodbye to your favorite sports bar wings. They not only have that delectable crusty bite but also a fall-off-the-bone moistness that your family will love.

After decades of watching cooking channel shows, most people believe that the secret to the perfectly crisp chicken skin is hot, deep-frying oil. There is a level of truth in this concept because heat is vital when you want to avoid a soggy rubbery texture in poultry.

That said, the heat does not have to come from a vat of hot oil. You dont have to spend your precious evening hours beside a deep fryer evading oil splatters to make restaurant-quality chicken wings. You can simply use this air-fried chicken wings recipe from The Spicy Apron and get rid of that lingering hot oil odor from your kitchen forever.

Even better, you will never have to fret over the disposal of a vat of deep fryer oil ever again. You can make some Air fryer wings in less than 30 minutes from the comfort of your kitchen. These crispy air fryer chicken wings have far less fat than traditional fried chicken wings.

They require no frying but are as satisfying as your favorite wings places roasted or fried chicken wings. Stick with the best air fryer chicken wings recipe from The Spicy Apron and your friends and family will come back for more.

How To Cook Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer

Easy Air Fryer Chicken Wings

While it might seem easy to dismiss the air fryer as just another appliance du jour an unimportant device designed to spawn more cookbooks you wont read, recipes you wont eat, and maybe even some memes you wont understand, we recommend you give them another look.

With more than ten million people owning up to cooking with an air fryer, like a macrame plant hanger, it seems this trend is here to stay. And were not the least bit unhappy about it! After all, we say the more ways to cook and eat chicken wings, the better!

For those times you cant get to a Buffalo Wings & Rings or you just want to try out your home head chef skills for the night, consider satisfying your chicken wing craving by cooking up a batch in an air fryer. Theyll cook up fast and with a crispy skin that tastes and looks just like you deep fried them, minus any unhealthy oils and messy clean up.

Read on for an absolutely amazing air fryer chicken wing recipe from our own Chef Dan, along with tips and tricks for cooking chicken wings in the air fryer.

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Why Is Air Fry Different

Air fryers have been around for a long time, but theyre finally gaining popularity. They can be used to prepare many things, including chicken, steak, and potatoes. They can also be used to warm up leftovers or prepare foods like pancakes. These machines have all of the functions of a regular oven, but the heat is all produced by the air instead of by a traditional heat source.

How To Air Fry Chicken Wings Step

Here is a recipe for air-fried chicken wings that will help you achieve perfect results every time. These wings are crispy, juicy, and flavorful the perfect appetizer or main course. So dont wait any longer give this recipe a try today!


1. Preheat your air fryer according to the manufacturers instructions.

2. In a small bowl, combine garlic powder, paprika, salt, and black pepper.

3. Place chicken wings in a large bowl and coat them with the spice mixture.

4. Add oil to the air fryer basket and then place the chicken wings in it.

5. Set the air fryer timer for 15 minutes and cook the chicken wings at 400 degrees F.

6. Flip the chicken wings over after 5 minutes of cooking time.

7. Cook the chicken wings for an additional 10 minutes or until they are crispy and cooked through.

8. Serve immediately with your favorite wing sauce on the side for dipping. Enjoy!

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Flour Breaded Chicken Wings:

  • In a large bowl add in the chicken wings. Sprinkle over the seasoning mix and ap flour Toss to combine and well coat each chicken wing.

  • Spray the air fryer basket with a little bit of oil and then place in your chicken wings.

  • Air fry at 380 for 15 minutes. Take out of the basket and coat with sauce or keep dry. Its totally up to you!

  • How To Make Air Fryer Buffalo Wings:

    THE BEST Air Fryer Chicken Wing (Ranking 6 Methods)

    **scroll down for full ingredients list and printable directions**

    • First prep the chicken wings.
    • If you have full wings, separate them into drums and flats.
    • Make sure they are defrosted.
    • Pat them completely dry .
  • Place the wings into a bowl and add oil, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. Toss to completely coat the wings.
  • Feel free to use your own favorite seasonings, however this is a basic traditional chicken wing seasoning blend .
  • Preheat the Air Fryer at 400 F degrees for 2 minutes.
  • Add the wings in a single layer to the air fryer , and cook for 10 minutes at 400 F degrees.
    • While they are cooking, make the buffalo wing sauce.
    • In a small bowl melt 1/4 cup of butter. Add 1/2 cup hot sauce to the butter and whisk to combine completely.
    • After the timer goes off, open and carefully add the wings to the buffalo sauce. Toss to coat.
    • Add the wings back to the air fryer, close, and cook 8 more minutes.

