Used Commercial Air Fryer For Sale

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What Types Of Fryers Are There

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  • Commercial Electric Fryers – Electric types have heating elements built into the oil, which improves efficiency. They also recover more rapidly between frying cycles.
  • Commercial Gas Fryers – Gas fryers heat up faster and can achieve superior oil temperatures.
  • Funnel Cake & Donut Fryers – Funnel Cake and Donut Fryers allow you to provide the crispy, golden sweet treats that customers love. These fryers produce treats that are a staple of any carnival and sure to fill the air with delicious smells.
  • Corn Dog Fryers – Including both gas and electric models, corn dog fryers are the perfect pick for creating plump, flavorful franks to share with hungry customers.
  • Ventless Fryers – Ventless Fryers remove the hassle of having to install expensive hoods over cooking equipment. We offer Countertop Ventless Fryers and Floor Model Ventless Fryers

What Can You Cook In A Used Commercial Deep Fryer

While the basic function of a commercial fryer is the same across all form factors, different applications require different types of fryers. The size of the fryer, the physical orientation, and the power source are all important factors to consider.

At the most basic level, fryers can be separated into two distinct categories: Countertop or freestanding floor models. Each type of fryer has its advantages and disadvantages, relative to the planned application and type of kitchen the fryer is integrated in.

Freestanding floor fryers are an important part of any large restaurant kitchen that focuses on moving high volumes of frozen or fried food. Because these units are meant to be fired up in the morning and turned off only at closing, they can handle constant use throughout the day, while keeping energy use and oil breakdown to a minimum.

Floor fryers are generally available in both electric and propane or natural gas models, and can each sport one main cooking chamber, or multiple pots for frying different types of food. Most floor fryers feature deep baskets that are lifted out of the surface of the oil, with some even including programmable controls to help maintain consistency and quality.

That covers the basics. Now, lets take a look at a few of the more specialized options, for commercial deep fryers.

Most commercial kitchen appliances are required to be placed under an expensive commercial hood , with exaust fans, filtration, and fire suppression.

Commercial Fryers For Sale

Commercial fryers and industrial frying equipment for sale. Commercial fryer is vital for various vegetables and fruits processing lines. Compared with deep fryer for home use, industrial deep frying machines are usually used in food production factories, canteens, restaurants, street food stands and other small food processing unit. For the commercial fryers can deep fry a great quantities of products. As a professional manufacturer of commercial fryers, we can provide tailored frying lines to meet your needs and requirements. No matter what kind of raw materials you want to deep fry, we are confident to provide you custom designed commercial fryers for you.

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Best Commercial Air Fryers 2022

Love fried food but dont want all the guilt? You can have your cake and eat it too with these best commercial air fryers. These convenient kitchen appliances make cooking easy and healthy. With an air fryer, you can whip up delicious fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and more while cutting way back on oil.

If youve been thinking about treating yourself to one of these high-tech gadgets but arent sure where to start, this article is for you. Well tell you everything you need to know about how air fryers work and what makes them so great.

Among a plethora of commercial air fryers, it can be hard to distinguish which one is best for your small business. In this buying guide, we will review some of the best commercial air fryers available on Amazon that you can get your hands on for your business or household alike. So, without further delay, lets start with THE BEST commercial air fryer to consider i.e., COSORI Air Fryer Max XL Digital Hot Oven Cooker. Read on!

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    Yedi Total Package Air Fryer Oven Xl

    Yedis newest addition to their air fryer oven line, the YT-Total Package Air Fryer Oven XL is perfect for any household looking to effortlessly fry or bake with ease. This 12.7 quart model has all of your favorite features including an auto Shutoff feature so you dont have worry about burning anything. With recipes included in this set plus a Deluxe Accessory Kit, there isnt much that will stop someone from living la dolce vita at home.

    Yedis Air Fryer is the perfect gift for food-loving dads, mothers and friends who want to slim down their diets without sacrificing taste. It has an 85% lower fat content than traditional deep-frying methods while still giving you that amazing fried crunchy flavor that you dont want to miss out. This sleek countertop appliance fits onto any kitchen space saving it from clutter too so get yours today.

    The Yedi Air Fryer has a built-in rotisserie and you can prepare whole roasts, tenderloins, racks of kababs or even chicken. With this Air Fryer, you can create dehydrated foods like dried mangos for fun and healthy homemade snacks. With low fan speed and temperature settings that are perfect to dry out your favorite fruits or vegetables for a perfect and fun movie weekend.


