Frigidaire Induction Range With Air Fryer

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How To Buy Appliances Online

Frigidaire Gallery Induction Range w/Air Fry Review | Watch This Before You Buy!

Many people are skittish about buying appliances online. However, like smart appliances and digital controls, buying online is the wave of the future. There are a lot of pluses to online buying as long as you’re smart about how you do it.

We go into more detail about this topic in other articles, so we won’t repeat it all here. Instead, click over to one of these articles for more tips on how to be a savvy online buyer :

Frigidaire Gallery Range With Air Fry Review

It has been on the market since 2019 and is the first to feature the air fry capability in a full-size oven, and is now widely available at big box home improvement stores. Before we get too far into my personal review of this range I want to discuss the burning question. Isnt an air fryer and a convection oven the same thing?

How Long Does An Induction Range Last

Induction ranges last between 8-10 years. Although their oven cavities may last for longer, cooktops will lose their strength over time. Maintain your model properly to extend its life span. Make sure to clean up any spillages promptly and not let the cooktop run for too long. See our What not to do on a Ceramic or Glass Cooktop.

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How To Use An Oven Air Fryer

An air fryer is an element of the oven that functions similarly to a worktop air fryer. Amazingly, air rushes around the food within an air fryer oven, resulting in crunchy, brown outcomes without the use of oil required for deep-frying.

The Front Control Induction Range is a excellent example of an air fryer oven. By placing similar technology directly in your oven, Air Fry eliminates the need for a separate tabletop unit.

Most air fryers are tall, like a coffeemaker, rather than being fashioned like a toaster oven. It has a replaceable container with a handle, as well as a detachable basket that fits within the bucket.

The food is placed in this basket. The bucket is inserted into the gadget, turned on, and the food begins to cook. The fan is located over a heat source in the ceiling.

Is It Possible To Cook Coated Food In An Air Fryer Oven

FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY 30 in. 5.4 cu. ft. Front Control Induction Range ...

Crispy cuisine requires just enough oil to bond mixes and toppings, but not much, or the results would be mushy. Spray the exterior of the meal with some additional oil if it has a crumbling or floury feel.

If youre preparing air-fried meals from scratch, lightly coat your handmade things in oil and place your meal so that the warm air flows as much as possible over each thing.

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About The Frigidaire Gallery Fgih3047vf Induction Range

This sleek range has four induction burners and a true convection oven.

Dimensions: 36.625 x 29.875 x 25.75 Fuel type: ElectricNumber of burners: Four, each with a pan size sensorFinish: Stainless steel. Cooktop is black ceramic glass.Features: Air Fry mode, true convection, infinite-ring burners, and steam cleaning

About The Appliance Industry

Fierce competition in the appliance industry has created a market very different from the one that existed a generation ago. Today, appliances are considered to have a roughly 10 year life span–nothing like the stove your mother or grandmother may have had for 30 or 40 years!

More importantly, few warranties extend beyond a year. Therefore, we strongly recommend that whoever you buy from, you also purchase an extended warranty.

Another important aspect, especially when buying online from a retailer who may not have a store in your town, is to make sure you have competent service technicians in your area. Such service is no longer a given with any appliance retailer because fierce competition has forced them to cut services to remain competitive. So even if you buy from a local dealer, make sure you can get a certified technician should you need a service call.

As a buyer, you have to make sure you’re covered. While we believe that customer service is going to get better as the global marketplace becomes the norm, it’s at a dismal low point right now across the appliance industry.

So make sure you get good post-sale service.

How to do this? Ask. Any reputable seller should have a toll-free customer service number you can call. If you’re buying from Amazon, click on the seller’s link at the top of the listing, usually just under the product name, as shown here:

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The Range With Air Fry

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot, all opinions are my own.

Blogging comes with some pretty cool opportunities sometimes. When The Home Depot asked me if I would be interested in trying this new Frigidaire Gallery Range in my kitchen, I said, of course! So, Ive been using it for a month, and Ive really put it to the test so I could give you a good review.

Delivery With Peace Of Mind

Induction Cooktop + Air Fry Oven | Frigidaire

Yes thats right! At Leons we strive to ensure that getting your purchase to you is made as easy and accessible as possible. Thats why we offer local delivery for most orders! Leon’s delivers thousands of orders a day, quickly and efficiently. With over 100 years of experience, we offer our top of-the-line delivery service with a smile. Sit back and let our professional delivery team do all the heavy lifting.

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Frigidaire Gcre3060af: What You Need To Know

The Frigidaire GCRE3060AF is 30-inches wide and designed to be freestanding. Its cooktop has space for five cooking elements, thanks to the inclusion of a control backsplash that saves space on the front of the oven itself. Its oven is 5.7 cubic feet in capacity and has three shelves for simultaneously cooking a variety of dishes.

This is a standard size freestanding oven, with a width of 30 inches, a depth of 29 inches, and its 36 inches tall. The controls on this cooker sit at the back, so you may have to reach over hot dishes to change them. The display is a mix of digital controls that allow you to set timers and change mode, and manual dials to monitor and adjust temperature.

