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Gcri3058ad Frigidaire Gallery 30 Freestanding Induction Range With Air Fry

Induction Cooktop Air Fry Oven | Frigidaire
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The Best Induction Ranges In 2021

Its time to update your stove? Have no fear then, because todays article is about the best induction range, so you can say goodbye to that fine 1980s vintage stove of yours. Why induction range, you asked? Thats an easy one: since its the current year, low-tech isnt going to cut it anymore, i.e. its time to upgrade your kitchen appliances, and induction ranges are all the rage nowadays, especially if youre looking to heat things efficiently and rather quickly.

First, lets see about how induction technology works: if youre a reader of our website, you probably already know about our article on the best induction cooktop, and needless to say, induction ranges work using the same principle: a magnetic field is produced by an electromagnet located right under the cooking surface, and the respective field penetrates the specially designed pan, which turns the respective energy into heat, thus heating up the content inside.

Since were talking next-gen cooking, youll require special gear with your induction range, so check out our article on the best induction cookware. Even if this sounds pretty high-tech, induction cooking is not a new concept, but its becoming mainstream due to technological advances that made prices to go down dramatically, i.e. a century-old technology is now cheap enough to reach your kitchen.

Electric Vs Induction Cooking

Although they resemble electric smoothtop burners, induction cooktops don’t have burners underneath the surface. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. In comparison, gas and electric cooktops heat indirectly, using a burner or heating element, and passing radiant energy onto your food.

Induction cooktops can achieve a wide range of temperatures, and they take far less time to boil than their electric or gas counterparts. In addition, the cooktop surface stays cool, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand. It’s even possible to put a paper towel between a spattering frying pan and an induction burner, though youd want to keep an eye on that. Remember, the cooktop doesn’t get hot, but the pan does.

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Frigidaire Fgih3047vf 30 In 54 Cu Ft Front Control Induction Range

The Best Budget Induction Range

Our next pick is an affordable front-control induction range from FRIGIDAIRE besides its very appealing price tag, the FGIH3047VF comes with an air fry located in the oven, which is kind of interesting to say the least, hence youll end up with an induction range, an induction cooktop and an air fry, three for the price of one.

Basically, this induction range has it all: great temp control, quick boil times, plus a plethora of useful settings, and, most importantly, it will cover all your basic cooking needs besides the gourmet ones, due to its special features: air fry and true convection.

This FGIH3047VF induction range introduces worlds first 30 incher to feature an air fry mode on top of that, youll get 4 burners, each of them having its own pan size sensor, a black ceramic glass cooktop, a beautiful stainless steel finish, steam cleaning, infinite-ring burners, true convection and air fry mode.

However, the main selling point of the FGIH3047VF is arguably its awesome induction cooktop, due to its 4 burners with auto detect the burners heat quickly, keep their heat, while the hottest of the bunch is capable of boiling six cups of water in 4 minutes. The oven performance is on-par with the best, it preheats well, and its great for pork roasts or pizzas.

Other Induction Ranges We Tested

Frigidaire Gallery 30"  Front Control Induction Range with ...

Featuring a sleek slide-in design, true convection oven, and Glide Control touchscreen, this luxurious-looking GE Profile PHS930SLSS outperformed most of the induction ranges weve tested.

In testing, the PHS930SLSS baked batches of evenly browned cookies and was able to preheat the oven noticeably faster than the other units weve tested.

There are no knobs on the cooktop you can give commands either by sliding the Glide Control touchscreen or by monitoring the cooking process from your phone.

In addition, the two left burners can be linked for synchronized cooking at the swipe of your fingertips, making it possible to fit a large griddle. Read the full review.


  • Smooth and responsive button control

  • Can monitor remotely

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Cafe Chs950p4mw2 30 In 70 Cu Ft Induction Range

The Best Induction Range for Gourmet Cooking

Our first choice is the GE Cafe 30, which is actually a Smart Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range with Convection, designed for gourmet cooking, or so they claim. All jokes aside, the GE Cafe 30 can cook automatically for you, and it allows you to adjust the temperature and time, i.e. youll have complete control over the heat. And yes, before you ask, this thing makes induction cooking a childs play, especially due to the induction ranges smart features.

