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Smart Air Fryer Features

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Heres some of the extra things that smart Cosori air fryer can do:

  • Schedule, monitor, and adjust cooking in the air fryer from your phone
  • You can schedule cook times by up to 4 hours in advance
  • Manage custom recipes within the app
  • Alexa enabled so you can control via your voice on Amazon Echo devices or with the Amazon Alexa app

How difficult is the setup?

  • Plug it in
  • Activate your device via the app

The process was simple and fast. It took less than 3 minutes.

Overall, the app is a pretty cool addition and easy to use. Being able to cook and monitor remotely is a big win. This gives you the flexibility to drop food in the basket a few hours early and have your food cooked just in time for your return.

I also like that you can find recipes directly in the app and already have their pre-programmed cooking times / temps ready to go.

The first time or two that you cook something new in the air fryer it can be a little bit of a guessing game to get it perfect. Having these pre-programmed modes is a helpful addition.

While the smart Cosori air fryer is a bit more expensive than the regular model I think for many consumers the extra cost can be worthwhile.

Is Cosori A Good Brand

Most of the people asked this question. We are not going to give the direct answer to this question, rather we will describe in detail the product then you will be known by yourself is it a good band or not.

Cosori air fryer 5.8 qt review will let you know about the functions of the product, and the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

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  • This product won the Red Dot Award for the best design
  • The compact size is easy to fit on your kitchen countertop
  • It uses up to 85% less fat than traditionally deep-fried food. This device maintains the same delicious taste, though it uses less fat
  • The larger nonstick basket can fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken
  • You just need to choose 1 preset and you are ready to cook various dishes such as steak, seafood, poultry, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French Fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, and Desserts
  • If you want, you can set cooking time and temperature
  • The removable nonstick baskets are dishwasher safe and easily detachable
  • It is PFOA-free and BPA-free
  • This product comes with easy and delicious recipes for every meal
  • It minimizes your cooking time than a conventional oven with the crispier and tastier result
  • The shake reminded function lets you know when to shake the foods
  • To achieve the best result, you need to preheat the deice before adding the foods

Technical Details

  • The basket release button sometimes get loose
  • Sometimes it makes noise

Cosori Max Xl 58 Quart Air Fryer

First up on the list is this extra-large air fryer thatwould be an excellent pick for a family. This beast doesnt only have a largecooking capacity, but it also has some incredible features onboard.

The air fryer has been built for sturdiness and durability.By the look of its design, you can easily tell that this unit can serve you fora long time without breaking down. In terms of the cooking capacity, thiscooking master comes in with a 5.8-Qt basket that can prepare food for three tofive people. So yes, its perfectly a family air fryer.

Just to assure you that the basket can accommodate food formore people, you can cook a whole, 5lbs to 6lbs chicken in this bad boy.

It comes with a 1700W power rating that deliverstemperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is that thetemperature is easily adjustable. Speaking of the adjustability of thetemperature, you can get the controls on the one-touch LED panel.

All you have to do is touch on the control of your choice,and the cooker will do its thing. Keep in mind that the control panel lights upto give you an easy time when there is partial darkness in the kitchen.

What we also have to mention is that the air fryer comes with 11 cooking functions to let you choose the correct function based on what you are cooking. Here, you get functions like seafood, steak, dessert, bread, veggies, and preheat. With just the touch of a button, the air fryer will cook as you command it.



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Gourmia 7qt Digital Air Fryer Review 2021

Amazon.comas of December 8, 2021 8:40 am

You can roast, bake, broil, grill, and fry your favourite food quickly without any oil or calorie. This enables with 8 one-touch cooking preset you can cook a variety of food with just one tap. And also, you can allow adjusting cooking settings up to 4000F for 30 minutes.

  • Features: Gourmia Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer enables with FryForce 360 Technology. It circulates turbo heated air throughout the food evenly, to make crispy fried food without adding oil. This air fryer works under 1700W heat, and it leads to cooking 30% faster than an oven. The sleek display of the air fryer features a combination of cooking presets, touch buttons, and adjustable controls. This has 7Qt removable, non-stick pan, and pop-out basket to make cleaning easy. And also this air fryer is stainless steel. Perfect Crisp system gives exterior crispy, and inside with moist and tender. You can use 8 one-touch cooking presets for mindless cooking or, you can manually adjust the digital settings for a more personalized cooking experience. This also easy to clean since this is dishwasher safer.


Price History

What is an air frying?

Air frying is a method of cooking that circulates hot air inside your oven at a high speed through the use of convection fans. This cooks food faster and creates a crispy, fried layer and even-browning on all sides using little to no oil compared to traditional deep frying.

Are air fryers healthier?