With an RRP of $1,149, this is slightly above average in price for an oven. We do think it delivers on the kind of quality youd expect for an oven over $1,000 in price. Its got some cutting-edge technology that youre sure to get a lot of use out of, and with a large oven capacity, you wont need to buy a larger one any time soon.

Frigidaire Induction Range Reviews: An Affordable Option

If youre looking for an affordable induction options, the Frigidaire induction range could be your answer. Their ranges cost about half what youd pay for another basic brand. The slide-in range is also affordable compared to many other models on the market.

Probably the biggest news is the new Air Fry feature, which turns the oven into an air fryer . Though its basically just a convection setting, it really does work.

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Can I Put Air Fryer On Countertop

Granite is one of the most durable and heat resistant countertop materials. It can withstand up to 1,200 degrees. You can use kitchen gadgets such as air fryer, microwave, instant pot and slow cooker on top of a granite countertop. Granite prices may vary depending upon the thickness, color, and quality.

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Putting The Frigidaire Induction Range Through Its Paces: How Is It To Use

Frigidaire Gallery 30"  Front Control Induction Range with Air Fry ...

Using the range was a bit of a mixed bag. Here’s the control panel:

The all-digital controls were somewhat cumbersome, especially for the cooktop . First you have to switch the burner on, then you have to press Plus/Minus keys to reach a setting. Having a few shortcut keys–such as “Warm” or “Boil” would be nice, too. But you’ll get used to what you have. And it’s easy to switch off a burner if you have to.

We also weren’t crazy about all the key pressing in the freestanding model when we had pans going on the stove. If you’ve got boiling pasta going, you have to be careful not to get a steam burn on your arm when you change a setting . For this reason, we preferred the slide-in model with the controls on the front of the stove. But the slide-in model is several hundred dollars more, so you may be willing to live with the controls on the back of the freestanding model.

Other than the somewhat clunky cooktop controls, we have few complaints. The cooktop is powerful and fast and everything worked great. Keep in mind that the Keep Warm function operates at about 145F, so it’s not low enough to melt chocolate . But great for most other things.

The lowest oven setting is 170F, which is great. The highest setting is 550F, which is pretty standard.

If you’re really into air frying, you can buy a special Air Fry basket for about $60. Unfortunately, it does not come with the range.

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Frequently Asked Questions Before Purchasing The Best Electric Range With Air Fryer

Are you in the market for a new electric range? If so, you may be wondering if an electric range with air fryer is the right choice for you.

In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these two appliances. We will help you decide if an electric range with air fryer is the right investment for your home. Let’s get started!

1. Do I need an air fryer if I have an electric range?

No, you do not need an air fryer if you have an electric range. However, many people find that air fryers are a valuable addition to their kitchen appliance lineup.

Air fryers can be used to cook food in a healthier way by using less oil. Additionally, air fryers can be used to cook food faster than an oven.

2. What are the benefits of an electric range with air fryer?

Some of the benefits of an electric range with air fryer include the following:

-The ability to cook food in a healthier way by using less oil

-The ability to cook food faster than an oven

-The ability to evenly cook food

3. What are the downsides of an electric range with air fryer?

Some of the downsides of an electric range with air fryer include the following:

  • The cost of these appliances can be higher than a traditional electric range
  • These appliances can take up more counter space than a traditional electric range

There Arent Any Oven Presets

As much as we give this range high marks for its oven performance, its features left us wanting more. Unlike other high-end ranges weve tested, the Frigidaire PCFE3078AF has a slimmed-down oven control panel that devotes no room to presets. You wont find buttons or knobs for pizza, cookies, or other more specific modes that can be helpful for home cooks busy with other kitchen tasks.

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Gcri3058ad Frigidaire Gallery 30 Freestanding Induction Range With Air Fry

GCRI3058AD Frigidaire Gallery 30″ Freestanding Induction Range with Air Fry – SmudgeProof Black Stainless SteelItem#: 22535$610.00Why don’t we show the price on the product page?Some manufacturers restrict how prices may be advertised. We are showing you our lowest sale price here in our pop-up cart.You may simply remove the item from the cart if you do not wish to purchase it.
Approximate Delivery Times*
Professional Appliances 1-4 weeks*

*Please Note: Due to pandemic-related manufacturing delays and the global supply chain disruption the appliance industry is experiencing many constraints and shortages. As a result, some orders may take longer than usual to fulfill. Rest assured we are working hard to deliver all orders as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Extended Service Plans begin when manufacturer warranty expires

Internet Connectivity And Smart Features

Phenomenal Air-Fried Steak in 15 Mins? Yes Please! | Frigidaire Gallery Induction Range Recipe

Some ranges now have bluetooth and/or Wifi Internet connectivity so you can control some functions from your smart phone or through a home smart device like Alexa. Right now, that generally means pairing a cooktop or range to a hood that comes on automatically when you switch on a burner.

These Frigidaires do not offer Internet connectivity, so we won’t spend a whole lot of time talking about it. We just wanted to say that, as cool as it is, it’s just another potentially expensive thing to go wrong .

