Best Size Air Fryer For 2 People

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Ninja Max Xl Air Fryer That Cooks Crisps Roasts Broils Bakes Reheats And Dehydrates With 55 Quart

Which is the Best Air Fryer? Non-toxic, affordable, & family-friendly models
  • Now enjoy guilt free fried food Air fry with up to 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods
  • Max crisp technology delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook foods up to 30 % faster for hotter, crispier results with little to no oil for guilt free fried favorites
  • Xl 5.5 QT ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings
  • Broil rack: Give meals or sides a crispy and bubbly finish. Cord length – 2.6 feet
  • Functions include: Max crisp, air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, reheat, dehydrate

Air Fryer Sizes And Different Capacity Comparisons

There are quite a number of air fryer sizes available, and these sizes are determined by the amount of food the air fryer basket can hold in one cooking cycle. The general measurements are done in quarts, pounds or liters, each depending on the manufacturer and/or the region it would be used for. For example, American air fryers are measured in quarts whilst international models measure their air fryers in liters. This is a pointer to the fact that the measurements are merely guidelines and the quantity of food is what determines the measurements of the fryers.

We will be dividing the sizes of air fryers into four categories to help simplify things for you.

Category one: These are generally the smallest size air fryers, generally suitable for frying snacks and catering to the cooking needs of one person, or at most two. They range between 1.0-2.0 quarts.

Category two: These are the medium-sized air fryers, and they are well suited to be used to serve between 2-5 people. Alongside serving a diverse range of cooking needs, they can probably be used to serve a maximum of 6 people, but that depends on the model youre getting. They range between 3.0- 5.0 quarts.

Category three: They are the large air fryers, suited to cooking a whole chicken weighing between three to four pounds without breaking the backbone. They also generally have a number of cooking compartments, chief of which are baking cages. They are the 5.5-5.8 quarts sized air fryers.

The Capacity Of The Air Fryer

Think about how large or small the meals are that you usually prepare and serve in your household and how many people you will be cooking for. Cooking capacity will greatly influence which size air fryer you need to purchase.

If youre a college kid just looking for a little appliance to heat up food, small air fryer sizes are okay. But if you are a family of 4, youll need a larger air fryer for sure.

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What Air Fryer Size Is Best

This is hard to answer generically since it depends on your family size, cooking plans, etc. If youre brand new and just want the most versatile option, youd be wise to go with one of the medium to large size air fryers, as suited for the air fryer sizes for a family of 4. This way you know its not too big to do smaller batches for cooking, but not so small that if your family expands or you have company, youll be cooking a ton of tiny batches.

Best Air Fryer For 2 People

Best Size Air Fryers For 2 People  Buyers Guide

Air fryer offers a healthier alternative to traditional frying, giving you crispy fries, french fries, chicken wings, and more without all of the calories. Its also easy to use just pour in your favorite ingredients and cook for 5-10 minutes.

If you only cook for two people, you dont want to buy an air fryer thats too large for your needs, but you still want to make sure you get all the features you need.

This buying guide article has plenty of tips to help you choose the best air fryer for 2 people

Best Air Fryer For 2 People

Best Air Fryer For 2 People

I just love this brand. The size is perfect for small kitchen and it can be stowed away easily with my other small appliances. To be honest we use it everyday. The mint color brings a fresh pop of color. I just love it!

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The Dash Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer is our number one to consider when buying the best air fryer for 2 people, This convenient countertop appliance has an ample 2.6 Quart capacity, meaning you can make more at one time while keeping things tidy on the stove or oven top for smaller kitchens

Dash Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryerhas been designed to use Air crisp technology instead of oil, which not only reduces the fat content by up to 80% but also preserves foods original flavors.

Simply load up your 2.6 Quart capacity air fryer, set your desired temperature and timer then sit back as this tasty treat comes out crispy every time all without the risk of overcooking or burning.

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Is It Possible To Repair An Air Fryer

If you’re out of warranty then getting your air fryer replaced can be very expensive, so much so that it’s worthwhile wondering if you should even bother. Air fryers have fairly short guarantees, usually one or two years, so you’ll only be covered for a brief period of time after purchase.

Some manufacturers sell spare parts for air fryers but for the most part, you can only buy parts that are readily accessible and easily exchanged. Buying spare racks and baskets is easy, but internal components are generally too hard to access and not sold separately.

  • Tower sell pots, lids, baskets, thermometers, pressure regulators and more.

As a general rule, if you’ve broken something detachable from your air fryer then you might be in luck. If something more complicated has gone wrong, like an internal component has stopped working or if performance has nosedived because of the heating element or the fan, then you’ll need to fix it yourself or take it in for repair.