Cosori Air Fryer: Co130

COSORI Air Fryer Review 2020

This air has a tremendous power that helps us cook food for many people, and you can cook for people at your party and gathering at your home.

Air fry function with high-speed because of the convection fan and has an interior light that helps you see the food while cooking and the light turn off before one minute the cooking is done. The air fryer that comes with a recipe book.


  • hard to clean


The taste of the food will be delicious, and this also has a convection fan and five heating elements that will help keep your food warm for a long time. There only a few complaints about the grease hard to clean that only occurs due to overcooking. If you avoid it, it will be easy to cook quickly.

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Cleaning The Cosori Air Fryer

Cleaning the Cosori Air Fryer is straightforward. The exterior wipes clean and the basket and drawer can both be washed in the dishwasher.

Both items are quite large so I did find them a bit hard to fit into my dishwasher, but it was easy enough to wash them by hand thanks to the non-stick exterior of the fryer basket and the drawer interior.

Unboxing The Cosori Air Fryer

So, lets get down to business. I am excited at thisunboxingmore than I am normally. In most cases, things I review, I have ownedand operated before. I have looked at lots of Dutch ovens, plenty of pressurecookers too. An air fryer? never. So,this is a little bit of an eye opener for me but I have done my research, Ireally hoping the Cosori air fryer doesnt disappoint.

Well the package arrived in a solid brown cardboard boxIstill find it bizarre that that they print whats in the boxthen mail the box.It seems a little bit odd to me but hey ho.

Inside the brown box, you will find the real boxits similar to the Cosori pressure cooker box. The style is very consistent across the brand.

I should probably mention that I gave the Cosori pressure cooker an excellent rating. It was fantastic in every way. Im really hoping that the Cosori air fryer meets my high expectations. I really should try and dampen those.

Compared to the pressure cooker the Air fryer boxing was notas dramatic. In fact, a little underwhelming. Put simply, it has few things init of notethe air fryer, manual, warranty information and a recipe book.

I guess that makes things quite simplenot a bad thingkeeping things simple.

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Cosori Air Fryer Vs Gowise 58qt Air Fryer

Lets have a look at the Gowiseand see how it stacks up to the Cosori. At first glance, we can note that the Gowise has an egg-shaped profile in contrast to the Cosori. In turn, the basket of the Gowise is round and deep, which I feel is not as convenient to layout as much food as you can in a square basket. After all, what the air fryer really depends on is a single layer of food across the cooking surface in order to achieve even cooking and good color. I think the Cosori wins in this category with its large, wide, square fryer basket.

The interface of the Gowise is a little complicated, with three ways to control the settings on this digital panel. You can control time and temperature separately, or you can choose one of 8 presets based on what you are cooking. Navigating the presets may take some getting used to, and I have to say that I dont think it is fair to assume that all chicken dishes cook at exactly the same temperature . Perhaps they are more like suggestions, so I would not expect to rely on this technology with my cooking. In short, I dont feel the presets are truly the best way to use this machine, but the option is there if you so desire.

What We Think Of The Dash Dmaf360gbaq02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker

Everything you need to know about the Cosori Air Fryer (Unbiased Review)

The Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker has a 3 quart capacity, making it a much smaller and more compact choice than many of the other air fryers on this list. It only has a weight of around 10 pounds as well.

The appearance is pretty striking. It has a completely round body and comes in four color choices. This appearance looks fresh and ensures that the air fryer fits into any kitchen, no matter what the kitchen may look like.

Although the air fryer is small, it retains functional and efficient performance. It comes with a digital display and eight preset options. These presets make it easy to cook all of your favorite snacks in this nifty little device.

More so, the Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker comes with safety features. For example, it comes with an auto shutoff function to ensure nothing burns or causes a fire.

Price wise, the air fryer is pretty affordable. It isnt quite as cheap as our budget pick, but it is close. People on a budget will be happy with the price tag on this product.

The biggest issue with the Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer + Oven Cooker is its size. Because it only has a capacity of 3 quarts, large families probably wont be able to make food for the whole family using this device.

Easy to operate. Good time and temperature. The capacity is great for its price.


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Front Control Panel And Features

The control panel of the Cosori air fryer looks fantastic.It is really well designed and I love the blue color that it lights up with.

As far as working the fryer, it is very intuitive. Let mestart by mentioning the preheat function. It is unique to the Cosori and Imsure other manufacturers are taking note. It really does make a difference tohow your food looks at the end. Let me explain, without it, it is similar toputting something in the oven without heating the oven up first. Trust me whenI say that the preheat function is fantastic.

In terms of working the Cosori air fryer, once you have setthe temperature simply press start. This is the heat that the preheating generates.When preheating is complete, you will hear three beeps. Time to put the foodin.

