Philips Xxl Air Fryer Reviews

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What Makes The Philips Air Fryer Stand Out

Philips Airfryer XXL Review – I’m Never Using My Oven Again!

What impresses me most about the Philips Twin TurboStar XXL Airfryer is that it combines size with fast cooking. The stated capacity of the air fryer is 3 pounds or 4 quarts of food, and in my experience, this is conservative. I had no problem fitting three pounds of chicken breasts in the basket without crowding.

There are three food items I test in all air fryers: toast, french fries, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The chicken breasts just needed 25 minutes, and they tasted juicy and delicious.

To test the french fry capabilities, I cut up 2 pounds of yellow potatoes, tossed them with a tablespoon of olive oil and some seasoning, and put them in the air fryer. Every 10 minutes, I’d shake the basket up and see if they were done. The fries took a little less than 30 minutes, which is impressive compared to other models I’ve tested.

The toast was also quite fast by air fryer standards. In less than 4 minutes, the Twin TurboStar XXL evenly toasted a giant slice of my homemade bread, which I’d made in the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker.

You can also tell how well an air fryer bakes by how much heat it puts off. If the air fryer is emitting a lot of heat around the exterior, then it’s heating your house and not cooking efficiently. The Philips air fryer stays cool to the touch everywhere except the back of the appliance, where it’s incredibly hot.

Philips Xxl Hd9630/98 Air Fryer: What You Need To Know

The Philips Air Fryer XXL owes its great performance to its Twin TurboStar technology. Not only does it heat up faster but it also extracts excess fat from foods, offering a healthier way to prepare meals. It has an adjustable thermostat to customize your temperature, and a timer for automatic shut-off. It comes with a 4-quart capacity, which is sufficient for cooking up smaller meals.

Whats more, it has a convenient QuickClean basket and slide-in drawer which are all removable and dishwasher safe. The Philips Air Fryer XXL is available in two colors, black and silver, and also comes with a handy recipe book and app for more cooking ideas.

Air Frying Breakfast In The Philips Smart Air Fryer Xxl

This might be the most versatile Air Fryer its even good for breakfast! When I saw these Mango and Coconut Breakfast Balls in the NutriU App, I knew it was for me. They looked just perfect for a commuter breakfast something healthy to pop in a container and bring on the road.

It turns out this Air Fryer breakfast recipe couldnt have been simpler. Blending up dates, mango, oats, a little coconut oil and a dash of soy milk, forming into a sphere, and then rolling in coconut flakes is foolproof, even for me. Its plenty of fun too.

After eight minutes, the Philips Smart Air Fryer XXL had produced the ideal portable breakfast. This air fried breaky had a delightfully crunchy exterior and soft centre. Full of goodness with no added sugar, they tasted wonderful and were the ideal car breakfast Id been searching for! Its a good thing theyre only 89 calories per serve, despite being so moreish.

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What Is The Philips Xxl Digital Smart Air Fryer

The basis of any air fryer is:

  • A large heat element
  • A fan unit to blow hot air over, under and around the food
  • A control unit to select time and heat
  • Some form of pull-out food basket to allow the hot air to circulate around the food
  • A drip tray to catch any food juices or fat
  • All housed in a heat resistant exterior

Of course, the more you pay, the more features, controls, size options and more that you get. The Philips XXL Digital Smart is pretty well at the premium of all the above.

Unbiased Philips Airfryer Xl Review: Worth The Splurge

Philips Air Fryer XXL Digital 1.4kg Black

Updated: by Elizabeth Martin· As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Since the Philips XL air fryer was released years ago, air fryers themselves have improved a lot.

But in a testament to the company’s quality engineering standards, this air fryer has continued to beat out its competitors, right up to the present. Why? Because no corners were cut in making the thing. The build quality is high. The features are premium. The warranty is fittingly long.

But is it the air fryer for you?

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Lets Have A Look At The Differences:

If you want a bigger air fryer, the Philips XL Air fryer is a fantastic option to consider. It has a capacity of 6.1L , which makes it ideal for large families or gatherings of people. It also boasts a strong 2000W engine, which ensures that your food is cooked evenly and rapidly every time you use it. A 4.1L capacity and 1400W power are provided by the Philips Essential Airfryer , which costs about the same. Fortunately, both offer the same seven settings as well as a keep-warm feature. Take note that, since they are not much different, most of the information in this evaluation applies to both air fryers unless specifically indicated differently in this review.

Air Fryers Are A Cool Concept But Are They Worth The Price

According to Philips, both pieces function to trap any grease and fat that may drip down from food in the basket. The company also says the pan’s raised, scalloped bottom acts to focus hot air onto items inside.

That’s a lot of parts to fuss with. And while they are all dishwasher safe, they’re a pain to wash by hand. Constructed from thin metal with hard edges, you’ll need to wash them carefully. Otherwise you run the risk of pinching or scraping your skin.

