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Air Fryer Pizza Recipe Did You Know That Your Air Fryer Is Basically A Mini Pizza Oven Not Only Does It Result In A Super Crispy Finish But It Cooks Fast Meaning This Recipe Only Takes 30 Mins From Start To Finish

Air Fryer Pizza: Which is the Best? Frozen, Pillsbury or Fresh?

Air fryer pizza recipe, anyone? This isnt something I expected to be making in my air fryer but after one bite, Im not sure Ill ever go back to making this in the oven! Best of all, the dough doesnt need any yeast or proving, making this one a total doddle.

Since we bought an air fryer a few months ago, we just keep finding more and more ways to use it.

Of course, weve done air fryer chips, chicken tenders, buttermilk chicken and even cooked frozen oven-food in it too. It just makes dinner times so much more straightforward and quick and healthier too on most occasions!

But one thing I never thought Id be making was pizza. But Im so glad I did!

We have a gas-fire, portable pizza oven but as its winter at the mo, its sadly resigned to the garage for now. Who knew our air fryer could do an extremely similar job?!

The Air Fryer Makes The Perfect Pizza For One

Craving a fresh-baked pizza with perfect oozy, melted cheese? Forget the oven! The air fryer is the perfect appliance for making any a personal-sized pizza. The hardest part will be picking out your favorite pizza recipe.

Although Im not a gadget person, I love my air fryer. It yields crispy yet tender vegetables that my toddler eats by the handful. It filled the void of an oven during our 6 month long kitchen renovation. Unlike an oven, there is no preheating time, and its stupidly simple to use.

My latest reason to love this appliance even more is that its perfect for making pizza for one, or in my case, a snack pizza to feed me and my 2 kids.

Now why an air fryer versus an oven? Like I mentioned before, there is no preheating time. Plus, because the air fryer is a much smaller space, the hot air is much more concentrated and really hits every piece of surface area, creating beautifully browned and crisp food, and in the case of pizza, super melty cheese too.

However because an air fryer is much smaller than an oven, you wont be making large 16 pizzas in it. The basket in my Philips Air Fryer is just the right size to fit a personal-sized, one-sitting pizza, which is just fine by me. While leftover pizza is fine, biting into a freshly baked one where the cheese remains hot even until the last bite is one of the best things in life IMHO.

How To Make Air Fryer Pizza

To simplify the pizza-making process, I use Pita bread as the base instead of pizza dough. You can always use fresh pizza dough or ready-made pizza dough.

Brush lightly with a teaspoon of olive oil and then spoon on a light layer of tomato sauce and spread evenly on the pita bread.

Spray lightly some oil on the air fryer basket and place the pizza into it.

Top with mozzarella and cheddar cheese or any type of cheese of your choice. I prefer simple cheese pizza, you can always add your favorite toppings like pepperoni, or vegetables.

Cook the pizza at 375°F for about 7 to 10 mins, until the crust is crispy and the cheese is bubbling. Let the pizza cool down slightly before consuming.

If youre looking for a convenient and quick way to whip up a fresh pizza, your best bet is with the help of an air fryer. This dishwasher-safe appliance has been making waves in kitchens everywhere because it cuts down on cooking time and maximizes results without sacrificing any flavor or texture? Give the air fryer pizza a shot todayyoull never go back once you try it!

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Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

You want big? Well give you big! Sorry, thats not a threat we just get excited about this Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro from Breville. This beast of an air fryer oven comes with 13 cooking functions and the ability to cook a 14-pound turkey, fit a 5-quart Dutch oven, and cook a 12-inch pizza. Youll be using this air fryer oven so much your regular one will undoubtedly get jealous. It comes equipped with a 13-inch pizza pan, two oven racks, a 9 x 13-inch broil rack, an enamel roasting pan, and a mesh basket.

Advantages Of A Rotisserie In An Air Fryer

27 Best Air Fryer Pizza Recipes

Investing in the best air fryer with rotisserie can come up with multiple benefits. And when youre getting this feature with an air fryer, you can enjoy some health privileges as well.

  • As a rotisserie slowly rotates constantly, it helps you cook evenly
  • The slow rotation allows the melted fats to circulate over the whole chicken. Thus, you dont need to manually baste a chicken for enhanced taste
  • Add a beautiful caramelization and brown texture over your meat or chicken
  • Locks in the moisture to offer a more juicy, delicious, and tender meat

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Best Budget: Ultrean Air Fryer Oven

This 12.5-quart air fryer oven from Ultrean is highly rated, stylish, and affordable. This model comes with all the same accessories as the Instant Vortex. It also has the same basic design and functionality. If youre looking for a budget version of a great machine, you cant go wrong with this one.

