Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast

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How To Cook Frozen Chicken In The Air Fryer

How to Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts in an Air Fryer

Air fryers are not only great for cooking finger foods. They can be used to cook large cuts of foods such as chicken and turkey breast.

Also, the benefits of using air fryers apply to these larger cuts of food just as they apply to the finger foods.

Cooking with air fryers is a perfect way to enjoy delicious meals without worrying much about oils and saturated fat would do to your health.

The air fryer as a kitchen assistant has come to stay as it affords people the chance to cook whatever they want in a very short time in the healthiest way imaginable.

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Tenders

Minimal prep needed to make the best Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Tenders. After in lime juice, olive oil & spices they just need 10 minutes in the air fryer. Juicy, tender & packed full of flavor!

I love having frozen proteins ready to go in my freezer. But the annoying part about them is that I always forget to thaw them. Well, no need to worry anymore – the air fryer is here to help.

Air frying chicken tenders from frozen is a great way to get a a nice meal on the table in less time. With a simple marinade loads of flavor is added and you still have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.

Air Fryer Recipesfor Frozen Chicken Breast

Here are a few more ideas forfrozen chicken breast in the air fryer, especially for those that are lookingfor frozen chicken breast ideas that is breaded.

Perfect for grabbing yourfavourite bag of Tyson frozen chicken and loading it into the air fryer. Thoughyou could do it with any brand of air fryer.

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Are You A Foodie Too

Hey home chefs, once you nail this recipe for chicken in the air fryer, youll find all sorts of ways to use it to make healthy dinners on the fly.

Pssst dont forget that this chicken breast air fryer recipe can be completely transformed with different spices and seasoning blends. You can also add a tasty sauce like my jalapeno ranch dressing or creamy peppercorn sauce to add a big dose of flavor.

If you dont follow me on instagram you totally should . And for more deliciousness, subscribe to the Sip Bite Go channel and see the Sip Bite Go recipe collection.

Do You Have To Thaw Chicken Before Air Frying

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast

One of the numerous advantages of using an air fryer is that it is easy to clean. This recipe does not need you to thaw your chicken ahead of time. You may use frozen chicken for this recipe. Season the chicken with any seasonings you like before placing it in the air fryer to cook until done.

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Why Make Frozen Chicken Breast In The Air Fryer

Less clean up. No need to break out the pots, pans, skillets. This chicken breast cooks right in your air fryer basket.

Better texture. Because the air fryer cooks by using circulating dry heat, it creates a crust that makes the meat stay tender and juicy on the inside.

They cook faster. You’re getting heat evenly around the entire chicken breast which makes them cook quicker than most methods.

No babysitting. All you’ll need to do is set the air fryer and walk away. You don’t even have to flip it!

No thawing needed. Theres no need to defrost chicken breast when cooking it in the air fryer.

Frozen Breaded Chicken Breasts In Air Fryer

For Frozen pre-cooked chicken breast in air fryer , here’s how to cook it in air fryer:

Remove them from any packaging.

Arrange the frozen breaded chicken breasts in the air fryer basket.

Air fry them at a temperature of 400F/200C for 15-20 minutes depending on thickness.

Take the chicken breasts out of the air fryer, and leave it to rest for 5 minutes before serving them.

Serve with side dishes of choice.

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Frozen Chicken Breast Marinade

For the marinade, I used paprika, parsley, onion and garlic powder, black pepper, salt and vegetable oil. Mix everything together and apply on all sides of the chicken breast fillets.

Cook chicken straightway. Don’t leave in the fridge as defrosting will water down the marinade.

Other Seasonings You can use to marinate are:

Peri Peri Seasoning

Italian seasoning

Add a bit of oil to any of the above seasonings and you have a great marinade you can use on frozen chicken.

Why I Love My Air Fryer

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breasts

Air fryers are a home cooks dream, right? Im obsessed with mine. I have this 5.8QT Cosori Air Fryer. Theyre easy to use and easy to clean, they hardly take up any space in the kitchen and they are a cinch to use!

The best air fryer recipes are easy to read, execute, and ensure perfect results! The great thing about an air fryer is that most recipes use few ingredients but always deliver maximum flavor and juicy tenderness!

Use air fryer chicken breast meat in all kinds of recipes like chicken burritos, Air Fryer Hamburgers or even chicken salad.

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Korean Authentic & Delicious Korean Taste Crispy Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken is definitely yummy. Not all people can make these. Good thing this frozen and ready-made Korean fried chicken is available for us to buy at the grocery store. The tasty mix of this chicken includes corn, ginger, pepper, and garlic. No seasoning is added, but water is blended to create a delicious mixture.

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breasts

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Forget to defrost dinner? No need to worry because you can cook these frozen chicken breasts right in the air fryer! Not only are they ready in less than 30 minutes but theyre incredibly tender and juicy too.

