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How To Toast Every Kind Of Nut

10 EASY Air Fryer Recipes – THIS is What to Make in Your Air Fryer – Cosori & Philips XXL

Nuts You Can Toast Directly in the Air Fryer Basket:

  • Raw almonds : 5 to 6 minutes
  • Raw cashews: 4 to 5 minutes
  • Raw hazelnuts : 4 to 5 minutes
  • Raw macadamia nuts: 3 to 4 minutes
  • Raw peanuts : 4 to 5 minutes
  • Raw pecan halves: 4 to 5 minutes
  • Raw walnut halves: 3 to 4 minutes

Nuts You Can Toast in a Small Baking Dish Set in the Air Fryer Basket:

  • Raw almonds : 4 to 5 minutes
  • Raw pine nuts: 3 to 4 minutes
  • Raw pistachios : 3 to 4 minutes

Cooks Note: Raw whole nuts still in the skin, such as hazelnuts and redskin peanuts, should be toasted then rubbed to remove the skins. To do this, place the toasted nuts while still warm in a clean kitchen towel, then rub together until all the skins have fallen off.

It’s More Versatile Than You Think

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If you’ve hopped aboard the air fryer train, welcome to the party. We’re all loving air fryers these days because they can make crispy, crunchy, delicious food while using little oil. For those who love fried food but don’t want to heat a pan of oil, try these amazing air fryer options.

General Tips For Air Frying

It is important to keep your air fyer in tip-top shape. Use the items below as guidance to continue making amazing recipes.

Preparing to air-fry

  • Find the right place for your air fryer in your kitchen. Always keep your air fryer on a level, heat-resistant countertop and make sure there are at least five inches of space behind the air fryer where the exhaust vent is located.
  • Pre-heat your air fryer before adding your food. This is easy just turn the air fryer on to the temperature that you need and set the timer for 2 or 3 minutes. When the timer goes off, the air fryer has pre-heated and is ready for food.
  • Get the right accessories. Once you start air frying, you may want to invest in some accessories for your new favorite appliance. Truth is, you may already have some! Any baking dishes or cake pans that are oven-safe should be air fryer-safe as well, as long as they dont come in contact with the heating element. The only stipulation, of course, is that the accessory pan has to be able to fit inside the air fryer basket.
  • Invest in a kitchen spray bottle. Spraying oil on the food is easier than drizzling or brushing, and allows you to use less oil overall. While you can buy oil sprays in cans, sometimes there are aerosol agents in those cans that can break down the non-stick surface on your air fryer basket. So, if you want to spray foods directly in the basket, invest in a hand-pumped kitchen spray bottle. It will be worth it!
  • While you are air-frying

    After you air-fry

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    Why Use An Air Fryer To Reheat Food What Are The Advantages

    Don’t get us wrong, microwave ovens can work great! But air fryers are just so much better!

    Not only will you get food that is evenly heated, but it will be more crispy! People who have used a microwave to heat fried chicken will know what we are talking about! Try heating that chicken in an air fryer and you’ll wonder if that leftover chicken was not freshly fried!

    And this is not the end of advantages when it comes to using an air fryer! Your air fryer will take up far less space compared to a microwave oven. It will also not cost you a fortune in electricity bills thanks to its energy-saving capabilities! With so many advantages, why wouldn’t you want to switch to an air fryer?

    How To Reheat Food Using An Air Fryer

    The Top 10 Best Foods to Cook in an Air Fryer

    Alright, so now that you know how an air fryer works, it’s time to use it for reheating your leftovers.

    If you are thinking that a small thing like an air fryer cannot restore your last night’s Chinese take out to its original deliciousness, then we suggest you read the following steps, apply them yourself, and get wowed with the results!

