Cosori 5.8 Air Fryer Accessories

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Nuwave Brio Air Fryer Gourmet Accessory Kit


The Gourmet Accessory Kit by NuWave comes with a 2QT baking pan , a reversible cooking rack , and a cookbook featuring 30 mouth-watering and healthy recipes. With the reversible rack, you can cook several food items at one go. The non-stick pan is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. The cooking rack is also dishwasher-safe and made of superior quality stainless steel. The accessory kit is compatible with the 3QT NuWave Brio air fryer.

Air Fryer Double Rack Accessories

The Air Fryer Double Rack Accessories by Infraovens make cooking in an air fryer simple and hassle-free. The accessories include a grilling mat, a food thermometer, cooking times cheat sheet magnets , an anti-mess liner, air fryer stackable racks , a mesh mat, and a bonus grill brush. The double-rack accessories are compatible with most air fryers, including Best Choice Products 5.5QT air fryer, Dash Deluxe Electric 6QT air fryer, Cosori 5.8QT air fryer, Chef man Family Size 5.5l air fryer, CalmDo All-in-One 12QT air fryer, and many more.

Each accessory comes with its unique features and benefits. The food thermometer goes a long way to ensure the food is fresh, safe, and healthy. With the air fryer mats, you can cook liquid as well as smaller food items with ease.

If you are an air-fryer enthusiast and love to cook tasty, crispy, and healthy foods for your family and loved ones, then you may need air fryer accessory kits. From fried foods to pizzas and muffins to kebabs, cook a wide variety of cuisines with the help of these best air fryer accessories.

Cosori Air Fryer Accessories Xl Pda Approved 2

of 6 Fit all 5.3Qt 5.8Qt 6Qt Air Fryer BPA Free COSORI Air Fryer Accessories XL PDA Approved 2-Year Warranty C158-6AC Set, Set of 6 Fit all 5,3Qt, 5,8Qt, 6Qt Air Fryer, FDA Compliant, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Coating, 2-Year Warranty: Kitchen & Dining,COSORI Air Fryer Accessories XL ,Free Shipping on All Orders,Our Featured Products,Fast worldwide shipping,There are more options here,save up to 50% off competitors pricing. C158-6AC Set of 6 Fit all 5.3Qt 5.8Qt 6Qt Air Fryer BPA Free COSORI Air Fryer Accessories XL PDA Approved 2-Year Warranty, COSORI Air Fryer Accessories XL PDA Approved 2-Year Warranty C158-6AC Set of 6 Fit all 5.3Qt 5.8Qt 6Qt Air Fryer BPA Free.

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Cosori Air Fryer 58 Qt Cp258

COSORI Air Fryer,5.8QT Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooker,eleven Presets,Preheat& Shake Reminder,LED Touch Digital Screen,Nonstick Basket,2-Year Warranty,1700W,White. 504.6 out of 5 Stars.

The Cosori 5.8 qt air fryer uses high-speed heat circulations to heat meals, which reduces more than eighty five% oil use. However, the meals simply comes This Cosori CP258-AF air fryer toaster oven will take in less space for your countertop. It is fabricated from stainless-steel, which makes it a first rate kitchen equipment.

The first aspect you have to recognize about a five.8-quart air fryer is that its miles a BEAST. (The product list says that it’s eleven.Eight x 12.6 x eleven.7,

User Manual Premium 5.8-Quart Air Fryer Cosori CP258-AF. Table of Contents. Package Contents Specifications Important Safeguards Getting to Know Your Air.

CP258-AF Questions or Concerns? Mon-Fri, 9:00 am-five:00 pm PST/PDT 5.Eight-Quart Air Fryer Model Number CP258-AF Default Warranty Period 1 yr For your very own reference.

Oil-free airfrying + 8 one-touch digital pre-sets = EASY COOKING EVERYDAY with our high performance PowerXL Air Fryer Pro! #PowerXL #Airfry #EasyCookingEveryday Shop now

Cosori chrome steel 5.8-quart air fryer CP258-AF evaluate .One hundred Recipes, Rack & 5 Skewers, Large Air Fryers XL Oven Oilless Cooker,

Cosori CP258-AF Stainless Steel Air Fryer five.8QT.