For example, you can begin the pre-heating procedure from your smartphone while on the go, so when you arrive home, youll waste zero time. The Bluetooth probe allows your stove top to communicate to the microwave, to turn the fans and/or the light on/off automatically. Obviously, this induction range heats way quicker than a gas range and the double-oven feature is a match made in heaven for compulsive cooks or for holidays, though most probably youll use the upper oven 90 percent of the time.

  • Features Self-Clean with Steam Clean Option, Hot Surface Indicator Lights, 2.7 Cu. Ft. Upper Capacity,4.3 Cu. Ft. Lower Capacity,7.0 Total Capacity, synchronized burners
  • Gourmet Guided Cooking feature for video-guided recipes, Front Controls Backlit and Glass Touch, True European Convection with Precise Air in the lower oven
  • Offers total control over temperature, cooking time, consistent temps across a large area, Induction Cooktop Burner

Samsung Ne58k9560ws 58 Cu Ft Slide

The Best Induction Range with Virtual Flame Technology

Samsung is a big-tech giant thats relatively new in the kitchen appliances business, but their Samsung NE58K9560WS slide-in induction range is absolutely fantastic, boasting futuristic cooking power in a tough and stylish stainless steel construction.

Moreover, this baby comes with virtual flame technology, i.e. it can give you a retro feeling, provided youre into that , and has a relatively compact footprint. Basically, the Samsung NE58K9560WS represents the pinnacle of the companys high-end kitchen appliance brand.

So, to make a long story short, heres what you get: a standard 30 inch 5.8 cubic foot slide-in self-cleaning kitchen appliance, which is extra spacious for its relatively compact size, which means you can cook large baking sheets and turkey roasters with ease. The virtual flame technology consists of LED lights that offer you the illusion of gas cooking, while the flex-duo oven is up to thirty percent faster compared to regular induction ovens.

The warmer drawer keeps your food warm until you serve it, and the 4 induction elements on the cooktop allow you to cook multiple dishes in various size pans

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Best Large Capacity: Kitchenaid Ksib900ess Slide

Fuel Type: Induction | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 7.1 cubic feet | Dimensions: 36 x 29.88 x 28.88 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 4

  • Expensive

  • Takes a long time to preheat

If cooking for a crowd is the norm for you, then this KitchenAid slide-in induction range will certainly suit your needs. With 7.1 cubic feet of oven space, it’s made to feed manyor easily make a weeks worth of meals. Its price tag lands in the mid-to-upper range of induction ranges, meaning youll pay slightly more for this model than others with less space. But, if you know you’ll use the extra space, it is definitely worth the splurge.

The induction cooktop features four cooking elements for simmering, sautéing, and boiling. You can create a larger heating element by connecting two, 7-inch elements. If you have an induction-compatible pot or skillet that’s on the larger side, this super-sized element will surely deliver consistent, even heat to make your dishes sizzle. This is a unique feature that is not seen frequently, and sets this induction range apart from others.

Moving down to the oven, youll notice the cavity is plenty big enough to roast a turkey, bake cakes, or cook up a casserole. Running out of space is something that really won’t cross your mind. All in all, choose this KitchenAid range for both reliability and roominess.

  • Expensive

For Efficient Smart Cooking Have At These Induction Ranges

Cooking in our van with an air fryer and induction stove top.
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Whether you’re a gourmet cook or diving into recipes online for the first time, an induction range can be your best friend. Its electromagnetic technology prevents burned-on spills, making this appliance easier to clean and less stressful to cook on. When you’re moving ingredients around quicklyin hopes of perfectly timing your sides to the main part of your mealan induction range will heat cookware that pairs with its built-in magnets in an efficient and precise fashion.

Cooktop elements aside, this type of range can also come with a self-cleaning or double oven, too. Some ranges are equipped with smart technology, while others prioritize space and a slide-in build that looks high-end once installed.

Below, the best induction ranges for any cook or home.

Fuel Type: Induction | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet | Dimensions: 37.88 x 29.88 x 28.94 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 5

  • No temperature probe

  • No built-in air fryer

In total, the oven has 6.3 cubic feet available, which is plenty of room to cook a variety of dishes, and is a reliable appliance for any household. It won’t leave you high and dry around the holidays, or on a laidback weeknight.

