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Should You Buy The Philips Air Fryer

Philips Airfryer HD9216/81 Unboxing and Review | Airfryer at Best Price

Even though it’s the best I’ve tested, $250 is a lot to spend on an air fryer. However, if you have the money and want the best, the Twin TurboStar XXL is the model to buy, especially if you want a unit that can cook larger quantities of food quickly.

Due to its size, it may not be ideal for individuals with smaller kitchens, but it could be a good alternative if you don’t have room for an oven.

What Makes The Airfryer Healthier

Because of the how the air fryer works, it is able to produce crispy fried tasting food using a tiny amount of oil. Take chips, for example an old fashioned deep fat fryer literally soaks your food in oil throughout the cooking process, and the oil and fat can be squeezed out of the chips once they are cooked. With the Philips Air Fryer, hot air is circulated around the chips in the basket that have been coated with a small amount of oil. The end result is the same great tasting chips but the ones that have been air fried will contain up to 80% less fat!

Philips Premium Airfryer Xxl With Fat Removal Technology And Grill Pan Accessory

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How To Choose The Best Air Fryer For You

Air fryers vary in size, shape, capacity and price. The most expensive ones are solidly built, but not necessarily the best at air frying, nor the most convenient to use.

Here are the five things to consider when shopping for an air fryer:

Size: Most air fryers are not only large, but theyre irregularly shaped. Be sure to measure the space on your countertop where you plan to keep your air fryer and the machine itself before making a purchase. Dont forget to check how much room you have from the counter surface to the bottom of your cabinets if you want to be able to move the fryer back and out of the way when youre not using it. If you dont plan on using it often, also consider how heavy the appliance is to see if it will be convenient to lift it in and out of a cabinet or closet.

Capacity: Air fryers are labeled with a wide range of capacities from as little as two quarts to as much as eight. However, the stated capacity is not necessarily a good indication of how much food you can cook at one time. For best results, its not a good idea to pile up food to the top of the basket. Few models can cook more than a pound of food like French fries or veggies at a time. When youre making chicken or hamburgers youre limited to how many pieces you can fit on the bottom of the basket. Its more important to check the diameter of the basket than its volume.

Philips Viva Airfryer 20

Philips Air Fryer available best Price in Pakistan ...

Among all the Philips viva collection airfryer, this is the most compact one with the capabilities matching the needs of a single person or small family. This easy cleaning and low-fat meal preparer are the best choice to maintain a healthy diet without spending a lot.

Key Features Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0

  • As you see, it can cook well, you can rely on it as it is safer too with a 30-minute timer on board.
  • The electronics of this model has the highest quality to precisely control the temperature and reach up to 390-degrees quickly.
  • You can also save some time by making the parts wash through the dish washing machine.
  • With the starfish design on the bottom, the fryer can actively circulate the air throughout the food.
  • All of those features make sure that you can get less fat from your meal that can count up to 75% every day.

Saving time can be the concern of many people and this model respects that by cooking faster than other models on the market. It is possible due to the high-heat capabilities, precise temperature control, and unique design on the inside.

With its 390-degree temperature settings, you will be able to cook different dishes deliciously. The starfish design on the bottom of the cooking pot evenly distributes the hot air to make it crispier and juicier.

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Buy Philips Air Fryers Online

Do you love French fries? Do you also end up feeling guilty about ruining your diet after finishing a portion of fries? With air fryers, you don’t need to feel guilty anymore. Buy Philips Air Fryers online and start enjoying your favourite fried treats in a healthier way.

So, what makes air fryers from Philips a popular choice? Lets explore more:

Best Air Fryer For : Ninja Dash Gourmia And More

We tested a few popular models to find the best overall oven, best budget air fryer, small air fryer and more.

Trendy air fryers may be one of the most popular small kitchen appliances of late, but they are far more than just a flash in the pan. Fried food aficionados are learning that an air fryer gives you a lot of the tasty benefits of frying but with much less oil and calories — and less mess to clean up after too.

With continued air fryer popularity comes options. New and updated air fryer models are coming into the market faster than perfectly cooked French fries disappear at a Sunday afternoon football get-together — which is to say, fast. When we first struck out in search of the best air fryer, the Cosori 5.8-quart took the top spot. It has since lost its place thanks to a potentially dangerous software vulnerability, so we’ve hauled in a few of the latest air fryer models and retested some of our previous favorites with a renewed vigor to find the best air fryer in 2021.