How Does The Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven Compare To The Bella Pro Touchscreen Air Fryer

Bella Pro also offers a large Bella Pro Touchscreen Air Fryer with a basket design instead of an oven door design, which I recently reviewed. Both appliances are great, and I definitely appreciated the basket-style designs slightly more powerful 1700W heating system, but I preferred this pizza oven design a little more.

With a rotisserie and pizza oven design, you can keep an eye on your food while it cooks in the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven. Another great feature of the pizza oven model is that its designed for gentle drying and dehydration. Rather than the one-hour shutoff and 180-400F temperature range of the Bella Pro Touchscreen Air Fryer, the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven has a 24-hour auto shut-off timer and a 90-400F temperature range. This lets you heat items more slowly and at a lower temperature, which gives you more options for dehydrating and roasting your favourite foods.

The tray-and-pan design of this air fryer also lends itself to easier cleanup, especially for fragile items like pie. I really enjoyed both the basket and oven styles of Bella Pro air fryers , so I think it would be hard to go wrong with either!

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Best Smart: Cosori Vesync Pro Ii Smart Air Fryer

  • Wide basket for better airflow

  • App with recipes

  • Baskets might not fit well in dishwasher

  • App could use more recipes

The Cosori VeSync Pro II is an upgraded version of the Cosori Pro, which we previously tested, with one major difference: a highly functional app. This means you can control the settings, look up recipes, and monitor cooking all from your phone. There is also voice control. Design-wise, it’s a sleek device that won’t take up too much counter space and if you’re cooking for a large group, the 5.8-quart capacity makes this big enough for large meals and then some.

With 12 presets that you can customizesteak, chicken, shrimp, seafood, frozen foods, French fries, bacon, vegetables, toast, bake, preheat, and keep warmour tester found it very intuitive to use. It performed just as well as the non-smart version. Our tester had great results with grilled cheese, potato wedges, wings, frozen fish, burgers, and even air-fried cannoli.

Our reviewer would like to see even more recipes included in the app but likes that they could be customized. Plus, the app may update in the future, adding to the value. Currently, you’ll find recipes like prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, chicken satay, stuffed French toast, and blackened catfish.

The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

Capacity: 5.8 quarts | Power Rating: 1700 watts | Dimensions: 13.9 x 12.7 x 11.8 inches | Warranty: 1 year

Air Fryer Pizza Recipe: Ingredients

How to Make the Best AIR FRYER Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe!
  • Greek yoghurt: I use Greek yoghurt because its lovely and thick. Natural yoghurt works too, but you may need to add more flour to compensate for it being runnier.
  • Gluten-free self-raising flour: I used Doves Farms FREEE flour blend for this, which has added baking powder and xanthan gum. Both of which are welcome in this recipe!
  • Passata: Theres definitely never any need to buy pizza sauce when you can buy a carton of passata for 30p and just add the below to it!
  • Dried oregano: This works so well in pizza sauce to give it a lovely flavour and you can also sprinkle a little on top after putting your toppings on.
  • Garlic-infused oil: Add instant garlic flavour with none of the chopping or prep required. Plus, its also low FODMAP!
  • Mozzarella: This is the ultimate cheese for pizza, but feel free to use whatever cheese you like. Dairy-free works too.
  • Pepperoni: Of course, this is what I opted to top my pizza with, but again, feel free to use whatever toppings you like.
  • Salt and pepper: Seasoning is everything, especially in pizza!

So I thought Id kick things off with a little frequently asked questions section if you just want the recipe, then keep scrolling.

But Ive thrown in some tips here that will be really helpful if this is your first time making this, or you want to adapt it. So here they are!

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Frozen Pizza In Air Fryer

Everybody absolutely LOVES pizza! With this air fryer frozen pizza recipe, you can make the best-tasting pizza right at the comfort of your own home! Quick, crispy and easy clean-up. This air fryer frozen pizza recipes works with Totinos, Ellios, Red Baron, DiGiorno, Stouffers, Celeste, Trader Joes , Tonys and more!

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through this link .

Making pizza from scratch can be tricky and time-consuming. And unfortunately for most of us, were always so busy that we dont have enough time to prep meals and cook.

Thats why frozen pizza and frozen french bread pizza are staples inside my fridge! Theres nothing better than a quick and delicious meal anytime, any day!

And while you are at it, pizza and wings go together like peas and carrots, so definitely check out these Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Wings.