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Bosch 800 Series 30 In 46 Cu Ft Slide

The Best Reliable Induction Range

Bosch is a big name in the kitchen appliance industry and the 800 Series induction range plays in a league of its own. To be more precise, this is a 4.6 cu. ft. Slide-In Induction Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven, and its designed to deliver consistent temperature settings due to its Genuine European Convection oven, for even and faster cooking on the 3 racks, plus more precise cooking results to everyday cooking.

The Bosch 800 series features a black stainless steel finish, which protects it against fingerprints and scratches moreover, the 4.6 cubic feet oven capacity is generous for its size and allows you to save time in the kitchen as you can bake multiple dishes at the same time.

Theres also a four-element induction cooktop for everyday tasks, with a strong 2600 watt back right element, as well as a recessed eight pass broil element, which increases safety and capacity, a fast preheat function, a warming drawer to keep your food warm and ready, touch controls for easy operation plus solid metal knobs for a premium feel and look, a safe start function, a self-cleaning feature which obliterates grease and, finally, a large door window to keep your food in check.

Why Trust The Spruce

This article was edited and updated by , who is the large appliance expert for The Spruce. Throughout her career, she’s researched the ins and outs of air purifiers, dishwashers, cooktops, and more in the home and lifestyle space. She’s an avid cook, who has experience with gas, electric, and smooth-top stoves.

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Best Budget: Frigidaire Gallery Fgih3047vf 30 In 54 Cu Ft Front Control Induction Range With Air Fry

Fuel Type: Induction | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 5.4 cubic feet | Dimensions: 36.62 x 29.88 x 25.75 inches | Cleaning Type: Steam | Number of Burners: 4

  • No temperature probe

  • Doesn’t come with broiler or air fry pan

Frigidaire delivers an impressive induction range at an affordable price with this 30-inch wide appliance, making it our best budget pick. The cooktop features four elements to help you cook a variety of meals, while 5.4 cubic feet of oven space gives you plenty of room to bake multiple dishes at once. Once you’ve completed your dishes, a 30-minute steam clean cycle will rid your oven cavity of light messes.

Notably, this Frigidaire induction range is a great value for home cooks that want to experience the speed of induction cooking and also desire an appliance with convection capabilities. You gain both useful features at a price that’s hard to beat for a range with this power. The induction cooktop will boil water quickly, while a built-in air fryer will cook wings to perfection. When it comes to the convection oven, you can enjoy a quick preheat option and hidden bake element, which reduces hard-to-clean oven messes. Another convenient feature is the Auto Sizing Pan Detection that adjusts the amount of heat based on the size of the pan.

  • Expensive

  • No bottom storage drawer

  • On the expensive side

  • No temperature probes

  • Not as spacious as other models

  • Can be noisy

How To Choose The Best Induction Range

Frigidaire Gallery 30"  Front Control Induction Range with ...

Heres what to look for in an induction range: first, you must learn that there are three main types of induction ranges. The freestanding type is the most common, as its the easiest to install and the most widely sold. Usually speaking, this particular model has the oven control panel above the cooktop surface, on the back panel respectively.

Freestanding induction ranges can be placed between cabinets, or even stand alone, and they have storage or warming drawers at the bottom. Then, theres the slide-in induction range type, and the main advantage of a slide-in range is that it fits over the cabinet, whereas the previous model does not. A slide-in induction range has controls on the front, while the cooktop sits over the counter.

Finally, we have the front control range, which is a mix between slide-in and freestanding range bottom line, you must choose a type first, depending on your kitchen configuration. Size matters too, obviously, as well as oven capacity , and oven configuration . Budget is also an issue, as always, but dont worry, as weve already done the research and well present you with both higher-end and affordable models, i.e. theres something for each and every one of you in todays best induction range extravaganza.

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What Cookware Works With Induction

Because induction relies on electromagnetism, only pots with magnetic bottomssteel and ironcan transfer heat. The winners of our best stainless steel skillets roundup are induction-friendly. But that doesnt mean you need to buy all-new cookware. If a magnet sticks to the bottom, your pots and pans will work with induction.

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