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Curtis Stone DuraElectric 1700Watt 22L Air Fryer Oven

Beyond the obvious, that is frying your food the healthy way by not using oil, you can use this kitchen appliance for so much more. With the included cake pan, muffin tin, and pizza pan, you can tap into your inner baker and create some of your most delicious recipes by simply use the Cake preset. This plus the 7 additional presets will help you get dinner on the table fast and easy. Replace some of your kitchen appliances with this air fryer for only $79.98 .

Prices subject to change.

Features Or Specifications Of The Product

Some essential features of the product, considering the Curtis Stone Air Fryer Steamer Reviews are listed below:

  • It has three different modes steam, stream fry, Air steam.
  • It has eight modes for various vegetables and chicken.
  • It works for over 1700 Watts.
  • The product is usually 12 in length, 12 in width and 14 in height.
  • It is available in two colors, black and white.
  • It has a digital screen to set the timings.
  • The product includes a frying basket, water tank, steam plate, and waste-water tank for perfect cooking.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty period.
  • No additional fats and oil are required.

Hes Blamed The Consumers For Their Own Health Issues

When Stone talked to the Miami New Times in 2010, he touched on things from his time on Celebrity Apprentice to his work with the charity Feeding America. He got involved with the hunger relief organization after his involvement with The Biggest Loser, and says that was also when he got a good look at some of the health issues plaguing not just America, but a good portion of the world. Hes also developed a theory about just where the problem lies, and says its with us.

its not the big companies that are to blame, its the consumer, he said. If the consumer can be educated about the problem, we can make our choices. And the companies respond to our choices.

He says its similar to the hunger problem, too, and believes people need to be educated about food waste and getting that food into the hands of other people, not the landfills where so much ends up.

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More About Curtis Stone Air Fryer Cookbook Recipes


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The Untold Truth Of Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone Dura

Once youve seen Take Home Chef, its impossible to walk into a grocery store without wondering what youd do if you were approached by Curtis Stone and an offer no rational person could refuse. This Australian chef turned Los Angeles favorite has cooked in as many home kitchens as professional ones, and thats endeared him to viewers all over the world. What dont you know about him?

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Costway 53qt Electric Hot Air Fryer

Beyond the extra calories and the greasy fat, the thing we dislike the most about conventional deep fryers is the sticky mess it leaves behind. Not only does this hot air fryer feature 360° hot air circulation technology and large capacity, but the non-stick fry basket will make cleanup a breeze. It can be yours for $129.99 .

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Problem : Food Not Getting Crispy And Tasty As Expected


It is an air fryer. The cooking for air fryers is through hot air distribution. This style of cooking leaves a probability of getting a result that is not as crispy or tasty.

The solution is quite easy. Only that, most of you do not take note of it. Every air fryer needs something to help the hot air work better on your food. And that is what you will give to it.

Apply an oil mister or sprayer on your food before you cook them in your air fryer. As long as you want a crispy texture for your food, apply this spray to help your air fryer.

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Turning The Everyday Into Gourmet

My combined knowledge and experience from a life spent in domestic and professional kitchens led me to create a range of kitchenware designed specifically for home cooks. As a chef, I’ve always had the luxury of working in professional kitchens, where I have everything at my fingertips – huge cutting boards, razor sharp knives, mise en place containers, large garbage bins at every station, the list goes on and on. I’ve also worked in hundreds of domestic kicthens and I know first-hand the issues that home cooks go up against – anything from blunt knives and unstable chopping boards to limited space. My products create order in the kitchen to save you time while looking pretty, bloody beautiful while they’re at it. You’ll be so proud of the dishes you’ll effortlessly whip up! Bon Appetit!

Is This Curtis Stone Air Fryer Legit

Curtis Stone DuraElectric 1700Watt 22L Air Fryer Oven w/…

Here are some deciding factors that will help you decide on purchasing this air fryer:

  • This air fryer comes with a detailed users manual and some of the recipes of those brown and crispy dishes.
  • We could not see any reviews, making us doubt Is Curtis Stone Air Fryer Steamer Legit.
  • The official websites feedback sections are also empty.
  • There is no single social media networking platform where we could see any promotional post for this air fryer.
  • This air fryer claims to come with a manufacturers warranty for a whole year, which seems to be impressive and beneficial.
  • The product has low availability, and you can buy it only at and nowhere else.

And we think the buyers should not take any decision on buying this item in a hurry.

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Problem : Lingering Food Smells


Do air fryers smell? Well, they will if your cleaning hygiene is not sound enough.

Always give your air fryer components a deep and thorough wash. That way, whatever smell there lingers on new foods and leaves.