  • Since every food is different, there is no one single set of instructions you can apply on air fryers. You’d have to see what food you are working with and then adjust your time and heat settings on the air fryer accordingly! But don’t worry, as the following instructions should work generally on all kinds of leftovers you want to heat!
  • If your food is in a frozen, then the first order of the business is to thaw it. So, refrigerate overnight, or leave it on the countertop to thaw naturally over a couple of hours.
  • Once you’re all prepped and ready to go, plug in your air fryer and preheat it to around 400 F degrees for five minutes. Once this is done you can add your food carefully into the air fryer basket.
  • Slot the basket in and set the air fryer to 350 F degrees for three minutes. Let the food cook for that duration and when it’s done pull the basket out carefully. Check if your food looks warm and crispy. If not, then slot it back into the air fryer and cook until it’s adequately warm and crispy. Make sure to check every 1-2 minutes to ensure your food doesn’t get burned!
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    Does An Air Fryer Toaster Oven Have A Timer

    Yes, most models have at least one time so you dont have to watch the appliance while the food cooks inside of it. This is especially helpful for busy households where other tasks are being performed or children are running around because it prevents people from forgetting about the appliance and burning their food.

    You Use Too Much Or Too Little Oil

    While some recipes dont use any oil, most doand its still significantly less than oils used in standard fried recipes. You only really need 1-2 teaspoons for most recipes or 1-2 tablespoons for breaded items.

    For breaded recipes I like to mix the breadcrumbs with a 1-2 Tbsp of oil and it works great! For other recipes you can just brush lightly with oil – it ends up being only 1-2 tsp per serving for most recipes, she says.

    Again though, it depends on the recipesome recipes need no oil at all, others you can get away with a light coating of oil sprayI use all kinds, depending what I am making,” she says.

    Just dont go too crazy with the oil. Using too much oil can cause oil to drip and hit the bottom tray – this can lead the excess oil to burn and smoke! No fun, she says.

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    Preheat Your Air Fryer

    Frozen food is naturally more prone to becoming mushy as it thaws because it will release water. Though the good news is, jumping this hurdle isnt difficult. Simply preheat your air fryer beforehand because the high heat will more quickly evaporate the water in your frozen food. Some air fryers dont have a preheat setting, but you can still pop your basket open and estimate its temperature or use an oven-safe thermometer for a more exact reading.

    Take Food Out Of The Freezer

    10 HEALTHY Air Fryer Recipes that are EASY AND Yummy!

    If your food is in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, it may stick together. At this time, you need to put it in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes before or put it under cold water several minutes to defrost the surface quickly

    Do not leave the plastic tray and plastic bag intact when thaw frozen food in air fryer , because high heat will cause the plastic to produce toxins and cause cancer.

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    Air Fryer Cooking Chart For Frozen Food

    For even more guidance when cooking with the air fryer, you can use cooking charts to get an estimate of how long and at what temperature specific food should be cooked.

    Because there isnt a universal size for chicken breasts all over the world, the cooking chart may need to be adjusted depending on the size of your chicken breast or whatever it may be you are cooking. You dont want to risk eating undercooked food, especially not poultry.

    Heres a cooking chart for frozen food in the air fryer.

    10 minutes 400F

    *When cooking frozen food like chicken breast. I suggest you either preheat the air fryer or place the chicken breast in the air fryer for 5 minutes at 320F before you start cooking it at the recommended temperature.

    What Are The Best Foods To Cook In An Air Fryer

    Well that would depend on whom you asked really.

    In our opinion we air fry everything!! Seriously, you can even make things like air fryer salsa in it. I know, game changer right? Have leftovers? This is the best way to reheat chicken ever to keep it moist.

    I will say there is nothing I have tried in it that hasnt turned out delicious. SO I do it all.

    • When I figure out the exact time and temperature that is best I share it here with you. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can come back often.

    To make frozen foods like a crunchy batch of tater tots they come out soft inside, and restaurant crunchy on the outside. Its an easy way to make a side dish, same goes with these air fryer hush pupppies.

