Ninja Air Fryer And Pressure Cooker Reviews

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Review: The Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker That Can Air Fry Slow Cook Pressure Cook Grill Steam Bake And Roast

Ninja Foodi Review Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combination with Recipe

Ive been wanting to get an air fryer since the circuit breaker, and at almost every online sale , the popular models always sell out before I can even place them in the cart. And my friends who have air fryers have been saying, go big or go home they tell me that the small capacity air fryers arent very useful, and for families with kids , I should get the largest size available. When the Ninja Foodi came along, I was equally excited and intimidated. It has the air fryer function that I want, plus a lot of extras that Im not sure how to use.

Above: The Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker.

Firstly the machine is big its not huuuge the way some reviewers describe it, but it does take up a substantial amount of countertop space. Also, it has two lids , and the loose lid itself is bulky. There are tons of reviews online about the Foodi, with most of them disliking its black and grey design but I think the design is fine.

Above: The control panel and timer.

The Foodi comes with an instruction manual and a recipe booklet both of which were necessary and easy to follow. The control panel on the Foodis front is my favourite part of the machine its so easy to choose the mode , and to change the temperature and timer with the arrow buttons.

Above: The removable pot and basket.

Theres a 6 litre pot and 3.7 litre basket where the food sits in. I dont cook at all, so if this machine works for me, itll work for the rest of humanity.

Above: Air frying chicken nuggets.

How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid

The Ninja Foodi clean air fryer lid is a very important part of the device. It keeps food inside while keeping out all excess moisture and heat. You should clean this part quite often to keep your device running smoothly and prevent any mixture or smell from being absorbed into the machine, making it much harder for you to clean in the future.

Ninja Foodi And Ninja Foodi Deluxe Pressure Cooker Reviews

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New for 2019, Shark has added an 8-quart Ninja Foodi Deluxe to its pressure cooker / air fryer line-up! Check out my complete Ninja Foodi Reviews to see which one is right for you.

The Ninja Foodi is a pressure cooker and air fryer that can also be used as an oven, steamer, roaster, dehydrator, and slow cooker.

Ninjas idea is to give you TenderCrisp foods from one appliance. To achieve this, the Ninja has two lids: a detachable pressure cooking lid for tenderness and a non-removable crisping lid.

In 2019, Ninja came out with the new Ninja Foodi Deluxe 8-quart. The new Foodi Deluxe has a new stainless steel finish. Theyve completely changed up the user interface to a use center dial and large LCD screen. It also features a larger cooking capacity and a new yogurt button.

Just Bought a New Ninja Foodi? Read through this review for the basics of your machine, then hop over to my Getting Started Guide to get pressure cooking in your new Foodi! Ill walk you through everything!

Ninja sent me both versions to test drive. Despite the differences in display, many of the features still work the same, so Ill start the post with my review of the original Ninja Foodi.

However, if youre looking for something specific, feel free to skip around the post!

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Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Design

One major thing to notice about Ninja Foodis design is how big its multi-cookers are. For example, the 6.5-quart Ninja Foodi is 17 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 13 inches long. Plus it weighs 25lbs. That’s hefty.

Instant Pots are more compact in their design. They’re also available in smaller quart sizes compared to Ninja Foodi cookers. This means that even if you’re a one-person household, you don’t have to miss out on all the brilliant features these multi-cookers have to offer.

Unlike Instant Pot’s lid design, you can’t fully take Ninja Foodi’s Air Crisp lid off. This can prove tricky when it comes to cleaning Ninja Foodi’s exterior. Both Instant Pot’s and Ninja Foodi’s multi-cookers come with a super simple digital display and a sleek and shiny exterior.

Winner: Based on the overall design, we’d have to say Instant Pot’s multi-cookers come out on top again. They have a much sleeker and more compact design which is important to think about, especially if you’re limited on counter or storage space.

Instant Pot Or Ninja Foodi

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Review

I have been testing out the Ninja Foodi because Im trying to decide whether or not to get rid of my Instant Pot.

UPDATE 12/26/2019: Instant Pot came out with its own air fryer lid for their 6 quart machines!

This is such great news for those of you who dont want to buy yet another small appliance for another task. What a great option for just being able to attach it to a machine you already have!

I cant wait to test it out and will be sure to give a review, but for now, the Ninja Foodi and Instant Pot review below!

I tested the Ninja Foodi out for a full week and made all our meals in it.

Ive put together an informative pro and con list for each and my final decision below.

Perhaps this will help those of you who are still wondering whether or not you should get an Instant Pot.

There is definitely more and more options out there starting with this Ninja Foodi!

Oh, this is not sponsored. I bought both machines myself so you can trust that this review is 100% unbiased.

