Frozen Taquitos Air Fryer Time

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How To Cook Frozen Taquitos In An Air Fryer

Air Fryer Frozen Taquitos – How To Cook Frozen Taquitos In The Air Fryer
  • Load. Add your frozen taquitos into the air fryer basket.
  • Cook. Air fry for approximately 10 minutes depending on how many frozen parsnips and carrots you are cooking or how powerful your air fryer is.
  • Test. I recommend that you cut in half a taquito and then use your finger to check that it is piping hot in the middle. If it isnt and you have been air frying for a while, then half them all, and load back into the air fryer and cook for a further 4 minutes.
  • Serve. Then serve with your favourite salsa and you now have crispy chicken taquitos that you cooked in the air fryer from frozen.

More About Frozen Taquitos In Air Fryer Recipes


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  • Place the frozen corn dogs into the air fryer and cook for 10 to 13 minutes, checking the inside with a thermometer to ensure they are heated thoroughly.


  • Place the frozen taquitos in the air fryer basket and spread out into a single even layer. Coat the taquitos evenly with oil spray.
  • Air Fry at 380°F/195°C for 7-10 minutes or until crispy to your liking, gently shaking and turning the taquitos halfway through cooking.

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  • Add the tortillas to a microwave safe plate and cover with a damp paper towel. Microwave for 30 seconds.

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How To Cook Air Fryer Frozen Taquitos Or Flautas

Air fried frozen taquitos are one of our favorite snacks and finger foods! Seriously, the air fryer makes them super crispy and amazing. Its incredible how easy frozen taquitos are to cook straight from the freezer into the air fryer. The outside tortilla is crunchy crispy and the inside is perfect. Weve made them fresh many times and heres our taquito recipe on our sister site if youre ambitious. But if youre in a bind, then try air frying frozen taquitos and youll be equally satisfied.

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How Long Do You Cook Frozen Taquitos In The Air Fryer

Most of the frozen taquitos are pre-cooked so you just have to warm them through before eating.

Cooking time for frozen taquitos in air fryer is 8 minutes at 400F. If youre cooking in batches then the following batch takes a short time to cook. You need to keep an eye on them so you dont burn the frozen taquitos in air fryer.

What To Serve With Taquitos

How to Cook Frozen Taquitos in the Air Fryer, Fast ...

Make it a complete meal with these favorite side dishes or toppings to serve with air fryer taquitos. If you love to dip your taquitos try my homemade ranch or cilantro ranch dressing on the side. Guacamole and refried beans are great additions to toppings and adds in more flavor. Serve this all together for a delicious meal that your whole family will love!


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Difference Between Taquitos And Flautas

Its all about the tortillas. Generally taquitos are made with corn tortillas and flautas are with flour tortillas. What are these delicious rolled goodies? Heres what Wikipedia says: A taquito, tacos dorados, rolled taco, or flauta is a Mexican food dish that typically consists of a small rolled-up tortilla that contains filling, including beef, cheese or chicken. The filled tortilla is then crisp-fried or deep-fried. The dish is often topped with condiments such as sour cream and guacamole. When youre cooking these start with a small batch first to see what the best timing is for your preferred texture. Brands differ so much on the size, so if theyre thicker they might take longer to cook. Also, if you like your flautas a little more soft, then reduce timing so theyre not as crisp.

Can You Freeze Taquitos

Yes, you could freeze taquitos! The first-rate manner to freeze them is after baking them.

Simply allow them to cool completely, after which freeze them in an hermetic container, or a ziplock bag, for up to a few months.

To reheat frozen taquitos in the air fryer, cook them from frozen at 400F for 4-5 minutes, or till theyre heated thru and crispy.

The actual time will rely a chunk for your air fryer, so preserve an eye fixed on them the primary time you do that and regulate the time as needed.

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Why We Love These Fries

These Air Fryer Zucchini fries are coated with sharp and salty parmesan cheese and crispy Panko Bread crumbs. And using the air fryer means there is no oily mess. They are a healthy and delicious alternative to the deep fried versions that are served in restaurants and ones you find in the freezer section. We love them because they are simple to make. They also use up all that extra zucchini from the garden!

Frozen Taquitos In Air Fryer Are The Best Way Crispier Than In The Oven And Done In Just Minutes Frozen Food In An Air Fryer Is The Bomb

Air Fryer Frozen Taquitos

Frozen taquitos in air fryer directions are here! Skip preheating the oven and baking. This takes half the time and theyre super crunchy this way. Find this and more easy air fryer recipes here on The Typical Mom.

I mean who doesnt love these babies!! An easy throw together dinner you can make when days get hectic, and they do. You can make homemade air fryer flautas like this but with flour tortillas but this is faster.

You can find beef, chicken or cheese versions in the freezer section of your grocery store. I always have some on hand for those days.