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The Best Electric Ranges With Air Fryers

Samsung is known for many things, including producing high-quality electric stoves like this one. The Samsung NE63A6511SS electric range is a high-end model that is designed to complement your kitchen while also performing well. This electric range has five cooking elements for casserole dishes and other cookware, as well as a hidden oven thermostat to guarantee your food is cooked to perfection. Whether youre preparing a modest supper for two or a large family feast for the entire neighborhood, this electric range is up to the task.

Smart Technology

The smart technology in the Samsung NE63A6511SS electric range allows you to manage, change, and monitor the temperature of the heating components from your smartphone. The range has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect with your smartphone to keep track of things. Using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsungs Bixby, you may utilize the built-in voice commands to control the range.

Elevated Stainless Steel Design

5 Cooking Elements

This Samsung electric range has been equipped with five cooking elements, which are more than enough for your cooking needs. All the cooktops feature adjustable medium and large dual-ring burners, which give you total control over the ranges temperatures. This is great if you want your foods cooked perfectly, and thats exactly what this Samsung electric range offers.

No Preheat Air Fry

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How To Convert Recipes For An Air Fry Oven Range

Now, onto recipe conversions for air fry settings!

When following recipes for conventional ovens, the formula is this: Reduce the temperature by 25 degrees and reduce the cook time by about 20 percent. To calculate the latter, multiply the cook time in minutes by 0.8. The resulting number is the estimated number of minutes it will take your air fry oven range to churn out your food. And, as is the case for convection ranges, be sure to check your user manual for automated temperature settings.

Once again, we provided some pro tips and a cheat sheet with approximate temperature and time conversions for cooking the same holiday foods with an air fry oven. Check them out!

350 degrees for 30 minutes 325 degrees for 25 minutes

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Should You Buy The Frigidaire Fggh3047vf

For those who love rustling up delicious yet healthy meals, the Frigidaire FGGH3047VF gas range with an in-built air fryer is ideal.

Notable features include the quick-heating system, broiler, and convenient control lock to avoid accidental interruptions. Its well designed, and the three racks offer plenty of space for your baking or roasting essentials.

Bear in mind that it doesnt have smart-enabled capabilities, and the price is quite expensive. However, the Frigidaire FGGH3047VF is a good all-rounder, with everything you would need and more.

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Other Induction Ranges We Tested

Air Fry Induction (No top control panel)

Featuring a sleek slide-in design, true convection oven, and Glide Control touchscreen, this luxurious-looking GE Profile PHS930SLSS outperformed most of the induction ranges weve tested.

In testing, the PHS930SLSS baked batches of evenly browned cookies and was able to preheat the oven noticeably faster than the other units weve tested.

There are no knobs on the cooktop you can give commands either by sliding the Glide Control touchscreen or by monitoring the cooking process from your phone.

In addition, the two left burners can be linked for synchronized cooking at the swipe of your fingertips, making it possible to fit a large griddle. Read the full review.


  • Smooth and responsive button control

  • Can monitor remotely

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What We Don’t Like About The 30 Frigidaire Induction Ranges

These ranges have induction every bit as powerful as more expensive brands and are a great, affordable way to get into induction.

But they’re not perfect. Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • The all-digital controls can be slow, esp. for the cooktop.
  • The control panel is not intuitive and takes awhile to figure out.
  • The convection is better, but it’s not as even as some other ranges we’ve tested.

Also there have been a few complaints about serious electrical issues: so we remind you to please, please buy the extended warranty!

Why Trust The Spruce

This article was edited and updated by , who is the large appliance expert for The Spruce. Throughout her career, shes researched the ins and outs of air purifiers, dishwashers, cooktops, and more in the home and lifestyle space. Shes an avid cook, who has experience with gas, electric, and smooth-top stoves.

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Best Large Capacity: Kitchenaid Ksib900ess Slide

Fuel Type: Induction | Cooking Process: Convection | Range Type: Slide-in | Capacity: 7.1 cubic feet | Dimensions: 36 x 29.88 x 28.88 inches | Cleaning Type: Self-cleaning | Number of Burners: 4

  • Expensive

  • Takes a long time to preheat

If cooking for a crowd is the norm for you, then this KitchenAid slide-in induction range will certainly suit your needs. With 7.1 cubic feet of oven space, its made to feed manyor easily make a weeks worth of meals. Its price tag lands in the mid-to-upper range of induction ranges, meaning youll pay slightly more for this model than others with less space. But, if you know youll use the extra space, it is definitely worth the splurge.

The induction cooktop features four cooking elements for simmering, sautéing, and boiling. You can create a larger heating element by connecting two, 7-inch elements. If you have an induction-compatible pot or skillet thats on the larger side, this super-sized element will surely deliver consistent, even heat to make your dishes sizzle. This is a unique feature that is not seen frequently, and sets this induction range apart from others.

Moving down to the oven, youll notice the cavity is plenty big enough to roast a turkey, bake cakes, or cook up a casserole. Running out of space is something that really wont cross your mind. All in all, choose this KitchenAid range for both reliability and roominess.

  • Expensive

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