Weve all had those days where dinner just totally escapes you. Or, those times where we fully intended to defrost something and just forgot.

Well, heres some good news for those exact times you can cook frozen chicken breasts in the air fryer without any thawing necessary!

Ive done a few frozen recipes in the air fryer before like frozen air fryer broccoli and shrimp so I knew the air fryer was capable of taking something that was essentially a block of ice and turning it into a crispy delicious final dish but I had my doubts about it being able to keep an entire chicken breast tender and juicy while cooking.

I was happy to be proven wrong though and end up with perfectly moist and juicy chicken breasts in just 25 minutes.

So, if its one of those nights and you just need a quick and easy dinner on the table, this ones for you!

Prefer a seafood dinner instead? Check out the recipe for making frozen salmon in the air fryer instead!

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Air Fryer Chicken Breasts

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Get that air fryer fired up and make some juicy boneless, skinless, air fryer chicken breasts!

Moist, tender, and oh-so healthy, air fried chicken breasts are a dream! They come out tender with a nice golden crust and perfectly juicy.

Tender Frozen Chicken Breast In Air Fryer Is So Easy To Make Great Hack If You Forget To Defrost Your Chicken But Dinner Is Just Minutes Away

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast

Want to make air fryer chicken breast with no breading but forgot to defrost it?? Well show you how to make tender frozen chicken breast in air fryer so dinner isnt ruined!

First we made a KFC copycat air fryer fried chicken breast recipe. Then the next time I thought about it they were still rock hard!

Yes, we shared how to cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot but now its time to use our other favorite appliance!

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

  • It has temp. and times for making the best frozen foods for air fryer too.
  • Then where you can share and find more ideas youll love. We have a Foodi social media group as well.

    I am far from perfect. I have 3 girls, am homeschooling 2 of them, work full time , and sometimes forget to prep dinner. I always have a bag of frozen chicken in the freezer so that is usually my go to.

    Yes I have made Crockpot frozen chicken before and that is great for shredded chicken tacos. BUT you have to remember to take that out and put it in the pot in the morning.

    I am not always totally together in the morning to do this especially if we have a busy day of work and horseback riding ahead of us. SO Im here to share my air fryer hack with you here today.

    Yes this is a healthy air fryer recipe, so if youre following a keto or low fat diet this will be great.

    We didnt use any bread crumbs this time to keep the calories down, and if theyre rock hard nothing is going to stick anyway.

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    Does Frozen Fried Chicken Taste Good

    Crisp, juicy fried chicken is a common delight in many cultures. We simply accept it as one of these pleasurable foods by nature. Kids, adults..everybody loves some fried chicken. If you are a meat-eater, fried chicken is always a favorite.

    And you’re probably thinking this pre-cooked frozen fried chicken isn’t good. But guess what, they are actually delicious! The breading on the chicken is flavorful and has a great texture to it. Plus, it’s affordable and easier than making homemade fried chicken.

    If you don’t have a lot of time to cook or maybe don’t really know how to cook, this will be perfect for you. It’s easy, you don’t need to do much, and cooking this frozen fried chicken in the air fryer doesn’t take that long.

    Buying frozen fried chicken is a great option! You can’t go wrong with the white meat specialty, especially considering just how practical it is in terms of both price and convenience. Here are some brands you can check out at the grocery store:

    Best Side Dishes For Fried Chicken

    Fried chicken is an absolute favorite Southern meal. Yes, its a simple dish basically, it is just chicken coated in batter and then cooked until golden brown. People can’t get enough of its heavenly taste. But of course, it will not be a complete meal without some side dishes.

    Wondering what you are going to pair with this crispy fried chicken? These side dishes for fried chicken are the perfect complement to everyone’s favorite crisp main course. Here are some ideas for you:

    Looking for something quick to prepare? This side dish is easy to make. You can prepare this while your fried chicken is still cooking in the air fryer.

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    Why Air Frying Chicken Breast Is So Good

    • Fast cook time.
    • Meal prep cooking chicken breast in air fryers to add healthy protein to salads, chicken pizzas, and tacos throughout the week.
    • This air fried chicken breast recipe can be flavored with any of your favorite spices.
    • Scroll to the bottom for air fryer frozen chicken breast tips.
    • Newer home chefs: see my step by step video for beginners .

    How To Make Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast

    Air fryer frozen chicken breast recipe
  • Preheat the air fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare the air fryer basket with olive oil or a nonstick cooking spray if needed.
  • Cover the chicken with olive oil. Add the seasonings together and rub the chicken breasts until they are coated on both sides of the chicken breasts. Place in the coated skinless chicken breasts in a single layer in the air fryer basket.
  • Cook for 10 minutes. Flip and cook for a further 5-7 minutes for a total cook time of 15-17 minutes.
  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure the thickest part of the chicken breasts internal temperature reaches 165 degrees f.
  • NOTE: This recipe was made with a 5.8 qt Cosori Air Fryer. If youre using a different brand of air fryer, you may need to adjust the cooking time slightly. All air fryers cook differently.