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Are Such Appliances More Energy

Yes! Because Philips air fryers use superheated air to cook the food, it cooks in even less time than an oven, which results in energy saved. If saving energy is an important consideration, then avoid the larger wattage models simply because they are larger models and therefore need more energy to run.

Nutriu App: The Home Of Delicious Air Fryer Recipes

Geek Review: Philips Airfryer XXL HD9860/91 – Cook for the entire family!

No meal is complete without an air fried dessert! Thankfully, theres no shortage of nutritious options for a sweet tooth like me within the NutriU app. This app from Philips offers an enormous range of tasty, easy and nutritious Air Fryer recipes created for the Philips Smart Air Fryer XXL.

The NutriU app is also full of handy features like nutrition information and shopping lists. Plus, it features interesting articles and helpful cooking tips.

There are fresh, clever recipes for every occasion. Everything from weekday lunches to fabulous dinner party desserts. NutriU is where I found this fabulous Salmon Wellington idea a top option if chicken isnt your thing. It was delicious, proving this is a great Air Fryer for fish too!

But, back to dessert!

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Precautions While Cooking With This Hot Air Fryer

There are some measures that you have to keep in mind to make tasty food. Otherwise, it will not only affect the taste but also, it can damage the machinery of this cooking device.

Scroll down to know what you dont have to do to extend the use of this air fryer.

Use Less Oil.

This air fryer is easy to use to reduce oils and fats with its advanced technology. So, you dont have to use extra oil while making food. If you do it, then maybe it starts collecting under the basket. In this case, it will begin producing smoke that can affect the taste of the food.

No Use of Any Greasy Spray

You dont have to use any spray to clean the grease of the basket. You can clean it using any paper towel. But if you spray any cleaning agent on the basket, it will affect its non-stick coating. So, you cannot attain non-stick food for the next time.

Use Oils with High Smoke Points

Dont use oils with fewer smoke points to add a smoky taste to your food. It would be embarrassing to serve food with an unpleasant flavor. To take care of the food taste, always use oils with high smoke points like canola or vegetable oil.

Adjust the Timer Yourself

You have to adjust the timer according to your desire. It is not good to trust machines every time. If you regulate the timer yourself, you can attain food with great taste and fantastic color.

Price: Now Around $360

Review Of Philips Air FryerEffortless and time saving cooking device

Helps in Weight Lossdecreases your cholesterol level since it provides low fat concentrated food.

Less Oil ConsumptionUse way less oil when cooking. This makes your food less junky and provides a better tasty food.

Immediate Temperature Rise No more waste of time with preheating your oven when you want to bake. This cooker heats up faster.

Versatile Cookingyou can bake, grill, smear, toast, reheat and dehydrate with this cooking air fryer. Saves you a lot of money.

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How Does An Air Fryer Work

An air fryer is an electrical appliance that cooks food using a fan that circulates hot- air heating up your food. They are built with rapid air technology to prepare any type of food that you would otherwise deep fry.

They tend to cook faster since it circulates air rather than producing concentrated heat like in the ovens. On the right side, is that you dont have to preheat the air fryer before cooking.

Once you set the desired temperature for a particular type of food, you can expect your food to have a level of crispiness and more tenderness that can be achieved in deep frying, only with less oil content.

Best Multipurpose: Philips Premium Turbostar

Premium Airfryer XXL HD9861/99

If you love to take total control of the cooking process, then you will adore the Turbostar! You use a quick control dial to choose from five preset temperature/time settings or select settings more suitable to your food. A brightly lit LED displays the temperature and timer, so you never have to pop the lid to see how things look under the hood. If that weren’t enough, the Turbostar handles anything you throw at it. You can bake, fry, grill, and roast while preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert.

The Turbostar turns one tablespoon of oil and a bag of fries into golden brown goodness in minutes! The TurboStar technology circulates heat and air, so your foods are cooked evenly and with 90 percent less fat than traditional frying. This model works with the Philips mobile app, which gives you access to more than 200 recipes. If you need a one-size-fits-all model, we think you’ll be pleased with this one. Keep in mind, you’ll need to purchase the baking racks and grill pans separately.

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Philips Airfryer Xxl Review Hd9650 Avance Collection

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The Philips Airfryer XXL HD9650/96 belongs to the top-of-the-line models of this brand. Not to mention, its also the most popular!

It uses hot air to crisp foods, using considerably less oil than deep frying, without compromising the flavor. In this case, the manufacturer says the air fryer uses around 90% less fat than deep frying.

But you know what else?

The Philips Premium Airfryer XXL has a fat reducer pan. This removes excess fat from your food, so you can enjoy delicious, crispy dishes with minimum oil.

With this air fryer, you can cook your food to perfection without worrying about the extra calories. In short, its healthier!

Thats only the sneak peek. Youll learn more about its features as you read on.