There is always a cleaning guide that comes with that air fryer. Follow the guidelines in the cleaning manual. Some parts are washable using a dishwasher. Some others need a deep, soapy, hot wash.

Do the washing over and over again. And in no time, your dishwasher will get back to that original odorless feel.

Cons Of Buying This Curtis Stone Air Fryer:

  • There are no online feedbacks, not even in the official websites Curtis Stone Air Fryer Steamer Reviews.
  • We could see any promotional post relevant to this product on any social media site, including Facebook, instagram, or Twitter.
  • We could not find this air fryer on any other online selling website.
  • There are no online contents available for this Curtis air fryer.

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Hes Advocated For Letting Picky Eaters Go Hungry

In 2016, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported on some rather controversial advice. Then a father of two, Stone shared just what he thought parents should do when they were faced with the challenges of feeding a picky eater, and that was simply to let them go hungry.

More than that, he suggested kids who refused something at dinner should be given the same meal for breakfast. offer it again later when theyre hungry, he said. I dont see the big deal in letting kids go hungry a few times. Theyll eat when theyre hungry.

It didnt go over well, and Stone was criticized in media outlets like They also pointed out he had earlier blamed parents themselves for any difficulties they were having with picky eaters, with his critics being quick to remind parents its not their fault if a child decides to be fussy thats what kids do.

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Curtis Stone Air Fryer Steamer Reviews From The Customers

Customer reviews could decide the legitimacy of any product. According to the research, we found a few mixed reviews on social media.

One of the positive aspects states that the user has purchased it and tried it out. He is quite satisfied with the functions of the air fryer. Many other users have also enquired about it and took an interest in the following product to buy. Some people are not happy with the portal that does not care about the warranty and does not respond over it.

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Problem : Overcooked Or Burned Food


This problem is always a resultant effect of trying out an oven recipe with an air fryer. The intensiveness of an air fryer will leave you with nothing but a burned or overcooked meal.

So whenever you try out a new recipe on your air fryer, ensure to pay regular checks on the food. Do that often to make sure you do not have overcooked or burned food.

With time, you will get familiar with the appropriate time for your different food on the air fryer. The model of your air fryer also affects the timing for getting your food well cooked.

Problem : Air Fryer Power Problems


This problem can appear in two different ways.

  • Your air fryer does not come on at all.
  • Your fryer suddenly goes off while you are still cooking.

First, check out the wall cord outlet. Check if the cord is well connected. If the cable isnt, then reinsert it. That way, it would get back on again.

If the fryer still goes off in between cooking, probe the outlets circuit breaker. And check other options around it before you check the panel itself.

You can also solve this problem by going through your air fryer to know if there is a faulty component. Sometimes, the problem could be a result of a defective power cable or plug. At this stage, a repair shop will come in handy.

The final course is to get a new air fryer. The price is not too high. You can just see the stress and cash you spend in repair shops by getting a new one.

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What Is An Air Fryer

An air fryer is an electronic gadget for kitchen use that cooks with a convection mechanism. The convection mechanism is a cooking technique through the distribution of hot air around the food.

Air fryers are kitchen tools that serve as advanced options to traditional fryers. This fantastic tool is compact and fits perfectly within your kitchen space.

Curtis Stone : Air Fryers

Curtis Stone DuraElectric 1700Watt 22L Air Fryer Oven w/…

Enjoy your favorite fried food when you have an Air fryer at home. An Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around food. They do a fantastic job cooking up frozen foods that are meant to taste deep-fried. You can air fry french fries, crispy chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and more. Air frying gives you the crunchy texture of fried foods without the extra grease and fat. Most fryers are easy to clean, have dishwasher-safe containers and occupy less space than convection ovens. An Air fryer can function like convection ovens, deep-fat fryers, and multi-cookers they combine benefits of multiple appliances. At Target we have a wide range of Airfryers with different functions and styles. You can choose a fryer that has features to fit your needs. Whether it is a toaster-oven, convection oven or a traditional pot style cooker, you can find one at Target. In the range, you can find cookers that can be pre-programmed if you are someone who is always on the move. We also have different brands to choose from like Chefman, Cusinart, Ninja Foodi, Philips and more. Pick an Air fryer from our superb range and switch to oil-free, oil-less and quick frying.