    Best Commercial Air Fryers: Honorable Mentions

  • Best Choice Products 16.9qt 10-in-1 XXXL Family Size Air Fryer
  • Ultrean Air Fryer, 12.5 Quart Air Fryer Oven
  • Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven 26 Quarts
  • Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 Max XL
  • Types Of Industrial Fryer Machines

    There are kinds of commercial fryers available in our factory. Generally, there are three kinds of commercial fryers: continuous frying machines, commercial batch type fryer and commercial basket deep fryer. And according to heating systems, all these commercial fryers can be powered by gas, electricity, and steam. Among these commercial electric fryer is more popular, for electricity is easy to use. In line with the scales, commercial fryers can be divided into small commercial fryers like batch type deep fryer and basket deep fryer, and large scale commercial frying machines like automatic continuous frying machines. As for production capacity, the commercial continuous fryer machine produce the largest capacity, the batch type fryer the second, and the basket fryer the smallest capacity.

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    Cosori Air Fryer Max Xl

    The Cosori air fryer Max XL Smart 5.8-Quart Air Fryer is the perfect appliance for anyone who loves fresh and healthy food, but hates all that greasy fried stuff! This efficient machine can cook up crispy golden brown chicken wings or French fries with just one push of a button theres no need to heat up an extra pan because it also works like magic on frozen goodies too.

    Now you can get your favorite chicken or French fries cooked in just one minute with this state-of the art, award winning COSORI air fryer. With 11 cooking functions and 360° Air Circulation technology to ensure crispiness without using too much oil, its never been easier.

    The air fryer is a great way to enjoy tasty food without all the fat and calories. It uses up to 85% less oil than traditional deep-frying methods, while maintaining an authentic taste. This versatile appliance can be used for anything from cooking at home with your family or friends in mind its also great as gifts that will make anyone happy on their birthday specially when theyre nutrition conscious like you are.

    The large capacity of the air fryers spacious 5.8-quart square baskets means you can fit a whole 5-pound chicken in there. It also provides more cooking footprint and flexibility than round shape designs, so itll be perfect for small restaurants as well as large families.


    A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Air Fryer

    Costco! Philips Analog 2.75 qt Air Fryer! $99!!!

    When you enjoy the taste of fried food, but not the oil or grease used to cook it, air fryers are an ideal alternative. They function like a miniature convection oven, reaching temperatures of 230 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit in order to caramelize or crisp the food. On eBay, you can choose from different sizes, manufacturers, colors, and features of new, gently used, and eBay Refurbished air fryers for sale at reasonable prices.

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    Commercial & Industrial Grade Air Fryers

    Are you looking for commercial and industrial air fryer reviews? Want to make a purchase and are not sure what grade of air fryer to buy? Youre in the right place. Here, you will be given an exhaustive description of the best commercial air fryers for sale in the market today.

    Power Air Fryer Pro XL 8QT with 7 in 1 Cooking Features

    • Easy to use
    Soing Air Fryer Oven Family Size 17Q with 8 in 1 Cooking Features

    • Easy to clean after use
    • All of the accessories are dishwasher safe
    • It is extra-large
    6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven Elite with 10 In 1 Cooking Features

    • It is easy to use
    • Comes with recipe books to help you get started
    • Comes with an internal temperature meat chart

    Best Commercial Air Fryer Reviews And Buying Guide

    Air fryers are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Theyre cheaper than buying a new oven, they dont take up as much space, and they cook food so quickly. But not all air fryers are created equally. Some might be too small to fit your entire meal inside or have only one temperature setting. Entry-level air fryers cannot be used as commercial air fryers however, commercial air fryers can easily be used in business as well as in the domestic kitchen. Weve done some research on what makes an air fryer great so you can make an informed decision before you buy one of these appliances for yourself.

    Lets get started!

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    Durability And Cleaning Ease

    This product is durable it is made with strong materials that are heat resistant.

    It is also easy to clean up. Its removable glass door makes it easier to access the inside of the air fryer to complete its cleaning. You dont have to be concerned about destroying its accessories as they are all dishwasher friendly.

    Why You Shouldnt Use An Air Fryer

    Air Fat Fryer for sale in UK

    Air fryers operate in such high temperatures that it is too easy to burn and spoil the foods you are trying to cook. In addition, this will allow for the air fryer to overcook the foods from the outside and leave uncooked or even frozen from the inside, therefore the quality just isnt assured.

    There is also some food that is ideal for air fryers and I have listed a few of them below which make the air fryers as popular as they are.

    • Potatoes
    • Potato, vegetable, & fruit chips

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    Used Commercial Fryers For Sale

    US$520.00-US$740.00/ Piece

    US$240.00-US$272.00/ Piece

    US$375.00-US$500.00/ Piece

    US$3,000.00-US$5,000.00/ Set

    3.The deep fryer is easy to operate,With overtemperature protection function, with a timer. 3. Please make sure the oven has fully recovered at normal temperature before cleaning and repairing. is a specialized manufacturer of western kitchen equipment, snack machinery and kitchen projects.