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

  • It has temp. and times for making the best frozen foods for air fryer too.
  • Then where you can share and find more ideas youll love. We have a Foodi social media group as well.
  • It doesnt matter whether you choose cheese, beef or chicken taquitos. This timing will work for them all. In no time youll air fry everything too!

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    The Best Frozen Taquito Brands

    Most frozen taquitos brands out there are pretty good, but Ive found some pack in more meat and cheese inside the corn tortilla, making it taste just that much better. Some are also available as flautas with flour tortillas.

    Here are my favorites for making frozen taquitos in the air fryer:

    • Delimex
    • Jose Oles
    • El Monterey

    I have also heard The Snack Artist frozen taquitos are great too if you have a local Safeway .

    Can You Make Frozen Taquitos In An Air Fryer

    Yes, you can. You dont need to use frozen brands and can make your own frozen taquitos in the air fryer as part of your meal prep.

    I made air fryer frozen chicken and cheese taquitos and used my own personal recipe.

    The chicken taquitos were first cooked in the air fryer as you would with any homemade taquitos or burritos.

    Then they were placed on a sheet pan like this and loaded into the chest freezer:

    Though note, they must be fully cold when you do this. You can of course leave them in your fridge overnight if you prefer and then freeze them the next day.

    Then after they have been on the sheet pan for an hour load them into a freezer bag or a zip loc bag:

    And then they can stay in your freezer until you are ready to reheat them from frozen using the air fryer. Of course, you can do them in bulk, do different taquitos flavours, or even just keep collecting ones you have not eaten and then avoiding food waste.

    You might be wondering why the sheet pan and why not straight in the zip loc? Well, the sheet pan method partly freezes the taquitos and stops them from sticking together when frozen.

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    More Air Fryer Frozen Appetizers

    Want more easy air fryer recipes for frozen appetizers? Ive got you! Check these out next:

    Also, dont miss this list of the Best Frozen Foods for the Air Fryer.

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    Can I Freeze Taquitos

    Frozen Taquitos in Air Fryer · The Typical Mom

    Sure! If you want to freeze your taquitos, go ahead and fully cook them in the air fryer, let them cool completely, and then freeze in either a large freezer-friendly Ziplock bag or an airtight container. To warm your taquitos from frozen, simply lay them on a baking sheet and pop them in a 400°F oven until warmed through or in your air fryer for about 5 minutes!

    These air fryer taquitos are cheesy, crispy, and done in minutes!

    • Amber Goulden

    For the taquitos:

    • 1 1/2 cups shredded chicken
    • 1 1/4 cups finely shredded Monterey jack or cheddar cheese
    • 2 teaspoons taco seasoning*
    • 16 street taco-sized corn tortillas
    • 1/4 cup salsa

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    What Is The Difference Between Taquitos And Flautas

    The main difference is that taquitos are typically prepared with corn tortillas, while flautas are prepared with white tortillas.

    Flautas are usually long and thin, while taquitos tend to be shorter and fill them in, making them fatter.

    I would say that the frozen food aisle mostly calls them taquitos, so you may want to check a package out the next time you purchase one to see what you are actually getting. Since if you have a gluten allergy, you may want to only consumer corn products.

    What Are Taquitos

    Taquitos are Mexican food But its very famous in America, Canada, and even in China. Taquitos consisting of small, rolled-up tortillas with a filling of minced beef, chicken, cheese, or vegetables. after you roll up those filling with tortillas wrappers Then you deep fry them.

    it very similar to flautas and egg rolls, the difference between them is that taquitos are made with flour tortillas whereas flautas and egg rolls would be made with corn tortillas.

    Now we have frozen taquitos, and that makes life easier.

    In this recipe am going to use Trader Joes Frozen Taquitos.

    Trader Joes and Whole Foods brands are some of the best brands that make no artificial ingredients if youre looking for something a little healthier. Feel Good Foods is a brand with healthier ingredients and offers gluten-free taquitos.

    Where Can You Buy Frozen Taquitos?

    You can find frozen Taquitos almost in any supermarket and in groceries throughout the United States and Canada. You can also find Them in Walmart and Amazon.

    Best Taquitod Barnds And Version.

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    What Is A Taquito

    Taquitos are a Mexican favorite and can be filled with chicken, beef, or other ingredients. Small tortillas, most often corn, are filled with the ingredients and tightly rolled.

    These cigar-shaped rolls are then deep fried although some recipes baked them or in this case, we make them crispy in the air fryer.

    How Do You Make Air Fryer Taquitos From Scratch

    Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos Recipe

    Making these air fryer turkey taquitos from scratch is really easy. Make some taco meat this turkey taco meat is a version of this Instant Pot taco meat recipe and then roll it up in some small tortillas with some cheese.

    Spray the rolled up taquitos with cooking spray and cook them in the air fryer for 6-8 minutes until theyre nice and crispy. They are super easy to make and taste great!

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    Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos

    These taquitos are air fried, which makes them healthier than deep fried ones. Using shredded rotisserie chicken provides a quick prep but you can always use home-cooked chicken. Serve with sides of sour cream, Mexican tomato sauce, and guacamole, or your choice of sides.