COSORI CP258-AF Stainless Steel Large Air Fryer, 5.8QT-Silver.

Air Fryer Accessories Xl 8 Inch

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart,1700

Compatible with Philips, GoWISE, Cozyna, and Ninja air fryers, the set comes laden with 13 accessories. The accessories include three magnetic cheat sheets, a pizza pan, a food tong, a cake barrel, a skewer rack with four skewers, six silicone muffin cups, an oil brush, a pair of silicone mini mitts, 100 non-stick air fryer liners, a toast rack, a metal holder, a silicone mat, and an air fryer cookbook. The accessories are all made of 100% safe food-grade material. The skewer rack, toast rack, and metal holder are all made of corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and food-grade 304 stainless material. The pizza pan and cake barrel come with a superior non-stick coating. The accessories are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

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Inch Air Fryer Accessories Xxl

The premium air fryer accessories kit comes with not one or two, but 18 air fryer accessory pieces. The FDA-certified, dishwasher-safe, and rust-free accessories include a cake barrel, a pizza pan, a metal holder, a cupcake mold, a skewer rack, a silicone mat, a bread rack, a silicone oil brush, a silicone spatula, a kitchen plate gripper, a food tong, two oven mitts, three magnetic cheat sheets, seven-pack silicone muffin cups, air fryer liners , and a recipe cookbook. The surface of all the pans has Teflon coating, making them heat-resistant and wear-resistant. The 9-inch air fryer accessories are compatible with 5.5/ 5.8/ 6.5QT air fryers of Philips, GoWISE, Cozyna, and many other brands. The product also comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee.

Air Fryer Accessories Xl 8

Compatible withCozyna, Gowel USA, Power, Phillips, GoWISE, Cosori air fryers with a capacity of 4.76.0QT, the 8 accessory kit is made of certified and 100% safe food-grade materials. In addition to the 8 non-stick coated pizza and cake pan, the kit also includes a 7.7 metal bracket, a 7.8 multi-purpose grill, 9 food tongs, silicone muffin cups , a 7in silicone pad, a silicone brush, silicone mitts , a 5.8 toast rack, an air fryer recipe book, and refrigerator magnets recipes. Except for the pizza tray and cake barrel, the other accessories are all dishwasher-friendly. The silicone mitts and pad come with scald protection.

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Overall Review: Is The Cosori 58 Qt Smart Wifi Air Fryer Worth The Purchase

Yes. Like we mentioned above, we purchased 2 ourselves and used it in our test kitchens. It cooks food great, evenly and we have not had any issues with the air fryer. After 2 years of constant use, we havent had any defects or malfunction issues. Only slight problem wed had is that our older Cosori 5.8 qt air fryer motor got a little louder overtime. But again, were putting it to maximum use. If you have issues with a certain food not cooking right in an air fryer, its more of a recipe or user issue than it is a manufacturer issue.

Where to Buy Cosori 5.8 Qt Smart Wifi Air Fryer?

  • You can purchase it and weve been told that there might be a delay in delivery.
  • For quicker and immediate delivery, you can order it directly from Cosori on their website here.

Air Fryer Stainless Steel Rack Accessories

Air Fryer Review / Cosori 5.8 QT Air Fryer

This Stainless Steel Rack Accessories kit makes cooking a lot easier and comprises a square stainless steel air fryer rack, a black liner mat, a grilling mesh mat, a raised pyramid silicone mat, and a cooking guide.The accessories are compatible with the 5.5QT XL Enklov air fryer, 7QT Gourmia GAF678 air fryer, and 2.6QT Comfee air fryer. The grill mesh mat, when placed over the rack, ensures that smaller food items neither fall through the crack nor get burnt or overcooked. With the square rack, you can cook a large meal real fast. The raised pyramid silicone mat, on the other hand, helps elevate the food to drain away the excess fat, grease, or oil, making the food crisp and healthy.

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Reviews Of Other Customers Who Used The Fryer

We have analyzed reviews and videos of some customers to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this kitchen device.