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    What Kind Of Oil Can I Use

    Extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oil are best for this recipe. They have low smoke points and work great in the air fryer.

    If youre interested in learning about the best oils for air fryers, I found a comprehensive post of the Best Oils for Air Fryer from the Air Frying Foodie that you might want to save for future reference.

    What Are Chicken Patties

    Chicken patties are basically ground up chicken pressed into a patty. That patty is then fully breaded, cooked, then frozen, and sold in stores.

    This means the frozen chicken patties in the stores are precooked and just need to be warmed up.

    Its kind of like a frozen breaded chicken breast, but with shredded up chicken pieces instead of fully intact.

    Other Air Fryer Recipes Youll Love:

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    Cooking Time & Temperature

    In my experience, the best cooking temperature for chicken is 360ºF in a basket-style air fryer. If you have this Cuisinart model, you may want to lower it by up to 50ºF because it tends to run hotter.

    To determine the cooking time, I use the thickness of the chicken breast as a starting point. Youll need to add about 15 minutes of cooking time for every 1 inch of thickness.

    For example:

    • 1/2-inch thick: 9 to 10 minutes at 360ºF
    • 1-inch thick: 15 minutes at 360ºF
    • 1 1/2-inches thick: 22 minutes at 360ºF
    • 2-inches thick: 30 minutes at 360ºF

    Keep in mind that youll want to cook the chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165ºF, so these times are just a general jumping off point. If your chicken hasnt reached the correct temperature, flip it over and cook in 5 minute intervals until its done.

    Frozen Chicken Breast In Air Fryer

    Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast

    Sharing is caring!

    If you havent tried making frozen chicken breast in air fryer, you are missing out on a quick and easy way to cook chicken. My air fryer frozen chicken breast recipe checks all the boxes. These are seriously juicy and delicious!

    Look no further than this tasty well cooked chicken when in search of a scrumptious side dish for dinner. This perfectly fried chicken will pair very well with salads, rice dishes and lots more. The is a stress free keto or low carb dinner you would love to make over and over.

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    How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken Breast In Air Fryer

    The exact cook time needed to air fry frozen chicken breast will depend on a few factors including the exact size and shape of your chicken breasts, how cold your freezer is, and how powerful your air fryer is.

    When cooking chicken from frozen it is vitally important to make sure that it is properly cooked before you consume it. To check that your chicken is cooked you can cut it in half through the thickest point and ensure that it is white all the way through .

    But the easiest way to ensure that your frozen chicken breasts are fully cooked is to use a meat thermometer to test the internal temperature to make sure it has reached at least 165°F/ 74°C .

    Make sure you test the temperature in a few places to make sure that it is thoroughly cooked all the way through .

    Can You Put Frozen Food In Airfryer

    It doesnt matter if youre making finger appetizers for a party or providing snacks to the family air fryers are the best appliance for frying frozen meals. This practical and easy-to-use chart makes it simple to determine cook times and temperatures. Air Frying is a culinary technique that simplifies the process.

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    What To Serve Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast With

    You can serve air fried frozen chicken with so many different sides. This is because the spices are tasty yet simple and chicken breast is a versatile meat option.

    We like this chicken breast with potatoes any style, like homemade wedges as well as another vegetable like asparagus or corn on the cob!

    Tips For The Best Air Fried Frozen Chicken Breasts

    Easy – Frozen Chicken Breasts in an Air Fryer
  • Try to choose chicken breasts of a similar size so they cook evenly at the same time.
  • If you have a basket air fryer, make sure not to stack or overlap the chicken breasts. This is more easily avoided in oven models with trays.
  • Dont let the chicken thaw at all while prepping. The seasoning mixture actually sticks better to the frozen chicken if its frozen solid rather than spent any time at room temperature.
  • Save the juices from the bottom tray of the air fryer! Pour them over the chicken before serving for extra flavor!
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    How To Cook Air Fryer Chicken Patties

  • Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees. Its important to preheat so the patties will cook evenly.
  • Place frozen chicken patties in the air fryer in one single layer.
  • Cook chicken patties for 7-8 minutes, flipping them halfway through.
  • Place buns inside the air fryer and cook for 1-2 minutes until crisped up .
  • Remove from air fryer, place chicken patties on buns, and enjoy immediately or store in fridge for up to 3 days using reheating directions below.
  • The chicken does not need to reach 165 degrees since it is already pre-cooked chicken.

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