    Provided by Yoly

    2 tablespoons chopped green chiles
    2 tablespoons Mexican-style hot tomato sauce
    1 cup shredded rotisserie chicken
    2 tablespoons Neufchatel cheese
    ½ cup shredded Mexican cheese blend
    1 pinch salt and ground black pepper to taste
    6 each corn tortillas


    • Heat oil in a skillet. Add onion and cook until soft and translucent, 3 to 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add green chiles and Mexican tomato sauce stir to combine. Add chicken, Neufchatel cheese, and Mexican cheese blend. Cook and stir until cheeses have melted and mixture is completely warmed, about 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
    • Heat tortillas in a skillet or directly on the grates of a gas stove until soft and pliable. Place 3 tablespoons of chicken mixture down the center of each tortilla. Fold over and roll into taquitos.
    • Preheat an air fryer to 400 degrees F .
    • Place taquitos in the air fryer basket, making sure they are not touching, and mist with avocado oil. Cook in batches if necessary. Cook until golden brown and crispy, 6 to 9 minutes. Turn taquitos over, mist with avocado oil, and air fry for an additional 3 to 5 minutes.

    What Is A Good Dip For Taquitos

    Easy choices are store bought pico de gallo salsa and sour cream. If avocados are in season I love fresh guacamole. Some like bang bang sauce, fry sauce on everything, or ketchup if you asked a young child.

    Here are quick directions but there is a printable recipe card at the bottom of this post as well:

    Time needed: 11 minutes.

    How to Make Frozen Taquitos

  • Preheat your air fryer

    The best method to cook frozen foods is in your hot air machine. Preheating will ensure theyre as crispy as possible. These need to be set to 400 degrees F for 5 minutes before adding them.

  • Cook

    Put as many frozen taquitos youd like in your air fryer basket in one single layer. Do not overlap them or those areas wont get golden brown and crispy on the outside. 6 minutes is usually perfect.

  • Serve

    Serve with dipping sauces like air fryer salsa on the side and enjoy as soon as possible for best results.

  • I kid you not this machine will give you the deep fried crunch and taste you crave without the added calories.

    EVERYTHING I have tried in it tastes better, and more like Id get at a restaurant than in the oven.

    What should you serve with taquitos? Well many times if we want a quick meal it is just this, and done. For a heartier dish I might add a chicken breast to each plate with these on the side.

    Great for an every day meal or snack, and perfect for a quick Cinco de Mayo appetizer too. Here are a few other dinner recipes you will love.

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    How To Make Fried Zucchini In The Air Fryer

    Only a few simple steps for these Air Fryer Zucchini Fries:

  • Mix coating ingredients and place in a wide shallow dish
  • Cut zucchini in ½ inch sticks
  • Dip zucchini into the beaten egg then press into the coating
  • Spray with oil. Place zucchini in the air fryer basket and cook!
  • Voila! Its that quick and easy!

    Have a lot of zucchini to make?

    Shorten the cooking time to 2 minutes. This will undercook the zucchini. Once all of the batches are ready, toss all of the pre cooked zucchini into the air fryer basket and cook for an extra 3-5 minutes, or until heated through. Wasnt that simple?

    Why Use Foil In The Air Fryer

    Air Fryer Frozen Taquitos or Flautas How to Cook Quick ...

    Foil can be used for any of the following reasons:

    • To keep things clean: For example nachos with drippy cheese or wings with a honey sauce.
    • To hold things in place: Keep taco shells up right and wobbly stuffed peppers in place with a bit of foil.
    • Easy clean up: Messy items can be cleaned up and tossed away.

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    Cooking Time And Temperature

    What temp to air fry frozen taquitos? Air fry frozen taquitos in a preheated air fryer for a total of 7-8 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit . Flip the taquitos after the first 5 minutes of air frying time.

    Your cooking time will ultimately depend on the thickness of your taquitos and how crispy you like them. Feel free to adjust the cooking times provided here. For the best results, always keep a close eye on the food the first time you try a new air fryer recipe.

    As an extra precaution, I like to check that the taquitos have reached a minimum internal temp of 165F . Half-cooked taquitos really dont taste very good! Let your taquitos rest for 1-2 minutes before eating- they’re very hot!

    Why Youll Love Air Fryer Taquitos

    • One of the BEST and FASTEST ways to cook frozen taquitos is in an air fryer.
    • An air fryer doesnt lose flavor as a frying pan or microwave does.
    • With a cook time of just 8 minutes, your air fryer chicken frozen taquitos are ready faster than you can order take out and much faster than cooking in the oven.
    • The whole recipe requires one frozen bag of taquitos and its basically made for you!

    Taquitos work great by themselves or you can make a full meal if youre feeling hungry. Theres a taco salad, roasted corn esquites, or low carb egg drop soup that keeps the Mexican flare goin and your taste buds rollin!

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