Need a few other delicious finger food appetizers for game day or family night, you will love these Air Fryer Frozen French Fries, Frozen Burgers in the Air Fryer, Air Fryer Totinos Pizza Rolls and Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets!

You will definitely love this frozen air fryer pizza recipe paired with these other tasty snacks for an awesome night like pizza night!

With your air fryer, any recipe is possible! So dont be surprised when cooking a frozen mini pizza or deep dish pizza in an air fryer is better than in a convection ovennot to mention less heat in the kitchen!

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Air Fryer Pizza Recipe: Method

Add your yoghurt, flour and salt into a bowl and mix together. I initially just do this with a spatula and then as it starts to come together I use my hands to ensure its all pushed into a big ball. Knead it a little so its smooth the dough should not be sticky.

The size of your air fryer basket will determine how big your pizza bases can be. Cut your dough into likely 2 pieces .

Roll out one portion on lightly floured non stick baking paper until fairly thin . Roll it out to be a similar shape to your air fryer basket so that it will fit comfortably. You can cut around the edge of your dough if you want neat edges and so that it fits.

Switch on your air fryer and set it to 200C to preheat.

Transfer your pizza base to a fresh piece of non stick baking paper ready to place into the air fryer.

Once heated lift up your baking paper and pizza base. Place it into the air fryer and cook for about 6 minutes until the top side is slightly golden. Cooking times may slightly vary depending on your air fryer!

After 6 minutes, remove the base from the air fryer using the baking paper to lift it out. Flip the base over and cover with your pizza sauce, leaving just over a 1cm gap around the edge.

Cover with mozzarella and any other toppings you wish. Finish with a little sprinkling of dried oregano trust me, its awesome!

Remove from the air fryer and repeat steps 3-8 to make additional pizzas. Enjoy!

Health Benefits Of Reheating Pizza In Air Fryer

27 Best Air Fryer Pizza Recipes

When you reheat pizza in air fryer, you are not only enjoying a delicious meal but also getting some health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of reheating pizza in air fryer:

1. It is a healthy way to reheat pizza.

Unlike other methods of reheating pizza, such as microwave or oven, air frying does not use any oils or fats. This means that your pizza will not be greasy and unhealthy when you reheat it.

2. Air frying helps retain the nutrients in food.

One of the benefits of air frying is that it helps to retain the nutrients in food. This is because air frying uses less heat than other methods of cooking, such as oven or microwave. This means that the nutrients in your food are not as likely to be destroyed as they would be if you used one of these other methods.

3. Air frying is a healthy way to cook food.

Air frying is a healthy way to cook food because it uses less oil than other cooking methods. This means that your food will not be as greasy, and it will not be as unhealthy for you.

4. Air frying is a quick and easy way to reheat pizza.

If you want to reheat pizza quickly and easily, air frying is the best way to do it. All you need is an air fryer and a few minutes, and your pizza will be ready to eat.

Reheating pizza in air fryer is much less messier than oven, stove top or toaster oven.

Pizza comes out delicious and crispy every time you reheat it in air fryer!

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Tips For The Perfect Outcome

  • Do not bake the base at higher than 180 degrees C otherwise, it will curl up due to heavy airflow inside the air fryer.
  • Do not bake the Pizza higher than 180 degrees C otherwise, it will not get crispy from the bottom.
  • Do not make it too thin otherwise, it will curl up in the air fryer.
  • Prick it nicely otherwise, it will puff up like chapati.
  • Take care that you roll the pizza base that fits in your air fryer.
  • Once rolled, keep the pizza base on parchment paper so that you lift it along with the paper and slide it into the air fryer basket.
  • You may use any flour or combination of flour like wheat flour, semolina or any other.
  • No need to grease the air fryer basket before laying the pizza base or the pizza.
  • Once baked, use a spatula to lift it from the air fryer basket.
  • If by chance the pizza remains soft from the bottom and the cheese is melted then cover the pizza with a plate and continue baking for a few more minutes.
  • Do not try to bake Pizza by laying sauce and toppings directly on the rolled base. This is possible in oven as I have done in my Whole Wheat Pizza but in the air fryer, you do need a cooked pizza base only.

Which Air Fryer Should I Buy

Of course, I can whole heartedly recommend mine its amazing! But of course, the decision is entirely up to you.

Mine is more expensive as it has the health grill aspect too . Its also a little on the larger size due to the extra grill function.

Some of the more reasonably priced options we were considering were the Tower Air Fryer and the Tefal Easy Fry Precision.

But whatever you buy, Id recommending getting one that has around a 4 litre capacity. You simply cant cook much in anything smaller and youll end up having to cook everything in loads of small batches!

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