Gowise 12.7 Air Fryer

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Summary Of The Gowise Air Fryer Oven

GoWise USA Air Fryer review | 12.7-Quart 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer Oven w/Rotisserie and Dehydrator

I was genuinely happy with the cooking results of the GowiseAir Fryer oven the quality was good and the food was great. The build qualitywas good too aside from an oven door opening speed issue. I fully expect this Gowiseair fryer oven to last many years. In view of the build, function and cookingresults, it is definitely worth consideration.

For the full Gowise air fryer oven review, keep reading.

Oven door is not balanced

Quite tall so make sure you have room

Popcorn function not great

Gowise Usa 127qt Electric Air Fryer


Includes 3 mesh trays, rotisserie rod & forks, rotisserie cage, skewer rotisserie, drip pan, rotisserie tongs, and recipe book.

Model GW44800

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Unboxing The Gowiseair Fryer Oven

Im really excited at unboxing the Gowise air fryer oven. My expectations are high and ive already cleared the space for it.

The box is relatively simple in design but it is attractive.The air fryer oven was well secured within it so no complaints there. One thingis for sure, they fit quite a lot in a relatively small box. Kudos to Gowisefor that, eliminating unnecessary packaging should be a priority for everymanufacturer.

So, what do I get in the box?

  • Gowise air fryer oven accessories
  • Gowise 12 liter electric air fryer oven
  • Gowise 12.7 quart air fryer oven

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Initial Impressionsof The Gowise Air Fryer Oven

They are positive but the proof is always in the results. Ithas a comfortable weight to it and it feels pretty solid.

The front clear panel is plastic, I assumed it would beglass but when you open it, the inside is glass. Maybe they did that as aweight saving thing, but fine.

When you open it, one thing to pay attention to is the door.It is not counterbalanced in any kind of way so when you open it, keep hold ofit until it is to the bottom. It is literally a hinge so dont let it drop.

Moving onto the body of the oven, it has notches for three trays. These are interchangeable so you can customize them for whatever you are cooking. The drip tray only slots into the base and has a non-stick coating. The rest of the accessories are stainless steel.

Although I decided against ordering it, you do have the option of getting an additional accessory set. This contains a steel air basket, an 8 baking tray and a 6-piece bread toasting rack. I will see how I get on I may get one in the future.

The recipe book looks nice too, nice pictures and easy tofollow. It has 50 recipes in there and I would always recommend you try acouple of these. It helps you understand what the air fryer is capable of andhow fast it cooks.

Overall, it seems quite nice. Modern looking and goodquality. Once I have a go and see what it can do and how it performs, I will doa more in-depth review.

The In And Out Of Dehydrating Food


When I am making jerky, I use a temperature of 120°F which is the lowest setting for this GoWise USA air fryer oven. When Im doing delicate herbs and spices I like to use a lower temperature setting. I will usually take 20 x 20 furnace filters and sandwich my items between them. Then I bungee cord this to a box fan and turn it on for a couple days to remove the moisture. The reason I do this is it doesnt evaporate the oils in them. You get a much better flavor this way. I have seen other manufactured air fryer ovens with a low temperature setting of 80°F. At this temperature you will not evaporate the oils from your delicate herbs and spices. You can dehydrate your herbs and spices at 120°F and you will get good results, but for great results you need to lower the temperature.

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Types Of Rotisserie Food

The Skewer Rotisserie attachment allows you to make up to 10 skewers per cooking. You can use your favorite vegetables, fruit, seafood, and meat in any combination you like. Base them with your favorite cooking sauce and you have a great dinner for 10 people. You can also reduce the number of skewers and cook slightly larger food. Take a thick steak and cut it into even portions run skewer through each and now your cooking steak on your skewers. As you can see there are very many ways to use this device.

The Rotisserie State Cage is a very diverse item also.You can cook stakes, pork chops, hearty fish, chicken breasts, large vegetable pieces, etc. Your imagination is your only limit. Here again this offers set and forget cooking. Place your item in the basket, place the basket in the air fryer oven and set the time & temperature. You do not have to, halfway through the cooking time. turn your food over. This is an add convenience that other standard air fryers dont have.

Gowise Usa 127 Quart Deluxe Air Fryer Oven With 10 Accessories

  • Product Name: GoWISE USA 12.7 Quart Deluxe Air Fryer Oven with 10 Accessories
  • Model: GW44800, GW44801, GW44802
  • Rapid-Air Technology givies you the ability to fry, bake, roast, and rotisserie all at the touch of a button
  • 12.7 quarts of cooking space makes this air fryer one of the largest on the market, while still being compact enough to fit easily on your countertop
  • 3 rack levels allow you to prepare family-sized quantities
  • Control how fast and how crispy your food cooks
  • Prepare whole roasts, tenderloins, racks of kebabs, and even a whole chicken!
  • Get crispy, tender meats, perfectly blackened fish, and expertly roasted vegetables
  • Comes with 10 accessories everything youll need to make a homemade meal with ease
  • Easy to read, simple to use control display
  • 15 presets takes the guesswork out of cooking times and temperatures
  • Stainless-steel interior and removable non-stick drip pan makes for easy clean-up
  • Includes a recipe book specifically made for the GoWISE USA Air Fryer Oven with 50 step-by-step recipes to explore all that your new kitchen gadget has to offer

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I Cant Believe I Made The Whole Thing

This unit has a number of features that allow you to cook larger amounts of food at one time.

  • Three racks placements allows for larger amount of food to be cooked.
  • A large rotisserie basket rotates the food automatically for you and allows you to use smaller pieces of food.
  • 10 skewers allows you to hook to the rotisserie arm.