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Philips Hd9220/29 Air Fryer

If you are new to the world of air fryers, you should definitely start with the Philips HD9220/29 Air fryer. Although its simple design might put off the experienced users, it is a must if you do not know much about air fryers.

However, it doesnt mean that this appliance doesnt come with the necessary features. It is packed with some of the best features when compared to other brands in the market.

Its simple operating process makes it all the more special. With the Philips HD9220/29 Air fryer, all you need to do is turn the dial & set the desired temperature. Towards the back-side of the appliance, you can find a notch that allows you to store the devices power cord. When you buy this air fryer, you will get an exclusive offer to try Nooms healthy weight program for free.

Key Features:

  • It features Rapid Air Technology that allows you to cook food evenly
  • It allows you to leverage the benefits of Nooms Healthy weight program for free
  • It comes with a reference guide that includes more than 150 recipes

Product Specifications:

This Philips Air Fryer Is Getting A Black Friday

Philips Airfryer XXL – 3 Reasons why it is the ‘Best Air Fryer’

Cook delicious meals quickly and more healthily up to 90% less fat with the Philips Essential Air Fryer Extra Large nearly £100 off

ByDuncan BellLast updated 2021-11-03T09:55:19.930Z

Air fryers are hugely popular these days and are sure to show up in their droves among the best Black Friday deals in late November’s Black Friday sales. In fact, they may have to rename it Black Fry-day. However, why wait that long? This fine Philips air fryer has had its priced slashed to almost its lowest ever price on Amazon today.

If you want to go even larger, there’s also money of the Philips Air Fryer XXL now just £250, down from £320.

Also known as Philips HD9261/90 nice and easy to remember, that this air fryer is ‘extra large’ for family-sized portions of healthily cooked chips, chicken, meats vegetables and anything else you can cook in an oven.

Philips Essential Air Fryer Extra Large HD9261/90 This air fryer uses a fan and heating element to cook whatever you put in it using only a tiny amount of fat, yet gives a flavour and texture similar to frying. Who could resist? For one day earlier this year, you could find this miracle of food science for £130 but other than that, it’s the lowest price on this air fryer ever.

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Nuwave Versatile Brio Air Fryer

The best mid-range air fryer

Capacity: 3.5 QT | Temperature range: 100-390°F

The NuWave Brio Air Fryer is another affordable option that retails for just under $100. The NuWave Brio features a digital touch-pad which allows you to control the temperature and time precisely. The digital air fryer also offers a wide temperature range of 100-390°F and enables you to select 5-degree increments to ensure accurate cooking. The 3-quart removable drawer and food basket are made with durable nonstick coating and are dishwasher safe for a fast and easy cleanup. Because of the smaller quart capacity, the Nuwave is more compact than most models. While this fryer might not be best for big families, it’s perfect for solo cooking or whipping up quick snacks.

What Is Rapid Air Technology

The AirFryer works by using a unique patented combo of high-speed air flow, with a top grill, called Rapid Air technology. The Rapid Air technology creates very hot air flow quickly all around the ingredients in the container . This heats up the ingredients in the container from every sides at the same time, generating it a healthy and balanced, fast and simple technique to make delicious foods. Food prepared in the AirFryer is deliciously crispy on the outside, without becoming dry on the inside.

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What Else Is Great About The Philips Airfryer

Starting with the design, the Philips Air Fryer looks like its just come out of a spacecraft and will bring a touch of style to your kitchen. While it looks great though, the talented designers at Philips havent forgotten whats important and have made it super simple to use. In fact, there are just two controls on the machine, making it incredibly straightforward to use. All you need to do is to set the temperature, adjust the timer and youre ready to cook! Once your foods ready, the Philips AirFryer will shut itself off and begin to cool down.

What Can I Cook In An Air Fryer

Philips HD9220/20 Low Fat Multicooker Air Fryer Price: Buy ...

A good air fryer can also be used as an oven to bake, broil and help cook meats, casseroles, or even desserts. They are, of course, limited by their size and dont offer any advantage here over a traditional oven. But if you use your oven for storage, it tends to heat up the kitchen, or you often wish you had an extra oven, these countertop appliances can come in handy.

One thing to know: These kitchen tools are big and oddly shaped, so they take up a lot of countertop space and arent easy to store.