Now, all you need to do is choose a preset. This is when youput the food into the air fryer. To start it, you simply need to press thepreset again. It really is that simple.

Some of the preset functions include, vegetables, rootvegetables, French fries, breads and desserts.

If you dont want to use the preset function, you can do itmanually. Press temp time once to adjust the temperature with the plus andminus buttons. Simply press the temptime button again to change the cooking time similarly.

Cosori Air Fryer Vs Ninja Max Xl 55qt Air

I chose the Ninja Max XL because it is close to the Cosori in both price tag and cooking capacity. As far as price, these two machines are quite comparable. The most obvious difference at first glance is in the outward appearance. The Ninja has a more rounded profile than the Cosori, as well as a circular frying basket. I actually prefer the square fryer basket of the Cosori, but the Ninja certainly has other things going for it.

As far as temperatures go, the Ninja has the ability to heat to 450 degrees which is 50 degrees hotter than the Cosori. Now, this may not seem like much, but at high temperatures with a high fan , we are talking about the difference between golden brown and deep brown when it comes to color, and color almost always suggests crisp texture. This may be a pretty big deal when you get down to it.

The biggest difference is in the interface of these two machines. The Cosori is equipped with 13 different presets that are designed to take some of the guesswork out of your air frying. For example, if you are cooking chicken, you simply press the button, and the machine will automatically adjust the temperature and cooking time that should meet your needs. I would have to say that the Cosori is probably geared more toward the less experienced cook who may not know where to begin with temperature.

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Cleaning: Nonstick For The Win

Cleaning was easy after cooking since a nonstick coating is on both the inner and outer baskets. Even browned bits of cheese slid right off. The baskets are also dishwasher safe, but since they take up a lot of space in the dishwasher, I preferred hand washing the baskets.

Cosori Air Fryer Review

COSORI Air Fryer  Rapid Air Circulation System

by Susan LaBorde

Rating: 4.7

The Cosori Air Fryer is one of the largest models on the market, making it family friendly and good for crowd size cooking. Its also a huge bestseller that has earned a superior average rating from a whopping 19,000 online reviews.

Perhaps most impressive is that you get a huge 5.8 quart cooking capacity for an extremely low price under $125 . Thats an amazing value for an air fryer of this size.

If there is a drawback, its that the company is fairly new, so the product has not existed long enough to establish a track record for durability over time. I own one of these models, and so far its holding up well with frequent use. Ive always been a huge Philips fan, but there is a lot to love about this Cosori model. Read on for all the details.

  • Available in Black, Red or White
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Air fryers are fairly simple appliances because there is no need for complicated functionality. As you can see from the list above, the Cosori includes all the features you need for convenience and ease of use.

I never use presets, but if youre a fan then youll be delighted with the choices here. Cosori gives you 11 preset modes for chicken, steak, shrimp, seafood, bacon, frozen foods, French fries, vegetables, root vegetables, desserts, and bread.

Exterior Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 12.6*

Basket Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 3.75*

Weight: 15.97 pounds

Cooking Capacity: 5.8 quarts

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Cosori Air Fryer Reviews

Cosori Air Fryers are becoming extremely popular. Wondering if you should purchase one?

Read Cosori Air Fryer Reviews to make the best decision when purchasing an air fryer.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Cosori Air Fryers! I own 4 of them.

I’ve collected these air fryers over the last several years and I put them to the test weekly!

Does The Air Fryer Come With Accessories

While the Cosori Air Fryer does not come with accessories, they do have an accessory kit available.

When I bought this Cosori Air Fryer, I purchased the Air Fryer accessories along with it too. I wanted to see how well they worked together and wanted something I knew would fit into the square pan with no issues.

The Accessory Kit Comes with the following:

  • An Egg Bites Mold to cook eggs and mini muffins in
  • A Skewer Rack with 5 Skewers
  • A Metal Holder that helps elevate your food
  • A Cake Pan perfect for quiches, bread, and more
  • A Pizza pan that can double as a pie pan
  • A Silicone Mat that I personally use to put the hot air fryer drawer on when shaking the basket and holding the hot pans

All pieces fit perfectly into the air fryer.

I do wish the egg bites mold was a little bigger. If anaccessory kit is made for a specific air fryer, I feel like they should utilizethe space to its maximum and there is plenty of room to still work with.

The pizza pan is also a little thin. They advertise it as apie pan, but that would be a very thin pie .

I am still very happy with the accessory kit and fullyrecommend it. The pieces are made well and clean very easily.

The price is very comparable to other accessory kits, but toknow you have something that will 100% fit your air fryer is always a win.

Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty!

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