    Hot sale small size Counter-top style Electric chicken Pressure Fryer/KFC chicken fryer Introduction of pressure fryer machine electric type pressure fryer is according to the latest popular products . Its size is small, capacity is large, operation is easy, efficiency is high and it saves electric. It is a new product that it is one of the necessary equipment of the hotel, catering Leisure snack bar.

    US$2,000.00-US$5,000.00/ Unit

    About products and suppliers: offers 2401 used commercial fryers for sale products. About 5% % of these are commercial fryer, 4%% are fryer. A wide variety of used commercial fryers for sale  options are available to you,  such as new, used.You can also choose from indonesia, viet nam and kazakhstan used commercial fryers for sale,As well as from restaurant, hotels, and food shop.  and whether used commercial fryers for sale is 6 months, 2 years, or unavailable. There are 801 used commercial fryers for sale suppliers, mainly located in Asia. , and 
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    How To Clean A Commercial Deep Fryer

    Keeping your fryers clean will not only prolong the life and use of a commercial fryer, but it will also improve the quality of the product being cooked. Sediment should be removed daily, and the oil should be completely drained as needed, depending on how frequently you use your fryer. We offer the following appliances to help you keep your commercial fryer lasting longer:

    • Commercial Fryer Filters Fryer filters remove and filter the gunk out of oil, pumping it back in fresh and free of broken-down carbon and cooked product debris. This adds life to the most heavily used oil, saving you thousands in annual oil costs.
    • Fryer Oil Waste Removers Quickly and completely removes hot, used oil from fryer tanks. They can usually hold 40 100 pounds of oil. Coming on mobile carts, they make oil removement easy for anyone.

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    Do You Have To Clean The Air Fryer After Every Use

    Depending on what you cook and your own preferences at home, in general, you should clean the air fryer after every use. However, when you are cooking something with a minimal mess such as oil-free fries or onion rings then it isnt necessary to clean it after every use.

    But if you leave your air fryer without cleaning for the next time after making some cheesy toast you are in for a hassle-rich cleaning session next time you are using it.

    Also, there are some great ways to minimize or even skip the cloning on some occasions such as bamboo air fryer liners and silicone air fryer liners that are just a dream when preparing food with an air fryer.

    Cosori Smart Air Fryer 14

    Air Fryer Oven | Special Buys | ALDI Australia

    The COSORI AF701-CS XL smart air fryer is a 14-in-1 model with a generous 7-quart cooking capacity. It can cook at temperatures ranging from 190°F to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives you more possibilities than other models on the market.

    The COSORI smart air fryer is a sleek, modern appliance that can cook your food to perfection and monitor the cooking process remotely anywhere in the house with its free VeSync app. With additional features including voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant cooking will never be the same anymore.

    You can now make your favorite food in a healthier and more nutritious way with the COSORI smart air fryer. With its 14 Functions & Dehydrate: Choose from these cooking functions with customizable Shake Reminders for an even fry, such as French Fries or Chicken. Youll never have to worry about overcooking again thanks to this sleek appliance that has been tested especially by chefs around the world so you always get those delicious flavors on every bite.

    You will be able to cook virtually anything with its handy 14 cooking programs including French Fries, Chicken, Steak, Vegetables, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Food, Toast, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate, Preheat, and Keep Warm.


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    How Do You Evaluate A Used Commercial Deep Fryer

    When choosing a used commercial deep fryer for your business, there are a few different factors to consider.

    The first consideration is whether you want to go with an electric or gas model. In some kitchen, this decision will be based less on the merits of the individual options, and more on which resource is readily available if you dont have natural gas or propane lines, an electric fryer is the obvious choice.

    Gas fryers tend to heat up more quickly, can reach higher operating temperatures, and are somewhat more energy efficient for maintaining oil temperatures.

    Electric fryers have heating elements which come in direct contact with the oil, which means easier cleaning, quicker recovery times between batches, and a higher ease of installation. However, these types of fryers typically take longer to heat, and are not capable of higher temperatures.

    Next, consider the type of burner thats right for your business.

    Open pot fryers contain heating elements which are located outside of the oil well, which makes them easy to clean, and a good choice for pre-breaded frozen items or french fries.

    Tube fryers contain pipes that run through the bottom of the oil pot, filled with gas. While theyre a good fit for high-volume or heavy-sediment cooking, theyre a pain to clean ask any line cook thats spent a closing shift elbow-deep in black fryer sludge.

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