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    Converting Recipes To Make Them Air Fryer Friendly

    Food packages dont have instructions for air fryers yet, so as the owner of an air fryer, youll have to convert the recipes to make them more suitable for the air fryer.

    You should not follow the cooking instructions for an oven or a microwave when cooking in an air fryer. The results will most likely be terrible if you do.

    If you dont trust the same temperature, half the time-rule or cant seem to get the results you want by using it, you can always try another method.

    Until air fryers have their own cooking instructions on the products, we will have to craft our own. Heres an online calculator that converts your recipes from conventional oven to air fryer.

    Its easy, you just take the traditional recipe and give the calculator the information it needs.

    It will instantly tell you what you need to tweak to cook the dish with an air fryer. Its a very useful tool, after a while youll get the hang of it and youll be able to convert your own recipes on the go.

    Heres a list of other things you can do to get the best results when cooking with an air fryer

    Spicy Air Fryer Pork Belly With Kabocha Squash

    Secret To Air Fryer Recipes

    In Korea there are many versions of tong sam gyup goo yi , a favorite ingredient that is often grilled, roasted in the oven or fried on the stovetop. Here it is cooked in an air fryer, which is gaining in popularity there, for an easier, splatter-free alternative to traditional versions it also makes clean-up a breeze. The pork belly is just as browned and crispy on the outside while the interior stays tender and juicy. This update also gets a spicy kick from a streamlined gochujang sauce made with pantry staples. Brush it on in the last few minutes of cooking to create a gorgeous, caramelized coating. Kabocha squash, air fried with the pork belly, rounds out the meal.

    Get the Recipe: Spicy Air Fryer Pork Belly with Kabocha Squash

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    Put Food Into Air Fryer

    Then place the food on a porcelain plate or foil and place in the air fryer.

    Thus, after defrosting, the water that comes out will not stick to the bottom of the pot. Make the air fryer cleaner and more hygienic.

    Should choose good heat-resistant cups and dishes such as ceramics, porcelain, glass, heat-resistant pads to put in the pot.

    However, if you dont have any liners in the meantime, you can also place them directly into the frying pan of the air fryer.

    Defrost Pureed Meat In An Air Fryer

    Food: Minced meat weighs from 0.2 to 0.8kg. The operation is the same as above.

  • Take porcelain, glass, or heat-resistant containers
  • Set 80-90 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes
  • When the time is up, you turn/return the food. Turn or separate food if possible
  • Keep the original temperature and cook for another 3-5 minutes.
  • Check if the meat is tender then remove
  • Finally, it can be cooked.
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    Things To Avoid When Defrosting Frozen Food In Air Fryer: Safe Thawing

    • It is recommended to defrost in the refrigerator compartment as it ensures food is kept at a safe temperature
    • Meat can be defrosted in cold water if the meat is tightly packed. Change the water every 20-30 minutes so the water doesnt get too warm. Leave for about 2-3 hours in cold water for a 3-4 pound piece of meat.
    • Never put frozen food gets warmer than 40 degrees or is at room temperature for more than 2 hours, its in the danger zone that bacteria multiply quickly.
    • All defrosted food should be processed. If your foods still frozen and you change your plan, its safe to put it back in the freezer for another day.
    • Dont thaw food in hot water. Hot water melts meat quickly but also cooks the surface and starts a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.
    • Dont put frozen food in a slow cooker because the meat will spend too long in the bacteria danger zone before its fully cooked.
    • Absolutely do not refreeze when not used up. And also should avoid leaving it out in the air for too long without processing because that will create conditions for harmful bacteria to enter the food, which can harm the digestive system when eaten.
    • Some foods have been cut into small pieces when freezing. After defrosting, you can ultimately add some seasoning to the air fryer and continue to turn the heat up, and set the right time to cook.

    Foods That Dont Air Fry Well

    Top 12 Air Fryer MISTAKES How to Use an Air Fryer

    Some foods just shouldn’t be air fried.