Air fryers have only been around for a decade, and it’s only recently that they’ve seriously grown in popularity. As they become more of a kitchen mainstay, we’ll have a better idea of how long they last, and which models have proven to be the most durable in the UK’s kitchens.

What Size Air Fryers Are Available

The most common size air fryers range from 3.7 quarts to 5.8 quarts, but they can also be as small as under 2.0 quarts and as large as 12 quarts, and even bigger.

I recommend choosing a larger model from the get-go. I cant tell you how many people will buy smaller, realize how amazing an air fryer is, then decide to upgrade within a year!

Take a look at my article on the Best Large Air Fryers for some excellent tips and information when shopping for a bigger model air fryer and my Best Small Air Fryers post for those looking for something smaller and more cost-efficient.

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What Air Fryer Can Cook A Whole Chicken Or Small Turkey

Smaller air fryers excel at cooking chicken breasts, tenders, nuggets and wings. However, when it comes to a whole chicken, air fryers below 5-quart in size dont have the cooking capacity needed to fit the entire chicken.

Facing this issue, some users may use a little bit of force to break the chickens backbone into smaller pieces to make it fit.

The best option would be to look for a bigger air fryer, an air fryer capable of cooking a whole chicken in one session. A whole chicken can weigh closer to 4-7 pounds, which of course, requires a much bigger air fryer than a couple of wings or nuggets would.

To cook a whole chicken in an air fryer, one should look for an air fryer at 5.3 5.8 quarts or more. Air fryers below 5 quarts are not big enough for the entire chicken to fit and air fryers just above 5 may have trouble with larger chickens.

Therefore, a 5.3 5.8 quart or larger air fryer is the best option when cooking a whole chicken or small turkey.

Additionally, larger air fryers come with better functions, features, and accessories suited for baking, roasting, grilling, frying and more. The extra space of such air fryers makes it possible to bake bread, cook pizzas, and smaller cakes.

Down below are three models large enough to cook a whole chicken.

Unique Chefman Turbo Fry 2 Quart Air Fryer

Chefman TurboFry 2 Quart Air Fryer, Personal Compact Healthy Fryer w Adjustable Temperature –

This 2quart air fryer will give you perfect fried results. This personal-sized airfryer saves a lot of space on your countertop it will be a perfect fit in your dorm room, college, and even in your small kitchen and room. It has manual temperature control and 30-minute timer control and has a BPA-detachable basket, cool-touch exterior, auto shut off safety, and security. It is Removable and washable trays and baskets.


  • Electronic chemical smell


This small machine will make you wonder about all its uses, and it is lightweight, and it has electronic manual control and timer. It is cETL approved, and it is safe to use even for a small child in your home. This compact makes your cooking work the same as the size and storage straightforward in all the ways.

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How Do I Choose The Right Size Air Fryer

Think about your family size , how much food you usually cook at once , and how often youll use it.

If you only plan to make homemade french fries once or twice a year, you might prefer to purchase a cheaper and smaller air fryer. You might also choose a smaller one if your storage is very tight/limited.

If youre planning on trading in your frying pan for the air fryer and using it multiple days per week, then going for a larger sized air fryer may be the better option for the larger families or those families that cook dinner portions + leftover for tomorrows lunches in one go.

Dash Compact Air Fryer And Oven Cooker

The Dash fryer is small yet mighty. This little appliance comes with an automatic timer, so you can program the cooking time and walk away. The fryer can hold as much as 6 chicken wings or a half a bag of fries, hash browns, or tater tots.

You may like the six-pound weight of this model when you go RVâing. This little fryer can cook up a boatload of sides and appetizers, or you can use it for the main course. When you get home, all you have to do is pull out the basket and put it in the dishwasher to clean it.

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The Ultimate Review Of The Best Small Air Fryers For 2 People

Air fryers are getting more popular by the minute. If youre looking to lose weight or lower your calorie intake, switching to an air fryer is a good option instead of deep-frying. Air-fried fries contain 75 % less fat than deep-fried ones. Thats huge!

And its not only a great way to lose weight but its also an important step towards a more health-conscious life considering that there are some potentially harmful compounds that are found in traditionally fried foods.

If you live by yourself or with your partner, its not worth it to invest in a family-sized air fryer. For the sake of this article, we reviewed the 5 best air fryers for 2 people to make sure you get the most for your money!

For The Solo Home Chef:

Best Air Fryer For A Family Of 2 April 2021

Lets say you cook for yourself and the occasional guest. Look for a small-capacity air fryer that holds 2 quarts at most. Its enough room to roast a few chicken tenders with a side of Brussels sprouts.