Reviews of many people who have bought and used the Cosori air fryer for some time are positive. Of course, this depends on the tastes and preferences of customers. Someone does not like the size of the kitchen device, because sometimes it is difficult to find a place for the device in a small kitchen. But in General, all buyers are happy with the purchase.

Some have encountered problems with the devices features immediately after purchase. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. The manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty, so in this case, this problem can be solved safely.

A couple of people wrote about the smell and the problem with the basket, which is difficult to pull out of the air fryer. But again, the manufacturer is ready to solve such problems thanks to the warranty card.

The Verdict On Cosori Air Fryer

Having your own electric appliance for cooking products allows the hostess to diversify the home menu. You can cook not only your favorite French fries, but also dishes in batter, and delicious fried pastries. An aerial fryer is the best option for those who dont like to spend a lot of time cooking. Colori 5.8 Qt AirFryer is a great option for cooking at home. The food is very tasty and flavorful, but you do not need to add a lot of oil to achieve a crispy crust.

Disadvantages Or What We Didnt Like

Size. The size is a negative factor of the air fryer. It is very large and takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. During cooking, this is not so important, because it will stand on the countertop for just a couple of hours. But after you have prepared the food, the fryer must be removed somewhere. You must find a place where it will stand in advance so that you do not suffer from it later. You can put it in the kitchen Cabinet or put it on the shelf, but think about it in advance.

  • Price. You will have to spend a significant amount of money, even though the fryer is cheaper than many other models. However, it has a lot of functionality, so this is not the biggest drawback.
  • Ability. Some people say that you can cook the same food in the oven and in a frying pan, and not buy an air fryer. However, many fans of this device completely disagree. They say that in this kitchen device, food turns out to be much tastier and healthier. You dont use oil for frying, but you get delicious fried dishes.

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Air Fryer Accessory Sets: Prices

Inexpensive: For $20 or less, you can find small air fryer accessory sets that feature a handful of versatile items.

Mid-range: Most air fryer accessory sets cost between $20 and $40. These feature anywhere from five to ten items, with popular accessories as well as specialty items.

Expensive: For over $40, youll find the most elaborate air fryer accessory sets. Ten or more items are typically offered, including a range of specialized items.

Gowise Usa Standard 6

Cosori 5.8

If you are an air fryer enthusiast, then this air fryer accessory kit is what you need. As the name suggests, the six-piece kit comprises a six-inch baking pan, a six-inch pizza pan, a silicone resting mat/ pot holder, an insert rack, a toasting/ warming rack, and an insert rack with three skewers. The pans come with nonstick coating, while the metallic accessories are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Be it Philips, GoWISE, or Cozyna, the accessory kit is compatible with almost all air fryers with a capacity of 3. 7QT and above.

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Air Fryer With Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories with Recipe Cookbook for Growise Phillips Cozyna Fit all Air Fryer 3.7QT 5.3QT Deep Fryer Accessories Set of 8. This eight-piece accessory package will sincerely assist get you started. Each piece, even as they all serve a one-of-a-kind cause, is ready seven inches, thats a perfect.

Whether youre reheating pizza or feeding a own family an air fryer can be a handy convenience. Here are our choices for the excellent air-fryer and what to search for. Country Living editors pick every product featured. If you purchase from a link, we can also.

Usually, air fryers are geared up with extras, for example, pizza dish, stick racks, and cake barrels. These accessories are indeed useful and are Cozyna AIR fryer accessories. Cozyna, the maker of this package, is a widely known logo. This kit is made from 6 pieces and a loose cookbook.

The first air fryer that takes the pinnacle spot on our listing.

As we look ahead to seeing loved ones, these picnic add-ons will help make that time.

A appropriate stand mixer is one of the maximum.

Oil-free airfrying + 8 one-touch digital pre-sets = EASY COOKING EVERYDAY with our high performance PowerXL Air Fryer Pro! #PowerXL #Airfry #EasyCookingEveryday Shop now

Learning the way to use an air fryer? Today I’m displaying you what you may use from your home for air fryer add-ons, and which accessories are really worth.

Air fryers have taken the sector by using storm inside the.