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Best Curtis Stone Air Fryers

  • 7 Functions: Includes Broil, Toast, Bake, Bake + Fan, Airfryer, Dehydrate and Rotisserie
  • 1700 watt power Adjustable temperature Interior light
  • Generous capacity
  • Comes with 1-Year Refurbished Warranty

Highlighted Features:

  • Factory Refurbished
  • Sizable basket capacity: Has a 6.9 qt. non-stick food basket Dura-Pan non-stick coated air fry drawer and steam tray: 4 layers of non-stick coating for easy cooking and cleaning
  • LED display with touch screen Adjustable settings: Choose among 3 cooking modes: Air Fry, Steam and Steam Fry
  • Large 1-liter water container
  • Comes with 1-Year Refurbished Warranty

Highlighted Features:

  • 7 Functions: Includes Broil, Toast, Bake, Bake + Fan, Airfryer, Dehydrate and Rotisserie
  • 1700 watt power Generous capacity Interior light
  • Variable temperature dial enables you to set temperatures from 150 degrees F up to 450 degrees F
  • 1 Year Refurbished Warranty
  • 7 Functions: Includes Broil, Toast, Bake, Bake + Fan, Airfryer, Dehydrate and Rotisserie
  • 1700 watt power
  • 7 Functions: Includes Broil, Toast, Bake, Bake + Fan, Airfryer, Dehydrate and Rotisserie
  • 1700 watt power
  • 7 Functions: Includes Broil, Toast, Bake, Bake + Fan, Airfryer, Dehydrate and Rotisserie
  • 1700 watt power
  • Generous capacity
  • Interior light
  • Variable temperature dial enables you to set temperatures from 150 degrees F up to 450 degrees F
  • 7 Functions: Includes Broil, Toast, Bake, Bake + Fan, Airfryer, Dehydrate and Rotisserie
  • 1700 watt power
  • Adjustable temperature

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Problem : Air Flow Can Make Things Fly


Ovens do not get this kind of. It is unique to air fryers due to the hot air they use. You discover that the food you cook in there keeps flying around.

This problem occurs with light foods mostly. You stop this problem from happening every time you use your air fryer is essential. There are two ways to solve this problem.

First, lay a rack of second wire over your food. That will keep the food firm through the cooking time. You can also make use of wooden toothpicks to help your food stay on the air fryer while you cook.

Costway 35qt Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven

Curtis Stone Dura

Dont take deep fried chicken off your menu for the sake of your well-being. Instead get this oil-less cooker that provides a healthy alternative. With 1300 watts of power, an auto shut-off feature, a smart timer, plus temperature control, you can cook practically any delicious food that you want. Put this under the Christmas tree for only $104.99 .

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He Has His Personal Favorites For When He Wants A Taste Of Home

Celebrity chefs have all the best tools and all the best ingredients at their fingertips, so what does Stone cook up when hes feeling a bit nostalgic for family, Australia, and some old favorites?

Labneh tops the list of dishes he gave The Social, and says this tangy, yogurty, cream cheese-like dip started out in the Middle East and spread in popularity to Australia. Stir-fried chili crab is another go-to when hes craving a taste of home, along with piri piri chicken with slaw. Theyre both flavors popular in Australia, and he adds that for dessert, theres no option but a traditional Aussie favorite: a tropical pavlova.

What Is This Curtis Stone Air Fryer

This Curtis stone air fryer lets you eat almost everything to satisfy your cravings without regretting it later for consuming thousands of calories. And the online Curtis Stone Air Fryer Steamer Reviews speak about all the dishes, including the Italian sausage, crispy air-fried potatoes, spaghetti squash, and chicken wings that customers made with this air fryer.

This air fryer works on three modes and has an additional pre-set feature for cooking vegetables and chicken. The buyers will also get a one-year manufacturers warranty. Sounds like a small packet full of features, right?

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Shop It: Curtis Stone Dura

This clever, compact machine roasts , bakes, and air-fries . Its big enough for a four-pound chicken or a 12-inch pizza, yet small enough to fit on your counter. Shoppers whove experienced the magic are raving: My wife loves this and we use it at least four or five times a week, says one happy customer. The food cooks evenly and it doesnt matter if youre baking, cooking a meal, or just making pizza snacks…Top-shelf product…You wont be disappointed!

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone shows off the many talents of this appliance in this HSN video. Creator of top LA eateries Maude and Gwen , Chef Stone is also a familiar face from Iron Chef and Celebrity Apprentice. He cooks like a real person, and its inspiring to watch him demo everyday meals in minutes. You can get a real sense of how much the Dura-Electric Air Fryer Oven will change your cooking life.

The Dura-Electric Air Fryer Oven has a lot going for it. Its a convection oven . It makes rotisserie chicken . It creates homemade jerky . And, of course, if youd like fries with any of the above, the air fryer basket awaits. No mess, and way fewer calories than traditional fries.

All six modes, and the infinite number of dishes you can create, are literally at your fingertips. You just select your cooking mode, set the temperature, and go: 1,700 watts of power take it from there. And theres beauty to go with the brawn: The Dura-Electric Air Fryer Oven is sleek and neat, in red, stainless steel, or classic black.

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