But dont forget to consider your cooking bucket list. If you dream of making appetizers for all your friends or cooking a meal with plenty of leftovers, you might want to consider going one size up.

We wish we went larger with our first model, says Chaperon, who cooks everything from toast to chicken thighs in her air fryer. We didnt realize how much we would use it! She even finds herself reheating leftovers, especially pizza and french fries.

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What Is A Good Size For An Air Fryer

5-7qt for 3-5 people, 3-4qt for 2 people, and 2qt for a single person. Larger families should look for an oven-style air fryer.

For a family of 3-5 people, the recommended size of an air fryer is 5-7qt. This should be large enough that although you may need to batch cook, youll only need to do a few batches. This saves time and effort.

For a couple, or family of 2 people, a smaller fryer of 3-4qt will be big enough. This size can also be purchased for larger families, but food will need to be cooked in multiple batches. This size is adaptable for single use, and serving guests.

A 2qt air fryer is a decent size for 1 person.

For larger groups, 5-6 people for example, a more spacious air fryer is recommended. These come oven-style, rack, countertop, or toaster style. With 2 racks, these air fryers are large enough to cook fresh food from scratch for a family.

Should I Get An Air Fryer Sized For One Person

I wouldnt recommend it. Unless youre 100% living alone, have no family that will ever come over for dinner, and dont plan on expanding your family, theres always a chance youd want a little extra space. If nothing else, you might want to make enough for lunch the next day, so you may want an air fryer sized for 2 so you can fit that extra serving worth.

The instances where an air fryer for one person may be useful is for college students who need small appliances to fit in college housing, or elderly people living in senior apartments/living centers where storage space is limited.

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What Size Air Fryer Should I Get For A Family Of 5

A large 5.8 quarts air fryer would be a perfect size for a family of five people . With this air fryer, you will be able to efficiently prepare large amounts of fried foods, including fries, lasagnas, steaks, pizzas, or fried chicken.

Our winner here is the GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer. This air fryer is a go-to choice for many families of 5 people because of its sleek and modern design that perfectly fits on every larger countertop.

With its eight cooking presets, you can quickly fry, grill, roast, or bake without any oil needed.

What Size Air Fryer Should I Get For A Family Of 3

Best Air Fryer To Buy In 2020

You can use a medium-sized air fryer of 3 to 4 quarts for a family of three people. These air fryers are great for bigger batch cooking. However, have in mind that the air fryers over 3 quarts can take more space on your kitchen countertop.

Our top choice for a family of 3 people is the GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer.

This air fryer comes with eight functions allowing you to try many recipes you will find online. Also, the present rapid air technology will allow you to prepare healthier fried foods without adding any oil.

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Dash Dcaf200gbgy02 Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer

Dash is a well-known brand producing compact and dependable kitchen appliances. Dash DCAF200GBGY02 Tasti Crisp electric air fryer is a small entry-level air fryer boasting a 2.6-quart cooking capacity perfectly suitable for a single or a couple.

Dash Tasti Crisp is a no-frills, simple-looking yet elegant appliance available in aqua, black, grey, and white colors. You can choose the one that suits the best in your kitchen theme. The temperature and time dial is simple, analog which looks old-school yet stylish. It somehow gives a mid-twentieth-century vibe.

This small fellow has a small 2.6-quart cooking capacity which makes it one of the smallest air fryers in terms of capacity. There is a fair share of the market for small air fryers as students, singles, and couples who dont need a larger appliance or people on a tight budget who simply cant afford to buy a larger one.

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

It has an automatic shut-off feature. The appliance will shut off automatically once the frying/cooking cycle completes. Its cool touch housing keeps the heat inside and keeps the kitchen from warming up. Also, it keeps the outer surface cool so if you have kids running around the house there is nothing to worry about.


Dash Dcaf150gbgy02 Compact Air Fryer

This dash air fryer will be perfect for a couple of people, room, college, hostel, and another place. This fryer uses air crisp technology to spread the heat around the food and hold the heat for an extended period, and preheating time is also so less compared to another fryer. This fryer has an auto-shutoff function that off automatically when your food is ready.

It is so safe and straightforward to use even your children can cook with it. If you are a picky eater looking for healthy food, this fryer is best.


  • Basket tray is coming off


Dash air fryer is one of the best, has a lot of positive response from all the customer and this machine will be perfect. This air fryer uses air crisp technology, and you can cook everything in a short time, even in your busy times, because it takes less time to preheat and has an auto shut off function.

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