    What to serve with Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings:

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    How To Make Air Fryer Chicken Wings

    If youre looking for all the tips and tricks to perfect Air Fryer Chicken Wings, Ive got you covered. Heres how to make perfectly crispy chicken wings in your Air Fryer from fresh or frozen, sauced or dry-rubbed.

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    Full Recipe Ingredients/Instructions are available in the recipe card at the bottom of the post. You can find important tips/tricks in theblog post.

    Air Fryers are famous for making delicious and crispy chicken wings. Chicken wings in the Air Fryer are the perfect appetizer or game-day snack as they are quick to make and are done in 30 minutes or less.

    Ive shared my Korean Air Fried Chicken Wings that are breaded and extra crunchy, but this ultimate guide for chicken wings covers how to make naked wings, saucy wings, fresh wings, and frozen wings. After making and eating tons of wings, Ive learned a few tips on how to get golden and delicious wings.

  • Dont overcrowd the basket. Your wings need circulation to get nice and crisp. The wings can be touching but the basket should not be filled to the brim.
  • Turn your wings every 5-7 minutes. This will ensure that the wings are evenly cooked. I like to use tongs to turn my wings rather than tossing.
  • Dont add seasonings until after air frying. Thats how you will get the maximum flavor on your wings.
  • Start with a clean Air Fryer. If your Air Fryer is not clean, your Air fryer may start to smoke while your wings are cooking.
  • How Long To Fry Them

    Chicken Wings take about 30 minutes in the Air Fryer, shaking the basket every 10 minutes, so the wings crisp up evenly. Cooking the wings at a lower temperature first and then increasing the heat for the last few minutes ensures juicy wings with crispy skin because this allows the fat to render out, so the skin gets extra crispy. This method results in the BEST Chicken Wings!

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    Tips For Making The Best Leftover Chicken Wings

    • Cook the chicken wings until they are warmed thoroughly, then immediately remove them from the air fryer. Overcooked chicken wings will dry out.
    • If youre reheating whole chicken wings in the air fryer , add an extra 2 minutes to the cooking time. Since whole wings are larger, this will allow them to fully heat through.
    • Preheat the air fryer before adding the wings to keep them from overcooking and drying out.

    Chicken Wing Sauces to Try:

    How Long To Cook Chicken Wings In Air Fryer:

    Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings (3 Ways!)

    Prepare the air fryer. If your air fryer needs preheating, go ahead and preheat it. Some do, some dont, just read the instructions in your manual. You want to heat the air fryer to 400°F. Once its nice and hot, arrange the wings in an even layer on the air fryer basket.

    Cook. Cook the chicken wings for a total of 16 minutes, flipping them half way through cooking. Dont forget this step! If you dont flip the wings, they wont cook evenly and you want them browned on all sides.

    Enjoy! After just 16 minutes, youll have wings that are better than most restaurants. Serve immediately, and enjoy!

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    How To Make Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Wings

    Making frozen chicken wings in your Air Fryer may not require cooking skills, but there are some recommendations that you need to follow if you want to get the absolute best taste and crunchy bite.

  • Start by removing the chicken wings from the freezer bag. Inspect the wings well and discard any parts or pieces that you do not wish to cook.
  • Arrange the chicken wings in your air fryer, making sure that they are all spread in a single layer to ensure even cooking. No oil, cooking spray, or special prep is needed here you just place them inside the basket or tray, straight from the freezer.
  • Turn the Air Fryer on and cook for 18-30 minutes, depending on the crispiness you want to achieve, at 380-400 degrees F. Flipping the wings halfway through is essential, so make sure to shake the basket well or flip the wings over once your timer signals 15 minutes. Yes, we do recommend setting the timer!
  • Check the doneness and see if your wings need more time to cook. If you are cooking chicken wings different in size, you may want to transfer the crispy pieces to a plate and leave the larger wings to cook for a few extra minutes.
  • Transfer directly to a plate , add the favorite sauces or toppings, and serve. Enjoy!
  • How To Make Crispy Wings In The Air Fryer

    There are a few tips and tricks to making these wings and you will want to grab a pen and paper to write them down, or make life easy and head down to the printable recipe card at the bottom of this post.

    Use paper towels to pat the chicken wings dry before getting started.

    Another tip to make crispy wings in the air fryer is to add a little baking powder to the mixture. Baking powder is what helps make crispy skin.

    You’re going to love this air fryer chicken wings recipe so much you’ll never want to have them any other way again.