With these devices you will be able to serve a large amount of food too many people at one time.

Verdict On The Gowiseair Fryer Oven Review

Airfryer Oven – Update after 2 months

The results and inand it is a recommend. Let me explainwhy. My old air fryer is great, it does a wonderful job all roundbut its toosmall. This Gowise power air fryer oven solves that issue for me withoutsacrificing and quality in the cooking ability.

Add into the fact that it has a number of other quiteimpressive functions, you can see why so many people are attracted to it. It certainlyhas a place in the marketpeople like me I assume.

It is a little more expensive than the smaller air fryers,but when I bought mine, I justified it looking at what other things it did. TheRotisserie function and the dehydrator were the deciding factors for me.

Overall, I recommend thisbut only if you feel that you will make most out of the other functions too. If you can get away with having a smaller air fryer, then it is probably better to do that. If you want a larger air fryer and more functions, the Gowise air fryer oven will do the job.

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An Overview On Air Fryer Ovens

Air fryers, also known as convection ovens, cook food by circulating air around the ingredients, creating a more even, faster cooking process. The technology also crisps up the outside more than conventional ovens, making it a better cooking style for foods like French fries.

The popularity of air fryers in recent years has led many toaster oven manufacturers to offer all-in-one units. These devices simply use convection cooking when you choose the air fryer option, but they can also serve as a rotisserie or small oven. That means you can roast chicken, cook frozen foods and crisp up vegetables and meats, all using the same kitchen gadget.

But there is a benefit to choosing a dedicated air fryer if thats the only thing youll be using it to do. An oven designed to fry, roast, bake and more will typically be larger than if you have one that simply has a basket for frying. These units also will sometimes come with more dedicated accessories than youd get if you purchased an oven that offers convection capabilities, although you may be able to buy whatever you need separately.

Space is always a consideration with cooking gadgets. You likely have limited countertop room, so you may want to store your air fryer oven under the cabinet between uses. Whichever option youll choose, check to make sure you choose an air fryer that will squeeze into the space youve made for it.

Review Of The Gowise Usa Air Fryer Oven

In this review I will talk about the many different feature and operations this type of air fryer can do. The GoWise USA Air Fryer Oven Instead of using drawers with a basket is more like a convection air fryer, it has an oven door that opens and 3 rack levels like a convection oven. It uses a larger fan to circulate the air with higher velocity than most normal convection ovens. Come with me and I will show you why I gave a 9.8 out of 10 stars for this unit.

GoWise USA Air Fryer Oven has a front door and the use of racks to be able to cook your food. You do not have to worry about a basket that you pull out of the unit. You just open the door and youre able to slide your food out using the provided racks. This is way more convenient and safer as you do not have to worry about the basket dropping off if you hit the wrong button.

This unit is better than a normal convection toaster oven because, the fan that circulates the air in the unit provides more circulation of hot air. It is circulates faster and is hotter. These air fryers are design to have the air move around the food the same way boiling oil moves around the food. The intent with this air movement is to mimic the results of the boiling oi,l thus giving you the crispy outside and the juicy inside of the food you cook. The benefit of doing this is that you do need to use very little oil or no oil at all. The health benefits are great, because you reduce your fat intake by 70% to 80%.

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How Does The Gowiseair Fryer Oven Make Me Feel

I always like to put the emotion back into cooking. Itsimportant to connect with your food. With that in mind, how did it make me feelusing this Gowise air fryer oven?

Confident. My initial cooking tests made me feel that way.The quality and the efficiency were good. I fully expect that whatever goes inthere, will come out the other end well cooked.aside from popcorn!

The Number One Reason I Chose The Gowise Usa Air Fryer Oven

GoWise 12.7 Quart Air Fryer Oven w/ Accessories

The number one reason I choose the GoWISE Air Fryer Oven is its customer service. In looking into this device I found that GoWISE answers its one star through three-star reviews on Amazon. None of the other companies that offer a Air Fryer Oven answered any of their reviews.

hen I went to their official site, I found a chat box that was open M-F 8:30AM-12PM 1PM-4PM . I found this very useful and they answered all of my questions I posed to them.The support line , which is opened at the same times, was again very helpful and the people answering question were friendly and knowledgeable. The only reason they did not get 10 out of 10 was some of my answers had to be emailed to me. But all email answered questions were received within 24 hours. No company is perfect and mistakes will happen, but if theres someone on the end of the phone you can talk to you can get your problem solved. And you cant ask for much more than that.

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Nine Accessoriescount Them Nine

The GoWISE USA Air Fryer Oven has nine accessories are included that allow you to do many things that a conventional air fryer, oven, toaster oven, convection oven, rotisserie oven and pizza grill does.

  • Rotisserie tong
  • shallow mesh basket

Everyone of these accessories except the drip pan are made of stainless steel and can be easily cleaned up either by hand or the dishwasher. The drip pan is nonstick coated and FDA certified, PFOA free and BPA free. As with all nonstick coated items, I recommend you use warm soapy water and a wash rag to hand clean them. Even though the manufacturer states they can be cleaned by dishwasher, I find the surfaces last a lot longer if I dont expose them to the high temperature and dishwasher chemicals. In some of the information, I have found it is strongly recommended not to use the new dishwasher pod type of soap. If youre going to wash them in the dishwasher use the old-style granule soap.

There is only one rotisserie rod to work with the three rotisserie attachments. The rod comes with two forks the hold your item you are cooking.

The rotisserie basket is used to cook items like French fries, jalapeno poppers, breaded mushrooms, vegetables, etc. The great advantage to the rotisserie basket is you dont have to turn your food while cooking. You can set your time/temperature and your food will cook evenly by using the rotating basket.

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