Xl Air Fryer Accessories

If you are passionate about cooking, then this product is just for you. The XL air fryer accessories set comes laden with a metallic holder, a cake barrel, a high-quality silicone mat, a pizza pan, a rack with three attached skewers, and a recipe book. The accessories can be used for all 5.35.8QT air fryers. The accessories are also a perfect fit for Power Air, Philips, and GoWISE air fryers. With the recipe book, you can try a wide range of tasty and healthy air fryer recipes. However, make sure you do not touch any of the accessories immediately after use.

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Cosori Air Fryer Accessories

Air fryer accessories greatly expand the possibilities of your air fryer. Cosori has a great set that includes:

  • 1 cake pan for breads, cakes and quiches.
  • 1 pizza pan for pizzas and pies.
  • 1 metal holder for meat or fish or to elevate the other pans.
  • 1 multi-purpose rack with 5 skewers for kebabs, hot dogs and smores.
  • 1 Heat-resistant Silicone Mat.
  • 1 egg bites mold with lid for egg bites and min-muffins.

Note: If you buy the red or white air fryer, the multi-purpose rack with 5 skewers is included.

What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item

BEST Smart Air Fryer In 2021 || Cosori 5.8 Quart Smart Air Fryer || Unboxing & Review

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Cook more than ever before with the 6 Piece Cosori Air Fryer Accessory Set!

Product Contents:

  • 1 x Cake Pan
  • 1 x Pizza Pan
  • 1 x Metal Holder
  • 1 x Skewer Rack
  • 1 x Silicone Mat
  • 4 x Skewers
  • 1 x Egg Bites Mold with Lid
  • 1 x Quick Start Guid

Safety Information:

Do not touch hot surfaces. Always use a potholder insulated mitt to handle hot surface

Do not clean with metal scouring pads

Do not use if there are scratches on the stainless steel accessories

This C137-6AC Cosori Accessory Set can be perfect match with Gowise Phillips Cozyna and Power or other air fryer models

Cake Pan

4.5 out of 5 stars

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Cosori Air Fryer 58 Quart Features

The Cosori air fryer comes with many of the features most air fryers have:

  • 12 Presets for Poultry, Shrimp, Seafood, Steak, Frozen Foods, Bacon, French fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, Desserts, Defrosting and Preheating.
  • 5.8 Quart basket serves 3-5 people.
  • Non stick basket thats dishwasher safe.
  • Temperature settings 170F 400F in 10 degree increments.
  • 60 Minute timer.
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 12.6 x 11.7 inches.
  • Weight: 16.45 pounds.
  • Includes Cosori air fryer book with 100 recipes.
  • Digital touch screen.
  • Button guard for safety.

Air Fryer Replacement Basket

The Air Fryer Replacement Basket is a durable, non-stick air fryer accessory compatible with 5.5QT air fryers. The inner parts of this air fryer basket are certified safe by the FDA and also free of PFOAs. The Teflon-coated basket is dishwasher-safe and, thus, can be cleaned easily. The Air Fryer Replacement Basket does not come with a handle, but includes mounting holes for the handle.

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Simple Living Products Air Fryer Accessories

This Simple Living Products Air Fryer Accessories set comprises a 6.17in diameter barbeque rack, a 7.87in diameter cake barrel, and a 7.28in diameter pizza tray/ pan. Be it Philips, Simple Living Products, Cosori, GoWISE, Ninja, or PowerXL, the accessories set is compatible with almost all XL and XXL air fryers. The accessories are made of food-grade SUS 404 stainless steel that is 100% safe and FDA-compliant. The pizza tray and cake barrel contain nonstick Teflon coating. The air fryer accessory set is dishwasher-safe.

Egg Bites Mold For Instant Pot With Sling Lifter And Silicone Lid

COSORI Air Fryer,5.8Qt Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven

This accessory kit is an ideal product for every egg lover. The kit comes with egg bites silicone molds/ egg poacher, bakeware sling lifter, and cook-safe silicone lids. They contain no harmful or cheap fillers and are all made of superior-quality platinum silicone. The silicone lids are heat-resistant and can be safely used in any stovetop, pressure cooker, and oven . The egg bites molds along with the sling lifter are dishwasher-safe and have a diameter of 8.25in. You can also use them in your pressure cooker and as an egg separator, baby food storage, and silicone cupcake baking cups.

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