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    What To Serve With Buffalo Chicken Wings

    • Baked French Fries. Because air fryer chicken wings and fries are a match made in comfort food heaven. You can plan these recipes so that both are ready at the same time.
    • Sweet Potato Fries. Another tasty option in the fry department.
    • Air Fryer Broccoli. This quick-cooking air fryer side can be ready shortly after you finish up the wings. Or try oven Roasted Broccoli.

    Can You Defrost In An Air Fryer

    How to Cook Chicken Wings in the Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer

    The beauty of the air fryer is that you dont need to defrost frozen foods before cooking them. Take these air fryer tater tots.

    They work just like if you were to cook them in the oven. Just throw them in rock solid and theyll come out tender, but crispy on the outside. Actually, crispier than if you put them into the oven.

    Love deep fried wings but want a healthier version ? This is it!!

    If you want to decide whether naked wings in the oven, or these are better, follow our how to bake crispy chicken wings recipe here.

    You use a bit of baking powder on the outside to get that CRISPY skin. Thats what we did before we got this nifty machine.

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    S On How To Cook Frozen Chicken Wings On An Air Fryer

    Cooking a frozen chicken at home on the air fryer is simple. In this section, you are going to give you step by step tips on how to cook the best chicken wings on the air fryer.

    -The first thing you need to do is preheat the air fryer to attain a temperature of about 380 °F. The entire process will take about five minutes

    -Place the frozen chicken wings into the air fryer basket

    -Once you have preheated the air fryer to a cooking temperature of 380 °F, the next step is placing the frozen chicken wings to the fryer basket. Shake the fryer basket before putting it to the air fryer. This will help distribute the chicken wings better for even cooking. For better crisping, apply a light cooking spray to coat the wings with oil.

    Close drawer and allow the chicken wing to cook for about 15 minutes with temperatures set of between 380 °F. After 15 minutes, shake the chicken wings to expose uncooked areas to hot cooking air. Spray cooking oil again and allow them to cook for another 10 minutes.

    Check the wings after 25 minutes. By this time, the wings should be fully cooked. If the internal temperature is above 165 °F and the outside of the wings are brown in color and crisp, the wings are ready. If not, respray oil and let it cook for five more minutes.

    Remove your cooked chicken wings carefully to avoid getting burned. Put on a paper towel, source, and enjoy.

    You can serve your cooked chicken wings with air fryer zucchini chips, French fries, salad, or pasta salad.

    Ingredients For Chicken Wings In Air Fryer

    Chicken Wings – This easy air fryer recipe is for making one pound of wings. Depending on their size, this should be 10-12 pieces. You can cook more wings, but you’ll want to do them in batches.

    Oil – Vegetable oil, light olive oil, or another mild flavored oil will make your wings extra crispy.

    Garlic Salt – if you aren’t going to toss your wings in sauce, seasoning them before cooking is a great idea. Garlic salt is easy and tastes delicious on chicken wings.

    If you have any questions about Air Fryer Chicken wings, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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    How To Cook Whole Chicken Wings In Air Fryer

    Whole chicken wings are going to be a bit bigger than the small chicken wing pieces, and because theyre bigger and denser, they will need to cook for longer.

    You can use the same cooking method that Ive described above for cooking chicken wings in the air fryer, but youre going to need to increase the cooking time.

    Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which should take about 5 minutes to heat up all the way. Then, you can add your whole chicken wings and cook them for about 10 minutes. Then, flip them over and cook for an additional 8 to 10 minutes.

    You can check them with the instant read thermometer to see if the internal temperature has reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    As you can see, they take about as long to cook in the air fryer as small frozen chicken wings.

    Air Fryer Chicken Wings:


    These are the best ever chicken wings, cooked quickly to crispy perfection in minutes.

    I am a HUGE fan of chicken wings, in fact one of the top posts on my site here is these Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings, which I love. The oven baked method or the Instant Pot Wings method is amazing when cooking for a big crowd, such as for the Super Bowl, but when I want wings for just a few of us, and I want them in a hurry, the air fryer is the way to go!

    Serve these wings alongside the bean dip, chicken nachos, and mongolian beef meatballs for the ultimate appetizer spread.

    An air fryer works like a small convection oven, it circulates the air, and evaporates the moisture from the surface of the food, which means you get a nice, crispy exterior, created by air circulation not oil.

    I LOVE that these wings are like the baked wings in that they do not have all that extra oil and calories from the added fat, but still get that crispy, delicious texture of deep fried.

    Trust me, you will want to buy an air fryer if it means you can start making these wings.

    As much as I love air fried cauliflower, and egg cups, and turkey legs, one whole section of our freezer is now dedicated to wings. We have chicken wings on hand at all times because we love these that much. They are just so juicy. And crispy. And such a quick and easy snack, lunch, meal, or game time grub!

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