But before that, lets look at the pros and cons.

It Was The Ideal Sunday Night Air Fryer Feast

After a few seconds, the smart Philips Air Fryer had calculated this particular bird would need exactly 84 minutes of cooking at 180°C. The only thing left for me to do was to enjoy that delicious roast chicken scent wafting through the house. And thats exactly what I did as I wondered around doing other activities. There was no watching, checking or adjusting I wanted to see just how smart this appliance was.

Less than an hour and a bit later, the chime sounded and it was time to check out the results.

Opening up the basket, I was greeted with a sight for hungry eyes a perfectly roasted, golden-brown chicken. The herb mix on top had caramelised, giving the chicken a crispy, almost flame-grilled finish. It was clear that the Rapid Air technology, which promises to cook about 1.5 times faster than your typical oven, had done its job.

While this looked great, the real beauty, as always, turned out to be on the inside. Juicy and tender, it was the ideal Sunday night Air Fryer feast.

The worst part about a roast is always the clean-up. Those baked-on greasy messes are never much fun to deal with. But with this Philips Air Fryer and its easy-clean, non-stick surfaces, all I had to do was place the basket in the dishwasher. There was no scrubbing or any need to leave things to soak.

Air Fryer vs. oven for your Sunday roast? No contest Philips Smart Air Fryer XXL every time!

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Philips Turbo Star Air Fryer

Nowadays, the air is the new oil for health conscious people. With this air fryer, you can now cook with 75% less fat with no oil.

With this air fryer, cooking will be more comfortable, and you can enjoy every movement. It will also give perfect crisps.

Rapid heat technology makes sure your food is evenly heated, and no preheat is needed that saves your time. It is also perfectly fit for your counter size. This all features makes Philips a considerable air fryer in the list of Top Philips Air fryer.


  • Smoke comes out


This product has an attractive exterior and interior that gives us healthy food to fit life, and it will be perfect for your counter size.

This air fryer will make cooking easier. Worth every penny for the usage it gives to us and for a healthy life. It is also a wholly recommended product.

Philips Air Fryer Reviews

Philips Airfryer XL Review
  • It causes a lot of smoke


This air fryer is made well and easy to use. If you want to eat healthier and avoid fried food, saturated oil. It can cook food rapidly with fat-free technology.

There are complaints about smoke it can be avoided by following proper guidelines. This product is worth getting, and it is highly recommended.

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Design Philips Viva Airfryer Review

This next-generation viva Turbostar air fryer by Philips has a fantastic design and thoughtful size that can fit effortlessly on your kitchen countertop. It has a small personalized footprint of 1.8lb capacity that can offer up to four servings.

It also has an EasyClick handle that can be removed without too much hassle to make switching between accessories, storage, and cleaning easy.

Exclusive Advantages Of This Cooking Air Fryer

Every product has its significance and provides you with related benefits. Similarly, this Philips xxl airfryer has several benefits to ease your cooking. So many people do not use air fryers that they think can harm the food ingredients.

But, there is nothing to worry about the health and nutrition when you are using Philips air fryer. So, lets dive in to know how hot air fryer can be helpful for you?

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Philips Airfryer Xxl: What Is It

The Philips Airfryer XXL can turn its hand to cooking anything and everything

The Philips Airfryer XXL is, as the name suggests, one of the larger models you can buy for air frying and its basket can handle 1.4kg of food in total, enough for about six people. In other words, this is a great machine if youve got more than one or two mouths to feed, or you simply love your food.

The appliance works using Philips TurboStar technology, which effectively means that it circulates hot air rapidly in and around the food you want to cook for consistent results, helped with 2225 watts of power. It can take it easy on your prepped food using milder temperatures starting from 40°C, but that can be ramped up to 200°C as and when needed.

In that respect the Philips Airfryer XXL can cook just about anything and in a variety of 5 preset cooking modes that include air frying, grilling, roasting and baking settings. A simple set of icons including fish and meat symbols, plus a frozen chip one too, deliver these basic presets, while manual operation is available if you prefer. We also like the keep warm function for when the other half comes home late from work.

Philips Avance Xll Air Fryer

Premium Airfryer XXL HD9650/93

With this air fryer, you can now make all your favorite food and eat everything without the guilt of getting fat. You could get crispy food with no fat with this air fryer.

Turbo twin technology makes sure that food is cooked evenly, and all parts are deep-fried. It will always give perfect fat-free results. Nonstick drawers are removable and dishwasher safe. in short, philips Avance XLL air fryer is one of the Top Philips Air fryer form the list.


  • Smoke comes out


This one of the Top Philips Air fryer will have extra space will be perfect for your family of 6 or more, and if you want to upgrade your air fryer, this is one of the best and most acceptable choices of Top Philips Air fryer & it will never disappoint you with its function.

There is a complaint about smoke, which can be avoided by avoiding overcooking.

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