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What Makes The Ninja Foodi Great

First off, the fact that it takes the place of more than one appliance is a huge plus thats why we loved the Instant Pot so much when it came out. And even though it does have a ton of uses, Business Insider says it doesnt cut corners on any of them.

The Foodi is surprisingly easy to use and doesn’t skimp on effectiveness in squeezing in its long list of functions.

Not only does Business Insider compliment the Foodis functionality, it sings high praise for ease of use as well, saying, Cooking with the Foodi is pretty much fool-proof, whether you want to make a savory pork tenderloin that falls apart with a poke of your fork, or sweet potato fries that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Its simple for entrees, sides, desserts, or whatever else you can think to cook with it. Even if youre not a professional or following the included recipe guide, Good Housekeeping says the controls are straightforward and intuitive to use.

The position of the Foodis pressure release valves are clearly labeled and the control panel features easy-to-use buttons with presets and custom settings.

Ninja Max Xl Fryer Best For Compactness


  • Broil rack
  • High gloss finish

Air fryer with 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. Max crisp technology delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook foods up to 30% faster for hotter, crispier results with little to no oil for guilt-free food.

Ninja max fryer ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings and broil rack improve broiling performance for a perfect finish.


  • stop working after a few days


This product is worth buying and has much new technology and advanced features which bring us to a new level of cooking healthy food, and I am sure that the product will not. Disappoint you at all, but you can get a better result when you cook with the Ninja Air Fryer complete instructions.

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Is The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Worth It

The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer is an excellent option for a variety of people. Those who have a small kitchen incapable of storing several appliances and budget-conscious individuals will benefit most from this multipurpose machine. It will also make hot summer days more bearable since you won’t need to turn on your oven and heat your kitchen further. Based on our experience with Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL Air Fryer, we feel it lives up to its claim of giving your food a crispy, golden air fryer finish.

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Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Benefits To You

Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer 30 Day Review

Both Instant Pot and Ninja Foodis multi-cookers would appeal to both chefs who want to use the top-of-the-range cooking devices to try out new recipes and cooking techniques.These multi-cookers would also appeal to those who like batch cooking or food lovers who want to experiment in the kitchen, because you get at least six different kitchen appliances in one machine.

Both multi-cookers offer you the ability to mix up your cooking. You can air-fry one day, warm up food the next day and cook a big pot of rice the following. Plus, these handy kitchen gadgets can save you time.

They can cut down on the amount of minutes you spend cooking, as you just have to put all your ingredients in one pot and they can cut down on the amount of time spent washing up as theres just one dish to clean.Winner: It’s a tie! Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi offer umpteen benefits to people looking to simplify their cooking, or cut down on the amount of pots, pans and utensils they need to make a wide range of meals.

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Buyers Guide Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo In 2021

Before buying yourself the best air fryer pressure cooker combo, it is vital to go over the specificities that define this amazing appliance. Only then will you be able to select the best one in the market!

So, for your ease, we have carefully narrowed down all of the main features that one must keep in mind while purchasing an air fryer pressure cooker combo. Go through the buyers guide below and choose the best one for yourself!

Is The Foodi Worth It

After extensive testing, we think the Foodi is worth the investment.

If you’re looking for an air fryer, a pressure cooker, and a slow cooker, the Foodi cant be beat. You get the functionality of each one in a single appliance without sacrificing the performance of any of them. Yes, you can use it to brown off your pressure cooked or slow cooked food if you like, but I dont think thats the big benefit of this machine. For the most part, pressure cooking and slow cooking excel at cooking foods like stews and braises that you want tender, not crisp.

If this was the only cooking tool available to you, you could cook just about anything in itbut most of us have working cooktops, ovens, and microwaves for the basics. Its the things you need a special appliance for like whipping up chicken soup in under an hour or frying without oil that the Ninja Foodi excels at. If you dont want to keep a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and air fryer all on hand for these special foods you love to make, the Foodi is worth the investment.

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Is The Ninja 9 In 1 Air Fryer Easy To Use

While the Ninja Foodi 9 in 1 air fryer has a learning curve, its within a reasonable margin. To begin with, it comes with a 45+ recipe book for you to try. In other words, youll get used to it in no time.

Heres the best part:

The controls look so much simpler with only 1 dial and 5 buttons. More importantly, adjusting the temperature and cooking duration proves to be several times easier with a variable knob.

On that note, showing you would be better. Heres a video from Shark Ninja:

Now, lets talk about its maintenance.

As I have mentioned repeatedly, I dont recommend washing any parts in the dishwasher. Sure, it makes things easier, but it can damage the coating over time.

Dont worry cleanup is still straightforward.

You dont even need to soak the non-stick cooking pot and crisper basket for hours. Any food residue will likely wash off with a mild scrub from the trusty soft sponge.

Also, the base unit, along with the crisper lid, wipes off quickly with a damp cloth.