    Welcome to Air Fryer Month! Throughout September, our team will be sharing healthy air-fryer recipes and tips and tricks to help you get meals on the table in less time with fewer dishes, courtesy of everyone’s favorite appliance. Visit us weekly for the latest Air Fryer Month content.

    Just because a food fits in your air fryer doesnt mean its best suited for air frying.

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    How To Use An Air Fryer

    Meet the air fryer, the miracle kitchen gadget that every healthy cook should have. Essentially a small convection oven, an air fryer works by circulating hot air up to 400 degrees around your food, transforming it into crispy perfection without all the oil or butter you’d normally need.

    So, what can you make in an air fryer? The possibilities are limitlessand you can use an air fryer to make comfort food favorites that are normally deep-fried, sauteed, baked, or grilled. So whether you’ve craving onion rings, French toast, or cheesy loaded potatoes, here are delicious air fryer recipes to show you how to make the most of this amazingly versatile kitchen tool.

    Once you’ve mastered these recipes, check out our collection of air fryer desserts.

    Avoid Putting Large Roasts Or Whole Chickens In The Air Fryer

    “Beyond the obvious question of whether they’ll fit in the air-fryer basket, larger roasts and whole chickens just won’t cook evenly in the air fryer,” Pixley said.

    The portion closest to the heat source, according to Pixley, will burn and dry out well before the portion farthest from the heat source is safe to eat.

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    Air Fryer Chicken Thighs With Salsa Verde And Lemony Kale Salad

    An air fryer practically guarantees crispy, juicy chicken thighs. Seasoned simply with lemon zest, salt and pepper, they make a satisfying meal with an Italian-inspired salsa verde and bright kale salad . Air fried panko is the final crunchy touch.

    Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Chicken Thighs with Salsa Verde and Lemony Kale Salad

    Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

    Best Frozen Foods for the Air Fryer

    This coconut shrimp recipe is restaurant quality, at a fraction of the price.

    I recommend keeping an eye out on a good deal for frozen shrimp and keeping it in the freezer until youre ready to make this dish.

    Simply defrost, season the shrimp, bread them, and throw them in the air fryer.

    This dish couldnt get any easier to make and is loaded with coconut hues and a crunchy texture.

    With your main course cooking up in the oven, put the air fryer to use with this creative side dish.

    This air fryer carrots recipe takes a completely new spin on the classic vegetable.

    Who knew that some simple spices like garlic powder and paprika could transform a plain vegetable?

    Dont forget to coat these bad boys in a layer of parmesan cheese for some added goodness.

    Scrambling with what to do with that leftover turkey? Why not try out these delicious air fryer turkey croquettes.

    This dish is basically Thanksgiving in a ball since its made out of turkey and stuffing.

    Dip these turkey croquettes into some cranberry sauce or gravy for an ultimate dish made out of leftovers.

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    Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

    This picture-perfect recipe is oozing with deliciousness!

    The second you pull this dish out of the air fryer, itll be gone in a snap.

    These mini buffalo cauliflower bites are low-carb, keto-friendly, and surprisingly healthy.

    This dish is basically a vegan alternative to buffalo wings. It still has the spice and kick, without the added calories.

    Dont be scared to go a little crazy on your most loved barbeque or hot sauce.

    This mouthwatering dish is a Chick-fil-A copycat recipe thats super easy to make.

    The chicken is sautéed in pickle juice and buttermilk for that juicy tenderness.

    The breading is loaded with paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne for some added heat.

    The best part of this recipe is absolutely no oil is required!

    Who needs the extra calories from deep fried fast food when you can get the same crispiness and crunch in an air fryer?

    These vibrant air fryer fish tacos are paired with a citrus salsa and spicy chipotle mayo.

    Dont forget to whip up a fresh guacamole to spread across the fish tacos.

    While the recipe calls for white fish fillet, you can opt for salmon or even shrimp.

    If youre looking for that extra crunch, you can throw the final product into the air fryer for some added yumminess.

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