Bottom line: If you find crispy foods irresistible but want to avoid the fat, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Some popular cooking options include:

  • Vegetables you like to roast, such as potatoes, carrots, and squash
  • Meat dishes, such as battered chicken, bacon, burgers, and hot dogs
  • Frozen foods like chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, tater tots, onion rings, and french fries
  • Baked goods such as donuts, fritters, and funnel cake

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Top 6 The Best Philips Air Fryer Reviews In 2021


  • 1.9 Conclusion:
  • Are you in search of the best Philips Air Fryer? The Philips Air Fryers have the ability to cook foods in a fast and efficient manner. This makes it one of the most popular items on sale in the UK and US. A person might look at some of the benefits of the item and think that they are too good to be true. However, if they understand how to use the item correctly, they too can reap all of the great benefits that the product offers. To help you with this, we are going to go over some of the best products that you should keep in mind whenever you are looking to buy a Philips Air Fryer.

    Well, there are a lot of things to be considered before buying one. For one, it should be of good quality, easy to clean and maintain. It should also have all the essential features that most people need in an air fryer. Also, look at the price tag, which would go down if it has all these features.

    Philips makes the ultimate air fryer for fry, grills, roasts, bakes, reheats, dehydrates, and toasts. From the hot and crispy aloo tikki, crunchy french fries to succulent chicken wings, the Philips Airfryer cooks it all and fast, with 80% less oil. Its also a very versatile appliance that you use in the kitchen. But, before you buy, first make sure it has all the features you want it to have. Also, check out the top 6 best Philips Air Fryer list below to choose the right product for your needs.

    Buying Guide For Best Philips Air Fryers

    Imagine enjoying the satisfying crunch of a plate full of french fries without worrying about fat. If you own an air fryer, this isnt just a pipe dream. You can easily have your fries and eat them, too! In fact, there are countless delectable dishes beyond the standard fried potato that you can prepare in an air fryer and enjoy without guilt: coconut shrimp, salmon cakes, and lava cake, to name a few.

    Philips is a leader in kitchen technology, including air fryers, which only require a tablespoon of oil or less to make scrumptious fried foods. You might already own a Philips appliance or two: the company makes an array of fine multi-cookers, pasta makers, blenders, grills, and more. If youre thinking of adding a Philips air fryer to your cooking arsenal, whether for health reasons or simply because you love the taste of crunchy-yet-tender air-fried food, we applaud your decision, and were here to help you decide which Philips air fryer is right for you. And check out our favorites when youre ready to buy.

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    Removes The Fat Other Fryers Leave Behind

    Philips Airfryers reduce the amount of fats that are naturally released during cooking2. Our latest Airfryer models use Twin TurboStar technology to capture excess fat in the fat reducing tray, taking it away from your food. Now you can enjoy crispy, healthier food with fewer calories.

    without its patented base

    The patented starfish-shaped base means that the air inside the Airfryer circulates 360 °, creating a tornado airflow inside. This unique airflow gives a constant and even heat distribution throughout the cooking basket. At the same time, strong direct heat comes from the top, creating the crispy, golden brown surface while the inside remains juicy. So you won’t get food that is burnt or undercooked.

    Other Air Fryers We Tested

    Philips Airfryer XL or XXL? – Comparison (English) – See Prices in Video Description

    Instant Vortex Mini

    Although its controls took a bit longer to get the hang of than most other models the combination of a knob and push-button controls isnt the most intuitive this Instant fryer is still a fine option. Its basket and tray both featured a non-stick finish which was easy to clean in the sink, although they are not meant to be used in a dishwasher, the only one of our basket-style fryers to lack this option.

    Our food items were cooked fairly evenly, and the Brussels sprouts especially came out with a nice, even crisp. A Turn Food reminder halfway through cooking was a nice touch, and ensured we wouldnt unevenly cook food. The four cooking modes air fry, bake, roast and reheat should offer a good variety to most users, although the 2-quart basket might not be large enough for some users.

    We did find the Instant Vortex Mini to be a bit less sturdy than other options, which usually required us to steady the unit with one hand while using the other to remove and insert the frying basket. This isnt a dealbreaker by any means, but something to consider. Overall, this was an effective air fryer at a reasonable price, and could be well-suited for those who dont need to cook large amounts of food at once.

    Chefman 2-Quart

    Philips Premium

    Cosori Fryer

    Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

    KitchenAid Digital

    Instant Vortex Plus

    Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.

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