The pressure lid, however, has a few different steps. Gently remove the silicone ring before you wash it. Then, scrub both the cover and ring with a soapy sponge. Remember not to submerge the lid underwater.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo

Ninja Foodi Max OP350UK Multi Pressure Cooker &  Air Fryer ...

Cooking hearty family meals at home is always much easier when you have the best tools and cooking appliances for the job. In this guide to the best air fryer pressure cooker combo, you will find reviews of five top models. This should help you determine the right approach for your needs.

A machine specially designed for a cooking function, such as an air fryer or pressure cooker, can lead to great-tasting meals with minimal fuss. A combination pressure cooker air fryer can, therefore, make things even easier.


  • 5 Find the best air fryer pressure cooker combo that suits your needs.
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    Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Prices And Products

    To put it simply, Instant Pots are standalone electric pressure cookers. But they do so much more than that. At the most basic end of the spectrum, Instant Pot multi-cookers act as a 6-in-1 pressure cooker. This means that all models in the Pot range can pressure cook, slow cooker, steam, sauté, cook rice and act as a food warmer.

    While some of the more premium models can also air fry, sous vide food, make yogurt and sterilize baby bottles. Most of the Instant Pot multi-cookers come in 3, 4, 8 and 10-quart options.

    • Instant Pot Duo
    • Instant Pot Duo Nova
    • Instant Pot Smart WiFi
    • Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus
    • Instant Pot Duo Crisp
    • Instant Pot Ultra
    • Instant Pot Max
    • Instant Pot Duo Plus
    • Instant Pot Lux

    Winner: For us, Instant Pot’s range comes out on top when it comes to price and the sheer range of great products available. The brand has far more multi-cookers to choose from, each of which are kitted out with a whole host of different features. It also beats Ninja Foodi on price every time.

    What Comes In The Box

    This product comes with a pressure lid, ceramic coated pot, and a ceramic-coated Cook & Crisp Basket.

    A recipe book is also included.

    Product dimensions: 6.1 by 14.57 by 14.29 inches

    Cord length: 36 feet

    This fryer is made with stainless steel and high-density BPA-free plastic.

    Consumers say its construction is solid and built to last with well-fitting components.

    There are a few nonstick ceramic parts included, such as the Cook & Crisp Basket and the cooking pot. Their coatings are free of PTFE and PFOA, which means they are free of harmful chemicals seen in older nonstick cookware.

    The Deluxe Reversible Rack is made of stainless steel.

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    Is The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo Worth The Money

    Yes, it definitely is! We have featured 3 Ninja Foodi air fryer pressure cooker combos in our article, and all 3 of them are marvellous! They work efficiently in little time, provide a plethora of functions, are easy to clean, come in a wide range of capacities, and are user-friendly. What else could one ask for?

    Testing Out Other Foods In The Ninja Foodi

    Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer | Unboxing and Product Review

    The first recipe Genene made was the Baked Macaroni & Cheese recipe from the Foodi cookbook. Genene said it seemed like a lot of liquid prior to the Air Crisp time of 7 minutes. But its the perfect amount of liquid after air frying the noodles absorb the liquid as the topping browns.

    An interesting twist on this mac and cheese recipe is you start it with lemon juice and baking soda, cook it for 0 minutes and let the noodles finish cooking during a 10 minute natural release. The noodles were softer than Genene likes, so the next time she would reduce the natural release time to 8 minutes. Both she and her husband enjoyed the mac and cheese recipe.

    Genene also baked biscuits, Louisiana Battered Flounder, and Frozen Curly Fries using the crisping lid all crisped up beautifully. She tested the pressure cooker by making hard boiled eggs, and the timing for hard boiled eggs was exactly the same as in her Instant Pot.

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    Ninja Foodi Review First Look And Crispy Roast Chicken Recipe

    Ninja FOODi First look and crispy roast chicken recipe! Does the new Ninja FOODi combination pressure cooker and air fryer live up to the hype? Ill compare the Ninja Foodi VS the Instant Potin the next post. Watch this video and find out. Ill demonstrate with the roast chicken recipe in the Ninja FOODi handbook. The Ninja FOODi infomercial claims that you will get moist chicken by using this pressure cooker and crispy skin with the air fryer, I tested it out for you so watch and see the results

    Watch the Ninja Foodi review video on YouTube

    I find that some of the recipes that come in the Ninja Foodi cookbook need adjustments for seasoning but the cooking times seem right on. The roast chicken recipe that came in the NInja Foodi did not call for seasoning the chicken at all before cooking and that gets a big no from me. I seasoned the chicken inside, outside and underneath the skin with my seasoned salt recipe. GET THE SEASONED SALT RECIPE HERE

    The NInja Foodi is large and heavy . Still smaller than buying two separate appliances but needs to be considered if space is an issue. At the time of this post, it cost about $180 at Sams Club and Walmart.

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